Another Shooting Spree

On April 20, 1999, two students went on a bloody rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, USA, killing 12 fellow classmates and 1 teacher, before eventually killing themselves. At least 24 others were wounded and hospitalized, some critically. Armed with guns and pipebombs, the two suspects moved from room to room shooting their victims at close range as terrified students desperately tried to hide.

Like many of you, I am deeply saddened, shocked and angered by this senseless act of violence. My thoughts are with the students, faculty, and their families. At this moment, nothing can be said or done to heal their pain. This will be a scar that they will wear for the rest of their lives.

I cannot begin to fathom the complete lack of morality that one must possess to carry out such a gruesome and utterly evil act. Trying to make sense of it is futile -- no one can explain in rational terms the actions of the irrational. Make no mistake about it -- there are already others who are planning the "next" shooting spree. Like it or not, we are all hostages. No one knows when or where they will strike next.

How do you feel about this latest shooting spree? Is there anything we can do about gun violence? Would tougher gun laws have made a difference in this case? Does extensive media coverage of such events inspire others to do the same. For those of you in countries where such violence is rare, to what do you attribute your success?

There are endless questions, but unfortunately very few satisfactory answers.

--Sam Choukri



Apr 21, 1999
Tacoma, Washington, USA
Well Sam, I'm happy to see this up here. I think your doing the right thing. I know my thoughts will be with the famalies of those children lost in this tragic event. Personaly, and factually, tougher gun laws wouldn't have made one bit of difference! These kids had home made weapons, and anything that wasn't was purchased illegaly. Kids don't walk into a gun store and buy a gun. Unfortunately we have to rely on the parents of these people to control, yes, forcefully control and limit everything that their child does, its nececary. This is so unfortuante and sad. What more to say. Again I want to express how apreciative I am of you putting this up, it is so terible.

Apr 21, 1999
The Netherlands
I was shocked this morning when I learned what had happened in Denver yesterday. Over here in the Netherlands tragedies like the shooting in this high school don't really happen, which I think is because the possesion of guns is forbidden except for people like police officers. I can't understand why the people who make the laws in the US haven't forbidden guns yet, how many tragedies like this one do they need before it gets through to them that there is only one way to stop this: get rid of firearms! I can only hope that someday horrors like what happened in Denver yesterday will belong the past for once and for all. My thoughts are with the students and their family. Linda

Apr 21, 1999
Westbrook, CT, USA
It's sad, just when I thought that school violence had gone down in our nation, another incident pops up out of the blue. I am a freshman at Westbrook High School, a very small town with a very small school (we share the buildingwith the the middle school and claim 2 corridors for our own). But now I'm just unsure, not afraid, just unsure about how safe my school is, because it seems the more times these sorts of things happen, they are at relatively small schools, like they could happen maybe not where I live, but at somewhere near me, I write this as I'm about to step on the school bus, I don't know if I should be worried about the so- called "Social Outcasts" of our school, whether or not I should just stay away from them. Whichever, this violence MUST STOP!!!! ~Amanda

Apr 21, 1999
Angel Lafchiev
I feel sorry about what happened. Let me ask you something: What do You think about the NATO war in Yugoslavia?

Apr 21, 1999
Jonathan Gass
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Unfortunately, I am reminded very often just how much I hate guns. They really seem unnecessary in a society this advanced. I think stricter gun laws for the future would definitely prevent more tragedies like this from occurring. Very unfortunately, gun laws may not have helped the victims of Colorado, as the deranged "outcasts" who did the horrible deed were apparently so hateful they took time to make their own weapons before taking the lives of at least 15 students and faculty members. Not all of the shootings were so unpreventable, however. Making it hard to get a gun would certainly save many lives, including many senseless accidental deaths caused by children playing with the weapons. Now we must mourn, but for the future we must prepare.

Apr 21, 1999
Midwest USA
Sam...Thank you for posting this and for Bagism, a place where I can start my day. I can't help but feel that we all probably knew kids in school that were on the fringe, that never made it in any group and felt rejected and angry to the point of bizarre behavior and/or violent acts. Gun control can only do some much, the problem lies much deeper. Surely some of the lyrics in "Working Class Hero" suggest part of the problem. Tortured and scared you for 20 odd years? Maybe it's just taking hold earlier now as everything comes at us instantly and suddenly many become overwhelmed. As this is a Lennon website, remember what he said. We're all Christ and we're all Hitler, and we hope that good side wins. This time it didn't. Peace to all of you.

Apr 21, 1999
ebron howard
I am a sophomore in a Southern Indiana high school. Not far from here was the shooting in Paducah, KY. As a female in such a small community as the one where I reside, I sometimes think that nothing of the sort could ever happen in the few small towns that surround the school where I attend. However, these last few shootings have proven this wrong in everybody's minds. I now fear that one day, the violence could become so bad that even the police will not be able to protect us. I, too, think that we are ALL hostages in our own minds and homes.

Apr 21, 1999
Anna of the field
São Paulo, Brazil
"To everything there's a season", Saint Francis said once upon a long time ago."There's time to dance and time to weep". Trouble is, how long must we cry? I am far from all of you, but I feel the pain of those who cry for their friends, in North America. May God guide all our ways. (Thanks Sam for letting we speak )

Apr 21, 1999
Chesapeake, Virginia
I think the fear of God's wrath would stop this sort of thing. If they had been taught teaching of the Bible and not Hitler this would not have happened. God has given us the great gift of free choice. However, we are not free of the consequences of these choices, good or bad. Right now the killers are paying for the consequences of their evil actions four fold, and they will continue to pay for these actions throughout eternity. The victims are in heaven, in perfect fellowship with God. Pray for the friends and family of the victims, as they must deal with their grief.

Apr 21, 1999
New Jersey
As teachers and parents we are taught to be on the lookout for warning signs of depression and drug abuse. Our society needs to be educated regarding criminal behavioral science. Parents and teachers need to be able to identify childhood behaviors that indicate potential for extreme violence. Then some sort of intervention must take place.

Apr 21, 1999
I'm so upset with what happened at that school yesterday. I honestly don't think the gun laws have much to do with it. If these kids want to get a weapon bad enough they will. I think this all starts at home. Becoming a parent means responsiblity. There are some parents that just leave there kids go and do what they want. They should become more involved in ther childrens lives. They should get to know there friends and what there interest are. You have to make the time. I work 2 jobs I go to school myself but I'm also involved with school activitys for my kids sake as well as my own. Its not easy but no one ever said being a parent was going to be easy. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

Apr 21, 1999
John Boucher
I can't really put my thoughts into words. What happened in Colorado is total shame and waste of so many bright young lives. My thoughts go out to the victims and families of this tragedy. Let's hope humankind can bond together and find a solution to end this kind of senseless violence. We need to work together and take action to make sure this never happens again.

Apr 21, 1999
Peoria, IL, US
So now, parents of the students have the lovely privilege of maybe calling up the college in which their son or daughter would enroll next fall to tell the admissions department that he or she will not be attending. Why? Because his life was wasted--by a classmate, even. As if the world does not have enough problems, already. When I heard about the incident, that's what struck me because I will be going to college next year. P.S. I hope Congress does not reinstate the draft if the Kosovo situation escalates. More wasted lives. There is another way. War is not the only option.

Apr 21, 1999
boston, ma
the saddest part is that there is such anger and callousness in too many young people. the fact that they have such a disregard for their own lives and lives of others is scary. gun control is pointless. it would be a short-term preventative measure but wouldn't solve the real problem - the psychological battles going on in the heads of these kids. I think the only solution is for parents, schools, and society to start addressing and praising differences rather than making them taboo issues and hoping that the kids will just grow out of them with time. acting what is considered to be abnormal is a lot of times a cry for help and unfortunately is most often answered with an adult turning his back in hopes of letting the kid grow out of it or worse, getting angry instead of expressing an interest. everyone wants to be cared about and to feel that their interests, opinions, etc. count. noone likes to feel rejected. these are obvious statements, I know, but I'm assuming that the "trenchcoat mafia" felt major rejection, and although they acted like they enjoyed being different, I just have a gut feeling that they wouldn't have been so desensitized to all their classmates if they felt like their own existence meant anything at all to their classmates. it takes hardly any energy at all to express an interest, to ask a question, and to reach out.

Apr 21, 1999
Little Nicola
Palatine, IL USA
This whole thing just sickens me. Call me naive, but I just can't believe that some people can be so bad. I know that we all take our lives in our own hands every day the minute we wake up, but it seems to me that a school should be a safe haven. These people are kids, and none of these shootings in recent years have been in inner city schools where drugs and guns would be an expected problem. I have an acquaintance who lives in Littleton. She tells me it's an affluent suburb. I know that here in Chicagoland, drugs and guns are a problem at the schools in rich neighborhoods because those kids can afford them! This kind of shit can happen anywhere...but we can't lock ourselves in and live our lives in fear. We have to go on, and try to do whatever we can to prevent things like this from ever happening again.

