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Birthday Wishes for John - 2001

October 9, 2001 was the 61st anniversary of John Lennon's birth. His birthday is a time to celebrate his life and reflect upon what he meant to the world. If there ever was a time that John's message of peace was needed, it's now. John may be gone, but his spirit lives on.


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Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John! We All Shine On

Oct 9, 2001
Worthing, UK
Happy Birthday John, You are still in our hearts! All you need is Love. Peace Always Andy

Oct 9, 2001
Long Beach, Ca, USA
Have a great birthday, John. Peace be with you always. Your music and ideals still live on...

Oct 9, 2001
Saco, Maine, U.S.
hmmmm..... happy happy birthday..... your in our thoughts

Oct 9, 2001
Phillip Twining
Happy birthday, John. You are the biggest inspiration in my life and I always look towards your music as a symbol of persistence, love, peace, and brillance.

Oct 9, 2001
Barbara Baker
Bless you, wherever you are... windswept child on a shooting star... happy birthday John, miss you always, Babs xx Give Peace A Chance!

Oct 9, 2001
Imagine thereÕs no Johnny LennonÉNow that would indeed be hard to do..and inconceivably very sad..Happy Happy Birthday John!~ Peace will soon be with us during these war timesÉWe can only wish..And I ÒweÓ wish that you Rest in Peace John!~

Oct 9, 2001
georgia usa
OH Dear John, I miss your words, wisdom, and whit as much today as i did the night you were taken from us. I am having a difficult time "IMAGINING" All the people living in peace, but we still shine on.

Oct 9, 2001
Jessica M
Imagine a world without John Lennon? Impossible. John inspired many people and helped the world to become a better place. I never was even alive when he was but I still miss him. Happy Birthday JOHN!!! Peace

Oct 9, 2001
St. Louis, MO 63117
Happy Birthday John: I wish the world was a more peaceful place on your 61st birthday, but sadly it is not. However, you are no stranger to violence. You were brought in to this world under the thunder of bombs, and ushered out with in a hail of bullets. Despite these horrific events during your life, you were and are still a messanger of peace. What is your message today? I wish I only knew... Love to you, Yoko, Sean and Julian. Jennifer

Oct 9, 2001
Steve Kemp

Oct 9, 2001
miz g
toronto, canada
thank you, john, for all your words that have inspired those of us out there to fight for peace, even if it is not popular opinion. thank you for using your fame and fortune to better this world with messages of peace and love. i miss you more today than ever before, as we face war, because you were a true activist who was not afraid to speak out in a country divided by warmongering and pleas for peace. i hold your words and ideals deep in my heart today and always. happy happy 61st birthday, where ever you are. i hope you have found that beautiful place where love and peace prevail instead of our world of hate and violence. "imagine all the people, living life in peace... you may say, i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. i hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one"

Oct 9, 2001
Vladimir Lennon
Peru, Lima
All you need is Lennon!!!!!!!!!!!! from me to you!!!! Vlady

Oct 9, 2001
Your life and your message will shine on in our hearts and minds, forever. Peace.

Oct 9, 2001
Los Angeles, California, USA
We need John now more than ever. Peace.

Oct 9, 2001
San Antonio, Texas
All we are saying is "Happy Birthday John . . . and Sean." Miss you so very much. Can't imagine what growing up without your words and music would have been like . . . or what it would be like today. Peace and love.

Oct 9, 2001

Oct 9, 2001
Chantilly, VA
Happy Birthday John & Sean! U would have been so proud of the musicians who performed your "Words & Music", in a time of sadness, destruction, death and war we turn to you for inspiration thru your music. Please be our guardian angel and keep the people of the world safe. We miss you more than ever. Rest in Peace. One day the world will make you proud-until we meet in heaven. Much Love to you

Oct 9, 2001
Memphis TN USA
John, in this time of war and unrest, the world really misses a spirit like yours, I know if you were here you would be rallying people from all over for the good of man kind. Have a happy birthday wherever you are, or have a happy birthday everywhere.

Oct 9, 2001
JD & Cammy Morning Show - KFRC
San Francisco, CA USA
Rock on, John! Happy 61st Birthday!!

Oct 9, 2001
Philla. Pa USA
Happy Birthday to our two Lennon boys! 26 and 61. I'm glad that we still have Sean with us to carry on the Lennon glow. As for John I miss him but am glad that we all still remeber his birthday. In times like now we could have used his light to guide us. So we'll just have to use the light he left in our hearts. :-) Happy Birthday John.

Oct 9, 2001
Helsinki, Finland
We all miss you, John. We need you badly to sing about peace: the situation in the Middle-East is terrifying.

Oct 9, 2001
John, we'll always miss your wisdom, wit, and especially your music. "Wherever you are, you are here"

Oct 9, 2001
Elizabeth (The Flower Child)
Alaska ,USA
Wow! It's really been that long, hasn't it... I wasn't one of the lucky ones... i guess. To have been able to open their eyes and see the world as you knew it... To know that everything, was gonna be alright. Well... I guess that all i can say now is happy birthday, and I hope you have a good one. I'll just imagine... The Flower Child

Oct 9, 2001
New York
Happy Birthday John & Sean! I still find my peace and comfort in your music and will forever. God Bless you all, John, Sean and Yoko. Peace & Love to you.

