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Exhibit 3

As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

Norwegian Wood
by BeatleJohn

Norwegian Wood This is a picture I made called "Norwegian Wood," inspired by the song. It's something of a reminder of what people do in woods...reminiscing about past events, much as in the song. John looks ethereal...ghostlike, because whenever one walks through the woods, or anywhere like that, you feel almost like you aren't really there at all...that it's your surroundings.

by Tim Kruse

untitled This is a pencil drawing of John.

Love Is All
by JPW

Love Is All I drew a picture in the front of a book my friend bought me for Christmas last year, and another of my friends wanted a copy. Since it was only in pencil, and didn't look that great, I drew her a color copy. It's only drawn in Crayola Washable Marker, but it's my own little version of "art".

by Susan Cooke-Pena

Lennon This painting was done in watercolor, size: 24" X 36". I did this particular painting shortly after John Lennon was killed. I was and am a fan of his and creating this painting was a way for me to put my feelings on paper. This was my very first portrait. Many portraits have since followed but this one is special to me.

by Tasha

Untitled Here is a colored pencil drawing I created of John sometime during January 1997. It's based on the white album photograph, but I changed the colors to make it more interesting. The only part that was kept the same are his eyes. I thought they should stay as they were originally.

No Hell Below Us
by Choc. Walrus

No Hell Below Us I painted and drew 'No Hell Below Us' during the late summer of 1996. I painted it in Tempra paints. The painting came from the book Imagine. I was really touched by it's sentiments.

by Jeff Zachowski

untitled I drew this in pencil late in 1996.

by the One World Internet Bagism Band

Verse 1
Inside a place to hide I know,
but you're not yet where you're supposed to go.
Alone is a way to be, I guess,
but you're never going to see unless,
you see that the way to go is together.
The past stalks you like a haunting tune.
So, move ahead! You'll get away soon!
The road that we're on goes on forever.

(to Chorus)

Verse 2
Don't you worry about the past.
Walk across no broken paths.
The light shines down on days long gone
with shadows drawn from nowhere known,
revolving around the sun together.
Flying so far, in an endless dream.
You can't forget what you have seen.
Open up your mind to forever!

(to chorus)

Verse 3
With an open mind and an open heart,
I'll give it all, I'll do my part.
I'll do anything you please!
I know what we together can achieve,
if we just go on believing together.
Dream the dream and we will see
this one world together, you and me,
with rainbows stretching out forever....

(to chorus)

Together we can do anything!
We can speak with one voice.
Let our hearts sing!
Together it can happen if we try.
The world spins 'round.
We'll reach for the sky!!!

by Shawna Turk

IF I fell in love with you...
oh how many times that has come true

YOUR smile
your voice
doesn't give me a choice

OH John, John
even though your gone

YOU have touched my heart
and your inspiriation will never part

YOU have touched so many
with your talents a plenty

YOU gave peace a chance
but that didn't stop your final dance

IT makes me so sad
but your the best the world's ever had

To me there will never be
anyone like JOHN LENNON, you see

AND John will always be
a part of you and me

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
by Athena Boyer

There you go freind or foe
I don't want to know
I love you and you have no clue
that I love you so

You love me no longer I see
as you walk away
I walk around this crazy town
and listen to them say

Hey, you've got to hide your love away
Hey, you've got to hide your love away

by Becca Lando

"What do you think?" asks the man next to me
I look at him from the Corner of my Eye and I see
He is wearing a Red and Purple Swirly-Colored Tie
That clashes perfectly with his Green Looking-Glass Eye

I look back at the display
And all I can say is, "It's nice"
And it is, a Multicolored Mirror, and yet
It's Warm Colors make me feel like Ice

I stand there and stare for Hours and Hours
Until suddenly the Colors swirl into Flowers
I blink, unsurprised, and then I find
Something which really does blow my mind

The Flowers have changed
Now they're deranged
Wait, no they're not
Now Floating Faces on a Cot

I'm getting used to this,
Then they change once again
And the Colors have shaped
Into a Long Lost Friend

The Images keep changing
They just keep on rearranging
Now it's Lucy in the Sky
Holding Ice Cream Hands
With the Man on the Flaming Pie

Faster and Faster
Brighter and Brighter
My head is feeling Lighter and Lighter
Now I hear Voices:
"There aren't that many Choices!"
"Give Peace a Chance, that's all we are saying!"
"Quick now, get with it, stop your delaying!"

Everything is spinning so fast, the Voices are so loud
My Head feels Lighter than the Lightest Cloud
When All of the Sudden things get out of control
The Mirror burst, there was too much for it to hold

Everything has stopped, as quickly as it came
I'm beginning to think it was all a Mind Game
The room is silent, all is still
I was standing there so long, I ran up a Bill

I turn to leave, and find
It's hard to breathe
I try to find the Door
But it isn't there any more

And I find that
There's a Little Girl blocking my way
She has such a Powerful Gaze,
I'm as strong as a String of Hay
She holds a Card out to me,
And from what I can see
It's Plain White, with just one Word
"Imagine", it says, and I find it absurd

But I did, and that is how I got Here today
In a Psychedelic Museum not far away
From the Back of my Mind
On John Lennon Way.