Apr 21, 1999
I don't think we're safe anywhere now. I think the boys who did this were very emotionally disturbed. They probably saw a video or movie and decided to copy it. Or they were persuaded by a video game such as Resident Evil which glorifies violence.

Apr 21, 1999
John Mill
It is sad that just when we thought our schools were safe again a tragedy like this occurs. The students who committed this senseless act of violence were obviously disturbed and unwanted. It should be a lesson to people to pay attention to the ones we often ignore. To the students of little town I say this I know it will be hard to go back to school a resume your daily life but you must. You can't fear people like this because if you do they win. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Apr 21, 1999
Ohio, USA
I am very sad over this terrible tragedy. As well as my own childrens saftey in school. I do feel that as an American we have many freedoms and liberties that have been abused, and maybe guns are one of them. I don't have any answers but we as a country/people and parents need to get ahold of this problem now and it needs to start at home! My prayers go out to all who are involed in this tragedy and that we may find some solutions. Nancy

Apr 21, 1999
Mary Lennon
Brasilia, DF, BRAZIL
I read these terrible news on my local newspaper today, and I was really sad about it. There must be a way to stop this violence, we just haven't found it yet. The United States have been suffering with this, and here in Brazil we have similar events. Besides using guns, students beat each others till one of them dies. I hope we'll get through this. ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE...

Apr 21, 1999
New Brunswick, Canada
I am also very shocked by this recent tragedy. I feel extremely fortunate to live where I live. My town has a population of approximately 2000 people -- which is probably the reason there is hardly any violence here: underpopulation. I live in a town where it is safe to leave your doors unlocked at night -- where the air is clean, and everybody knows your name (sorry about the "Cheers" mention...) You know, I really don't understand why our country is so inhabitated. Why don't more people come live here? I see all these huge metropolitan cities in the US and elsewhere, and think to myself: "I wouldn't trade my home for anything". It truly is sad that violence such as this massacre is happening. Don't get me wrong -- wo do have our share of problems too, here in New Brunswick, like the lack of work, and our bad economy, but I think if you look at the big picture, I'd rather live the way we're living here in New Brunswick. Anyhow, I think it would be nice if we all took a moment of silence for the inoccent lives that have been taken so brutally. LTS

Apr 21, 1999
This senseless act of violence is just going to spawn more. I think to these people its a "who can outdo this guy to get his name in the history books more," type of thing. And it scares me. Enough to keep me from attending my classes today.. As a high school student, this hits all too close to home. I know people who dont seem like threats now, but who i know are capable of doing much worse than this, and it scares the shit out of me. I want an education, but i dont want to give my life to get it. Where did evolution go so wrong that our minds are so f*cked up that people so young can do this without the slightest remoarse. I dont know what to say, I am overwhemled with something i dont quite comprehend, I am sorry for these people, and my thoughts are with them.. Im sorry to say it, but im just happy that it wasnt me and my world that were so shattered...please somebody keep us safe. Save our schools. Help us.

Apr 21, 1999
John T
DeLeon Springs, Fl.
I am deeply sadened by this sensless use of violence. Death should not be the price for ridicule.

Apr 21, 1999
John Christian Gusky
Buffalo, NY
Let's talk about John..

Apr 21, 1999
Lewisville, Tx. USA
I grew up in Sheridan, Colo. The news hit home hard. I grew up to respect weapons, my father was a gunsmith and avid hunter. The children of our world only know what they learn from the most influential sources around them. I, as a parent and grandparent, took great steps to insure my influences. I was no angel growing up, I knew what would happen if I did not put my children first and formost in my life. They are all military now, they know that a weapon has only one function. It is the duty of all Terrian Natives to end this senseless society we live in. The bleeding heart liberals who think all people (good and bad) are nuts, and sadly misled. I lost my last wife to violence, drugs, and a 19yr old child lacking parental guideness. He is currently doing his time for his crime. Unfortunately though, he is spending it with the wrong crowd. Stop the violence people. If a person cannot live in peace with society, then rid society of them. And tell the bleeding heart liberals to grow up.

Apr 21, 1999
there isnt peace...and i think its going to be hard to ever get an idea of what "peace" actually is in america. people like these two animals will keep others from living. no matter how cliched...everyone must work together, but this is tough with people who decide to defy peace...we can one is stopping us...we have the opportunity right lets do what we have to do now.

Apr 21, 1999
Laura Meade
Coral Gables, FL
About the shooting in Colorado, I wonder what John would have said. I wonder what could have possibly happened to those two people to make them who they are today. I wonder if things would be different if John were still alive today, if somehow, some way he could have reached people like these two newest killers. I am only 21 and I can see the void that John's death has left in our generation. We need a leader like him, we need a leader to push us toward peace. So, in these days following the shooting, I mourn not only the students that were killed, but I also mourn the spark of hope that died with John Lennon.

Apr 21, 1999
Ken Kiehart
Binghamton, New York, USA
The senseless bloodbath of the Colorado shootings is just another shocking example of todays violence and low regard for human life by far too many. There are no answers or reasons to account for the actions of those responsible. Simply put, they were just lost souls, no morals or values. Blame rests with todays society. News of this nature is sensationalized by the media and public forum. Then in time it is forgotten or replaced by the next atrocity. We don't learn from violence, we expect it, we tolerate it and therefore we will continue to be subjected to incidents such as transpired in a once thought of, peaceful town like Littleton, Colorado. Do I have an answer? Yes, we must all get involved in a quest for Sanity and Peace.

Apr 21, 1999
Masha (aka sunflower)
Berkeley, CA
Once again I try to prove to you idiots out there, guns are bad. Period. The constitution was written way before they could see that things could get this out of control. If you have a gun, fine. Good for you. KEEP IT LOCKED FAR FAR AWAY SO YOUR KIDS WON'T GET TO IT AND SHOOT YOU. I somehow don't blame the kids for doing this because it wasn't them who put themselves as outcasts, they didn't teach themselves violence, they didn't buy the guns. Society, the older lot of us, the ones who are "free" to do anything we want are to blame, I think. Enough violence on TV. Enough joking around about killing each other. Peace people. Love each other. Just because someone is different doesn't mean they're a bad person. Let everyone into your life and if you see some way to prevent them from going so far down the line as to do this, you are responsible to try your best to stop them. It's all of our responsibilities to look out for everyone else, no matter who they are. It's our right and our duty.

Apr 21, 1999
Julian Bashir
Maine, USA
It's a tragic day when kids can't even go to school anymore without having to think about the threat of one of their own classmates "going postal" on them. It's even more tragic when things get to the point where I'm no longer really shocked by things like this happening. Appalled and revolted, but not really shocked. Some people attribute these incidents to violence on TV, too many video games and things like that, but frankly, I have to say that to try and place all of the blame on stuff like this is a glib answer to a much more pressing issue. Yes, TV and video games and certain kinds of music that advocate violence could be (and probably are) contributing factors. But it's doubtful that these things alone would cause two young people to open fire on their school, their classmates and their teachers. I'm beginning to think that it's the fact that in the fast-paced world we live in, people just begin to forget that *you don't need violence to solve a problem.* It's not just kids who are forgetting this, it's their parents. It's time that we remember that violence should not be a solution or a means to an end, and it's time that parents make a concentrated effort to teach this to their children, because I don't want to go to school one day and never come home again because your kid has a warped sense of right and wrong and you didn't take notice before it was too late.

Apr 21, 1999
John McKinley
New York NY
It´s a sad day, but i know that the kids will soon stand up again in a whole new better world.

Apr 21, 1999
Detroit, MI
Guns should be outlawed entirely in this country. Why do we need them? America today is very different than it was when the Constitution was written. Back then, people needed guns to hunt and survive. Today, hunting is a sport. England gets along fine without guns. Why does anyone need a gun? The old saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is getting old. The sad fact is - "guns do kill people" when they are in the hands of an insane person. I am truly saddened at what happened in Colorado. I cried when I watched it on TV yesterday. What those poor innocent kids had to go through is truly sickening.