Oct 9, 2001
Sevilla, Andaluc’a, Espa–a
We still love you John, happy birthday and remember "all we are saying in give peace a chance!". In 1969 this words had meaning today they still have it.

Oct 9, 2001
Prato, Tuscany, Italy
Still missing you,more than ever.Dear John ......

Oct 9, 2001
John Leslie
Newcastle Upon Tyne, ENGLAND
A hero forever. Happy Birthday.

Oct 9, 2001
heverlee - belgium
it's just so SAD that such a great mind / songwriter / icon / personality / ... had to die at 40. really sad. his ideas and music will live on, but it's not the same thing...

Oct 9, 2001
Happy birthday,John! You're the best!

Oct 9, 2001
John Lennon - you are probably the most famous of Johns on our planet. That shows how close you are to us all - people call you after your first name - they treat you as their own brother and most dearest friend. Your music enthralls people and makes them feel like you were their friend. You opened your soul to us all -which was the dearest present you could give. Your music will never die. We love you 'cos you were never afraid to be yourself - you were real. Your songs are a source of eternal love and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN - LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU. P.S. "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make".

Oct 9, 2001

Oct 9, 2001
I wish you could be here to celebrate your 61st birthday, John. I'm sure you are celebrating somewhere across the universe :-) Love & miss you much!

Oct 9, 2001
novato, ca, USA
although you were gone before i was born i have grown up with the music you've made throughout my whole life. you are an insperation and i love you. thanks and happy birthday, i'll never forget you!

Oct 9, 2001
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Happy Birthday, John! Today is a day for rejoice! We all rejoice in what you have given us, and what you continue to give us all the days of our lives. You are with us now more than ever. We carry your message forth, for right now you are unable. You are in our hearts on this day, and each day that follows. We will never forget the wonderful gift that was you, and because you were with us, the possibility of a brighter, stronger, hopeful place will thrive. We live each day trying to Imagine a better world, the kind you dreamed of. We are not dreamers, John. Thank you for all that you have given us, and though we miss you, we will never forget you. You will always put a smile upon our faces. You live on through those closest to you, Yoko and Sean, and those farthest, your fans around the world. You continue to bring us all together, and we owe you thanks. Happy birthday, Johnny!

Oct 9, 2001
Little Nicola
John, you lived before i was born, but your music means so much to me. Thank you for everything, we all love you. I wish you could be here to celebrate being 61, but I know you'll be celebrating it just fine whereever you are. Happy Birthday John, I love you, love little nicola

Oct 9, 2001
Montevideo, Uruguay
LlorŽ mucho la muerte de John. Hoy celebro su vida, porque est‡ entre nosotros con su mensaje de Paz. I love you John!! Ana B., Montevideo, Uruguay

Oct 9, 2001
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! May your light shine on forever!! Love Ya Always - FYONAH...

Oct 9, 2001
Alejnadro Gomez
Caracas, Venezuela
Yes we«r going to a party party. God bless the man. Peace for everybody...

Oct 9, 2001
happy birthday Johnny! to the most inspirational and amazing man ever in rock and roll (etc) -- your message will not be forgotten!! I know your spirit will never disappear so happy 61st! I'll celebrate your Day and your legacy forever since you changed my life so much. :) with much peace & luv from me to you!

Oct 9, 2001
Barcelona (Espa–a)
Un a–o mas, recordamos tu nacimiento.-Desde donde estŽs, ayœdamos en estos dificiles momentos para la humanidad. Que IMAGINE sea la canci—n que logre unir a todos en un mundo mejor. JOHN, est‡s hoy mas que nunca en todos nuestros corazones.

Oct 9, 2001
Lord Krikedo
I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round... I really love to watch them roll. Thanks John!

Oct 9, 2001
Lucy Lennon
Imagine all the people....................Living life in peace......What a nice thought

Oct 9, 2001
Normal, Illinois
I hope you have a Happy 61st Birthday--where ever you are (you are here). Happy 26th Birthday to Sean! :) -Kristi

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John

Oct 9, 2001
Happy 61st Birthday John. "We all shine on, by the moon the stars and the sun."

Oct 9, 2001
Happy birthday, John. (Rock on up there!)

Oct 9, 2001
Francisco Vega
MŽxico, D.F., MŽxico
Happy Birthday John!!!, You're still the number one rocker from the World!!. Somewhere You are, be Happy.

Oct 9, 2001
hi john, happy birthday to you and sean. you touched a part of me and changed the way I saw the world forever. 61 years ago God gifted us with you, and your message of peace and love will live on forever. you'll always be my inspiration in everything and you'll always be my number one. have a great time in heaven, love farhat

Oct 9, 2001
happy b-day john I wish u were here to see your admires and people who still love u. I know u would have love to be here and see your child grow up but I Know that he really did follow on his dad foot steps. Your words are the only thing that give me happines when I see what this world has become into that is why I'm a dreamer too. I woud have love to meet you but I'll see you when God gives us a paradise for those people who practice love. Until then I will see u. lots of love to u john p.s. see you there.

