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Exhibit 12

As an artist of many talents, John Lennon has undoubtedly inspired countless numbers of people to explore their own artistic talents. Here then are some of the creations done by John's fans in his honor. If you'd like to contribute something you've created, please read the guidelines for submission.

Only John
Only John
Joselene Mendes da Silva

White Album
White Album
Lufe Benitez

Blue Jay John
Blue Jay John
Sir Kevin the Geek

Blue Window
Blue Window
Anne Polando

...Supernova in the sky
...Supernova in the sky
Allison Moloney

Just Imagine
Just Imagine
John Bishop

Trippy Guitar from the Sky
Trippy Guitar from the Sky
Nicola Derespina

Thoughts Meander (The Green John)
Thoughts Meander (The Green John)
Eric-Scott Bloom

Lennon 86
Lennon '86
Perry Kendall

Perry Kendall

Perry Kendall

by Ringa Sunn

Touch me gentle breeze as a tear drop hits the ground
And carry me away to the love my heart once found
Wash away the pain and to me your love still send
So soft your hair and skin that I'll never touch again
Look me in the eyes, tell me you'll always be here
Take away my loneliness and keep me always near
I watch you touch the flowers and caress the clouds and sky
You gave me one last kiss and then you left me and you died
You're in the sky, you're in the ground, everywhere, everything
And sometimes if I listen I can almost hear you sing
I know but don't know why you've been with me since my birth
I lay against the grass and wait to go back to the earth
Closing my eyes I feel you coming to take me away
I'll be there with you soon, my love, I'll be with you today.

Solice Together
by Yellow Girl

Child, he called me, for he knew not my name
I was captivated by his eyes, his genious, his fame
I drew to his side and placed my hand on his chest
His heart was beating, though many years ago he was put to rest
I worshipped his words, I was lost in his mind
"So far apart" I murmered, "I feel left behind"
Yet here I felt secure, here I wanted to stay
I would listen forever, and he? He would play.

Mon Héro
by Jean-Pascal Carbonneau

Cette homme près des gens
Les cheveux dans le vent
Lunette ronde au nez
Avec un envie de composer
C'est mon héro

Né dans la tourmente
Et décédé dans l'innocence
Cette personne était plus qu'un être humain
C'était l'idole du peuple jusqu'à sa mort en 80
C'est mon héro

Celui qui brille dans les étoiles
Et que plusieurs dessinent sur des toiles
C'était le mari de Yoko Ono
C'est mon héro

Thank You, John
by L. Marie

They send me to a place
Try to warp
My mind
"This is important"
"This is reality"
"This is all that matters";
They send me to a place
Makes me so
Low, sigh.
I learn more from the PLAY button
on the CD player,
Tape deck,
You, mystical teacher,
Guru deva
Teach me peace,
Words that flow out like endless rain
Whisk me away to a fairytale
Of Walruses, submarines,
Skies of
People called Prudence,
Pam, Mustard and
Mr. Kite
and Yoko.
I do Imagine
(like you said to do)
I fix holes
(Sometimes even
Get better)
When I need help,
You got my feet back on the ground
(cuz you're not just
You taught me
I'd say thank you if I could.

When those bullets took your life from you,
I think that they pierced my heart too.
But as you taught me, love indeed,
Is really, truly all I need.

by Michael Tilley

Life is a sweet thing goes slow to the young
But in a moment it all comes undone
stood by a door way a song in his head
Then in an instant the hero is dead
Its sad but its true
I remember the blues

Love can be quick, Pain is so slow
I put it order but I still just don't know
The song is written,The words on a wall
This story's different,it rains on us all
you know its sad but it's true
I remember the blues.


all life has meaning,though some may disagree
and those are the many that are blinded by what they see
one pulls a gun showing signes of a ruptured soul
but one mad mans finger wont stop our rock n roll

Still it's sad still it's true
I........ remember the blues

This song was written in Feb 1981.

The Lost Pacifier
by Sir Kevin the Geek

I am sure the infant did cry,
who happened to lose his pacifier.
This pacifier, it was lying in my path
as I walked through town today.

It was an odd thing to see, a child's comfort
simply lost in the bustle of the city.
I would expect one to be tossed out with the garbage perhaps
but this one was by chance misplaced.

I almost can hear the cry of the infant, I think,
and if I imagine that I was once there
and had gained comfort from the pacifier myself
I myself feel the grief from its loss.

By now, maybe the infant has found a new pacifier.
Maybe this one can pick up where the lost one left off.
This one pacifier whose purpose was to pacify
will surely never pacify again.

O pacifier, how I wish you could have picked yourself up
and returned yourself to the child who so needed you
and returned yourself so I wouldn't mourn you.
Yet I am glad to have learned from you
this lesson of compassion and wonder.

Goodbye gentle pacifier,
you took our attention away from our troubles.
You taught us to act as pacifiers as well.
Yet lost and gone forever are you
since you fell on the sidewalk in the city.

