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Exhibit 8

As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

by Colin Ryono

Duet Created during the week of John Lennon's 58th birthday, 1998.

Bed-In For Peace
by Anne Polando

Bed-In For Peace I created this on John Lennon's birthday in 1998 after I came home from my school's homecoming game. The inspiration, of course, was John & Yoko's famous bed-in for peace on their honeymoon. I'd like to think the inspiration came from Johnny watching over me, being happy I was celebrating his birthday.

by Anne Polando

untitled I drew this on John Lennon's birthday in 1998. I am almost positive there was something more than my hand in it becasue I normally couldn't draw if my life depended on it. I've tried to recreate it many times to no avail.

Psychedelic Walrus
by Anne Polando

Psychedelic Walrus This is a photo I manipulated on my computer. It is, obviously, John as the eggman from "I Am The Walrus." I scanned it, it sat a day, I changed the colors, it sat a week, I created a blurred effect, it sat a day, I typed in "goo goo g'joob", it sat get the idea.

by James Mohan

Imagine I created this piece in 1989 for an assignment in my illustration class in college (St. Mary's College in Winona, MN). The assignment was to redesign a movie poster. I chose the movie Imagine.  One, because I am a big fan of the Beatles and their solo work. And two, I thought I would create a more illustrated version.  (oh..and three, I leap at the chance to flex my drawing "finger.") I used mostly brush & ink. Markers were used for the details. Its actual size is 15" long, 22 1/2" high. The jpeg was created by my dear old friend Paul Wertanen. I'm working on a web site currently where copies of this piece will be available. Anyone who is interested can email me.

I Remember Sean
by James Mohan

A house was burning the day John Lennon died.
That was the other reason I cried.
I felt I lost much more than a friend.
Why must this nonsense happen?
When will it end?

Though the world will mourn the other,
I will always miss my brother,
For he died with John Lennon.

Too Young
by James Mohan

I was too young
When the Fab Four broke up.
I was learning a tongue
While drooling from a cup.

Little Nicola
by Sven Ariaans

No, you're not
said Little Nicola
Forever young
Until you die

What you brought
is quite unsimilar
It will take long
for this to lie

The Wings of A Dreamer
by Chris Giganti

Once long ago when the world began turning,
I rode up through the clouds on the dreams of a man;
flew up through the sky on the wings of a dreamer,
just doing the best I can.

But that was long ago, now the world has quit turning,
and I lie here awake as the stars shine down;
sleepless in my bed with darkness all around me,
wishing I could be that man.

Take me to some higher place,
and please show me what it's all about.
Tell me why a death can mean so much to one,
'cause I sure as hell can't figure it out...

I want to know the truth but I want him to tell me,
I want to know who I really am.
I want to find a reason but I want him to guide me,
I don't want to be let down again.

Take me to that rising sun,
and tell me why I'm not six feet down.
I just want to know that I'm here for a reason,
and that I should stick around...

The Best Time
by Ben

When is the best time to sleep?
When you're tired.

When is the best time to get what you want?
Any time.

When is the best time to Love?
All the time.

When is the best time to live?

even i shine
by Tim Carmody

i heard your voice calling me across the wind's sweet whisper
the lure of life within your eyes made me learn to dream again
it was the voice i had always searched for, it was the love that compelled me back
it was the laugh that withdrew my smile, you possessed the charm to trick my grin

your words echoed throughout my song as i gave it all away
i hurt with you not of myself i stole a fraction of you to hold
i felt each terror pang of doubt and pain as once wicked as my own
i let your grace embrace me closely insulate me from the palest cold

my karma cloud caressed me within your simple poetic touch
my splashing eye supported you to the turn of selfish heart
imagine worlds unknown and me as him within the rhyme of view
rock me to sleep so i can dream so we will never seem apart

i still ache with your ache yet you will never feel my ache again
the october thunder rolled upon me then silent the wind was still
and your voice was just a memory of the love that brought me here
what beautiful echoes and echoes whispering on the windowsill.

John you missed by the world
by Julia and Olga

In your soul there's something strange
What is it? We cannot answer
You became along when you was small
But you lived. You know you won!
You grew up, became a famous,
But your greatest let you down.
The only aims you had in life
Were love and peace, but it's hard to fine!

