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Re: Harley Davidson is having problems

Posted by **comic relief** on Apr 24, 2019 at 12:52:45 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Harley Davidson is having problems posted by **Rumor** on Apr 23, 2019 at 8:15:12 PM:

**and the baby-president is fumimg, - however: he is to a very certain part solely responsible for the situation (or maybe the US constitution which suprisingly supports te idea of an emperor or maybe the US electorate stupid/idiotic enough to elect an utter idiot). Most of HD's problems are home-made (check the numners!), but trumpy really helped (in a negative way).
*Yet another stupid and useless baby-boomer industry us millennials are going to kill just like we're killing casual dining and department stores. LOL

There really is no need for the ageism and since you've been around here as long as I have, I'm guessing you're not a millennial or just barely qualified and either in your 40's or knocking on it.
Regardless of that, you are correct in the fact that HD is losing its client base and doing nothing to bring new riders on. They are introducing some new bikes, including an $18000 electric bike, to try to entice a new base, but that's obviously missing the mark. Royal Enfield is offering up cool looking bikes with good performance and just enough safety features at an affordable price. HD needs to pay attention if they want to survive. The older rider is all about the brand and will spend a lot of money to buy and customize their hog, but the new riders don't care so much about that brand but may be interested if a bike offered a solid commuting option.
I'm 2 years in on a Triumph Tiger 1200 and I ride it as often as weather permits. I get an average of 45 mpg and I prefer my time on a bike so much more than my car. Smaller bikes get even better gas mileage and make for great commuters. My starter bike was a Kawasaki Versys 600 and I averaged 50+ mpg (better than most hybrids), but they're not being marketed as such. There is little to no marketing for motorcycles and HD has relied on their brand loyalty for far too long.
With increasing population density, bikes can offer a good alternative to a car. So far California is the only state to allow lane splitting, but Utah recently passed a law allowing it under specific conditions and on specific roads. As traffic increases in all metropolitan areas, I think that the US needs to follow the UK and allowing splitting/filtering. If drivers are educated properly, a motorbike makes a fantastic option to bypass traffic jams.
All of this said, HD made plans to move a factory to India prior to Trump's idiotic tariffs and trade wars because they were already looking to capitalize on a bigger bike market. It makes pretty simple business sense to build the bike in the largest bike market.

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