Goodbye to you John!
Your fans did listen, the world did learn,
and the world has been growing without you.
And rest assured that those who pass you by in the future
will learn from the lesson you gave.

The Day the Dreamweaver Died
by Christian B.

A long long time ago I can still remember how that music could unite us all.
And I knew that when the time was right peace would beacon as a light and
maybe war and hate would fall.
But December stopped me dead, with every tear that I shed
Bad news in my ear, too much uncertainty and fear
I remeber how it felt, when we saw our futures melt
The whole world cried deep inside
The day the dreamweaver died.

Thanks to Don McClean for the inspiration

by Teri Shepard

Can you imagine
Yourself in a place
Of tangerine skies
And miles of space?

Or cellophane flowers
Of yellow and green
Strawberry Feilds
And a Yellow Submarine?

Where you can walk
Down Penny Lane
Or get married in
Gibralter, near Spain?

A place of peace and harmony
Where love is all you need,
You can float across the universe,
never caring for speed.

Can you imagine
A day in the life,
Of the singer John Lennon
With his pain and strife?

Can you imagine,
The world in Peace?

Why Lennon?
by sittingonacornflake

Great singer and writer
John Lennon was
His future seemed brighter
but the truth wasn't that
His life was taken
on a cold sad night
Lonely hearts were breaking
like nothing else might

How could anyone find pleasure
in such a wrong act?
Something so bad
so hard to believe
Why would anyone
want to do that?
Why not let Lennon live?
Why? Why?

Written on the 8th of December of 1999.

by Gary Kristiansen

I had a dream the other day
Where all mankind belonged
To a choir that shared all they had
As the earth was filled with song

Famine no longer existed
There was no need for war
All were happy with what they had
There wasn't need for more

I had a dream the other day
Nations wished to unite
To save each other from themselves
To do what they knew was right

Utopia was here at last
Reshaping destiny
Our children sang, as they held hands
That streched from sea to sea

I had a dream the other day
The earth was immersed in song
I hope, I pray, that dream comes true
Before too very long

This poem appears in the author's book "Steel N' Home".

One More Day Without You
by Tom Cottrill

The longest weekend's got me fried.
The longest holiday feels like suicide.
Will you ever take me in?
When can I come home again?

California's got me feeling free
But New York City's calling me.
I can't see staying away
But if you want me to, I'll stay.

And now the night's dark sky cries rain.
In an hour or so, it'll be day again.
One more yesterday without you.
The longest weekend just won't do.

One more day,
One more day without you.

If Love Was
by David Inman

If you sing that song for me,
I swear I will cry.
If there was a chance you'd see
Love still in my eyes.

I would cross the world,
Just to be there by your side.
If it cost the world,
Love shouldn't be denied.

Once you stole my heart away,
When I was very young.
If you were still here today,
The song would play on.

On and on it goes
It'll never reach the end.
Oh, how well I know
Our love has no end.

Starry skies, the moonlight steals
The shadows from your eyes.
I'd forgotten how good it feels
To hear you softly sigh.

Oh, my mind looks back
When you were still with me
Now my skies are black
You're not here with me

If God would send an angel down
To turn my world around
My heart, that's been a "lost and found"
Would grow by leaps and bounds

Bound to follow you,
Right back to my life.
As we vowed to do
Share our love as man and wife.

If you sing that song for me, I'll swear I will cry.

Hate No More
by Simon Clynes

paint the world and what do you see,
hundreds of peoples minds to free,
told what you are and you oughta be .

bagism is what you need,
peace the water, love the seed
bagism is what we need,
hate no more, let love lead

search the world and what do you find
that ev'rybody is one of a kind
the suffering's over, your falling behind

bagism is what you need,
peace the water, love the seed
bagism is what we need
hate no more, let love lead

touch the world and what do you feel,
scars and wounds unable to heal
macho is pain, it time to get real

Don't Go John
by Kevin L. Drum

His hand held the hands of centuries
Walking side-by-side with the souls
Which have strolled the earth in time
And taught them to sing with each other.

Kiss the children and hug one another
For John is still here.
He is still here.

Though others may weep in the night
And though my tears bear witness
To my mantra of mourning tonight,
"Why did you have to die, John?"

Kiss the children and hug one another
For John is still here.
He is still here.

God bless you John; I love you.
And please help me stay on track
I promise not to harm anyone
As long as you'll stay, just stay.

Kiss the children and hug one another
For John is still here.
He is still here.

Jesus, I miss you so much John.
I didn't know you and wasn't alive
When you graced the world and shone.
Why can we not love like you John?

Don't go John!

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Disclaimer: All the items presented in this exhibit (drawings, paintings, poems, etc.) are used with permission. The contributor of each item has claimed that he/she is the legal owner of the item and therefore has the legal right to permit its use. Sam Choukri will not be held liable in the event that the contributor of an item is found not to have the legal right to permit the use of such item. If there is any dispute concerning the ownership of any item, it will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


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