John you missed by the world
John you missed by the world

Somebody  didn't understand you
But you took care of the world
In your songs you wanted fair
Your peace is beautiful, it's somewhere there.
We cen admire your struggle
Because you had a force to fight
Eagle-nose, laugh-smile, sly look
You're like an unforgeting book

John you missed by the world
John you missed by the world

You was an unussual man
That's why you tride to find the truth
Your music always was your gun
And for the people there's no fun.
What did your life mean in this world?
Why it so quickly found the end?
In your soul there's something strange
May be you led world to the cange.

John you missed by the world
John you missed by the world!

by Paul McDonald

Last night the Beatles reunited
And held a press conference with their wives and kids
George looked like a frightened Hindu
Paul an aging chipmunk
Ringo an ex-alcoholic grandad
They pulled it together for the cameras
Then each one climbed aboard his personal Cessna
And flew over the Pacific
To search for John

A formation of Beatles, bodyguards and managers
Circled an island near New Zealand
Where Paul had seen a family
He knew it was futile
He knew John was dead
He landed anyway and asked if anyone had seen him
Of course, he was recognized
George and Ringo landed
And they were recognized
Like gods descending from the heavens
But they didn't find John

It was enough that they looked

Good Night John
by Bradley John Lennon Schaar

Good-day Mr. Lennon, Where have you went?
When you came to Earth, they said, "Heaven sent."
Your life was good and happy to.
You had so much to do before you were through.

As you grew up, people said, "He's High!"
Because you had a dream of a flaming pie.
There you saw a man, he said, "Get with the beat!"
From there it wouldn't be long, for you and them to meet.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr,
George Harrison, don't forget him by far.
And you must remember Pete Best,
You can't forget him, and all the rest.

"Here Comes the Sun" one day, and then "Baby You're a Rich Man"
You sure as hell didn't support the Marijuana ban!
Nixon said, "Hey Lennon! Get Out!"
But a simple "No!" is all you would shout.

"Imagine all the people, living life as free!"
This is "Bagism", and it's how you preached to be.
Free of possessions and free of pain,
"God," they said, "Is he he insane!"

You were kind and gentle and loved your fans,
But as it were, to one, you were not "the man."
He shot you threce times, straight in the back.
The chance to look back was what you lacked.

You sang your songs of happiness, love, and joy.
Before you died God sent you two boys.
Julian and Sean, as beautiful as the sky,
What a pity, Mr. Lennon, thast you did die.

When you died, you left them, Yoko, Julian, and Sean.
You were sent away, and now you're gone.
Some people said you began to look sick.
But to you, "As the clouds, Beautiful Music."

Time John Found
by Jay Mandeville

HE g(r)ave life w/tuned/torn lyre...
admired Orph(e)an in the mighty bog,
Julia bred, then she dead & bored in his fractured grammar & cramped pa,
who (Fred) fled, untied what mum gave for a racetorque to precocious
Jabberwock then on to Cavernwork: did Berry bury the pain, Jerry Lee
shake him free?

Hamburg to Sullivan fleacircus from pool-Liver John to Bea(s)tles
castlebubbles that each earned ferocious Mimi's guitar gratitude, Lest
(h)er Richardly son fell on some hard times' night, that forgetfulness
(John) which never never fell nor shall...

since 1965, we're not so self-assured...hiding our love away for another 1990's rage.

for '66 there was a Dylan-million e-for effort, transport to automatic
forever tomorrows because (who ever knows) McGuinn grins as 8-mile
Sounds Pet, say the word Love... In My Room (& when you touch down).she
said, she said ("Yes")... Indica(ting) everything right at the

while Ono in white kept time at the station, '67, '68 rolled forth like
an all-nite no-wait masterpiece fabporium x-press for the 4 music
lab-lads: then distance as defense: Lennon's regret he didn't have a
solo set ready to sell when he quit like the way (how) Paul slept &
pulled the switch to train the derailed public he quit first-- everyone
quarreling... all over dreams...

Que pasa New Yo(r)ko Sinclair roach apartments & khaki commu(ne)ters
subwading in underground waters when wish for best took bottle West &
Harry died while Alexander wept there wasn't more brandy to
conquer...'til one day at a time John w/Elton melted Yoko & not an hour
too Sean/son/soon...

so now we Quadruple Fantasy in our new (Da)koat-a paint-box
A(u)nt-holog(raph)y, width many g(uit)arage bands & cuts like quartz
milk/honey to legacy (let us see) though making money (but it's family)
& so we join in non-eclipse the immortal singing lips & guitar-quips now
Ours(Oz) having found no place like home...

grow old forever young found at last long lost John!

