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As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

untitled series
by Phil Jeffery

untitled untitled
untitled untitled
This series attempts to reflect some of the ways John grew and changed since 1969 -- a source of great joy and inspiration to me (I've been a fan of John's since age 9, and now I'm only 32). They were drawn specifically for the recreated Bagism site in response to Sam Choukri's efforts and creativity. The images are hybrids of scanned and freely drawn images made electronically.

by TDA

untitled I drew the picture in 1983. It was at a time when his death was still fresh in my memory. And, I had been fooling around with drawing for sometime before that. I just felt like I wanted to make a little tribute of my own. So, I thought I would do the Avedon photo, the way I saw it. It was done in charcoal and pencil. I have it hanging on my family picture wall, my wife thought it belonged there.

by Imagineer

Ghost I drew this last year [1996]... it was a dream I had. See, it's Lennon's spirit, he's crying, but he can't speak to the people anymore, he hasn't got a mouth. No, he isn't sprouting grass out of his head, those are his ideas. He is bowing, because his performance is over. It's in black and white, the lights have gone down. He leaves us with peace and love.

by Sarah Devorkin (We all shine on)

untitled I drew this in 1996, with pencil. The drawing is based on a photograph from the back of the Walls and Bridges CD.

by Cassie Hilke

my world is falling apart
back to the hell that i thought i'd left behind
no more bed, no more house
darkness is falling
but i dont realize
i dont realize anything
it's all clear to me now
it's a conspiracy to get me down
to get me down
where's the sun, i cried
nowhere for me anymore
the brightness has died
and i no longer am here
why me, i ask
just because it's me
i'm nobody no one cares
father leaves the house
locks the door one last time
and i say my final goodbye
goodbye to the sunshine
goodbye to the rainbow
goodbye my friend
goodbye my dad
and finally as i take my last step outside into the "real" world
i realize that i dont belong here and i must go
goodbye my dad

by Keljo Nonnel

I lay in a field looking up at the sky.
A man on a flaming pie flies through the air.
Grinning he says, "You've got to get with the BEAT."
And I just stare.

I'm dreaming under my hat as the cold sun shines down.
Children from my past play amongst the hay stacks.
The man with the glasses says, "Get into the BEAT."
Then everything fades to black.

I wake in a dark room wondering where I've been.
Lost on an isle of memories longing to return like a dove.
Beetle crawling up my arm the man from nowhere says, "Find your own BEAT."
I want his of PEACE and LOVE.

Who was that man?

by mE

There are things we think of,
But most of us don't say them.
And then there's John.

by Moe Masry

You were a hero to more than the working class
The dream is over but it ended way to fast
Now that your gone, my head is spinning 'round
Help me if you can, I'm feeling down.
You made me dizzy when you played that rock n roll
Now I know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
You said that all we need is love on our side
But now you've bought a one way ticket to ride.

Where are you now, with the fool up on the hill
And did you really want to hold my hand?
You're not on Penny Lane or in Strawberry Fields,
You've just found another place to take a stand.

Now that your gone, we'll try to come together
Hoping everyone will understand
That the things that you stood for
Meant a whole lot more
Than just playing in Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Can It Be True?
by Heidi

Although you're gone
You're in your songs
Don't you know
That your love is strong?

Love is hot
And hate will rot
Peace will grow
And war will not

I know you cared
About people's feelings
This isn't fair
I wish you were here

Can it be true
That I'll never meet you?
Haven't got a clue
But I guess I'm right

You gave peace a chance
Even a lot of romance
I don't like guns
But what's done is done

We all miss you
You know it's true
Can you hear us?
What should we do?

John's Last Curtain Call
by Jaina

Some thumbed you,
Some cheered you,
Some sung of you,
and some jeered you,
but even now that you're gone,
you still will live on,
in the hearts of us all,
after your last curtian call.

The concerts were thrilling,
and the fans never just milling,
you always made us smile,
though somethines it took a while,
We all loved you dearly,
and when you were shot it nearly
took our lives too,
and we still miss you.

You said "Love is all you need"
But did we listen to your creed?
You were shot out of hate, blood and war,
just a few footsteps from your door,
the actions of one aren't the actions of the whole,
yet still lives on the one who pulled the trigger and stole
the only thing you had left to give,
We would have let you live.

Untitled Telephone Conversation
by Carol Starkey

"Daddy, phone for you"
snow on the window pane
soon it'll be Christmas
time to decorate the tree
crystal ornaments
golden lights
Christmas presents for the kids
tell them they're from Father Christmas
pudding if you're good
-chocolate's the best kind
The fire shines bright in the fireplace
Animals make their prescence known
The kids are playing Chutes and Ladders in the parlour
Mommy's putting dishes away
The clock ticks
Cookie cutters on the counter to fill
"Santa's" tummy
Don't want to cry
hide tomorrow's newspaper
forbade the television
lock the doors.
"Who was that?" Mommy asks checking the cupboard for coloured crystals for
the cookies
red and green
A gingerbread house no one wants to crumble,
"There was a murder last night in New York".

by Juila

He died long ago,
we never even met.
But still, he's my hero,
his memory I can't forget.

His songs of love, and words of peace
got me throught the night.
Their message will never cease,
they taught me never to give up the fight.

He is my inspiration,
my hope, my dreams.
But, I'm living in a seperate generation,
happiness is no longer what it seems.