Apr 21, 1999
Tallahassee, FL
Sam, thanks for putting up this site. I came looking for help in uploading a file to MySQL but found something much more important. As I was driving home yesterday evening, I heard on the local public radio news that the state Senate had killed a bill requiring locks on guns, and punishing as a misdemeanor anyone allowing someone under 16 to access a gun. This very weak effort toward sanity was killed by the National Rifle Association lobby. (see if you're interested.) As if that weren't enough, the headline this morning is "Out-of-state residents can pack heat in Florida" and "Bush signs three bills into law, including one allowing nonresidents to carry guns." Excerpts of the article include: "Gov. Jeb Bush signed legislation Tuesday allowing people with concealed weapons permits from other states to carry their guns in Florida if their state gives Floridians the same right. "The Republican governor signed three bills into law -- two dealing with guns. The second would keep shooting ranges free from noise pollution lawsuits. "'These are both great pieces of legislation,'Bush said." (see Call me a bleeding heart if you must, but the real hearts of innocent children are literally bleeding every day across America. We MUST find a way to remove weapons from our society. The tired old refrains of personal liberty, etc. are being drowned out by the moans of the dying. Like Texas, Florida is saddled with a myopic man with no guts as governor. Let's make sure we never see either of these NRA puppets in the whitehouse! I urge everyone who visits this site to go directly to and email their governor with the message that firearms MUST be controlled! Needless to say, there are Senators and Congressmen and the President who all need to hear this as well!

Apr 21, 1999
Brian Devereaux
Winnetka, CA
It's about time parents stop looking the other way and get involved and become responsible. If they showed they cared enough this might have been avoided and all those people would still be around today to, perhaps, make a better future. The key here is LOVE-- and sometimes that means looking at yourself so you are better able to love those around you. We need to get back to whatever we started with the love thing and get our heads back together.

Apr 21, 1999
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sad, definately. Shocking... hardly. And the fact that it's not shocking is partly what makes this so sad. Of course when I first heard of this incident on the news about an hour after it had happened, I was shocked, slack-jawed. But, when you think about it, there are so many reasons this happened. What shocks me more than this incident is that no one saw it coming. Look at the kid's website, for God's sake-- he PLANNED to kill people. The time to take young people seriously is past due- whether their intentions are good or bad. Kids at the school knew what these young men were like, and I'm sure the staff had some ideas, too. Could this have definately been prevented? Probably not. Could the chances of this happening been drastically reduced? Definately. Guns are too readily available. Parents are not sufficently involved in their childrens' lives. In an interview with an accquaintance of one of the killers, it was revealed that his parents were "nice, normal" people. I don't doubt that a bit. However, it's quite apparent they didn't have a clue about what was going on in their child's life, or just didn't care. Reducing the availability of guns is only half of the solution.

Apr 21, 1999
Arsonval Lamounier Jr
Gov. Valadares, MG, BRAZIL
Love Is All We Need... but the hollywood's films and american cartoons teach childrens use guns and violence! Make Love, no war. Stop Kosovo!

Apr 21, 1999
Rob Rodman
Findlay, Ohio
Please remember in this time of need, that the ideals and hopes of peace that John Lennon fought for did not die with him. They will stay alive as long as we want them too, and I for one want them too forever. But rest assured that John is praying for the victims and the families, and greeting the victims themselves in the great beyond. Please do the same for those poor people.

Apr 21, 1999
Nathaniel Otte
Terrible, absolutely awful. It's bad enough that this happens on the streets, but at schools, awful. The thought of innocent children turned violent criminals killing their classmates (sometimes even their friends) is just horrible. There should be an organization devoted to stop school shootings (assuming that there already is one to keep guns off the streets). The number of school shootings that have taken place in the past two years or whatever is unbelievable. It must be stopped.

Apr 21, 1999
Jim Rockey
Fostoria, OH 44830
I think it is absolutly stupid that these students are endangering other students because of certain reasons. If someone came into my school and started to open fire, I'd be scard out of my witts. Plus, its also the idea that someone actually thought up the whole plan and went through with it. It really makes me glad to go to a little country school instead of always having the idea that it could actually happen. If I could help out those parents or the students, I would, but all I can do is say, I hope everything gets better. Jim Rockey, student, Arcadia High School, Arcadia Ohio, age 17

Apr 21, 1999
It wasn't that long ago that I was in high school. I remember how terrible it can be: cliques vs. cliques; taunting; trying to find "family" in whatever way you could. Some of it was positive, but obviously, as we've seen here, the feeling of security can be found in the most horrid places. Refer to Nazi Germany: just a bunch of people looking for community who found themselves at the root of all evil. It's unfortunate that kids have few feel-good avenues these days. There's a lot of anger out there. Not to put down punk music, because it's exhilirating -- but while some of it plain fun, a lot of it is downright angry. Even a lot of mainstream listening is completely pissed off. It's pointless to point fingers toward Marilyn Manson or any musician, TV show or video games. The point is, there is a lack of peace being conveyed anywhere in this day and age. It should start in the home. It surprises me that while the parents of kids that age are kids of the '60s, that that a peaceful vibe isn't running rampant in homes, but I guess it isn't. I wish someone would "slip me the answer."

Apr 21, 1999
Jorge Gómez Poot
Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México
Lo sucedido fué algo espantoso, que me llena de ira e indignación y a lo único que se le puede atribuir es a la gran cantidad de mensajes violentos que circulan por todo el ambiente en el mundo. Sé que con nada se cubrirá la pérdidad de esos chicos, pero les envio mis más sentidos pesames a sus familiares y que sepan que no todos en este mundo somos unos mounstros, habemos muchos (como sus hijos) que dia a dia tratamos de dar amor y compartir felicidad. solo quiero que sepan que en ocasiones me avergüenzo de ser humano pero lucho por ser diferente.Todo lo que necesitamos es amor!

Apr 21, 1999
Tina Kukla
River Forest, IL
The whole thing really depresses me. I'm going to be student teaching in the fall, and this sort of thing really scares me. Yes, I'll be teaching 1st grade, but there's also going to be junior high age kids in the same building as me, so who knows what might happen? You'd think this sort of thing would happen in an inner-city school, but it doesn't--it's always in schools where you'd think this sort of thing would never happen...I feel so terrible for the students and teachers who lost their lives in this horrible incident. I hope this is the final wake-up call for our society to do something about this senseless killing...

Apr 21, 1999
Scott Jolly
Portland, OR, U.S.A
Another terrible chapter in America was written yesterday, and while I look for the answers I know that they will never come. My heart goes out to every student at that school including their friends and families. On another note, parents need to teach their kids about the differences people can only see from the outside. If parents would start to show their kids love and once every parent does this, I truly believe we will have peace! The only thing harder than growing up these days is growing up without friends or people not accepting you. Let's talk to our troubled friends and family members and let them know that we love them. PEACE NOW!!

Apr 21, 1999
Orebro, Sweden
I found this site when looking for facts about John Lennon for an essay. The news from Littleton has been shocking to us in Sweden too. I think it should be more difficult to get a gun. When I watched the TV news, there were young people in Colorado telling about how their friends were shot next to them. Then Bill Clinton said that the kids should be taught not to solve conflicts not by violence but by words. Next a young man in Kosovo described how a man was shot next to him. It is easy to understand that young people use violence when the grown-ups do. Milosovic´s ideas doesn't give NATO the rigth to kill and to destroy bridges and railways for all the common people of Yogoslavia.

Apr 21, 1999
This hits me epsecially hard because I have 2 children, ages 8 and 9. I also live in Edinboro, Pa, where a teacher was shot and killed almost exactly a year from yesterday. As a matter of fact, many teachers in this town were at a conference to stop school violence at the time of this killing spree. This utterly makes me ill. I can not believe that people can do this. Those boys obvioulsy needed professional help, but unfortunately that is not to be since they killed themselves. Just goes to show you all what cowards they actually were. They couldn't even live so they can face what they have done. To me that is sheer cowardness. I feel for all the families involved including the killers' families. Also I found it quite ironic that yesterday was Hitler's birthday.....coincidence??? I think NOT! But all we can do now is just pray for their families and just let's all work together and try not to judge people. If a friend or someone needs to talk......LISTEN!! Take the few minutes to just listen. Also we, as parents need to take the time to teach our children values. Just as the song goes,(not to sound cheesy or anything) "Teach your children well". Well that is all I have to say at this time feel free to email me about this or anything else that you may want to talk about. Let's just all work together and try to do our part to make this world a more peaceful place.....take care all ~Michelle

Apr 21, 1999
New York
"...bullets from nowhere / dead bodies everywhere / what a day to remember / like a record-braker..." My deepest respect and prayers for all the dogs, the horses, the snakes, the monkeys and the cats. God bless and save us all.

Apr 21, 1999
Klaus Loeper
Wetter, NRW, Germany
I will never understand how (in 1999) a private person can get or buy a weapon like the one that caused this tragedy. It seems to be oh so senseless and definetely depresses me. Why are we not able to solve problems without violance? What is needed to educate children NOT to go this way?? My thoughts are with the people who lost their childen, friends, husbands. I am sad. :-(Klaus

Apr 21, 1999
The girl with the sun in her head
Helsinki, Finland
The shooting has been on the headlines here, too. I don't understand why there's guns and other weapons, because everybody knows that they brings just blood, cry and dead people. There's no sense. C'mon people, PEACE! Why human is so stupid that use such a things which are known as bad things? The answer is that people are stupid. We all are stupid, because humans are stupid. Think about it little. Yes, it is true. I know it's true, and you know it's true. So c'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together,try to love one another right now!