Oct 9, 2001
Las Piedras, Canelones, Uruguay
happy birthday John!!! you're still alive... sail me on a silver sun, where I know that I'm free. show me that I'm everywhere and get me home for tea. I love you.

Oct 9, 2001
happy birthday dear John. we are thinking of you. love, amanda

Oct 9, 2001
howdy neighbour, how are you? Happy birthday john, i know you've touched a lot of people's hearts and through my sister I know a lot about your life. If you're listening which I know you are please talk some sense into my one hell of a mad sister. Every minute of her life has to be associated with the 60's, she can't make decisions about her life unless you aren,t part of it. Well then again I don't blame her after all you are a working class hero and that is certainly something to be. peace to the nation! luv Saima.

Oct 9, 2001
Kathy Comerford
Wynnewood, Pennslyvania
There will never be another like you John. I am sure that you would have had a sly remark to say about that comment! Miss you deeply. In my heart.................... Kathleen Comerford ( My birthday is tomorrow, 10/10 )

Oct 9, 2001
Michelle from Brooklyn
New York, USA
"YES!" Happy Birthday, John. PS--the 80's sucked.

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John! You'll live on in our hearts forever. Peace and Love to you always.

Oct 9, 2001
I love you Lennon!
John Lennon. A man that has changed the world forever. I just finished reading the entire page of birthday wishes to John. As I read it, my eyes filled with tears that I could barely hold back. John Lennon has changed my life forever, as he did for so many others. I was born in the eighties, however I wish I could of lived to see you!! Your music and words have changed my life more than anybody could imagine. The person I am today is a result of music..of the Beatles..of John Lennon. Music inspires everything I do, my personality, my style, the way people look at me. I wish you were hear today and over the past twenty one years. The world has been cheated of twenty one more years of amazing music. I wish you were here with us John! Happy Birthday and may you always look down on us forever! I hope someday I can meet you. Also, Happy Birthday to Sean! I know John is proud of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! I LOVE YOU!

Oct 9, 2001
s p i l t
John. Thank You for everything. We love you! Don't abandon us. Especially now when we need you and your ideas more than ever. I'll be thinking of you. Happy You're-A-Year-Older Day!! I Love you!

Oct 9, 2001
Branford, CT
Happy 61st Birthday, John!!!!! (. . . "in my life, I'll love you more . . .")

Oct 9, 2001
warren, MI,U.S.
I just wanted to say happy B-day to John Lennon if U r up there i want u to watch over me tonight cause im gonna light candles 4 you!!!!!!!!I will always love u in my heart.I love your song imagine and im gonna play it all night.Im gonna have a party 4 ya tomorrow cause i was sick today and i couldn't. Well gots to go luv ya byes! LOVE MAL HAPPY 61s BirthdayJOHN ONO LENNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 9, 2001
Hillsboro, OHIO USA
In times as such, we must not forget who we are. No matter if we are born poor and make it rich, or we are born rich and lose everything we must remember who we are and where we came from. But all in all, we all lose something--something that undoubtly changes us. But remember...Good blossoms from everything. And from John, are we truly blessed to have such a magnificent individual to open our eyes, ears, and mouths to peace amongst all. With peace, there is no boundary of class, race, and gender. We are all human beings; mortals that feel pain, but most importantly, mortals that feel love. And it is love that we should share. To John: In all modesty and sincerety, I am, as so many others along with me, overly emotional when I say that you are a gift in which God has given to us. And from you, I am thankful. Though my true feelings I cannot even begin to be able to express, but I am truly doing the best that I can, as human as we all are. I shall have you in my thoughts everyday, as you are truly wonderful. I pray that you have found peace and that you will always remain with us in spirit. Please, don't ever go away. Happy Birthday John. Robin

Oct 9, 2001

Oct 9, 2001
I love you Lenon!
I already left a message, but I forgot a big part of it. I wanted to let you know John, that I'm a dreamer too! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Oct 9, 2001
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for "Across The Universe". Jah Guru Deva Om... :)

Oct 9, 2001
Dave Atkins
Daytona Beach, FL
Happy 61st, John. We still love you. I hope one of these days that there will be peace throughout the world. So that there will be no more senseless killings & violence, especially with what's going on. We can still dream, though. "Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion, too." Anyway, you are still in my heart & I wish you the best on your day. Happy Birthday, John.

Oct 9, 2001
James mason
Sayville, New York, USA
"Come Together...,"

Oct 9, 2001
Once upon a time there was a man who represented peace. Love. Freedom. Creativity. Once upon a time there was a man whose legacy will never die, even as his ashes fade to dust. Rest In Peace, John.

Oct 9, 2001
Diego Mongrell
Johnny, i just wanna tell you: HHHHHAAAAAAPPPPPYY BIIIIIRRRRTTHHHHHDDAYYYY !!!!!!!!!!! We all love you....and give peace a chance!

Oct 9, 2001
West Lafayette, IN, USA
John, I wish that you were here with us in more than just spirit. You stood for such goodness and love, and tried so hard to overcome the hatred and fear that's inside all of us. You are an example of what a human being truly can become when they try. Happy Birthday.