December 8, 1996

Inspired by the life and work of John Winston Ono

Nowhere Girl
by TheSongster

Little girl
You follow the sun on the wrong way.
Do you know how you believe to stay?
Do you know where?
There, nowhere.
How much you care?
Can't just say.

Little girl
You laugh face the sun.
Do you realize that you run?
He's gone.
His fame paid.
Upun your head, the neons lights
His bloody death.

Little girl
The Nowhere Man have pass away.
Nowhere girl
The Nowhere Man is dead...
Please see the rainy day,
The rainy sun through the sky.

Little girl
The Nowhere Man have pass away!
Nowhere girl
Please pray...
He's gone.
He follow the sun.
He's gone.
Good Night John...

by paperback writer

I wanted to be the walrus
But I'm only me.
I wanted to be the best
But I'm only nineteen.

Why can't I live like my jury,
With drugs and alcohol as my guide?
Instead I am filled with
Heartfelt sentiments left over from another time.

My strings are strummed
And never plucked.
Could that be why
This year has been so rough?

I could never be like you,
So why do I bother trying?
You are my king of words,
Who will always save me from dying.

I respect you, walrus
For all that you've helped my life to be.
And I pray that someday
You'll be able to be thanked by me.

A Cry For Peace
by Laraine Colwell

You still shine on,
As you always will.
Inside the hearts of your followers,
And your believers.

All you ever asked for is peace,
Which isn't much to ask for.
If everyone tries just a little bit,
Peace can be achieved.

I still believe in your dream,
Though others may have given up.
I also have a dream for peace,
Hopefully one day it will come true.

John Lennon-
You will forever shine on in my heart.
Through your words and music,
And also your teachings.

All your teachings for love and peace,
All your teachings against hate and violence.
You will shine on forever,
Why can't there be peace?

(Dedicated to John Lennon, 10-9-40 to 12-8-80. You may be a dreamer, but you aren't the only one...)

Unfinished Business
by countyjim

when I first met cathy it seemed like a dream
purely accidental radiant gleam
sitting alone with sorrowful eyes
quietly laughing uniqually disguised
politely I inquired "Can I buy you a drink?"
shyfully responsive physically linked
tempting conversation we talked through the night
transparent emotions illuminating light

inspired by "Across the Universe"

Start Over and Again
by Anna Carolina Fagundes

Oh, Lord, they say
that you write the right things in wrong lines.
But is it too much to ask
Why he had to die?
The best revenge to my soul
is knowing that he's not gone.
Somehow he can listen to me
( take me down to where nothing is real... ).
The best revenge to my mind
is write things to make him proud
( he knows what I am talking about )
I could never play an album again
without tears, without pain.
But he says ...
And I stand on my feet again,
he were not here in vain.
He taught peace to the world
so we can't forget what were done.
John, you know we love you
and because of you we'll stay.
We'll sing the peace, the love, the understanding,
'till the day we meet again.

John Lennon
by Laraine Colwell

All you worked for is peace,
Yet in such a violent way you had to die.
It makes no sense!
Your memory is forever in my heart,
Though I was only six weeks old when you died.
Your songs and art touch my heart,
In many ways.
You are not the only one,
Whose dream is for peace.
Love those who have hurt you,
Because hate and violence are not the answer.
John Lennon,
What a beautiful person you were.
You will never be forgotten,
For your spirit is forever alive inside my heart.

The Night the World Wept
by Emily5

The whole world cried that fateful night
and anger blind cold hatred
toward the one who caused this sorrow
entangled as he was in deception
his mistake caused the whole world suffering
and for what? not only the man, but what he stood for
the hopes and dreams of a nation nay, the world
were brought down in an instant
one motion destroying all held dear
their tears fell like rain
causing the skies to weep for the one now gone
lost from mortal sight
his memory wrapped up carefully gently
so that it could never be broken or forgotten
which would be the sign of truly eternal death

Song for John
by El Troppo

This is a story 'bout a friend of mine...yes, and, how as he grew the more he changed our minds with love...yea love...He started rocking and he hit the see, the art of talking he turned into pop, for love...yea love...Yes he imagined we could change our heads...Well, well do you remember what he said???...That all we need to keep the world alive is love...or would you rather see it dead???...He sang the war is over if you want it now...exclaiming that to hatred we should never love...yea love...The man said, "You're a loser son you should not stay!!!...You got no right to choose here, better hide away your love...your love"...Can you remember what the Walrus said???...Well, well you know we better change our heads...The world is turning, it ain't turning red, so, you know we better keep it fed...He felt so isolated that he had to scream...He cryed at what he hated, but, he kept his dreams of love...yea love...He found out, brother, when you feel your pain...It ain't ever gotta hurt again, with love...yea love...Yes he imagined we could change our heads...Well, well do you remember what he said???...That all we need to keep the world alive is love...or would you rather see it dead???...He sang the war is over if you want it now...exclaiming that, to hatred, we should never love...yea love...The man said, "You're a loser son you should not stay!!!...You got no right to choose here, better hide away your love...your love"...This rockin daddy, yea, he had a son...He told his mama they could be as one, in love...yea love...He started over, said they planned to stay...