Apr 21, 1999
Chelsea ( Byrd )
This morning as I walked down the halls of my Jr.High and saw these people who I really don't know at their lockers, I was thinking how possible it is that one of them could pull out a hand gun and shoot me. I shouldnt have to be scared to go to school. That's just not right. I can't begin to imagine what could cause such actions as we have seen. I dont think we would be able to unless we were them. Who really is responsible ? Parents ? Music and video games ? Society ? Half the kids in my classes' parents have handguns. How easy it would be to get that gun. And when your high out of your mind and really dont care about life - why not ? I dont know what I can do. My prayers go out to the victim's family and friends. Peace

Apr 21, 1999
I heard about the school schooting yesterday while I was watching tv. It really hit me hard because that entire day I had been thinking about the devastation and sadness that guns inevitably cause. I had to watch a video of JFK that day in school and they showed the origional footage of his assassination. The graphicness of when the bullet hit his head and obliterated his skull, the blood and the terror was all just too real and I thought a moment and realized that countless people are murdered senslessly in the same way. I thought about the cold reality of it all. Then I came home and I heard the news of the tragedy in Colorado. More people murdered with guns I thought, how can this be happening, how can it be stopped, haven't we learned by now, what is it going to take. My thoughts go out to the innocent children who were killed yesterday and especially to their parents.

Apr 21, 1999
My thoughts goes out to the victims, their parents and their friends. Violence doesn´t solve anything.

Apr 21, 1999
I am very saddened by what has happened in Colorado, I could not possibly imagine how the family memebers and friends feel at this point. But, I do want them to know that everyone is thinking of them, and they are in all of our prayers. I lost my father two years ago, so I know how it feels to lose someone-and I also know that the pain will never perminately go away- but it time it will be easier to cope with. It's just like a wound - it'll heel up---but it'll leave a scar. I want to let everyone know in Colorado that everyone is thinking of you, and we all love you very much. Just hang in there, and God will help heel your pain. God bless you all,

Apr 21, 1999
Johnstown, PA
Another tragedy. More innocent children killed. What are we doing wrong? Nothing we can say or do will take away what has happened, but we need to recapture some resemblance of safety in our schools. There is no easy way to do this. My heart goes out to all who were affected. We will pray for you.

Apr 21, 1999
Roger Nilsson
Los Angeles, CA
it was only a matter of time that something like this was going to happen again. however, you would have to wonder if this was going to be carried out on the day before, which is the anniversaries of the Waco burning and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Apr 21, 1999
The world is in a sad shape. I'm a high school student myself and I myself fear what would happen in a situation like this one. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and I can see why. People reject and mistreat their peers, who are so sensitive and fragile, and it all escalates and they end up doing irrational, horrible crimes. I'm not justifying it, but if we could ALL just leave everybody else alone and mind our own business, the world would be such a better place. Psychos are psychos, and they don't need any more reasons to kill so stay out of people's way. Keep quiet and pay attention to what's important to you, and not what somebody else wears or says. You are you, stop focusing on everyone else. But anyway, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. I hope the crises bring you together.

Apr 21, 1999
Erin Bryant
Loveland, Co
I am a high school student from Colorado. I am deeply saddened about the tragedy that happened yesterday. All day at school today, we wore blue and white ribbons in remembrence of the victims and their families. I hope that maybe some good can come out of this, if possible. Like John Lennon says, Give peace a chance........

Apr 21, 1999
Darguz Parsilvan
Honolulu, Hawaii
"The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training is the belated objective of practically all effective psychotherapy." -- G. Brock Chisholm, co-founder, World Federation of Mental Health. Psychiatry and psychology have insinuated themselves into our school systems, teaching our children that there is no such thing as right and wrong -- only what you, yourself, feel. This is the result. To someone properly educated, an act like this is appalling, and we can't understand how someone could do this. But children are not born with a sense of what is right and wrong, and unless they are -taught- *they*do*not*know*! And this is the result. Tragedy.

Apr 21, 1999
Hamburg, Germany
Yesterday's news were shocking. Guess noone can imagine the horror the victims had to experience and the surviving have to remember as long they will live. I'm a 38 year old journalist from Germany, visiting SF for some days. Europeans as me absolutely can't understand the liberal laws about selling/buying guns and weapons in general here in the US. This is discussed in Germany again and again after every new mass murder in your really beautiful country. I myself can understand the roots of the desire to buy weapons - but these days are over since a century, aren't they? - This concerning the question about what we or the American society can do. Yours Thomas

Apr 21, 1999
To know that people now have to live in fear everyday about someone coming into a school with guns ready to kill is terrifying! I myself go to highschool and just recently we found the man who murdered three highschool students outside of school. This insident scared me so bad to know someone would have the gauls to go in a school, with no reguards for human life, and just start shooting. I one day hope that the children of the future will be able to make better choices than the ones being made. Also, no matter what religion you are please pray for the families, because it really does help. Love in the Lord, Indie

Apr 21, 1999
The Fat Budgie
raleigh, nc, usa
god......well, everything's already been said, pretty much......sam, its very noble & reverent towards human life for you to do this. i'm a freshman in HS & i've never really thought about something like all reality i could be dead tomorrow thanks to a copycat. i've been discussing this all day with my friends & teachers & it seems all too easy for people-especially children & teenagers- to just dismiss it as though it were nothing......"hey, did you hear about that shooting in colorado?" "'s really sad, yknow?" "yeah. when's that research paper due?" tv & other media really DOES desensitize people-when something so horrifically gruesome & cruel occurs, and people who arent directly affected are able to dismiss it as just part of their day, THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG!!!!!! ive been thinking about it all day & it just makes me want never to think again.

Apr 21, 1999
Stockholm, Sweden
I am terribly saddened to hear what has happend in Denver but in a way I am not surpriced. I am in a way more surpriced that not more people have been killed in the earlier "incidents" that has occured in the last 18 months involving young people and guns in America. Here in Sweden the closest thing to this I can come is when a soldier went haywild a few years back killing 6 women and 1 man before being arrested and a second occurance when two men who were refused entrance to a club and came back shooting killing three (or was it four?) and injuring 20. These are the only two times I can think of in atleast the last 50 years that something like this has happend. In America it seems to happen quite often. This makes me (as well as the media it seems) wonder about the gunlaws in America. I know there is another culture over there with "every mans right to defend himself" and all that but still there is something wrong when you can go out and buy a gun so easily. Here you have to take classes in shooting, get a licence (after passing this class) and I don't know what else before being able to buy a gun. I don't know everything about the gunlaws in America but I know that they are MUCH stricter here than over there. It is also strange to me how the president of the United States can sit on CNN and tell the youth of America that you can't solve conflicts with violence after spending every night for that last four weeks on TV telling the people of the world that the only way to stop the conflict on the Balkan is to use violence. Another thing that makes me wonder about the recent murders are what way these killers were brought up. I'm not talking about just the parents here but atleast on BBC World (sort of british CNN) and here on the Swedish news they speak of these two boys as loners and "outcasts" from the rest of the school community. If they were more or less frozen out from the rest of the students, treated badly by the other students then how much did that affect them and how much of that lead to yesterdays shootings? Isn't it time also to reach out to these lonley kids who sit and idolize nazism, feel left out from society (which school is a major part of when you're still there) and try to help them before they're totally ruined and start to kill other students or themselves. I'm not saying that this is the only reason because I can't for a reason understand WHY someone would go and kill other people but I do think that if they were one of the "incrowd" with hardly no problems maybe they wouldn't have felt that they had to "take revenge" on the rest of the world by killing their fellow students? These are just some thoughts from someone who lives on the other side of the globe but also in a totally different world. My thoughts are with the families and friends of all the victims in Denver. Pearl

Apr 21, 1999
NYC Girlie
...I think that America needs to stop being numb to this and open your eyes. This is not an inner city problem...something is seriously wrong with today's youth...How are we raising our kids? Why are they so angrey and how can we help. peace and love NYC Girlie

Apr 21, 1999
Orlando FL
I personally am not a gun owner, but I think that even if guns were outlawed criminals would still have them. Most guns used in crimes are not purchased legally. I to have my prayers with the students, families, and faculty.