Oct 9, 2001
Jessi H.
John Lennon. It's your brithday, happy birthday to ya'. I don't know anyone who hasn't heard Imagine. The message lives on regardless of creed or race. The world woud be so imcomprehensibly different without your music. I accidently stumbled into a world of peace and love as I peered beneath the ice. I just wanted a glimpse but I fell in and found something so amazing that if I do ever get pulled out, I'll be permanently changed. Multiply that type of influence times the growing population of the world. There's that many people out there that wish you were here to celebrate with us all. The world's a drag with all the terrorism. I'm sure more peple than I are wondering what you would do, loving New York so much. We'll just stand strong, and though you aren't here to lead us in peace, your music lives on. And you do to me, aye? Happy birthday to Sean too. If's there's a war I've got a herd of friends and myself that'll be prodding you to do your dad's thing and lead us in peace. But leaders can't be born, I guess they say... Happy 61 John. You surely are the walrus. And since the self-praise came from one like you, I'd sure like to be a walrus too. ~Jessi H.

Oct 9, 2001
The dream is over...but we will never forget you

Oct 9, 2001
Georgia USA
Thank you for the gift of You, for the lessons of Life and Love.

Oct 9, 2001
florida, usa
you are here in my heart, every day, for the hope you have given me through out my life. the world will one day realize what it is all about. with all my love, wishing you were here...

Oct 9, 2001
Jeanine Romero
Mesa, AZ, USA
Happy Birthday John I love you and you won't be forgotten in my life. I will always love you, need you, and miss you. I thank you for your songs and thoughts. Untill the day comes when I finally get to meet you I will think of you always.

Oct 9, 2001
Billy Shears
santiago, chile
Feliz Cumplea–os John Lennon thanx x todo . peace & love . power to ¬john¬ . & loveis john # GiVe pEaCe A ChAnCe real is love # john is peace _#_ to the world... ( # ) / O  ( === ) p.s. : see you later!!( 61(: «««««

Oct 9, 2001
Jason M. V.
Bartlett, TN USA
You say it's your birthday? Well, it's my birthday too, yeah! It really is, man! Thanks for always inspiring me! ~Jason

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John!! Thank you for speaking your mind and for giving us all enlightenment. We need your message now more than ever, and I only wish that today could be a "cease fire" day. Let's celebrate the life of an amazing man! Peace.

Oct 9, 2001
I was thinking about you all day! You're still the hottest guy in the world. Happy birthday John. I love you.

Oct 9, 2001
Jonathan AKA RocknRolla
Happy Birthday to John. Thoughts are with Sean and Yoko tonight John were still with his family. We all miss him especially in times like these. God Bless Lennon.

Oct 9, 2001
Jennifer Bowers
I was born in 1971. Not that I did not know your music but I just happen to be surfing some sites today to learn more about you when I also learned that today is your birthday. I can't believe what a coincident that is! But I'm glad. I am not glad that someone took your life from not only you, but your family and us all. I take this moment to wish you a happy birthday as I venture on to learn more about all the reasons people love and worship you.

Oct 9, 2001
John. It's getting duller here without you each year. I raise my glass to a man who fooled the world and then himself and when it was discovered, we were never so incredibly happy. My backbone, waltzing in delerious circles.

Oct 9, 2001
Kyle S.J.
Dear John, Your music makes me smile. You're beautiful. Happy birthday. K

Oct 9, 2001
New Jersey, USA
Happy 61st, my dear friend. Saying "thank you" never really seems to be enough; those two words can never truly express how grateful I am that I was fortunate enough to know you, your your music, your voice, your ideas, your unconventional but remarkably insightful outlook on life. Within my heart there sits a special little pocket, and it's inside this pocket that I carry your spirit with me -- every day of my life. In so many aspects of my life, I am a better person because of you -- never more than a man, no different from the rest of us, you proved time and again that as human beings we ARE able to transcend our perceived limitations and realise our potential, both in spite of, and *because* of, our will, our determination and our spirit -- and you did it all without ever losing touch with your real self, without abandoning the qualities that made you so human, so real, and so genuine in favor of pretension and self-importance. You weren't perfect, and I love you all the more for your weaknesses, imperfections and flaws. An enormous void has remained since you left our world, one that can never, and will never, be filled -- but that's okay. They broke the mold when they made ya, John -- and you never let us forget that, or you. Thank you for the smiles, the tears, and everything in between. I love you always. Christine

Oct 9, 2001
San Francisco
Oh John, you are gone. I say that all the time like you were right here and in some way you are. Love you.

Oct 9, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Happy 61st Birthday, John. You will always be missed and I thank you for all the beautiful music. I will forever be a Beatles fan.

