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Re: It Is Astonishing..

Posted by **comic relief** on Mar 29, 2019 at 8:45:03 PM:
In Reply to: It Is Astonishing.. posted by **murray** on Mar 29, 2019 at 8:43:43 AM:

* know that there are actually people who believe the media has absolutely nothing to apologize for after the last few years...How many supposed bombshell stories on Trump/Russsia were revealed to be totally without foundation?...

Has it been proven that Russia had an influence on the 2016 election? Was there an investigation into any connections between Trump and Russia? Were there multiple indictments of people connected to Trump's campaign and Russia? Have there been convictions of people that were part of Trump's campaign?
While the media does sensationalize the news for ratings, they are still reporting the information they are provided. There was a very solid foundation to report on the investigation, it's called the investigation. So, you tell me what they need to apologize for.

Should the media have apologized for reporting on the OJ trial just because he wasn't convicted of murder?
Should the media have apologized to Al Capone because he was only convicted of tax evasion?

*How many reporters were canned or suspended for peddling garbage news stories?....

You tell me, but I'd guess it's probably just a small handful directly related to Trump. When a journalist publishes something that can be demonstrably proven false, they don't work as a journo for long.
Entertainment reporters can report whatever the fuck they want and they face little scrutiny. Fox News is the epitome of entertainment reporting as of late. They are a propaganda arm for the GOP and Trump specifically and it doesn't matter if facts can prove something false, they will run with it. You may say the same about every other outlet, that they're the propaganda machine for the Dems. While I won't deny that there is some of that, Fox is by far the worst offender of peddling garbage. It's actually quite frightening to me that the POTUS tweets Fox News on a regular basis and often live tweets whatever nonsense they're spewing. The office of president has incredible power and directly endorsing only one 'news' source is exactly what dictators and autocrats do. Calling everything other news source 'the enemy of the people' should frighten us all. Control the media, and you have full control of the people.

*But some seem to able to justify all that...
*And they want to endlessly slam Donald Trump for his dishonesty and ruthlessness?
*Give the media a free pass and you're no better than that which you claim to despise...

When the media lies, they are quickly called on it and proven wrong. When the president lies, the media calls him on it, and he calls them fake.
You're choosing to believe the carnival barker and snake oil salesman. Unfortunately there are too many rubes just like you and people like Donald Trump can tell you they're the only honest one and for some reason you'll believe him.

*Remember that blast from the past which goes "We have met the enemy and they is us"?

It's 'he is us' and it was a statement on our own responsibility for the environment. A little ironic you would choose to reference this when Trump and his administration are doing everything they can to reverse any policy that has been put in place to try to help our environment, all in the name of business and $.

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