Apr 21, 1999
Laura W
Plover, WI USA
My first reaction was of complete and utter shock. I'm not sure why guns are legal in this world- besides by means of hunting. How we can shoot each other in places where we are supposed to be the safest. It's just another cruel reminder that the America we know is supposed to be the most advanced, when it is really the farthest behind of all countries. Until we can elimnate guns, it will continue. People will always remember this. But remembering won't help. We need to take action. Laura

Apr 21, 1999
What a tragedy. Just the thought of what those people must have been going through, I can't imagine. One of the things that bothers me the most is the media coverage when things like this happen. It has been discussed that one of the things that may drive people to do this is the attention that they will gain. Maybe if we would pay more attention to our children in the first place. I am also disgusted by the questions that reporters ask of the children, parents and police officials in these instances. May this NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Apr 21, 1999
Bri Lynn
Benson, AZ
This really breaks my heart that nothing can be dne to prevent these events, only to sypathize and possibly punish after it has been done. Two of one of my dear friends cousins were killed in the most recent "spree" but she didn't mention their names, only that they had died. Maybe some of you can realte to this particular slaughter more than others but it hits VERY close to ome for me. Having been there when one of my best friends died after being ran over by a car, i can relate to the friends of the faithfully departed. one of my sisters was also killed by a drunk driver so I can relate to the families as to losing a sibling adn friend. But as for knowing someone that had been shot a few years ago (we all miss you, Frankie. Rest in peace.), that also hits close to home. Where next? We all need to be prepared. No matter what the case, we all need to expect the unexpeccted. I know that all of our hearts go out to the families and friends of those killed and I personally will send out a prayer for you all. PLEASE-don't let anyone else fall victim to these assassins. Be prepared and make peace with everyone, even try with those who you don't normally get along with. Tomorrow might not come so tell all that you love them, if you do so that they know. I truly love you all and wish peace be with you. Please don't let John Lennon die in vain-try to give peace a chance.

Apr 21, 1999
Sarah Fruchtnicht
New Orleans, Louisiana
Things like this make one question the current status of humanity. Not only are we killing each other but the age of those killers and the victims are getting younger and younger. Our children are not being raised to understand that you don't blow a person away because they don't like you. They don't understand that it is wrong while they watch these murderers and the fame the press brings them. To think that a parent with child who has never commited a crime, an act of violence, never even given a detention in school, just the all-American teenager trying to savor their adolescence could be killed in a place they would consider one of the safest places they know. American soldiers are being sent away to Kosovo to fight who we consider to be an enemy, while right here in our own country, in our home in our schools our children are being gunned down. Manning schools with guards and metal detectors is the most disheartening solution to the problem. When did it ever get so bad? Such hate, such violence, such young faces feeling that death is an answer to their problems. All the tears for all those lost lives. All the children who will return to school shivering, who cannot find warnth and comfort in their friends because someone has taken them away. This is something that will leave them shaken if not devasted for as long as they can remember. All I can do is shake my head. God bless their hearts.

Apr 21, 1999
Emily Adair
Children need a way to be heard now, they might get lost on the way tring to do so. I'm 16 years old and not a bit surprised, kids are confuseed now a days and have gone to larger scales than mindaltering drugs to express there need for attention. I don't know if it's the rapid progress that has affected kids my age where they seem to be tring to make a place for themselves, but it isn't getting any better. I dont know if their beyond help but I'd like to think their not. Teenagers who can shoot other teenagers exacutioner style laughing need to be fixed, if fixing is possible. My classmates, though in a compleatly different states, fear where this is all going. We're young but we still know what's going on. We are as afraid and confussed as the rest of you.

Apr 21, 1999
Myself being a high school student, I was shocked to hear about what happened in Colorado. I know that the same thing could easily happen at my high school. In my opinion, this only strengthens what I've thought all along, that all guns should be banned, except for police use. There is absolutely no need for anyone else to possess a gun, especially since those in homes are usually used against the person that owns them and cause more accidents than they provide protection. And, I don't think hunting is necessary either, although, I know people will disagree with me on this. Another thing, where are the parents of the kids who did this? They must have suspected something. There were bombs found in their homes. They could have gotten help for their kids, and a lot more people would be alive today. I don't know what else to say except peace and love is the answer, no matter how long it takes to get it.

Apr 21, 1999
It scares me Im in highschool right now, in a small town. It makes me so sad.My friend was killed in a shooting....IT makes me mad when i see these things.

Apr 21, 1999
Life Wont Wait (Blaine Leavitt)
It's a horribly sad commentary on our society. There's no way to make sense of it, nothing can make it all better. It's scary, sad, and sick all at the same time. It hits close to home for me, because a dear friend of mine knew people that went to that high school, and she has yet to recieve word if they are ok. What do you say to someone in that situation? No words can expess the horror, so I can only pray that this does not happen again. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were killed. Peace, LWW

Apr 21, 1999
Lady Godiva
same as Long Tall Sally
it is a shame that humanity is so croocked to the point of killing itself slowly.... so many lives lost.... so many times... we can only hope it will change.... eventually.... and a small token.... a stupid man fights with guns.... a brave man fights with his bare hands.... and a smart man fights with his words... G.

Apr 21, 1999
I'm making EVERY effort NOT to watch the media coverage of it, it is the over reaction in the media that continues to make murdering someone to get attention "the in thing to do."I can't believe how much they hype this crap. Yes, it is terrible about what happened, but how many times can Katie Couric ask some kid "What were they like?" and have them reply..."They seemed like normal kids til this happened." before she starts asking THE REAL question...just what in the hell were these kids parents doing while they amassed this arsenal of bombs and weapons??? And I'm sick of hearing these cry-baby politicians whining about this being another reason to outlaw guns...hell, guns have been around for a REAL LONG TIME...I am 41 and have owned guns since I was 14, and I never brought my gun to school and shot up my friends. Hell, I never even THOUGHT about it. Why is it that only recently these kids have been using them to slaughter themselves??? That is the real problem, and nobody seems to be willing to ask that question. I'm sure the parents and teachers of these kids aren't even capable of answering that question...and THAT is the tragedy!!!

Apr 21, 1999
Sheila (pornographic priestess)
Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA
Its times like these that really make you stop and take a thorough evaluation of your life and the goings on around you. I live in small town where most of the people i know feel safe all the time, which is why when the new high school principal had a security system put in, most of the students thought it was just another one of his off the wall ploys to make our school more unbearable than it already is. Then last nite as i was disgustedly watching the news, i realized that for once, Mr. Vent (the principal) was doing something to benefit us. Knowing that all entrances into the school are locked from the outside at all times and one can only enter through a select few doors which have surveillance cameras above them, i feel a tad bit safer. This tragedy in Colorado only shows us that we aren't completely safe anywhere. Not at home, not at school, not at our place or work. It's depressing to know that we live in a world with such despicable occurences, and it looks as if there's no end in the near future. It seems as if things are only getting worse.

Apr 21, 1999
Pekin, IL USA
As someone who enjoys to target shoot and occasionally hunt, I am enraged when events such as these happen. It gives all gunowners and gunusers a bad name they do not deserve. If school shootings continue to happen, guns will be banned. I for one will not take kindly to this. I find it even more sad that these people are my own age. I will tell you I am ashamed to call myself an American teenager. I don't know what else we as a nation can do. America is one of the most messed up nations on Earth so I don't see why we of all people so be over in Kosovo.

Apr 21, 1999
New York, USA
This new shooting is very school isn't even in Colorado and our flag was at half-mast. I don't know if stricter gun regulations would have helped, because it is most likely that the guns were bought by their parents...but I am not sure about that. I know that in the other shootings, to the best of my knowledge, that the guns used were owned by the parents. It is up to the parents to keep the guns away from their children. I don't understand why guns should be kept in a home anyway. I hate how news stations are broadcasting how video games, movies, etc. are the reason for the latest shooting. That is completely untrue -- I watch action movies with gunshooting, I've played Doom where you shoot aliens and I haven't gone to *my* school and blown my peers away. It is the mental state of the people who do the shooting -- not what they watched on TV last night. Anyone who creates plans to kill their classmates needs help. Things like this scare me, since I am a high school student...and you never know who could be next -- it could be the guy who sits in front of me in could be the valedictorian of the senior class. You never know who could snap next, whether it be from school pressure, pressure outside of school or just being mentally unstable. *That* is what scares me. I hope nothing like this ever happens again...please do not give into the pressure and do something like this. You'll never realize what you have done until it's over. Peace and Love, Abbey

Apr 21, 1999
No one is going to want to hear this, but I believe that gun laws are futile. They will neither prevent nor dissuade evil.

