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As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

by Cleveland

John My inspiration for this drawing was from listening to John Lennon's Imagine album...while staring at the cover (which my picture looks a lot like). I scanned it and used Photo Plus and inverted the colors which were originally gray and white.

Frozen in Time
by Chris Sileo

Frozen in Time The idea behind this is their music is timeless...putting aside all else...the incredible body of music they created in such a short span is what it's all about. Created in Photoshop Dec 1997.

John and Yoko
by Peaceguy

John and Yoko A mousesketch of John and Yoko done on July 11, 1998.

The Ballad of John
by Joe RV Dean

The Ballad of John Created in 1997.

"Possession is nine-tenths of the problem"-Dr. Winston O' Boogie

by A. Summer Lange

The Ballad of John I created this a couple years ago, after checking "Summer of 1980" out of the library. I found one picture in there that really was terrific- it expressed what I was feeling in that moment. Some hours later, there I had it. It was scrawled in sharpie pen and poorly scanned only a couple months ago. It just struck my fancy and wasn't meant to look so sad. What the subconscious does.

Listen to the Man
by George Stewart

Politicians taking center stage,
Joker's knocking that's for sure,
See the book so turn the page,
It takes you on a Mystery Tour,

Trees of green and seas of blue,
Are vanishing before our eyes,
No one knows just what to do,
Pollution streaks across our skies,

Listen to the man,
He's watching from above,
Listen to what he sang,
All You Need Is Love, Is Love

Nowhere Man he sees no one,
People stare then walk away,
Imagine earth without the sun,
Life in darkness every day,

Cry went Give Peace A Chance,
But did we really ever learn,
The music died no song or dance,
Grim reaper took his turn,


Mind Games played at such a cost,
The Fool has dealt his hand,
No one knows just what was lost,
No more playing in the band,

Songs of Peace and Brotherhood,
Helps you Make It Through The Night,
Love Is Real it's understood,
As he walks towards the light.


John Lennon
by Molly Wood (Beatle Jude)

"All you need is love",
Is what he said,
This is the truth,
For it's written and read.

He told us peace
Would set us free,
He was right: it could,
If we only believe.

In his songs and his words,
He showed us the way,
Love and understanding
In his words lay.

The messages he sent
To the world about peace,
Will live on forever,
And never will cease:

"All you need is love",
It's as simple as that,
Believe in yourself,
And know where you're at.

"Give peace a chance",
Was a saying of his,
That's all we're saying,
About peace, that is.

"Just like starting over",
We all can change,
Listen to him,
Love we can exchange.

"Because in my life,
I love you more,
Listen to me:
Make love and not war."

Listen to his words,
For in them there lies,
Wonderful stories and hints
About all of our lives.

How to live life to the fullest,
And make mistakes, but learn,
Gain love and understanding,
See the bad and turn.

He left us a legacy,
His very own, too,
No one else can match it-
Or will - this no one can do.

So believe in yourself,
You alone can do it,
This world's worth living for,
Find a challenge and take it.

Forever we will thank you,
And remember your spirit,
Our sakes and yours you fought for,
God bless your spirit!

"All you need is love",
Remember his speech,
Lessons of love
You must spread and teach.

We will never forget you,
John Lennon, our hero,
We hear your words,
To us they don't mean zero.

Thank you, John Lennon,
For your heart and soul,
Your legacy will live on
In everyone's soul.

I hope you find peace
Wherever you're at,
I'll never forget you.
(By the way, loved your hat!)

To John, With Love, Molly

The Dove
by Mendoza

I saw a white dove fly today
Its silk wing trimmed with red
It told of the day a dreamer died
The day his blood was shed

His blood fell upon the December snow
Like the red stain on the dove
When he died a part of us died too
When he left us for above

We didn't have time to say goodbye
As our tears fell down like rain
Now his song rings forever in our hearts
The stars spell out his name

Not a thousand words are thanks enough
For the gifts he gave to mankind
The gifts of music, laughter and love
The kind multiplied over time

His music is the music of the heavens
His voice is the song of the sea
I saw a flower growing in the spot where he died
A place where a flower shouldn't usually be

I tried to say a prayer for him
But my words were lost and small
I just hope he knows how much we ache
He was an inspiration to us all

Some people said he was crazy
They said things out of spite
But those of us who saw the soul inside
Died with him that fateful night

Now we must take a stand my friends
That hero would be pleased
To see we've continued the work he left undone
The work of spreading peace


That red winged dove was the last one
Doves don't fly here anymore

John and Daniel #1
by Mendoza

"You know how everyone thinks that bad people go to hell when they die? And then you find out there is no hell but everyone goes to heaven, and suddenly all the bad people are nice and stuff?" I asked Daniel. It was a cold December day, or at least I supposed it was cold. I couldn't feel anything, and niether could Daniel. Not anymore. We were spirits, angels, dead, although I didn't like saying dead. It had such a harsh sound. Angels sounded better, even if I didn't exactly feel like one.

"Mmmhmm. I know what you mean." Daniel said as he nodded. Even if he couldn't verbally express it, he always understood what I was feeling. Maybe it was because he lived in the 1700's, a time when Jews like him were inferiors in England, where he lived, and he had faced pain and persecution. Maybe it was because he had ignored the bigots and become a champion boxer anyway, and he knew the value of persistence. Maybe it was because he had a wife and eleven children, and it hurt when he had to leave them. In any case, he was a caring friend. And he was wise. Whatever he said, whether it was a historical fact or some philosophical thought, was right. Daniel's always right. Being called "Mendoza the Jew", instead of the champion's title he deserved, had taught him a lot.