Oct 9, 2001
Don Orne (Gongmaster for Peace)
Marblehead, Ma USA
September 11, 2001 They came Four of them Armed and loaded With precious cargo Our beloveds They flew To their targets Three hitting One falling to the ground Twin towers For some the tower of Babel For others-a place of work and worth Destiny exploded And in one brief moment the world forever changed. Now we ache And now we cry And now we feel Once again, the fire and blood Of loved ones and foes Now sharing the same grave Uncovering all before the covering over The brave now share with the innocent The coward now shares with the loving child The triggers of awakening Lay before us , broken and dusty Yet risen and bold and very much alive and well Our minds and hearts carry them now Each day for the rest of our lives Forever etched in our brains The images of this day of awakening Flowers and candles and flags To remember the fathers, the mothers, the sons and daughters Who gave their lives , that we may live Honoring all life as sacred and holy Cherishing ourselves as never before. They cry for peace, not war, they cry for peace not war, THEY CRY FOR PEACE, NOT WAR Happy Birthday John-You are held in holy high esteem.

Oct 9, 2001
schenectady, new york, usa
lots of love..

Oct 9, 2001
The United States of America
Dearest John, I'm so happy to be able to post here my warmest wishes for a very happy B-day in Heaven. Whenever I hear your song "Imagine," it strengthens me to know I'm not the only one who dreams of a loving, peaceful world. Unfortunately, right now there are people who seek to kill innocent brothers and sisters, and we must respond on their level because the language of hatred is the only one they comprehend. It is sad that in this beautiful yet imperfect world, sometimes you gotta fight for peace. This should be an oxymoron, but isn't -- as you, a fellow Libran, would surely understand. I also want to wish your son Sean a happy B-day. He's only 8 days older than me! LOL Anyway, please pray for us, for peace. :)

Oct 9, 2001
Blue Meanie Factory
Another year, eh? I'm a mere 15 compared to what you'd be. It would be impossible for me to put down into words what you mean to me. This will sound ridiculous, but yer the friend I never had-you always said the right thing to me, the right thing in your music. It's gotten me through the hard times this year: when the love of my life broke up with me, I listened to the Beatles, but especially to the lines of Jealous Guy, "I didn't mean to hurt you/I'm sorry that I made you cry/I didn't want to hurt you/I'm just a jealous guy." I wish Ben would have told me that, but I had to settle for second best-you. When my grandmother had a stroke, the Beatles calmed me down, put me back in reality. You never realized how much you meant to so many people...or how many people love you. You gave us something that can never take away-your music and your spirit. I guess all I can say is: Happy Birthday, I love you, and thank you so much. I LOVE YOU, JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 9, 2001
houston tx
"All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance" thank you john happy birthday to you and sean

Oct 9, 2001
John Starbuck
Another year over, a new one just begun. Happy Bday Mr. Lennon!

Oct 9, 2001
Imagine.........Happy Birthday John.....we ALL love you!!!!!! Peace

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John~ Thank you for always being there for us~ I love you

Oct 9, 2001
John, Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for all you have done for the world--we miss you incredibly. You will always have a huge impact on my life. I love you!! Kristen

Oct 9, 2001
Healdsburg, CA (USA)
John, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We miss you so much and every year I'm so sad when you're not here with us. I wonder what you would have to say about all this NY stuff that's going on. I hope things are better for you wherever you are than they are down here!! WE LOVE YOU!

Oct 9, 2001
Mary Ann
Happy Birthday, John. Stay close by us. We need you!

Oct 9, 2001
El Troppo
~A Song For John~ This is a story bout a friend of mine yes and how as he grew the more he changed our minds with love...yeah love... He started rocking and he hit the top you see the art of talking he turned into pop for love...yeah love... (...chorus#1... Yes he imagined we could change our heads well well do you remember what he said... that all we need to keep the world alive is love or would you rather see it dead...) He sang the war is over if you want it now exclaiming that to hatred we should never bow so love...yeah love... The man said you're a loser son you should not stay you got no right to choose here better hide away your love...yo' love.. (...chorus#2... Can you remember what the walrus said well well you know we better change our heads... The world is turning it ain't turning red so you know we better keep it fed...) He felt so isolated that he had to scream he cryed at what he hated but he kept his dreams of love...yeah love... He found out brother when you feel your pain it ain't ever gotta hurt again with love...yeah love... (...#1... Yes he imagined we could change our heads well well do you remember what he said... that all we need to keep the world alive is love or would you rather see it dead...) This rockin daddy yea he had a son he told his mama they could be as one in love...yeah love... He started over said they planned to stay then out the blue his life was swept away with love... (...#2... Can you remember what the walrus said well well you know we better change our heads... The world is turning it ain't turning red so you know we better keep it fed...:)@(:

Oct 9, 2001
Annie Wilkes
alexandri, va
john lennon is tight happy birthday

Oct 9, 2001
Jean Deschesnes
Trois-Rivires QuŽbec.
Best wishes John and Yoko and Julian and Sean And me to it is my birthday today ! and for all that give peace a chance...and to all's birthday today...

Oct 9, 2001
Adam Bernstein
Happy birthday John. Imagine all the people living life in peace. You are the walrus.

Oct 9, 2001
Lee Kesler
Happy Birthday John .

Oct 9, 2001
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
HEY JOHHNIE!!!!!! YOU SAY IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! WISH YOU WERE HERE!!! But kind of happy you don't have to see what the world has become and how we treat eachother. Yes we need to resolve what is going on but not the way we chose to because an eye for an eye just leaves us all blind.

