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John Lennon Remembered - 2003

Dec 8th, 2003 marks the 23rd anniversary of John Lennon's death. The horrific manner by which he died and his relatively young age still make his death, even after so much time has passed, difficult to accept. These feelings are reinforced as new fans discover his music and learn about the circumstances surrounding his death. They are thrilled to hear classic John Lennon songs like "Imagine" for the first time, only to be saddened upon learning of his death. For those who remember the day John Lennon died and have mourned his loss all these years, it is comforting to see his spirit live on as a new generation of fans discover his music. As long as his music is around, John Lennon will never die.


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Dec 8, 2003
til there was you
john lennon has enlightened the minds and hearts of countless lost souls and through his music created a cultural revolution like no other. unfortunately, not all people had such an open heart as he did(despite his faults), and he was assasinated 23 years ago today. though i was not actually alive at this period in time, i have since discovered Beatles music and John Lennon's music and am eternally grateful. In closing, thank you john for being a guiding light when it seemed as though the darkness was eternal. "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans" ~John

Dec 8, 2003
Monterrey, N. L., MŽxico
We miss you always Dear John.

Dec 8, 2003
corey levitan

Dec 8, 2003
Greenbay, Wisconsin USA
everyone will always miss you john :( nobody told me there would be days like these...

Dec 8, 2003
united states
thank you for everything, john. we all love you and miss you very much. the world would be such a better place if you were here today.

Dec 8, 2003
Live Peace in Toronto
So long ago Was it in a dream, was it just a dream? I know, yes I know Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me - Dream, dream away Magic in the air, was magic in the air? I believe, yes I believe More I cannot say, what more can I say? - Music touching my soul, something warm, sudden cold The spirit dance was unfolding - - Bless you John

Dec 8, 2003
Mexico City, Mexico
You're still present with your songs and your message. Thank you!!!

Dec 8, 2003
new york city, NY, usa
John, you always have been and always will be my muse and my idol.

Dec 8, 2003
We miss you like crazy, John, and we love you tons.

Dec 8, 2003
united states
John Lennon. Rock and Roll. I miss you.

Dec 8, 2003
dublin ireland
sadly missed wish you could grow old with us

Dec 8, 2003
Atlanta, GA
I wasn't around for when you left us Johnny, but my mom was. she still sits me up on her lap and tells me about it: In 1980, my mom was going through a really dark time in her life: she had to leave an abusive husdband, and in leaving him, had to leave a ton of things that she cherished: works of art that she did (some of the best she did, she says), her high school yearbook with her friends signatures, pictures, etc. she tells me that some time in November, she was in Chicago, driving around when 'Just like Starting over' came on. It brought tears to her eyes, because for her, it really was like starting over. When John died, she vowed that nothing like that would ever happen to her again. she built up her life again, maried my dad in 1984, and 6 years later, I popped up- a healthy female John Lennon fan. John, we both miss you.

Dec 8, 2003
#1 Red Sox Fan
Massachusetts, USA
John Lennon will be missed. He was okay even though he lived in the same town as the Yankees.

Dec 8, 2003
Thurrock England
My 14 year old daughter has blagged today off of school and spent the day crying and lighting candles. She was born nearly 10 years after he died. His power to cut through generations is testament to his genius.

Dec 8, 2003
I Roll A Stoney
Newport Beach CA
So long ago. Was it in a dream? Was it just a dream? I remember that fall of 1980 like it was yesterday. Having becomming a Beatles freak around 1976, I got to buy new albums by Paul, George, and Ringo, but not John--and he was my favorite. Then Double Fantasy came out, and talk of a tour was in the air. I was stoked. Finally! Finally! On the night of Dec 8 I was in my second year of college, working nights at a drug store. The store had closed and we were getting ready to leave. The store manager came out of his office to let us out and said "John Lennon is dead. Somebody shot him in the back". I stiffend and went numb. I never reacted to bad news like that before or since. Then denial took over. He's just messing with me. He's confused, its someone else. Its just a rumor. John's hurt but he'll recover. When I got into the car and turned on the radio the worst was confirmed. The sickening realization that aside from my hero being murdered, there would be no more rumors you wanted to believe. That like the Beatles, I would now be experincing the magic of John Lennon, second hand, through old records and film clips. Us kids of the '60's had everything taken away from us just as we reached an age to experience it. But, hey, those "old records" have been a part of my life for the last 30 years and god willing for the next 30 years. Thanks John. You are missed.

