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Test your knowledge of John Lennon and Beatles trivia by answering the following 10 questions selected at random from a database of 314 questions.

1. Who was the owner of the apartment John was living in when he was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1968?
Ringo Starr
Jimi Hendrix
Brian Jones
Brian Epstein

2. Which of these are John's half-brothers by his father Alfred ?
Charles and Robert
Fred and Harry
Andrew and Clive
David and Robin

3. What was the first Beatles album released in the UK?
"Please Please Me"
"With The Beatles"
"Meet The Beatles"
"Introducing The Beatles"

4. Which of the following songs were performed by John Lennon and Elton John at Elton's 1975 concert at Madison Square Garden?
"Give Peace a Chance"
"Philadelphia Freedom"
"I Saw Her Standing There"
"Twist & Shout"

5. What was the name of John & Yoko's 400 acre estate in Ascot?
Tittenhurst Park

6. What is one of Sean Lennon's middle names and why?
Taro, which roughly translates to John in Japanese
Winston, after Winston Churchill
Julian, after John's Mother
Love, after John's belief in Love

7. What sound was featured at the end of "Glass Onion" before George Martin overdubbed an orchestra?
Balls bouncing
Smashing glass

8. What was the name of the satellite-broadcast TV-show in which The Beatles performed and recorded "All You Need Is Love"?
"Top of the Pops"
"One World"
"Our World"
"The Ed Sullivan Show"

9. Which members of The Beatles performed on the song "The Ballad Of John And Yoko"?
John and Paul
John and Ringo
John, Paul and Ringo
John, Paul, George and Ringo

10. Which of the following songs was NOT performed at Elton John's 1974 concert at Madison Square Garden where John Lennon made a suprise guest appearance?
"Whatever Gets You Through the Night"
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
"I Saw Her Standing There"

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