Oct 9, 2001
Grand Rapids, Mi
Happy Birthday, John. I send these birthday wishes not to a faraway place, but right here with me. That's where you are. All My Love, Goldie

Oct 9, 2001
Josh and Ryoko
New York City
happy birthday John ! You will always be a part of us. You may be gone but your music will always remain. Also best happy birthday wishes to Sean! We love you ! Imagine no war but peace! Happy birthday, happy Christmas and happy new year!

Oct 9, 2001
Brian Drexler
Happy Birthday John! I love you and I miss you very much.

Oct 9, 2001
Erich Fry
Thank-you John for the music.

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday again John. Every year this has been a tradition. Every year your music helps me get through tough times, easy times, or even helps me get through a school day. Your music has been my companion throughout a good part of my life, and will always continue to be one. Your life has been influential on mine and that influence has done nothing but good. Again, Happy Birthday. You'll always be my special little guy.

Oct 9, 2001
Marjorie Lamb Askins
DeKalb, IL, USA
We all want to change the world, and for me, you are the reason, you have inspired me in so many ways and I cry everytime I think about all the good that was lost on the day that you died. I wish you were still here. I know, it's gonna be alright, alright, alright. The happiest of birthdays to you, John, wherever you are right now.

Oct 9, 2001
Albany, NY USA
ooo wee! You're the one.Though it's been so many years, I know time flies so quickly. Remember, remember, today. - Ron

Oct 9, 2001
child of nature
Dearest John, Every year I come here to write my birthday greetings to you along with other people whose life you forever changed. I want to thank you so much for your beautiful music, words, art, and your unyielding hope for the human race. Thank you for risking derrision and ridicule by taking a stand for your dreams of peace and love for the world. "A dream we dream together is reality." Your words have been a constant comfort to me, and I am certainly looking to them at this time of uncertainty in the world. We still need you, John. We always will. Happy birthday; I love you always.

Oct 9, 2001
Just wanted to say that John Lennon was true genius who was completely genuine to himself and it reflected the way other people viewed him. I know that John Lennon didn't have all the answers but he never tried to be something that he wasn't and that is was lead to his unparralled fame and realness. Although I am only 23, he has had a profound influnce on me and I only wish that his genius were still here with us to help through these tough times that we have faced and will continue to face. Happy birthday and you are with all of us who are willing to listen.

Oct 9, 2001
Jamie Natonabah
Santa fe, New Mexico USA
Happy Birthday Sean and John! I wish You Sean nothing but the BEST! I thank the great spirit everyday for someone like John to have blessed this world. I thank you John for the beautiful music that touches me to no end. I thank you for the inspiration you have given to me, it is such a precious gift to be able to have faith in a world as our world is today. I thank you for the support in my vows to change this world for the better. I hope someday everyone will be a dreamer, and the world will be one! Thank you John for your spirit, love, faith and devotion to peace! Rock On! Love, Jamie

Oct 9, 2001
Oxnard, CA USA

Oct 9, 2001
BAltimore MD..USA
Thanks John for the Beatles and everything else you did during your short 40 years with us. I remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan back in 64. I saw you in concert and you were great. Wish you were still here. We all shine on.

Oct 9, 2001
Dan Swan
Oregon, USA
John... You left us a legacy of music, filled with wit and wisdom. For this; I am eternally grateful. For as long as I live, I will share your legacy with everyone I meet.

Oct 9, 2001
Just Me
On this day, i will try to find joy inside my tears... try to find happiness within my pain, and try to think of you, John. You and who you were... Who you were... Who you were.......... Happy big 6 1 buddy, wherever you are.

Oct 9, 2001
Sean Gilhooly
Vancouver Canada
Thank You John for showing us it's okay to believe in a peaceful world when at times it seems like peace is so far reaching. Happy Birthday to what would have been your 61st. Who knows how you would be affecting our lives had you lived, all we know is that your work and love for the human race continues to inspire us for making this a better world. "A day in the life" is the best composition the Beatles created and when I hear the last chord on the piano it makes me think as if we were finally over the last hurdle!

Oct 9, 2001
Happy Birthday John! Thank you very much for all the wonderful music that you gave us! It's wonderful to listen to all the beautiful music that was made, and it's even better to be inspired by it. John, you have inspired me in more ways than one, and I just want to thank you for staying true to yourself no matter what other people thought, and of course, for all the fantastic music you made. Happy birthday!! :) Your music and legacy continue to inspire people, and they will live on forever! :) Oh, and happy birthday to Sean, too! :)

Oct 9, 2001
harry frank
Sebastopol California
John, In these days of madness, so reminescent of the "War Years", your voice is sorely missed. i thougyt perhaps the world would not end in my life time, filled as I was by your music, optimism, and public struggle to see the shadow in yourself. It was a perfect fit for me. So here on your 61 st birthday, I hope your spirit is clear and at peace. Thank you for a life time of music. Love Peace. Harry

