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As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

by Bill Safsel

Lennon This graphic originated as an original acryllic painting that I did quite a few years ago, although I'm not sure of the exact date. Since, my scanner wasn't large enough to scan the entire painting, you're not actually seeing the whole picture. But, I scanned enough for most of John Lennon to be there, which is all that counts. At age 4 or 5, my parents bought Beatle records for my brother and I, and ever since I've been hooked. John Lennon was always my favorite Beatle and in my opinion, the most talented. I wanted to paint him to convey strong emotion and I hope that was accomplished.

by Kim Polomka

9 Dimensions : 3' x 4', Medium : Acrylic Emulsion, Beligium Linen canvas. The story behind the painting, the title of which is "9" Shorty after the death of Lennon, I was walking up the street and noticed a torned Newsweek cover, I recognised the face as Lennon. What was interesting about this so called piece of trash, was where the image was torn. Across the mouthpiece. Already I was inspired to create a work based on that observation. I included in the bottom right hand corner a Willy Wagtail looking over her 4 egss, and is broken, though the analogy between the Fab 4 and the eggs is fairly obvious.

by Kim Polomka

Crucifixion Dimensions : 3' x 2', Medium : Coloured pencil, Schollerhammer board. 1980 This coloured pencil drawing, titled "Crucifixion" the last in the series, based on the torn found Newsweek cover, and a dead parrot. The bird was perfect for the work as it looked like a martyred object similiar to a crucifixation. Then the analogy between Lennon's death, the song, "The Ballad of John and Yoko" and the statement "We're more popular than Jesus Christ", seemed apt, as Lennon was always been misquoted, and paying the price. This was my way of expressing my grief and anger at his senseless death, through the medium of my choice.

The Last Rites
by Kim Polomka

The Last Rites Finished size 2'6'' x 1'6", art stock paper 200gsm, combination of artwork and real original memorbilia, limited edition of 250, each signed by artist. 1990. The record is an original, "Love me do" 45 rpm, with 4 cigarettes butts, showing the finality of the group. The apple, symbolic of the decay. There are many more pertinent symbols and some are very obvilious to hardcore fans. The poster was to act as a promo for the A-Z beatle songs, with the radio station giving away a poster as prize. This image does not have the listings of songs, contained with the printed posters.

Evolution 9
by David Hyland (Mr H)

Evolution 9 A ghostly montage of the many incarnations of John Lennon during his Beatle years.

by Stu Fujinami

Ghosts To me the picture has a vibe of resurrection. A young Lennon standing outside where he left the earth. John's out there somewhere and through his work, he lives on. Sort of looks like he's waiting for something, doesn't it?

by Ursula Rozum

Gone vanished, faded away
In a flash he's gone
Nothing left to say

Tears flow from my eyes,
Sorrow fills my heart
I feel like my soul's been torn apart.

See his face in my heart
Hear his voice in my dream

His words taught us:
Nothing is real,
Nothing is as it seems

His soul will live on,
As it has for many years,

His voice, singing his songs,
Still ringing in my ears

Jealous Guy
by Luke Van Hamblen

Once upon a time, it could have been,
but it's no good to look back at then.

I can't sleep,
I want to know why,
Tell me, am I a creep,
Or just a jealous guy?

I hate him so much it makes me sore,
Even though I've never met him before,
I want to say good-bye,
But I can't, I'm just a jealous guy.

You stole my heart and flew,
Now I can't escape you,
Although these feelings are so old,
Still my emotions cannot unfold.

I wonder if you can find,
A place for my love, within your mind,
Why must I be so shy,
I guess I'm just a jealous guy.

A Prayer For John Ono Lennon
by Naomi Hampton-Stover

there's a headlight in the skylight
and a car is crashing down on me
the ocean is a box
surrounded by land and sea
a box that never opens
a box through which
none shall pass
a box closed for eternity
as a bullet hits the glass
voices sing throughout the night
as the headlight in the skylight
fades forever out of sight.

Is It Goodbye?
by Anna Carolina Fagundes

What do we do from here?
Is it a way to wave goodbye?
How could we know you were leaving
and would not be here this time...

