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Bagism's Chronology is a collaborative effort between Stephen (who compiled and maintains all the facts) and Sam Choukri (who created the search engine and designed the web pages). Below, Stephen provides background information on compiling the facts for the Chronology. He also provides a detailed bibliography and list of web pages he found useful.

"This chronology started out as a series of daily posts to the Bagism web boards. I had always wanted to see Beatles and John Lennon facts presented in a day-by-day format, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for anywhere, so I began to create it myself. The search function that Sam has created takes the material a giant step further, allowing YOU to find the specific information that you want to see.

"The focus is on John Lennon and The Beatles. Although there is quite a bit of material on the solo careers of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, their data is by no means comprehensive.

"In researching the facts for this chronology, I found numerous instances of disagreement in the source material concerning dates, details, and interpretation. In some cases, I was able to eliminate some reports that were clearly in error. For others, I have included notes to point out discrepancies that are harder to resolve. As much as possible, I have tried to find at least two sources to back up every fact that is posted here.

"I have tried to inject a bit of commentary along the way to make some of the major events a bit more meaningful. That means, of course, that some of my personal bias comes through, but I have tried to clarify where the facts leave off and opinions take over. I hope you find the chronology to be both useful and enjoyable.

"I would like to thank several Bagism regulars who have shown interest in my work and encouraged me to continue: Give Me Some Truth, Sir Egg, TDA, and Sam.

"Special thanks are due to Jes Gonzalez and Isolation, who have each done a tremendous amount of research to improve the chronology database. Due to their herculean efforts, a large number of entries have been added, corrected, expanded, and rewritten. I also want to thank the over 100 readers who have submitted error reports. Their input has helped to make the database more accurate and a true communal effort."



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