Oct 9, 2001
Steve Daugherty II
Chantilly, Va
Dear John, I know you are in Heaven looking down upon us all. This world is going crazy and I have never seen anything like this in my life. I'm glad you didn't have to experience this craziness. I love you and my children and theirs and theirs will know about the greatness of The Beatles and yourself. Please keep a close watch on us and your spirit always lives on. Love, Steve Daugherty II

Oct 10, 2001
Steven L. Daugherty I
Come Together,. Happy Birthday John & Sean. John&Yoko, I've been listing to your music and your lyrics since 1962.I am 47 years old now,still rocking & rollin with just about every LP,eight track,cassette and CD's of Plastic Ono and the BEATLES and solo's as well.I just got to tell you that it has had a profound and positive impact in my life,and many generations before and after.Your music spoke of peace and love,You say you want a revolution,there's no problems only solutions,Give Peace a chance.Needless to say,Jonn Lennon and the beatles will forever be a part of my family's life and many others around the globe. In My Life,Steve Daugherty BEATLES FOREVER

Oct 10, 2001
Austin, TX
Dear John, as I look at all of the loving birthday wishes that so many people have come together to write, I am starting to cry. You have given us all so much-and have meant something special-to each one of us, through your words and the way you value life and love. I know that you are still here with us, your spirit is lifting us, and helping us through these uncertain times. If we keep your messages true to our hearts, I truly believe that there will be peace on earth. I don't know how else I can explain how much you mean to us. God Bless everyone, and just "Imagine all the people" Happy Birthday!! Remember we all shine on! :)

Oct 10, 2001
Oh we miss you.

Oct 10, 2001
WebBoard Writer
Costa Mesa CA
You told me bout Strawberry Fields. I know the place where nothing is real. Happy 61st.

Oct 10, 2001
Lee Ferguson
Somewhere in California
In these times of stress and rush to judgement, let's all try to "recognize your brother ... everyone you meet!" Hopefully one day, "we'll all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun!"

Oct 10, 2001
san Antonio,Tx,USA
John, For you are one of the dear souls that the world was so lucky to be around. God, blessed us with such kind heart. I'm greatful that I can still feel the emotion of your music. Happy Birthday!Working class hero.

Oct 10, 2001
And We Are
Planet Earth
Happy birthday John... and although I'm not one for putting these up much, this time around seems different. Anyone who saw Neil Young perform Imagine at the Tribute To Heroes concerts will know just how badly the world needs a John Lennon these days. Cleanup Time indeed. Still imagining, Tim Swaddling, resident human being of Earth, along with everyone else here.

Oct 10, 2001
Happy birthday John! Even though you're gone you have left us so many wonderful things to remember you by. Your music has always given me so much inspiration and comfort in times of need, and at this point in time, with what's going on in the world, I still turn to your music. You've given the world so much, and we miss you every day.

Oct 10, 2001
Happy Birthday John - "You see it«s your birthday..." We still miss you here. You gave me everyday an inspiration to play my music with my guys and fortunately we play some of your music too. Happy 61st!

Oct 10, 2001
St. Helens, Or USA
Where I live, there is only 10 min left of the most important day in history... the day John was born and started on his beautiful journey of life, peace and music. My soul aches for last 21 years that were stolen from him, Yoko, Sean, Julian and us. But we must celebrate his life and know that he is still with us, just on another spiritual plane. We must come together for peace and love, no more violence, no more war!! I believe that John would want that no matter what! John, you are with me now as I write this. You truly are an inspiration, musically, spiritually, politically, personally...I love you and always will. Happy Birthday, John and Sean. Give peace a chance!!//o-o\

Oct 10, 2001
Seattle, WA
Hi John.... I just thought I'd tell you how much you mean to me and thank you for being a major inspiration in my life. Happy Birthday, my love. May peace be with you always.

Oct 10, 2001
Rio, Brasil
My beloved, dearest John...I can only wish you happiness, wherever you are. Please send us some love & peace down here...we really need it! Your light will always ya, beautiful man.

Oct 10, 2001
tulsa,ok. usa
dear john, you've been part of my life ever since i can very first music was"i want to hold your hand".as i grew older, the ideals you embraced molded my own and i'm sure i'm a better man for listening to you and your music. when you went away,i know we all lost the best part of ourselves. as long as we remember, you're still here. happy birthday john-we all love you-we all remember.

Oct 10, 2001
The Netherlands
Happy birthday John, we are thinking of you.

Oct 10, 2001
Greg Smith
God bless you John and happy birthday to Sean, why can't everyone like you John give peace a chance?

Oct 10, 2001
Dear John, i am so sorry that I haven't wrote this cart earlyer, but Happy birthday..... We love you all.

Oct 10, 2001

Oct 10, 2001
Happy Birthday Johnny ... we would love for you to have been here to celebrate with us. Keep an eye on us down here ... we want this war to be over as much as I'm sure you do. We miss you.

Oct 10, 2001
stephen tunney
ontario, canada
Happt Birthday John and Yoko: I just want to say that your son Sean did a very moving version of "That Boy" it really was the most poignant song of the show. I'm sure Mr. Lennon would have been proud. it really had meanings on many levels, and brought tears to my eyes. Peace and power to the people!