Apr 21, 1999
Stoney Creek, Canada
My heart and my prayers go to the students, parents, faculty and community of this tragic event. Any death of a family member or friend brings on feelings of fear, anger and sadness but when the death is from such a senseless and violent means as these deaths and injuries were it makes us question the values, beliefs and substance of our society. It has us begin to question what would drive a person to take up arms against others. We begin to question not only what helped to cause this to take place but also what might have prevented it. What role does the press play in it, television and movies, video games, the laws, the rules in our systems? We have gun control laws in Canada yet have also faced tragedies such as this one. As recently as two months ago we had an individual enter a bus terminal in Ottawa and kill some co-workers. I don't believe it's simply laws which prevent these tragic events from taking place. It's about us as human beings learning to treat each other as equals no matter of sex, colour, religion, age, disability or nationality. There are many questions to be answered and I believe that part of our healing process as humans is to ask those questions and try to understand why, eventhough many of these questions do not have answers. In hopes that we can find a way to never face this again. Peace!

Apr 21, 1999
Rathdrum, ID, USA
Gun control doesn't solve anything. If guns were outlawed, the black market for guns would still be around. The black market will always exist, no matter what politicians think. There's no way to keep a gun out of someone's hands that really wants it. It's the same with drugs. Marijuana, heroin, crack, and other assorted drugs are outlawed, but they still flourish in this country, don't they? I will repeat what has been said a thousand times before: if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And also, anyone with a mindset like these kids in Colorado will use anything they can get their hands on to do their killing. These kids had pipe bombs, which are VERY easy to make with readily available materials. If they didn't have access to guns, they would have gone ahead and did all their killing with their bombs.

Apr 21, 1999
Polythene Pam
We had a minute of silence at assembly today to remember the people who died in this tragic event. I will wear a ribbon tomorrow to show that I am thinking and praying for all the families of the victims. There is little else I can do, but I feel I can do something and I want to do something to stop the violence that is occuring all over the world everyday. Whether it is one person or a hundred people who are killed in acts of violence I want it to stop. Unfortunately there are people out there who enjoy doing this to other human beings and enjoy seeing them suffer, as a part of the human race we should try and help these people who feel different and are not treated fairly instead of lashing out at them and perhaps making matters like this unfold. This may not stop what goes on, but hopefully it could decrease the number of events like this that happen. It is a sad world we live in when you can't go anywhere without fearing for your life. 'Imagine all the people living life in peace... You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one.' May they rest in peace.

Apr 21, 1999
I haven't much to say, for I'm speachless on the subject.. it's too sad. All I can say is pray for the friends and relatives of the victims. Pray that they survive this horrible tragedy.

Apr 21, 1999
Eastern Washington State
I very much believe gun control could help curb, if not stop, events like this. The black market for guns isn't half as big as the legal market, I've done research, I wrote an essay, I know. I heard of what happened when I turned on the radio this mornig, and it certianly darkened my day. It is shocking to believe that violence has so much of a hold on some people that they will commit such acts. What happened to them? Where did they go wrong? They have hurt so, so many people. I mean, look: the entire counry's reeeling from this blow. I can't imagine anybody is applauding their awful acts. I just hope never to be sitting in class and have a junior in a black trenchcoat gun down the person sitting beside me. I would never recover. Another tear-jerker involving a gun...if they had only bombs they would have not hurt so many people. It's an awful, tearing crime.

Apr 21, 1999
Eggman Fan
I cannot begin to understand the callous lack of respect shown for humanity by these gunmen. Sure, people will mistreat you if you are "different." I received my share of snide remarks, cruel taunts, and bloody noses from these simple-minded fools who call themselves the "in crowd." But, despite my anger at them, I decided it was their loss. I found my niche in college. My plea is to those who feel alone: do not become angry, because you will find a place where you belong. As for the racists, your hate cannpot overcome the unconditional love which will one day sweep the earth and set us all free.

Apr 21, 1999
Terrible, disgusting, mind-ravaging...some words that come to my mind. I'm a bit too frazzled to explain myself that well, maybe I'll try when I'm level again. *sigh*

Apr 21, 1999
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Why did it happen? Kids that were too mean, kids that were too sensitive and/or misunderstood, and an environment that is conductive to violence all got thrown together. Where does the problem lie? First, with America's attitude towards violence. America was *founded* on violence and by violence. We use violence to drive out the Native Americans and establish ourselves. We glorify the violence of the Old West and glorify it in the movies. Where else? Kids who think they have the right to make fun of and judge others. I fear for my sister... her friends like to make fun of the "weird" kids in school, and I'm afraid that someday they'll snap and we'll see this yet again. It also lies with families... families who fail to give their kids a healthy emotional outlet and who fail to supervise their children adequately. It's not necessarily about controlling guns... it's controlling the attitudes *about* guns. Guns don't kill people; people kill people.

Apr 21, 1999
Fort Collins, CO USA
I'm 14 years old and I live about 60 miles away from Littleton,CO. This whole thing is awful and it has affected me deeply. I was crying during most of the day today. I didn't know anyone involved but that doesn't mean that I can't grieve. It also makes me sick to hear some of the comments that have been made at my school. I have had people come up to me in the hall and tell me that its stupid that I'm crying because "its not that big of a deal " and that "it doesn't matter that these people died because everybody has to die sometime" . I was appaled when I heard those things. How can anyone say that? It is a big deal and its not okay! WE CAN NEVER FORGET WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN HOPE OF PREVENTING IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN! WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THE INNOCENT! God bless and my prayers are with the survivors

Apr 22, 1999
Brian Owens
Kansas City, MO
I used to live in Colorado and can hardly believe that something so horrible could occur in such a wonderful place. It saddens me deeply but makes me angry. Sad because innocent people were killed and others scared for life, angry because this was such a stupid way to vent frustration. However I do not feel that gun control is the answer. Guns are a necessary way for the citizenry of a society to argue valid issues with a government. Some people will think this is wrong, but technology we have today could keep guns out of places where they do not belong. IF WE CAN KEEP GUNS AND BOMBS OUT OF AIRPORTS THEN WE CAN KEEP THEM OUT OF ANY PLACE THEY DO NOT BELONG. How many years has it been since a gunman hijacked a plane to Cuba or anywhere else? There are bomb sniffing dogs and even bomb sniffing computers at airport security checkpoints. I personally have had my bags checked for explosives and guns. I have been out of high school now for 10 years and may be somewhat out of touch with the high school generation, but one expectation that should and must remain unchanged is that schools must be safe places. In my old school a girl had her throat cut from ear to ear. Fortunately she survived. The point is that violence is violence and it can be commited with knives, fists, sticks, stones, and other potential weapons including guns. The second ammendment to the constitution is not the second ammendment for no reason. Behind free speech, our founding fathers, who fled persecution, who had no recourse or threat of recourse for wrongs they suffered at the hands of an oppressive government, understood that the people's right to bear arms had the best chance of securing freedom for future generations and it has worked. The United States is the worlds longest lasting democracy for this reason. The civil rights movement in the 50's and especially the 60's has got to be the best, and incidently most recent evidence that citizens need the right to protect themselves from an out of control government. Think about that! We have the technology to keep guns out of schools or any place they are not welcome. Let's use that technology, it will protect us better and will secure our freedom for our children. By the way I'm an expecting father. I am not a gun fanatic but rather a history fanatic. If you are for radical gun control you should probably read more history.

Apr 22, 1999
Santa Barbara, CA USA
I heard about this last night. All I could think was, God, please make it stop. It's shameful and embarrassing for the entire nation...My prayers and tears (as well as many of my friends') are with those who had to suffer yesterday.

Apr 22, 1999
gulfport Mississippi
I dont think gun control will solve anything. Gun control will take away our rights as people. the gun control advocaters will take advantage of this situation to get their cause into effect and that sickens me. If we outlaw guns, they will be bought and sold on the streets and in the hands of criminals. The government outlawed drugs, but they can't control them, what makes them think they can control guns? Banning guns will not stop violence. Everyone's future is what they make of it

Apr 22, 1999
All we need is LOVE
Salvador, BA, Brazil
We've been living in such a mad world, and violence lives in our lives without anyone asking why... Violence exist because, since we are just kids, we learn to accept it as being a natural part of the world. Besides that, many of us get used to give each other anger instead of love, fear instead of trustness. Many parents do it at home with their children and many teachers and classmates do it everyday as well. If a child lives with hostility, he or she learns to fight. If a child lives with hate, all he or she is going to do is hate. Everyone of us is partialy guilty by that, from the moment we just critisize, be hostile, make someone fell ridiculous. Why don't we just learn to love each other and to give each other tolerance, encouragement, praise and fairness? Those can be just what WE need to survive, together alive... As "SOMEONE" said once, "All you need is LOVE".

Apr 22, 1999
Watford, England
A very tragic waste. With everything that is going on in the world, it really is mind-blowing. Take care of your fellow man and remember all we need is love. For everyone.