Dec 8, 2003
USA Boston
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love That's 9 times!!(get it??) Love and miss you always John,..wish you were here to see all the hatred that's going on,...I am sure you would straighten us all out with a song.Love and miss you John!!!!

Dec 8, 2003
Michael Espinosa
South Lake Tahoe
All good things never die, and John lives on in all of us he inspired with his music, his ideas, and his love. It is such a sunny and beautiful, buy solemn day here in tahoe. .love is truly the answer and the only thing that matters. we will see you again John...someday.

Dec 8, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
Today, as we mourn the death of the most influential musician and songwriter ever; may we also celebrate the time we had with him and the things he did for our world. His influence is just as predominant in our lives now as it was twenty and thirty years ago. Not only does his spirit live on today, but so does it heart in all of ours; as it will forevermore. Thank you John, we love and miss you.

Dec 8, 2003
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
You have always been with me: in my childhood, in the early days of my adolescence, when I was happy, when I was sad, when I lost my mom, when I fell in love;, my daughter was born on your birthday and although she is ony nine, she knows you pretty well. You are like a very close friend to us, some crazy jerk thought he killed you on december 8, but he was wrong.In our hearts you are very much alive. God bless you, John, we love you so!

Dec 8, 2003
Jim Conely
PTBO, ON, Canada
John Lennon was a leftist radical who poisoned our youth - I'm glad the stupid fucker is dead! Burn in hell!!

Dec 8, 2003
Marx Ducky
Toronto, Canada
My parents can remember where they were when they heard the news that John Kennedy was shot dead. I remember where I was when I heard that John Lennon was shot dead. Love him or hate him, Lennon was the icon of my generation.

Dec 8, 2003
stephen george
on this sad day all we can do is remember the great man and his music-he lives on through his fans

Dec 8, 2003
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Rest in peace, John. You were the best.......

Dec 8, 2003
sugarplum fairy
I was 15 years old. I remember hearing the news on the radio, them saying only that John had been shot and me yelling, "Is he okay?! Is he okay?!" and then the DJ saying that John was dead. After that, I don't remember anything for the next 45 minutes. The shock was too great for me to bear. How could someone so full of love and hope be so brutally taken away. But he'll never really die. Not as long as there are Lennon fans around to keep his memory, music and messages alive. We heard you, John and we're trying. Love you and miss you.

Dec 8, 2003
Brett Service
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
A genius taken from us far too quickly, and violently. There will never be another like him. Although the singer is gone, the song will live on...peace, Brett

Dec 8, 2003
Renn Traken of Brain
And so, dear friends, we'll just have to carry on.... On Friday, I will have been on the planet longer than John was. Just not right. He should still be here-- the astral plane is all right, but he's not gonna save the world from it....

Dec 8, 2003
John,thank you so much for inspiring us, making us think. Thanks for the memories, music and courage! Love you always!You "are" forever the best!Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you,love you LOVE YOU!!!!! :-)

Dec 8, 2003
Little Willow
Indiana, USA
Every year at this time I am amazed at how quickly time has passed. Never more than this year. My life has changed in oh so many ways in the past year. I can hardly believe it's once again December 8. This day has been a sad one for me throughout most of my life. I can remember when I was twelve years old and just beginning to form an ``obsession'' with the Beatles, namely John Lennon. Of course, I was a Beatles fan long before that. That year sticks out in my mind because it was the year I feel I really began to sit up and pay attention. Over the years, John has become a friend even though he is no longer breathing air. In fact, he died four years, one month, and three days before I was born. This fact is amazing to me; I have grown up with his music, read his witticisms, and listened to his philosophies since I was a child. I learned how to stand up for my beliefs; I learned to follow my dreams. I truly feel I would not be where I am today had it not been for discovering his music. Looking at these pages every year has convinced me that much of the world feels the same. Lennon transformed not only his generation, but subsequent ones as well. Anyone who can change a life even in his absence will never die. Anyone who is still talked about, read about, and listened to years after death will never die. Anyone who is in the hearts and minds of millions will never die. Let's keep John alive forever.

