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Russian to Judgment

Posted by **farts** on Mar 26, 2019 at 12:13:15 PM:

Nothing worse than an emboldened right. I know it's not how any of this works, but imagine how dampened the current victory celebration would be had Mueller issued all his indictments at once (Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Stone, George, P., the Russians). The White House, GOP, and possibly even country would be in a state of chaos.

I accept Mueller's findings, but let’s see the full report rather than the current scrubbed document we're extrapolating from.

Some reminders for the selective memory crowd:

--Trump asked the Russians to find Hillary’s emails, immediately after which Russia hacked the DNC server.

--Candidate Trump promised rally goers dirt on Hillary (dirt he was unable to deliver) during the same time a now indicted Roger Stone was communicating with Russian cutout, Guccifer 2.0, for the purpose of getting said dirt via Wikileaks. “I love Wikileaks” declared Trump. Wikileaks is an arm of the GRU.

--Per the Mueller report, the Russians made multiple efforts to contact and assist the Trump campaign. The campaign was warned in advance that this would happen. None of the Russian contacts were reported by anyone in the campaign.

--Trump said he fired Comey over “the Rusher thing”. He gave Russian ambassador Lavrov the same story (along with classified intelligence that jeopardized intel sources and international security) the next day. Why fire Comey over Russia? It was highly suspicious, as was all of Trump's behavior throughout the investigation. Recall that Trump's original excuse for firing Comey was because of Comey's mistreatment of Hillary. Of course.

--AG Sessions was fired for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, even though he was obligated to recuse. He was replaced by completely unqualified Matthew Whittaker, a Trump stooge who made previous television appearances criticizing the Mueller investigation. Why such a dependence on lapdogs if you are confident you did nothing wrong?

--Trump jr, Kushner, Manafort, et al took the Trump Tower meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and then lied about it (a lie crafted by Trump himself). I don’t know why accepting an offer of help from a foreign adversary wasn't illegal, but it needs to be. This is among the questions I most want answered by the full Mueller report. Hillary would have been impeached over this alone under a GOP controlled House and Senate, along with at least a dozen other things Trump has done since taking office.

--Trump was pursuing the Trump Tower Moscow project before and after taking office. He lied about how long negotiations were taking place, and never disclosed the deal in the first place, until it was uncovered by the FAKE NEWS media.

--Trump refused to sit with Mueller for questioning, and submitted only lawyered-up answers. He lies constantly, so this was the correct move. Nevertheless.

--WTF happened in Helsinki? I don’t know what other explanation exists for Trump’s bizarre behavior other than his being beholden to Putin. It was like watching a dominatrix trot out its boy toy. If only Trump hadn’t confiscated his translator’s notes....

--Mueller did not “exonerate” Trump on obstruction, Barr did (quelle surprise). This seems among the primary reasons for Barr’s appointment, considering his unsolicited 20-page memo criticizing the probe, and specifically, the issue of obstruction. Barr is infinitely more credible than Whittaker, but the memo taints his appointment and raises questions about his motivations.

The media has nothing to apologize for, unless we’re talking Fox, whose primetime pundits constantly stoke white nationalism, fear mongering, peddle in conspiracies, and serve as a propaganda arm for the White House. When Cuomo, Cooper, or Maddow get suspended or lose sponsors en masse for unseemly conduct, then get back to me. Trump’s dangerous rhetoric may eventually get a reporter hurt or killed. Who expects Trump will apologize? Why hasn’t he already apologized for raising the threat level against journalists around the world?

I guess we’re we back to excusing Trump’s insane daily behavior and utter incompetence. Cheers for a president who knows only how to exploit divides in the country and exact revenge on the ever revolving subjects of his delusions (see John McCain and family).

Trump will likely not come out of the SDNY investigations unscathed. Several of these investigations were farmed out by Mueller himself, so let's not trot out "exonerated by Mueller" in one breath and "Mueller witch hunt" in another, whenever the findings aren't as convenient.

Trump is a career criminal/asshole with likely felony convictions coming for campaign finance violations. We’ll see what other dirty laundry (or laundering) is exposed. I fear there are more than enough rubes, including a bagist or two, willing to ignore his many faults and hand him another four years, letting the statute of limitations expire to save his criminal ass. Four more years of willingly embracing a wannabe tinpot dictator.

Mueller didn’t find evidence of conspiracy. This doesn’t mean he didn’t find evidence of wrongdoing, and perhaps even significant wrongdoing. There is proof of shady activity between the Trump campaign and Russian actors, all of which we knew about without the Mueller report, and which Trump and his associates either did not disclose, lied about when questioned, or acted on in plain sight knowing there was no oversight being done by anyone.

Where are the tax returns? Are we still pretending this is normal?

Worst president in history.

Not even close.

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