Rest In Peace
by Sarah Katharine Hart

With a certified stare,
unafraid to shove-
a working class hero,
a teacher of love-

He scribbled about peace
on Norwegian wood,
and walked on serenely
as only he could.

The fanciful visions conceived
in the muzak heard by who believed
were true quality of what he was about,
and the abstract world he could not do without.

In Amsterdam a bed-in took place,
and the meaning of which the press would misplace.
His open mind was misunderstood;
politicians saw threat in much of his good.

A man, hero to many-
and looked at by some with scorn-
fell to the ground at the Dakota
on one fateful December morn.

Out of reach of hate,
now free as a bird;
even though he is gone
his voice is still heard.

And so, Mr. Lennon,
so far and held near,
we remember your life
on this eighteenth year.

A day tripper lies in
a memory saved.
Rest in Peace John Lennon,
the peace you had craved.

The Great Inner Circle
by Carol-Jean Zrinko

We were once a part of the great inner circle
Everyone knew and respected everyone else
Everyone was friends with everyone else
Then came a kink in the great inner circle

Someone started to yell in the great inner circle
Soon everyone was yelling at everyone else
And everyone came to hate everyone else
Then there was no longer the great inner circle

The friendships were gone along with the great inner circle
Everyone pretended they never knew everyone else
Everyone acted like they never respected everyone else
Then one brave soul spoke of the great inner circle

He spoke of how everyone used to belong to the great inner circle
He spoke of how everyone still knows everyone else
He spoke of how everyone still wanted to befriend everyone else
He started the beginings of the great NEW inner circle

He is gone now but on lives the great NEW inner circle
And every new person is befriended by everyone else
And every new person is loved by everyone else
We now carry on for the man who once spoke of the great inner circle

The Bird and the Walrus
by Cherry DelRosario

There was a Bird that loved a Walrus,
she loved him all the day.
She wrote him songs and sent him flowers
but all that he could say...

...was "Yes, we can talk and shag a bit
but that's where it must end.
I have a Walrus wife you know,
but you can be my 'friend'."

This affair went on for four years or so,
such beautiful music they did make,
and one day the Walrus left his wife
claiming the marriage was a mistake.

"I've left my wife for good." he said.
The Bird shouted in glee!
He said "Don't hold your breath sweet Bird,
I did NOT leave her for you, you see!"

"I met this groovy Japanese crane
in a local respectable pub.
I'm leaving you AND my wife
for we are both deeply in lub."

"What does she have that I don't?"
was the response that she did send,
He said, "Incredible creativity,
and legs that just don't end!"

The Bird was hurt and very disappointed,
she learned a lesson for all of us;
Watch out for those home wrecking cranes
and never fall in love with a Walrus

From John
by A.C. Mills

Right now, and forever,
Try and find your own way,
I can't help you anymore,
Only you, can be you,
Make your own dreams come true,

From now on,
I can't show you
Where were going,
and, where weve been
Make your own dreams come true

And when you find,
That you can't go on,
Just remember what I told you,
about life, and all that it means
Make your own dreams come true

by A.C. Mills

Bless you brother, came and sit for a while
Tell me where and what you have seen,
I've been sitting here under this old tree,
Would you share the world with me,
I have nothing I can give you in return,
But the gift of my song.

Don't Hide
by A.C. Mills

Don't try to hide,
From the sounds of yesterday
Let them take you back,
To a time when love was free,
There's a place for you and me,

AND, Yes is the answer,
AND, All you need is love,
AND, If we just, give peace a chance,
I know that we will be free.

Idol Deaths
by Chuck E. Klinger

The Day Kennedy Died
So Did A Country
When King Was Killed
All Dreamers Were Silenced

And Bobby's Death
Destroyed All Hope

But The Night Lennon Was Shot
That Sixties Anthem
Of Peace Love And Understanding
Was Buried Forever

In My Cradle
by Jessica McNamara

Laying in my cradle
sleeping softly
as only babies can
The news comes out
John Lennon is dead
shot by a deranged "fan"

What I did
that fateful night
is unbeknownst to me
A baby asleep
knows nothing of the world
and has no cause to grieve

But fifteen years later
that very night
was indeed a sorrowful time
For the first time
in my very young life
I understood that my hero had died

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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