Dec 8, 2003
England ,Liverpool
Thank you John. your music has touched me in so many ways. when i'm happy i listen to stand by me, when i'm sad i listen to in my life and in the morning when i head to college its I'm only sleeping. i wasnt around at your death but even today it has such an impact on my life. you where such a treasure John, and i as well as Liverpool are so very proud of u. c u soon

Dec 8, 2003
I miss John.

Dec 8, 2003
flavio camarota
John lennon is remenbered by me each night and day, not just because of his wonderfull music, but the terrific human being he was. He had courage to be himself and step out of the "myth factory", always showing the normal man he was, with no superheroes powers but with a talented heart and hands.

Dec 8, 2003
John your music is inspiering and will live with me forever. This is a very sad day. Your death affected the world and the entire country, John Lennon Rest in peace.... We will never forget you

Dec 8, 2003
albuquerque,nm usa
I was just over a month old when Mr. Lennon passed from these mortal coils but have since grown to appreciate and admire his contributions to humanity. If we're put on this earth to do anything I believe it's to learn and I think John Lennon was the perfect example of student and teacher. He reached great heights but never forgot the ground. I spent today listening to what I own (if we truly own anything) of his body of work. I won't forget the events of december 8th but they were far from the end of the story of John Lennon. I can easily imagine somebody on a spaceship five hundred years from now listening to the music of John Lennon and being inspired. Why because of the universal nature in his work. Not bound to the temporal one could even say timeless. If I were using these words to describe anyone else I'd think it hoaky but not John Lennon. God bless, peace, there's got to be a better way ...... Thank you Mr. Lennon

Dec 8, 2003
Yeah, while I disagree with your politics(you can't just lie on the floor and pretend to be peaceful while mass genocide is going on on the other side of the world, and still think you're going to change the world somehow), your music still kicks ass. Rock on, John. Been a fan of your since I was five, and you singlehandedly changed the world. Congrats. I wish you could be with us now, and continue to be the superstar you always were, and still are.

Dec 8, 2003
Phillip J. Phinney
Los Angeles, CA
Just returned from a trip to NYC where I stood at the precise spot where John was killed in front of the Dakota, 72nd Street & Central Park West, 20 years ago today. I cannot convey the feelings that swept through me as I stood there and reflected on that horrible Monday night, as we all did, in 1980; shock, sadness, depression, anger, and finally the realization of our own mortality and that this sweet, talented man, was taken from us so soon and for no reason at all. Rest in Peace John; we really miss you down here and I wish you were here today to comment on how bloody absurd this country has become. Shine on!

Dec 8, 2003
Lakewood, CO
I was only a little more than a year old when he passed. But later on in my life as I became a person of art and introspection, John Lennon became a personal guru to me, reaffirming my own thoughts and feelings in much better words than I could have ever hope to write. 'Strawberry Fields Forever' is my favorite song of his, one of the very few songs I've ever cried while listening to. It was all in the way he put it, the life he lived, the words that described the kind of goings on inside him (and us) that sometimes can't be described. He was a songwriter of impeccable skill. More, he was a walking talking symbolic gesture of peace, love and understanding...and though there'd always be a naysayer to dig up something bad about Lennon to try and persuade us all to think that he didn't practice what he preached (ahem, Albert Goldman), they couldn't understand that in the words he wrote, he was learning to become a better person as time wore on. No one is born perfect. Hell, no one IS perfect. But John told us that we all shine on, asked us to imagine living for today, and that war (within us, and in the world) could really be over - if we wanted it. Not all of us listened, but I hope someday we'll join him... and the world will live as one. Love and thanks to you, John. Love and blessings to you, Yoko. PS. He was also one helluva funny guy. Read his books!

Dec 8, 2003
Candace Cartwright
Tuscaloosa, AL US
You are still my hero and always will be...not a day goes by that I dont think of you in some way. Listening to your music always puts a smile on my face. You were such an inspiration to so many and especially to me. I just wish I could thank you personally. Maybe when I get to heaven...see you then, John. Love you always!!!!