Is it goodbye?

How a thing that it's certain
slip of our hand like a sigh?
You were the bst of then all
but you left with the morning lights...

Is it goodbye?

You were like a looking glass
showing to world his real face.
You left us without a warning
just like you came...

It's not goodbye...
You are always here,
it's not goodbye.

thank you for all, John. This one's for you

The Day A Hero Died
by Laraine Colwell

On December 8, 1980,
A hero died.
A senseless and vicious death,
And many of his followers cried.

December 8, 1980,
Was the day the music really died.
The music that stood for love and peace,
All of that died.

All he wanted,
Was love and peace.
Did all of this,
Really have to cease?

Why did John Lennon have to die,
In such a horrible way?
A true hero and peace maker,
Lost in such a vicious way.

Dec. 8, 1980
by Jackie Madsen

On that night, we lost our voice
And a piece of our hearts as well
No more songs to fill our lives
On that night he fell

We lost an idol
A peace-making light
A beautiful soul
It just wasn't right

The most beautiful music
That I've ever heard
Just ripped from us
Without a word

We still hear
The songs of his past
He found some peace
And can rest at last

...and to you a Happy Birthday...
by Virgo Gal

Passed on through the window of life
You left behind a legacy, some children and a wife
Nevertheless, millions cannot be wrong
The love for you stays long after you've gone
As a lover, a writer, and a facetious twit
You are remembered for this and your wonderful gift
You shared with us talent that none of us have
And proved to us still you were merely a man
As advocate of peace you were brutally slained
By the hatred you fought and the lives that it claimed
But you live in the gifts that you once left behind
For these are the reasons you'll continue to shine...

-for you, J.W.Ono-Lennon

by Apple Scruff

He may not be around for us to see or hear,
But open up your mind and you can feel he's near.
Did you play his songs or buy his new release?
Did you think him mad or join his fight for peace?

When I hear his words or play the songs he sung,
I know that in our hearts he is not gone,
So, across the universe the music still plays on,
Hope is coming from his words ......
Thank you John.

A Bit of the Applause
(For John Winston Lennon)

by John W. Leys

You were the Walrus
Then you were John
You were the Dreamweaver
And now, you are gone

You were a poet
You were a man
They call you a god
They don't understand

They mourne your death
Say you died for the cause
When All you wanted
Was a bit of the applause.

Just Believe
by Mack Slater

Just Believe

The world is just a grasp away
I swear I held it yesterday
And right before my very eyes
I saw the sun begin to shine

Your Dreams are just a day away
No matter what the skeptics say
Don't let them bring you down
It's up to you to turn around

You can sail the deep blue sea
Or you can run away from me
All that there needs to be
Is that you believe

help me
by Michael Bierschenk (tlhInganval)

help me
i need somebody
and not just anybody
i need you

in my time of trouble
you come to me
speaking words of wisdom
but i cant let it be

come in through the window
or walk in through the door
roll up
and take me on a magical tour

for im just a fool on the hill
i see the sun going down
and stars
but not yours

for its been a hard days night
without your light
not just for me
but for all

beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful boy
beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful John

-we miss you John

by Angela Touchette

You came into my life
With your words of wisdom
Your visions of peace eternal
Now people say we're dreamers
But we aren't alone
Someday the world might live as one
But until then I'll sing your songs
Over and Over
I'll spread your words of wisdom
Your visions of peace eternal
With no barriers
Since you were taken from us so long ago
Your spirit lives on in all who believe...

Winds (Wings) of War (1991)
by Chantilly Michelle Maertens-Maslia

Under the desert's sun, I stand,
Miles away from nowhere
A new day has just begun and yet,
Smoke still fills the air....
Sand storms caused by the winds of war
Don't we want Peace anymore?
They tell us we may just have to fight, (Oh-oh,...)
Since when was such madness
Ever worth dying for???!!

Winds of Wings of War!!!!
Don't we want Peace anymore?
We've gone too...Far too far!!!
Birds wash up, dead, on our shores, (Oh-oh-oh...)
Don't we want Peace anymore?