Apr 22, 1999
Mr. Kite
New York, Ny
I'm sure that we can all appreciate the tragedy at Columbine. I'm afraid that there is simply not much I can say about it that would add to our understanding or our sorrow. However, I would like to say that I feel blaming a lack of gun control laws seems like taking the easy way out. The real question,the one that must be answered if we can ever prevent this kind of thing from happening, is WHY these students did what they did - what they did it with is a purely secondary matter. To blame guns is like blaming a General Motors whenever a drunk driver hits a pedestrian. Instead of going after guns, we should ask ourselves certain questions. What were the prevailing social attitudes and conditions which may have led to this? What, if any, were the signs that this was coming? What could have been done to prevent the depression of outcasts from turning into murderous rage? To be certain, these are difficult questions - but ones that must be answered. Peace and Love, Mr. K.

Apr 22, 1999
I don't think the GM analogy is valid. If General motors made cars without lockable doors or keyed ignition switches, and a child got in and drove through a crowd, killing his or herself and 15 innocent people standing on a sidewalk waiting for a bus, I think we'd all see the logic in demanding GM change the way they build cars! Likewise, the "personal freedom" argument can be distilled down to someone arguing, "I want to have the freedom to shoot someone if I feel like it!" Finally, NATO's action in Yugoslavia are best compared to the SWAT teams who exchanged fire with the shooters in Columbine High School--their's is a sad responsibility, but a necessary one. NATO has taken many steps to limit the human carnage, including bombing deserted buildings at night, as opposed to occupied buildings during the daytime. It seems like a reasonable compromise to a dreadful situation.

Apr 22, 1999
Lyla Durham
I live in Colorado. I couldn't believe it when the news was turned on in my school and I found out what was going on just a few hours away. There is nothing that I can do right now to help the people in Littleton. My sister travelled out of town to go donate blood. The last couple of days have totally frightened me. When I get older and have children, will I have to worry if sending them to school will be a danger to their lives? It is absolutely scary! I despise guns and I always will. The only purpose of any gun is to kill. To me... that is pretty twisted.

Apr 22, 1999
Jess Geist
I barely believed the news when I first heard it. The murderers so young, the number of dead and wounded so high, and so little that we can do about it. In my mind, no murder is justified, but to kill someone simply because you hate them is one of the stupidest reasons I can think of. As well as the students, faculties, and parents at Columbine HS, I pity the two murderers. They were not born murderers, they became that way because of they way they were raised. Parents should be better teachers to their children - that is one of the greatest problems today. People expect their children to be taught in school, so don't bother doing it themselves. But there are some things that aren't taught in school, that are only taught by the people children first look up to - most often, their mother and father. I hope, but can't come to believe, that people will learn from the mistakes made by others. After all, that's what they said after the Holocaust, and this shooting was no different from that. Senseless deaths, only because of hate.

Apr 22, 1999
Lyla Durham
It is me again. Since I sent the last message, I cried for the first time since Tuesday. I've been trying not to cry. I haven't been myself. My sister just got home from Denver. She was telling me that the media swamped her when she went to take flowers to the memorial at the school. She said that one question she got asked repetedly was what inspired her to drive all the way there. One of the reasons was that she thought about me and just felt she had to go. At that point, I started crying. We sat there and cried for a long time. This kind of thing just shouldn't happen. Nobody should die for any reason other than natural causes. Nobody should have to fear for their life. Nobody should have to worry that each meeting with friends and family may be the last. Taking somebody's life is just something I can't even begin to comprehend. I'm just toatally confused and saddened. I don't know what can be done, but I think that something certainly needs to change in this society.

Apr 22, 1999
Allentown, Pa. US
This could happen anywhere. I think we need to accept people the way they want to be, not the way we want them to be. In this case neither the victims or the shooters displayed this. And how many of us do either? ...Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself...Mark 12:31

Apr 22, 1999
anyone who wants to talk, please write
i've already put in a message and it's further down the line but hey-anyone who thinks that these shootings or anything like them can't happen to their schools is dead wrong. someone today at school brought a cap gun (real, but uses caps instead of actual bullets) and shot one cap at his "best friend." no one was hurt, but no one tried to do anything about it. why? who knows, but hey, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ALL OF US. someone said something in here like "is education really worth dying for?" well, in ALL cases, no. i'm not even sure if i want to go to school tomorrow. school is suppose to be the next safest place then home, if not safer and if someone is going to mock what has been "over killed" (pardon the expression) by the media or try to actually out do it. why should anyone have to live their lives in constant fear? PLEASE don't let this get more exploited than it already has! AND PLEASE TRY to TALK with teenagers and children instead of stereotype and punish us for every little thing.

Apr 23, 1999
The Walrus
As surely all of you are, I am deeply saddened by this incident. It is a dark commentary on today's "civilized" society when groups such as the nra say that guns are not to blame in this and other tragedies. I recently was listening to a radio program in which the host said that perhaps if the teachers at Columbine were carrying handguns, they could have stopped this from happening. It is this kind of convoluted thinking that continues the violence. The solution is not to give more guns to the "good guys," but to take the guns away from EVERYONE. Putting more guns on the street, whether they go to criminals or not, just increases the probibility of a violent act or death occuring. I sincerly wish that those who would perpetuate the existance of guns in our society will one day soon realize that the killing will not stop until the instruments of death are removed.

Apr 23, 1999
Anchorage, AK
At this point in the progression of our society, I don't feel that it is possible to prevent such acts from taking place. Regardless of gun laws or preventative measures, it is extremely easy for anyone to locate a handgun of some sort. Bomb recipes are found easily through the use of the internet, and uses for them are demonstrated on television. We cannot prevent anyone from getting ahold of bombs,guns or methods with which to use them, but we can try to keep children away from these things in the hopes that they will not be influenced by what they watch on tv. We have been desensitized to violence, but if our kids are made sensitive to it, they may prevent such things from happening in the future.

Apr 23, 1999
Yvette Sandel
Kenai, Alaska
I was quite disturbed by the news of this actually happening at a school (or anywhere, for that matter), but unfortunately not surprised. I realize that, yes, this act was very inappropriate and uncalled for. I think it was very wrong for these two highly disturbed kids to do this to so many innocent people. The thing that REALLY bothers me is that they tried to blame these actions on the music the kids listened to. As the biggest fan ever of John Lennon and a big fan of the Beatles, I have to stand up for the fact that music has nothing to do with the mind of a killer. "Helter Skelter" was not the reason Charles Manson was a psychopath, just like Marilyn Manson is not the reason all of those people died. "It's all in the mind, y'know!" All in the minds of those sick, twisted killers, and ONLY them.

Apr 23, 1999
Ervin DeJesus
New Jersey, U.S.A.
I think these things can happen in any school, private or public alike. it is going to be hard to control these incidents because we don't know what the others are thinking. From the news I've heard, they said that they never thought in a thousand years that this would happen, or this would be done by two very quiet and weird kids. I think that teasing one another has gone way to close for comfort. Especially these athletes who think that they're the big ones, they think that they can step on anybody whenever they wanted to. I made a poem for this incident, and it goes like this: We've been here before We are here again Another record to break Many more lives to shake II When are we going to move? Get everybody in the groove Stop these criminal minds Forever let us bind III They believed in Hitler Oh, what a killer Stop the spread of Nazism Start sreading BAGISM IV All you need is love Love is all you need Anarchy, violence, Oh God Dear Prudence Stop the madness, and let's make some sense! that's all From Dr. Winston O'Boogie

Apr 23, 1999
Why? How could those young men choose death over life? When did they lose their joy for life and living? Where were the people that might have affirmed them? Who loved them? These are the questions I want answered. Knowing there will be no answers, I re-dedicate myself to changing the world. And hope all who are reading this find your own way to make this world a better place. For me, changing the world means I will make a commmitment to the people who feel hopeless, loveless, lost in the corner of the world where I stand. I will choose life. I will spread the joy. I will use my hands to touch and tend to the broken. I will love freely. I will live a peaceful, non-violent life. There will be no darkness here. Come with me I will say to them, and walk in the light.