Dec 8, 2003
Dr PK Morrison
Seattle WA, USA
My roommate was a nurse at Roosevelt Hospital. We got a call from her co-worker at around midnight.. i grabbed my 2 yr old son and walked down to the Dakota *about 16 blocks* as we walked it started snowing still we were walking with hundreds of people who were compelled to leave their apartments and walk to his place. and there in the snow and the freezing cold, with my son on my shoulders, we all joined hands and were singing Imagine, & give peace a chance. I'm sure there were others but those are the 2 i remember the most. As a resident of the upper west side it was very common to see them, John & Yoko with their children walking, shopping, playing in the park. They, he especially, always nodded when he recognized someone from the neighborhood. His death was one of those moments that you never forget where you were when you heard. 11 years later, my younger son took his first steps in Strawberry Fields in Central Park by the Imagine mosaic. And with each step I thought of the times i'd seen John in the park with his son Sean. Laughing, playing. I'd like to think it was his spirit guiding my son's tenative 1st steps.

Dec 8, 2003
Mexico, Guadalajara
Yo soy nueva fan, pero eso no me quita la oportunidad de aprender de estos dias en adelante con la musica de Lennon y de los Beatles, es un fenomeno el que te hace sentir por dentro escucharlos por primera vez , es genial

Dec 8, 2003
Lawrence King
Toronto Canada
What can one say? John Lennon. I, like millions of others, remember you, not just on Dec 8th, but every other day as well. Genius. Idol. Legend. Imagine if everyone thought like you John. Imagine.

Dec 8, 2003
Scott-Andrew Shiff
San Francisco, California
I was nine years old when John Lennon died. It is still one of the saddest days of my life. There is absolutely no reason that a man like John Lennon should've been murdered. We all miss him terribly, not only for his music, but for the man he was. Along with Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, John Lennon wrote about LOVE... the idea that if we love our neighbor, what a beautiful world we would create for ourselves. John would be appalled at the state of the world today. Just recently it was announced that the last autograph he signed is being auctioned off for about 500,000 dollars. I hope someone buys it and donates it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where it belongs. And on a separte note, I hope Mark David Chapman burns in hell. May We All Shine On. All You Need is Love.

Dec 8, 2003
Although I wasn't even alive when you passed away, it still makes me cry. How can you love someone when you weren't even born when they were around? I don't know, but it can happen, and I miss you John. I know you're in Heaven looking down at all of us, and hopefully I'll see you when I get up there. Your beautiful voice makes me so happy and you inspire so many good things in me. I love you. 'Love is real.....real is love'

Dec 8, 2003
i would just like to say that john is my favorite beatles...and the sexiest too. The beatles are my all time favorite band on earth. John is so passionate and outspoken that his personality has made many women (and men) fall head over heels for him.

Dec 8, 2003
Mary Holt
Maine, USA
After years of being a fan, I was finally able to see Strawberry Fields in Central Park this fall. It was very meaningful to me to step where John had once stepped, and in a way, it made him real to me. Like so many, I was not born when John died, so I have no memory of his life. However, I cannot picture my life without the influence of his music. While I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston I was lucky enough to take a class on John's life... the experience was strange, and I can't help but wonder what John would have thought of it. Perhaps one of the best things about the class was the fact that it did not end with a rundown of the sad events that took place right after John's death, but rather, it chose to focus on John's life with a young Sean. In times of darkness and in times of joy, John's music has been there for me. It has always been comforting for me to know that I have a kindred spirit in John Lennon. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to one of his songs. It is a wonder that one man could possibly have done so much for so many - and continues to do so much. Even death cannot silence a man who's purpose in life was to share such wonderful things. "Love is the answer." Yes. Yes it is.

Dec 8, 2003
Stratford Ct
John Well,well.well Today was the first time I didn't venture to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota. Last year I passed out and ended up in the emergency room at Rosevelt hospital. Yes, I took the same route in the ambulance as you had 22 years before on the same day. Today, I couldn't bear to be there. I know your spirit is alive.Yoko, bless her, has made sure people of all generations will always feel your presence and never forget you and what you were about. She is so much a part of you as Sean and Julian are. I have met all three of them and can feel your presense within them. Thank you John, for being you. Thank you for your spirit still remaining here among us to help anyone that asks. Thank you for your many gifts to the world. "In my life, I loved you more "blessed be Helene

Dec 8, 2003
Martin Ashton
I was thirteen years old and I remember it vividly. My parents woke my brother and I up very early in the morning after hearing it on the Radio. It was such a shock. That evening all the TV stations had programmes dedicated to his life. I kept some of newspapers of the day and a copy of a special edition of Newsweek. It touches me today and I still can not believe the senseless killing has robbed us of such a genius. I went to the Dakota building in NYc a few years back and I felt really emotional. Lennon ..the man..the music...the magic there will never be another.