Then, out the blue, his life was swept away, with love...Can you remember what the Walrus said???...Well, well you know we better change our heads...The world is turning, it ain't turning red, so, you know we better keep it fed...

fade song by whistling A, D and G chords

Simple Things
by Anna Carolina Fagundes

Never let the shadows
get into your heart.
Never let they say
his life meant nothing.
Love, peace, music,
he only said it.
but simple things
are the ones who touch the heart.

An Angel Remembered
by Naomi Hampton-Stover

An angel
by a psycho
many fans gathered
to mourn his death
they wondered
who would die next?
the day the angel died
the day everyone cried
is the day I died inside.
"Happiness is a Warm Gun"
or so he said
before he was shot
before he was dead
those who loved him
love him still
Mark David Chapman
shot to kill.
The minds he enlightened
remember his soul
on the hearts that loved him
his death took a toll
Now that he is up ubove
we must remember:
"All You Need is Love."

for John Lennon

Beautiful John
by Laraine Colwell

You were the most beautiful person to ever live,
Because true beauty comes from within.
You have so much beauty,
Both outside and in.

We still have memories of you,
Through your songs and art.
All of your works,
Will forever touch my heart.

Your words of love,
Your words of peace.
Because we remember you,
They will not cease.

You said that you were a dreamer,
And that you weren't the only one.
You are right,
Because I am also one.

There are also many other dreamers,
We all share one goal.
Hopefully we will fight for this,
No matter what the toll.

When Peace Died
by Thomas J. Bates

Heard 'round the world,
Shots rang in the night.
One man shattered the mold,
That kept us warm and bright.

He died on his step,
In the empty garden.
That night we never slept,
Our hearts began to harden.

Taken so young in life,
He gave peace it's chance.
We let him down with our strife,
Now, never again to see him dance.

December 8, 1995

by Heather Rodriguez

a poet
an artist
a writer
a prophet

a genius
a singer
a friend to humanity
a spokesman for mankind

through his words
he gave our ideas life
he gave our message a song
he gave us memories never to
be forgotten.

he couldn't save the world alone
he tried to enlighten our minds
a prophet for the generations
too advanced for his time

shall we ever forget
peace and love
we are forgetting
the man whom we hold so dear

so spread the word
he would have wanted us to say
listen to the message
he wants us to hear
sing the harmony
he gave to us all

praise the beautiful boy
god bless his soul
keep his spirit alive
never let his memory go

Song For Peace
by Craig Schroeder (Sir Egg)

Dedicated to John and Yoko

What is there in war that is worth dying for?
Is there more to being free than death can bring?
What is there in hate that is worth killing for?
You can't trust the other side until you trust yourself.
Trust yourself.

In this place, you see, there is only you and me.
In this time to be, there can be peace.

Nodody is right and no one is wrong all the time.
The truth is in-between. The answer's between the line.
Beware of those who say that their views are just.
The holy cause, the righteous path is often paved with blood.
Paid in Blood.

In this place there is only reality.
On this Earth, there is no Eden-only humanity.

So, what is there in war that is worth dying for?
Is there more to being free that only death can bring?
There is no perfect man. There's only you and me.
What is the use of war? Let there be harmony.
What is the use of war when there is harmony.

Let there be peace.

John's Story
by Paula Patterson-Stevenson

Why the violence?
Why was John Lennon killed?
Just at someone's whim and will!
It's not fair!
John was of so much importance,
Part of a group who initiated long hair!

John loved music, the Rock-n-Roll sound,
The music I also love, I found!
Today it's called Classic Rock-n-Roll,
And if taken a poll!
Still the best music around!

To become an American citizen, for John was such a fight,
But to do this was his right!
It doesn't say much for us as a people and country,
To allow such violence and not fight; not even try!
We have to take John's example and fight!

All John wanted to do was with his music make magic,
It makes sense ad is of good logic!

What happened to the love, harmony, and trust of the sixties?
In the nineties, it's just the opposite,
To violence we need to take a stand,
Get mad; have a fit!
We have to be smart and witty!
This is what we need to do in this land!

For John's memory,
We need to fight violence and change,
Why can't we gain trust?
Instead of lust!
We need a major rearrange,
To make positive John's story!

My Inspiration
by Josh Maislin

He was something in all of us, hard to define, yet so easy to sense. We all had the same message, but he was the messenger. Sitting in my room, listening to the message that was within me, I knew that you were with us, John. I knew that you were on our side. And now you're dead, but are you? You left so much behind, So much to know and wonder. A collage of ideas and music. Your songs were your life and they live eternally as your true autobiography.

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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