Apr 23, 1999
Veruca Salt
Miami, FL
There is nothing America loves more than drama. Guess what, the grass is green and the sky is blue and people are being murdered everyday. What's more sad than two rednecks shooting up their school, is that the majority of America ignores and shrugs it off when only one kid is shot on the street, or one kid is knifed in an alley. So it takes a tragedy like this to make everyone realize that death is real, people DO get killed and it happens in bulk amounts. Plane crashes, car accidents, whether it's accidental or just falt out homocide, it happens. And yes, it happens to lots of innocent people. Just because this incident isn't another tiny statistic, everyone is concentrating on it. It also seems that everyone is looking at something to blame. You know what? There is NOTHING blatant to blame. You can't blame heavy metal music, you can't blame the interest in Hitler, you can't blame the fact that they claimed no one loved them, you can't blame ANYTHING. Pointing fingers isn't going to help anything now, and there isn't anyway to prevent things like this. Sure, the school could have better security, sure, the parents could have been more loving, sure people could have paid more attention to them. Of course, this is sad, it's upsetting, and most of all, it's scary to a lot of us who are in highschools. But really, it's totally useless to get upset, it's not going to do anything. Students are already dead. You just have to brace yourself, because this is the future of america and it's too late to fix anything. You make think I'm insensitive, which isn't the case, because, yes, it's sick that these senseless murders happend. I'm realistic, because I'm aware that there are sick people in this society, who do things disturbing things and sooner or later it's just going to be something we all have to expect because we brought it upon ourselves.

Apr 23, 1999
Dr. Robert Henry O'Cleary
I think this is the begin of the fall of western society particularly in America. We live in a society of apathy and insensitivity. It is no wonder so many join hate groups or have hateful distortions of reality, we've seen enough of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, for a leg for a leg for an arm for an arm for a life and we have nothing left. Amnesty International has criticized America for it's harsh treatment of inmates, and it's detention of people seeking political asylum. Since the begining of the 90's and late eighties, there has been a wave of racial intolerence and seclusion. I've seen swastikas and anti-semetic, and racist grafiti. I do not like it one bit, I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes partial parylisis, I use a wheel chair. I am one of the groups targeted by the Third Reich, in fact one quarter of a million people who had any form of disability, mental or physical were killed. That's about a population the size of Newark, NJ. I fear a new tyrant will become the President. Blacks, Hispanics and the physically disabled are becoming ever so much more isolated. Some, even accept the isolation and desire even more. I think in about 5 years people will not be able to talk to eachother because the races will become so much more secluded. Every year, I visit a doctor in Newark and see a depressed ghetto like area. The factory closed down, run-down buildings with half of the windows borded up, the only "hope" is a government subsidised housing project down the street. Nobody should accept seclusion, especially "whites" who are the controlling class in America. But America is not the only place with its bigots. There are hate groups and seclusionist parties in Europe, right now Serbia is being governed by one. This shooting is a signal of a wave of intolerance and oppression by sick minds who cannot even comprehend the death and mutilation they are capable of. One last thing. Down with intolerance! Down with Hitler! Down with oppression! Down with hate!

Apr 23, 1999
I think the 2 teens were just kinda psycho.The reason they did it on that day because it was Hitler's Birthday and it was like national pot smoking day. Also on their AOL profiles under personal quotes one had "they will be sorry April 20" the other had "they'll all be sorry". I also fell great sympathy toward the people who lost sons/daughters as well as brother and sisters.

Apr 23, 1999
Aurora, Colorado
The media, music, video games, movies, etc...has nothing to do with what these boys have done. Or to do with anything that anyone does. These boys were mentally gone. They lost their will to live. The parents could do nothing, tighter security will do nothing. When these types of kids loose all morality, love and mental capacity; they will do whatever they set out to do no matter what gets in their way. There is NO ONE, NO ONE THING to blame...just these two kids who felt that revenge and dieing was the only way. It is hard for me to get up in the mornings knowing that not even 20 minutes away from me are children crying and mourning for the loss of their friends. I love you all, Littleton.

Apr 23, 1999
stop talking about it.

Apr 24, 1999
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I wish that everyone on this planet would have faith in peace, hope, and humanity. Violent death is needless and unjust. The killing must stop. It must end everywhere, in America, in Yugoslavia and all countries where people hate each other. We must help and take action to prevent as much suffering as possible.

Apr 24, 1999
old bag
I think people should stop neglecting their children. Guns have been around as long as the U.S. has been, it's not the gun, it's the disposessed person behind it. I don't wanna sound like the NRA, but I can't blame the gun. They could have blown up the building with the tanks of gas used in the backyard grill. We have to address the beginnings of this type of antisocial behavior, and I think the videogames, nasty rock/rap music, violence on tv and movies ALL has something to do with it, not just any one thing. We also need to hold parents accountable, and parents need to spend more time with their kids, even if it does mean sacrifice to the family paycheck. Too bad. Don't have kids if you can't take the time to devote your life to raising them. Simple concept, really. This society accepts violence as a way of life too much. How could a 'trenchcoat mafia' even exist without anyone to question it? Many, many people share the blame on this one.

Apr 24, 1999
I have a friend of mine who just moved to Colorado. America is so far away but too close to home. When you see kids just like you going to school, like you, having to go through something like that... I think everyone at high school age I know have been sent into uncontrolable tears. Don't ban what they wear, the trench coats, ban the damn guns... get my friend the hell out of place where such things happen.

Apr 24, 1999
Why don't we just do what England does and completely get rid of that who 'right to bear arms' bull? get guns out of civillians hands altogether.

Apr 24, 1999
Journey Lynne
It's all crazy. Think about it though, things like this have happened in the past. Media is marking this up very much, and it is possibly serving to give people ideas. The problem also lies in how we react to such matters. I'm not saying that it should be shoved under the table, and never discussed again (i feel great sympathy for those affected, and as soon as you 'forget' things happen again which is we can never forget the horrible injustices throughout history) but if media didn't play up the bad so much, maybe there wouldn't be so much to play up. It's a huge circle, and the will to stop it needs to come from within society.

Apr 24, 1999
Liam McNeil
British Columbia, Canada
WHY DOESNT ANYONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE TWO STUDENTS WHO COMMITED THIS CRIME? I constantly hear people saying how awful this all is, that two people went in and killed some students. YES, that is awful, but I see much greater travisties happening all around us, right now. I feel for the two "murderers", as they have been labeled. What do YOU think drove them to these measures? They certainly did not just not wake up one day and decide to do this. HELL no. They were drivin to it. In a yellow school bus infact. Every day they would go to school, why? TO BE TORMENTED. They would be razed, and harrased untill the cows came home. It was not a sudden switch from one extream to the other, it took years of them being slowly pushed off the edge. It was the students at that school which pushed them over the edge. In a way it was THEIR fault. I will not blame them, because I know who life works at highschool. If you want to be cool, you suck your reputation from the reputation of others by putting them down, makeing fun of them, all to get a laugh out to the people who YOU want to think you are cool. I also feel for the Parents of the Two "murderers". How do you think society will look on them for the rest of their lives. They will constantly be looked apon as "bad" parents, who did not see this coming from their kids, and that THEY could have stopped this event from even happening. No matter what, no matter where they live, they will always be haunted by the fact that they gave birth to two people who took the lives of many others. The two children whom they have loved from birth, to death. They raised them, watching them take their first step, their first word, and watched them as the went past puberty, went on their first date, graduated from elementary school, and then went on a murderus SHOOTING SPREE. I feel for them the most. Unlike the two students, they have to live with it forever. They cannot escape the reality of life, which the teens have done by commiting suicide. Have a good day all. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "All people are members of the same family. They have a common origin in creation. If one limb is struck by pain, all the others are gripped by anxiety. If the suffering of other people doesen't hurt you, you don't deserve to be called human." Muslih-ud-Din Sa'di, 13th century Persian Poet ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Liam McNeil

Apr 24, 1999
Jessie Stoltenow
Lawrence, KS USA
I think that the kids who go around shooting people have some major problems. Just because they got teased a lot doesn't give them the right to go and shoot people. I, personally, put some of the blame on the parents. For one, they should teach their kids that violence is not the answer. And, second, they shouldn't have access to any guns. I don't feel the least bit sorry that the suspects killed themselves. They obviously knew that they would have been sentenced to live in prison, so why not commit suicide. It saves a lot of time. However, my heart does go out to all of the friends and family who have lost a loved one. And I want to thank everyone for helping out with this tragedy at Columbine High School.

Apr 24, 1999
Sheila Cantrell
Does anyone know if the suspects in the killing were ever sexually abused as a child or abused in any matter?Some people are trying to blame music and other copouts and I just think that it is hate from deep inside. Where did it come from?Something dramatic must have happened to those kids at one point in their life for them to act out like that.Being an outcast is probably the reason for forming the group(trenchcat mafia)but still doesn't explain the shootings.

Apr 25, 1999
Martina Luther
St. Francis *did not* say "to everything there is a season." That's directly from the Bible. ~Sigh~ Leave it to a Catholic to attribute a Biblical saying to a saint! Us Protestants read our Bibles.

Apr 25, 1999
Religeon sucks. Where was god for those kids that day, huh? The christians are full of shit. What has got done for anyone lately?


Be sure to check out Gunfree for lots of information on gun violence and what you can do to help reduce it.


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