I wish he were here today,
I wish he didn't have to go.
Perhaps, things would be okay.
I guess we'll never know...

by Kelsea Nore

He is an inspiration to a generation.
His smile could light up the darkest nation.
He left us years ago in which I don't know why.
We never got to say goodbye.
He shouldn't of gone,he should of stayed.
We could of seen his face today.
But no,he died by another man's choice.
In this he didn't get to speak his voice.
He shall not be forgotten by those who known,
how he touched us,
changed us,
and became apart of us.

Loving John
by Heather Rodriguez

I Love You,
you've given so much to me
you've made my spirit free
Even though you've been long gone.

What still remains,
your voice
your songs
your love
Will never change

In the middle of calamity
you spoke out
urged us
To take a stand for humanity

On that night we lost you forever
you left us 16 years ago
Yet your spirit still brings us together

So smile down upon us,
I will never forget your legacy
On your memory i will forever hold fond.

by Thomas Kearns

How strange the way we learn tough lessons and
who it is that teaches
I felt the finality of death and the totality
of sadness when I turned on the car radio
and pain permanently entered my existence
If I were an actor, how tears could fall just
by resurrecting that single moment
Hopes, dreams, the colors of my world were
suddenly sanded to dull, covered by a film
of mortality
I know, now, the truest meaning of LOSS.

What Life Supposed To Be
by Anna Carolina Fagundes

Well, and it was a night in December,
and the next day my mother went to the college.
She should not turn the radio,
she would never know.
but in that hot day in Brazil,
her tears started to flow.

Sixteen years later, here I am at the keyboard
my tears are almost falling when I remember
of that voice who would start over, and were gone.

What life supposed to be?
Do you mind in answer me?
Dammed were the man that killed the singer,
but never know the only truth:
he never went away, he never stopped to say:
"The peace is the only way!"
And he's guiding my hand,
while I write this poem,
to the glory of John Winston Ono Lennon.
And I ask him:
What life supposed to be, John?
Do you mind in answer to me?...

to the love of John and of my mother, who gave me to brith a month after he were shot

The Day the Dreamer Died
by Laraine Colwell

"Bang!"- 4 shots ring out,
It sounds familiar today in society,
But- these four shots killed a dreamer.

December 8, 1980,
One of the most tragic days in history,
Because a lover, a peace-maker, a hero was killed.

However his dream still shines on,
In the hearts of the other dreamers,
Those who dream of a love-filled and peaceful world.

His music is still listened to,
Sadly, to me, it doesn't bring back memories-
Memories of an era of love.
Though, it does bring hope-
Hope that the dream can be achieved,
If everyone tries just a little bit.

For I am of the dreamers,
Hopefully one day the dream will come true.
I believe it can....

by JPW

All you wanted was peace, you just wanted to be free,
But now your words aren't heard, because they aren't spoken.
But you are free as a bird and my heart is not broken.
You are happier away, and I'm content if you are.
Even though you're far away, I see your eyes in the stars...
And feel your breath in the wind, and hear your voice in my dreams.
And though your time has been ended, it's not as bad as it seems...

by JPW

I want John Lennon to come back from the dead.
I want words spoken to become words unsaid.
I want to go outside and spread my wings and fly.
I want to wake up one morning and it'd be 1965.
I want to find a remote control to change people's minds.
I want all the politicians to stop reading off their lines.
I want a world of peace where no one ever kills.
I want a world where the ozone hole refills.
I want a lot of things that I know can never be,
But they can seem so very real only in my dreams.

Australian Animal Odyssey
by Tiffany Jensen

"Cheese and rice," moaned Zelda (the washerwoman) as she stepped into her fish's galoshes. She had worms again. Hurriedly, she placed a saucer of Lysol in the fridge so that the scorpions would have a party and invite her mother. Then she washed the ceiling fan.

The little, dandy lions sang a song of sixpence, a poket full of eyes as a tiny mouse excreted on their foilage. It proved to be the turning point in the life of a fun guy.

Marvin the Mushroom was always happy. However, when excreted upon by rodents, he became violent and began to question the government's interference in geothermanl wastewater treatment baseball stadiums. He asked Zelda for help, but she simply said, "Crimes on tea!" and went about grooming her cactus. So Marvin was alone, which is not always bad. It significantly reduced his risk of catching monotridiglycerines and other food additives. But he was lonely. So he made a wombat out of plaster of pair-ee.

His wombat, despite popular bee's leaves, made a very no-table contribution to Sosiet's tea. He invented a fine, milky, non-dairy creamer that induced vomiting while keeping down breakfast. The world was revolutionized and Marvin's wombat became an instant nocturnal animal with a pouch that is very cute and cuddly. Wise men came from all around to view him in his confining cage and they took pictureswhichthey later tried to pass off as the Shroud of Turin. That idea was rejected because they found the Titanic's gardener who started an avalanche in the Gobi Dessert because his Bumblebee Tuna had a clown nose in it.

In spite of please from the president of Libya and a gift package of blood sausage form the U.K., Zelda dug up the dandy lions and they revolted against the Dick Tator who was served with Gravy, thus divorcing him from his deeply-rooted family traditions. Marvin Mushroom and his handsome wombat lived happily ever forafter until the street sweeper got them 36 hours in advance of the deadline. thank you John for inspiration

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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