Out, in the light of night, I hear
Choppers crack like thunder
All's wrong here, no one's right
We know but...It don't matter
Up in arms, as I hit the ground
I wonder what all this is for...
My heart is drumming fear to my hands, (Oh-oh...)
Will I ever be the same
As before????!!!!

(Repeat chorus)

Caught in this web of war, I pray
For all strategic masters
'Cos, in a softer glove....
Their powers could do wonders
As I lay here, now biting sand
Trying hard to understand....
Bullets race on, beside my thoughts, (Oh-oh...)
We've got such power Can't we...
Make it....STOP??!!!!

(Repeat chorus/Fade)

Dedicated to Peace, inspired by the news telecast of that "little bird"
caught in one of Saddam Hussein's oil spills, in the midst of Desert Storm

As I Look to the Sun
by Michael Moore

Angry stares in an empty forest
why don't you write your book for us?
reactionary and superficial
there's no truth you're nothing special

And the pain from within your mind
there's no saving one of your kind
take the soul out of me
bring me down to my knees

And the devil appeared full of heart
and in the end it tore me apart
when the love is gone and there's nothing left
for the blackness in my heart I wept

Many times as I look to the sun
in my hand was holding a gun
shot myself and the pain was gone
a bitter end to a bitter song

Among Beggars, Peasants, Kings and Gods,...
by Pearl

Among Beggars, Peasants, Kings and Gods,...
The old man looked up,....
His blind eyes cought the young ones that belonged to the children of the hamlet.
After a time that seemed like a lifetime he spoke.
-You want to hear my song?
He was a stranger to these people. Who was he and where did he come from?
No one knew. It was long lost in the darkness of time.
The sun was setting and the people gathered around the old man.
Someone lit a fire and through that whole night he held them there.
Captured by his songs.

His old voice told them about beggars and the men of the roads.
He took them to the dusty road of other lands.
His eyes had once seen more than any other person ever would.
As the night went along he made up his song of the beggars,
roadmen and wonderful things. And about his yearning he sang all night long.

It is something behind the mountains he told the young ones.
There is something behind the flowers, the stars and my burning heart.
Can you hear it wisper? It is calling:
Come to us. This world is not yours,....

No one deared to ask. The fire was turning red as the hours passed.
There was no sleep that night. It was magic.
I have seen the waves of time. I have seen the ocean and country roads.
I have been swept through this world, dreaming of the peace in the wild oceans.
But my spirit has always passed me on,.....
To the shapeless land where our loves shall be forgotten.

Pale mothers brought us to this world of yearnings.
From our troubles and anguish, we gave our first cry.
Once we played on the green medows of our childhood.
That was where we played deers, lions, beggars and God.

Time passed. I sat by her side while she made our home.
Her soft hands created perfection.
But I could hear my heart calling.
-What you own isn't yours!
That's when the spirit led me away to find peace.

My love is hidden. It is in a dusky nowhere.
But my right way is high and magic.
And through the worlds I heard a voice calling.
I fell down to pray in front of the lord.
-Take me from this earth! I'd like what no one else has!

Will this be the last for me? Maybe not but some may see.
Once the travels has begun that will take us to the red hot sun.
Let me find my peace at last. On the warm beds of sand.
That is where I'll find my home. To rest my soul and old worn bones.

So follow me brothers. To the land with calm rivers.
Where the always young men will play in the sun.
It is behind the flowercovered mountains.
That's where I have my mother. That is where I will find peace.

Let the black salty waters cool your faces.
Let us all be miles behind life before the morning is due,.....
I am not of this world. I have suffered for my anguish,
for my faith and powerful love.

I was not what this world wanted.
I tried so hard to be much more.
Will this be the way to never?
To the land of ever more?
The time has come to start the journy.
To the worlds of flowers morn,..

As the morning rose the man faced a door of roses.
And he entered there to find his peace,....
As it shut the power of the magic broke.

The men and women of work woke.
They saw the morning light that filled their hearts.
It embrased the body of the old man.
He was burried him below green grass.
Flowers will forever cover the place were he once sang his song.
He will never be forgotten or the seed that was left with us that night,..

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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