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Re: Macca 'W'ho Cares'

Posted by **Only Sleeping** on Dec 19, 2018 at 7:07:42 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Macca 'W'ho Cares' posted by **backbeat** on Dec 19, 2018 at 8:00:12 AM:

***feat. Emma Stone
***Great video & Paul looks great wearing glasses
***Took the link from his newsletter (which probably many of you are anyway reveiving).
***""My hope is that if there are kids being bullied — and there are… Maybe by listening to this song and watching this video, they might just think it’s not as bad… that it’s the kind of thing you can just stand up to and laugh off and get through.” - Paul"
***Can someone forward the link to FLOTUS?
**and I want to add: this again is one of those "simple" tunes he constantly and effortlessly comes up with. Can't get it out of my head.
*Thanks for posting - i actually avoided watching this as I had this thought that it might be an embarrassing video attempt but boy was i wrong. I always loved the song (and less it is so Macca-catchy) and the new album but this video is terrific - he can act.
*thought i'd add the link

Thanks for the link Backbeat and thanks Klaus for giving me the heads up that it is indeed a good ol Macca song that just sticks to you whether you want it to or not.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to you both & everyone in the Beatles world.
As Ringo says, "peace & love, peace & love"
Dig it. //oo\\

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