Dec 8, 2003
Love and miss you John... not just today but every day of the year. You've had such an impact on me and the way I want to affect the world. Your thoughts and your music have helped me always and I believe made me a better person. The circumstances are still unbearable after all this time - why a person so amazing was taken from us so violently we can never know - but your music still lives on and millions of people think of you and miss you each and every day. You truly will live on forever. This day is always hard, but it is made that little bit easier with your music and everything you left for the world. I love you and will continue to miss you for the rest of my life. Shine on.

Dec 8, 2003
Milford, Massachusetts, United States of America
John Lennon has made a big influence in the world we live today. He shall always be remembered as a great musician, band leader, and the greatest activist that ever lived. I would like to share a poem about John with everyone who adored him and still do. This poem is written in Portuguese and it is named "Poema a John Lennon". Do ventre da tua mae saistes para cantar como um rouxinol passastes os anos da tua vida a cantar para a lua e para o sol. Para os quatro cantos do mundo voastes entre o as tuas cancoes que a todo o mundo feziam alegrar. John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, e Ringo Starr o nome Beatles, a vossa Banda destens por toda a parte do mundo as pessoas aplaudiu e continua a aplaudir pelos concertos que fizestems. John Lennon no sorizo vivestes na trizteza tambem entrastes mas nunca destes a saber ao mundo por toda a parte que andastes. Se o mundo e tao belo coisa que Deus criou com amor. Por aqui se passa alegria, tristeza,paz e dor. John Lennon assim como o teu coracao doce como o mel que se desfaz que tanto gostarias que no mundo houve-se paz. John Lennon a este mundo trousestes musicas, para o outro mundo levastes versos a toda a gente encantastes de todos o universos. Mas enflizmento dia 8 de Decembro de 1980 o pecador te esperou a entrada de tua casa ele te matou. Mas que tal foi o choque da notica que tudos se calcelou jogos, musicas, e muita gente chorou. Mas tu nao morrestes, voastes para o ceu. As tuas cancoes continuam nos labios das pessoas e dos anjos.

Dec 8, 2003
I was 23 when John died. I was watching the Pats and Dolphins game on Monday Night Football with friends in a bar called The Shamrock in Cambridge, Mass. when Howard Cossell announced John had been shot outside the Dakota. I got up and left and went home. Me and my mother watched the news and they said that John was dead. I felt like I lost a member of my family. My family and I loved the Beatles, including my parents who were pretty hip. We had all the Beatles albums and solo stuff. The Beatles made sense of a crazy world and kept telling us to keep the faith. I felt that night that was all taken away by a nut, a nobody trying to make a name for himself.

Dec 8, 2003
Washington, USA
Thank you, John.

Dec 8, 2003
i'm 54. We all had our favorites and after the junior high phase involving george, he was always mine - even more so when he had the courage to grow with yoko and literally take on the world. And then he was gone. i was in a tiny little farm house in southeast ohio and in labor with my first & only child. i heard one of my midwives say that he had been shot and then one said to the other "Don't tell her now." Labor took two days so on the tenth i really knew but was still pretty busy. a few days later i gave myself time to begin taking it in. still have the rolling stone with john wrapped around yoko on the cover. i've always wished i'd had the presence of mind to use 'lennon' as my daughter's name or middle name & she knows it and agrees. Our little famn damly- which now includes my girlfriend- always thinks of this day in relation to these two lives. and 'merry christmas war is over' is the only christmas song that makes me cry.

Dec 8, 2003
I remember standing at the teletype machine, watching the story print out. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Numbly, I tore the wirecopy from the teletype and walked into the FM studio, where I told the jock I needed to do a bulletin. John Lennon was dead. I read the news copy as best I could, but I nearly choked up as Dave started sneaking the opening bars of "Imagine" under me as I finished. We played John's music for the rest of the day and night.

Dec 8, 2003
asheville, nc
Much love, John. Thank you for your beauty that continues to touch us all. You are so missed! My thoughts go out to Yoko and Sean...with love and remembrance.