"Tomorrow's December 8th." I told him, although he knew that already. "Eighteen long years." he replied placidly, his brown eyes full of sympathy, his Spanish voice choking on the words, the Earthling wind neither of us could feel whipping his curly brown hair. We had come down to Earth today to visit Strawberry Fields. Daniel had visited it before, and said it was quite lovely, but strangley, I had never visited my own monument. Perhaps it was because I was so grief-stricken over the amount of pain my death had caused everyone, that I didn't want to see it. When you have a friend like Daniel, some of that fear goes away, but not all.

"They should have made a monument for you." I said as we walked along. I knew nobody could see us because we were angels, but still I felt odd saying it, as though a Nazi might come out of the shadows and slit Daniel's throat. I'm silly like that sometimes. "I mean" I continued, "You established yourself and told everyone Jews could do anything, despite all of that hatred. Daniel Mendoza. The kind of name that should be inscribed in stone."

He thought about this for a moment, then said "Monuments aren't everything. It's how everyone remembers the dead, in their hearts. If those people choose to create a monument, fine, as long as it comes from their hearts. Yoko loved you with all her heart, and that's why Strawberry Fields exists. Even if it didn't, everyone would still remember you in their hearts."

He was right. Daniel's always right.

To a Dreamer
by Rachel Dewis

You inspired us all
Dying only in life, not in mind
Such strength and ability all left behind
Our shuttering thoughts once were comforted
Never Leave us

The Other Shot Heard Around the World
by Rachel Dewis

bang bang bang
red river running through our hearts
Rest in Peace

Dear John
by Kenneth William Neborak

Dear John,

You turned me on Dead Man.

When I was just a lad of eight
I thought Beatle Ringo great
I'd beat upon my cardboard drums
And Yeah, Yeah, Yeah with my three chums

At ten years old I often felt
In Beatle George's mind I dwelt
Invisible he seemed to be
Invisible AH...just like me

And when I reached my early teens
Beatle Paul's world filled my dreams
He went along his merry way
And made me long for yesterday

But Beatle John you mad me sad
I thought Yoko and you were bad
I thought you took my Beatle dreams
And tore them all apart it seemed

And all throughout the seventies
The rumors flowed most heavenly
Of a reunion for all to see
The Beatles once for charity

Alas that rumor grew to be
Not one for You, nor He or She
Nor Us or Them, nor They or Thee
It was a selfish

But 80 brought new beginnings
The game gone into extra innings
Starting over, John and Yoko
Drove the young man Chapman Loco

You smiled upon his face that day
Then instant karma came your way
The vessel crouched and held his breath
And delivered you to sudden death

The game of Beatle now was done
No grand reunion now could come
I lay awake that awful night
I thought of wrong and what is right

The world you told us to imagine
The world I pray that now you live in
Is one that humans bent on greed
Will never know but sorely need

You Turned Me On Dead Man

In All of Us
by Sarah

It seems you've said goodbye
long before I could say hello
oh the passion was gone
it was gone before I could feel it.

You left with such a memory,
long before I could know
oh the beauty was gone
it was gone before I could see it.

No, no
where could you have gone,
sing just one more song
for me,
for all of us.
Where could you have gone,
far from where you could belong
with me,
with all of us.

You changed the world,
long before I could be in it
oh the voice was gone
it was gone before I could hear it.

You were in the hearts of millions,
long before mine could be lit
oh the knowledge was gone
it was gone before I could think of it.

Oh, oh
Can you see us today?
Please say you will stay
with me,
with all of us.
Oh, for those who never got to feel, hear, see or touch;
for all those who were there from the start
you live in the heart
of me,
of all of us.

It seems you said goodbye,
but you know I say hello.
It seems the passion cannot die,
and it will continue to grow
in me,
in all of us.

The Day That Dreaming Died
by Malcolm Whitehouse

what the hell were you playing at?
Why couldn't you just stick
to flashing your backside
or frontside? I'd seen it before.
But to expose yourself
to any no-mark
nowhere man
living a double - even single - fantasy,
you had to be a fool
or a dreamer
starting over.

Starting over?
What a joke,
what a sad
fucking joke.
The second coming.. over
before it started, gone
in a trashy newspaper headline:
"Dreams Lie Bleeding on a New York Street"
And for what?
For you to have the last word?
No one can argue with you now.
It's a cop out..
you selfish bastard
you betrayed me!
I want to hit you
kill you
hug you
love you..
I loved you

like an older brother
a brother in arms
you led, I followed
to marmalade skies
and loving Rita.. Lucy too.
But it's all behind me now
now the revolution's lost.
Love wasn't enough, and yet
and yet I'd follow still
imagining we could change the world.
Perhaps we did
for a moment in time:
December Eighth Nineteen Eighty
the day that dreaming died.

by Paul R. Woodcock

I never got to know you
Wanted to see you
To tell you
That I believe you

I'll remember you
The true person I never knew
The one person I take for granted
The one person the world all wanted

You never told us of the things that really were in your head
Those songs you wrote, you sang, you made, made you dead
If only I knew what it was to be there
If only I knew why it was that you care

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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