Oct 10, 2001
dear john i love you, now and forever. yoko, we love you too!! happy birthday john lennon

Oct 10, 2001
WE must now sing Johns songs of Peace and Love. WE must do more than Imagine, more than dream, WE must create a world of Peace that the humanhood will all share. WE must end all greed and all hunger. WE must speak the truth. WE must take to the streets and show that the Power of the People is the only thing that will give us that ideal world of true equality and fairness. WE must remember John, and fight for the things that he sang about, and we beleive in. WE must do it now.

Oct 10, 2001
Fernanda Nat‡lia
Happy birthday to dear John! Imagine if he hasn't died!Imagine no crimes around the world! A lot of love!Love and Bagism to John! All you need is love! Fernanda Nat‡lia

Oct 10, 2001
JOHN LENNON. I love you and miss you so much! Your words and wisdom inspire me to do great things with my life. There is no need for War! why can't people look back and listen to your music and understand that. You were a great father to sean and all of us. Your body may be gone but your spirit will always live on in in all of us forever!! "Stop the War" "Love is the Answer, and you Know It" "All We Are Saying, is give Peace a Chance" I Love you and miss you John!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 10, 2001
Dearest John, You have given me peace. Happy Birthday! Love, Olga

Oct 10, 2001
I am glad it is John's B-day! It was a great day 61 Years ago, a genious was born. I am just glad he is not here to see what is happening with the whole american vs. afganistan conflict. I am sure he would diapprove. Blessed be. xAx

Oct 10, 2001
I may be only 19 and not around while you were here. But You have effect my life so much and the way I treat others. John you and the Beatles mean so much to me. It makes me sad that your not here with us to day but someday we will all be together. In our Yellow Submarine. OXOX Tiaa

Oct 10, 2001
Riley Winch
Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.

Oct 10, 2001
Dear Yoko, and Sean, I wanted to give my birthday wish to John and Sean. I have been greatly touched by all that the Beatles did. I miss John terribly and have ever since the tragedy in 1980. At the time, I was only 13, but since, my whole life has been touched by everything that the Beatles did, said and even the people that they knew. I very much enjoyed the program to honor John. I really appreciate you Yoko, for all that you do to keep us all involved in the continuation of our story. As a constant reminder, I have a copy of one of lithographs which John did. I would not probably have it if it weren't for the art show that travelled to Tulsa a few years ago. Sean, I was very touched by the performance that you gave during the tribute to your dad. It was a top-notch deliverance of something that I have always hoped to see. I have tried to follow your career from the first time I saw you perform. Keep up the good work. Anyway, Happy Birthday and may God bless you and your mom always. In admiration, Dale.

Oct 10, 2001
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!! Yesterday was a very special day of my life. It was a good day with lots of sunshine - John's birthday :) I thought alot about him, played his wonderful music on my guitar and in my CD-player all day long, meditated, lit candles... I really love John and his music. He was a great person and he deserves that people still remember him and listen to his music!!! Peace&Love, Liv.

Oct 10, 2001
Ruth Pearson
Well Happy Birthday, I wonder if you would be using your Bus Pass on Cloud 9. see ya later.

Oct 10, 2001
Forest City, Pa. USA
My dearest John, On what would have been your 61st birthday. You are the greatest singer/songwriter/artist that ever lived. Nobody will ever take your place in my heart. One has to wonder about the beautiful music you would be making today if you were here. You are missed and still loved by millions. I also have to wonder what you would think of terroists attacking the city that you loved. Imagine all the people living life in peace. Robin P.S. Happy Birthday to you too Sean!

Oct 10, 2001
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Happy Birthday John. I was never much of a fan until today. I saw a documentary about John and Yoko's Bed-in and it blew my mind. You are awesome people and the words out of your mouths were the words I hear in my heart. I've never had a TV program effect me so much. I feel as if my life has changed. John, you and Yoko are an inspiration and your words will live on in my heart forever.

Oct 10, 2001
doug campbell
Rio viata, California, usa
We all love you john!

Oct 10, 2001
Alabama, USA
He'll always be *amazing.* He'll always be real. He'll always be John. May the power of his convictions never weaken in the light of new generations. May his message of peace be held close, throughout the world, especially now. ~~Ohm~~ "Happiness. The only sound that nature ever made."

Oct 10, 2001
New York USA
John, happy birthday to you and Sean. The world real needs to "Give Peace A Chance"!! Connie

Oct 10, 2001
John- "Imagine theres no heaven..." When we find ourselves in times of trouble...your words are helping us more than ever. All we are saying is give peace a are irreplaceable, and we will always be able to turn to your words for advice, help, and greatness. You are so amazing, your wisdom was so great and influence a whole generation. Rather than mourn your death, I celebrate your life is real, real is are amazing. "I was trying to catch your eyes, thought that you were trying to hide...I was swallowing my pain...I was swallowing my pain..." RIP Sam

Oct 10, 2001
Happy Birthday John. Thanks for everything, you will never know the impact you've had on my life....Brian

Oct 11, 2001
cneed and poet


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