Dec 8, 2003
Miss You Life is what happens, while your making other plans. Can't IMAGINE life, if you were never here. Hard too IMAGINE it without you.

Dec 8, 2003
Miss you, John! You will always be remembered forever. Carol

Dec 8, 2003
Cleveland, OH, USA
The first time I was around music by John Lennon, as with most people, I was listening to Imagine. At the time, I had considered it to be the greatest song I had ever heard. It spelled out clearly all of the ideals for which I stood and yet, it was so blurry... so dreamy. I thank the genius, Lennon, for helping me find and better myself through his words and music. Thank you, and may God bless you. Rest in Peace.

Dec 8, 2003
Davis Waid
Atlanta, GA, USA
I had just turned 10yrs old on the 5th of December 1980 and my sister had gotten me two 45's for my birthday and they were "Just Like Starting Over" and "Woman" because she knew they were my favorite songs. Needless to say I was devistated just three days later. When Howard Cosell broke the news on Monday Night Football, I remember running to my parents crying to let them know. I'd learned of John Lennon before I knew of the Beatles and I remember being so inspired by his voice. And his voice still inspires me today. It's so unique, peaceful. Thank God we can never lose that!

Dec 8, 2003
It still seems like yesterday. I think of you often and know that you touched my life in such a profound way...even after all these years.

Dec 8, 2003
Sydney Anderson
Toronto Ontario
Rest in Peace. God Bless, and thank you.

Dec 8, 2003
I miss you John, more and more each year. Every Dec. 8 I play nothing but your tunes, and I have taught my 7 year old daughter all about you. She loves you too, and is sad you are gone. You will live forever in our hearts!

Dec 8, 2003
peace on earth
John, You are forever in my heart and soul. I love you so. You always sang about the TRUTH and always said it just the way it was. My love to Julian, Sean and Yoko.

Dec 8, 2003
Today is a doubled dismal day for me..My brother would have been 46 years old today, taken away from me by the Connecticut River, and John Lennon, my surrogate "Imaginary Brother", taken away from me by a mad man...All I have are memories and dreams...

Dec 8, 2003
John was an inspiration to me and many others. I will miss him dearly. Sudden warm sudden cold, but the dream lives on.

Dec 8, 2003
john i love you! you are on my thoughts every day! you are my hero i will never ever forget you! your songs make my world brighter every day! i just want to say i love you and GOODBYE! and thanks! you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one! i love you!!

Dec 8, 2003
The first time I visited Strawberry Fields in New York it made me cry, not because I was sad, but happy to see that love really is at work in at least one place in the world. The message "IMAGINE" made up from stones from around the world makes me hope that oneday we will achieve what now we can only dream of... John you're not the only one..... The messages people left were so touching, and you have touched many lives around the world with your dedication to your cause. I know if you were here today you would still be living your dream. We miss you and God bless you John Lennon, I know you have blessed a lot of us with your time here. Thanks.

Dec 8, 2003
Francisco Vega
Mexico City
John will live forever in his music and He's and will be the number one.

Dec 8, 2003
Helen Gojanovich
Perth Australia
I was almost 4 when you died but I was brought up on your music. I have always stated that my favourite song is Imagine, " You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only only one, I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one" Your images of world unity and peace were far ahead of your time. And your music has inspired the next generation. You will forever be missed. RIP John

Dec 8, 2003
"WeÕre living in a bad dream. TheyÕve forgotten all about mankind, And you were the one they backed up to The wall all those years ago. You were the one who imagined it all all those years ago. You said it all though not many had ears all those years ago. You had control of our smiles and our tears All those years ago"...and you still do every time we listen to your songs John. This excerpt was taken from a song George dedicated to John called "All those Years Ago", if you haven't heard it is a beautiful memorial to John and the music video always makes me smile. John you had such a beautiful message and I pray that simple word "Imagine" lives in the hearts of the world and this dream soon becomes a reality.

Dec 8, 2003
Nations Capitol/ via Scotland
Oh John, hard to believe it's been 23 years since you left old chum, my heart still aches. Hope you are having a good jam session tonight with my old dad and George, Jimi, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Morrison, Garcia, Dwayne Allman, Keith Moon, and Entwistle, Bonham, Janis. Tell all the others we all said hey as well and that we miss the hell out of them and keep the music cranking till we all get there.... For those of you that werent around the day John died, it felt like you were hit by a truck. My own father died 6 years ago and that of course was the saddest day in my entire life bar none. But when I was 16 and the news of that evening of John being gunned down, I felt as though I wanted to run away forever... My childhood was over...My innoccence was gone forever. Time magazine cover said it all, 'When the music died'! Someone posted before me really summed it up so well when he said we were all feeling so bad enough already just to have lost John. But then it was this endless barrage of 24/7 it seemed to make things worse. All we wanted to do was to get to NYC which was immediately nixed by our parents who knew we were to distraught to drive from the Balto/ Wash area to NYC. My folks were ultra cool being my dad was a musician and I was an only child I was cut alot of breaks, there was never any doubt who my group or choice of musical taste was THE BEATLES was plastered everywhere in my room. Being that both of my parents and I were from Scotland and I already had a similar background having a British passport. My dad had an extensive U.K Beatles vinyl collection which we had brought to the states which I still own. My first honest memories as a child are bobbing up and down looking out a window in our first house in the 60's hearing Beatles music in the background. Well to everyone here, sorry to ramble on, to many tears been shed tonight, into a few many drams of single malt Scotch for me mates! Heres a wee toast to John, Slange mate! and to George, slange mate! To Jules and Sean, all our love, we wish you only the best. To Paul and Ringo, keep coming back out on the road and sharing the remaining fab 4 with us.... It's as cold as I remember, little bit of snow on the ground that night you died, but I am taking my Taylor acoustic outside right now to play and sing "In My Life" Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...... Mother Superior Jumped the Gun, Mother Superior Jumped the Gun Suger Plumbed Fairy, Suger Plumbed Fairy Keep on playing those mind games forever!!!!! Thanks for everything, see ya on the other side...... Scotty

Dec 8, 2003
Denver, CO, USA
I wonder what John thinks when he looks down at the world today...have we gotten any better since 1980? Maybe if more people thought like John this world would be a better place... I was only two and a half when John left the earth. Whenever I play the song "Just Like Starting Over" with my Mom she cries. It reminds her of that day, and now when I hear that song, even though I was too young to remember it, I cry too. John, you are a true inspiration to me and I love you. You will forever be missed.

Dec 8, 2003
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
It's really hard for me to believe it has been 23 years today. What a dark day. I was 11 years old, just becoming musically aware, a huge Beatles fan. There used to be syndicated radio program called Ringo's Yellow Submarine that played Beatles music for an hour and had commentary by Ringo in between songs. I remember riding my bike down the street the next day, December 9th, and bawling my eyes out, not even really sure why. My sister tells me that back then I was depressed a good deal of the time and my parents were dismayed and couldn't shake me out of it. I guess I just instinctually knew some evil had taken place that never should have been. A few years ago, when I was living in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, I managed to find a copy of the John Lennon & Yoko Ono Playboy Interviews (conducted in Sept 1980) in hardcover at a used bookstore, and it's around this time of year every year that I read it. You wanna know something? Today, even though it's 23 years later and I'm 3 times as old as I was than, it STILL makes me a little sad.

Dec 8, 2003
Philadelphia, PA
I was only a few weeks old when this tradgedy occured. December 8th is always a sad day for me. I will always love John's music. His words were always so beautiful and moving. May he rest in peace.

Dec 8, 2003
San Pedro, California, USA
Early the morning after that day, I was driving out of a parking garage in San Francisco. As I got to the exit, I saw some fresh graffiti - "12/8/80 JL". I had no idea what it was, in fact, I don't remember even seeing it until I turned on the radio for the first time that morning. I pulled over and cried for a long time. Beside the loss that I still carry in my heart, I also remember the visual of seeing that graffiti, every so often, and when I do, a lump quickly comes to my throat.

Dec 8, 2003
Harrisville, Utah USA
John and his music lives on...always will...

Dec 8, 2003
i wasn't born yet when John was murdered. I'm 17 years old, but I cried for his death several times, "but I'm not the only one" His music and love will remain alive forever, in our souls.

Dec 8, 2003
Hard to believe a great Man like John was taken from us 23 yrs ago but what never will die is his spirit, his dream for peace and most of all the legacy he left us his music..Shine on ! Wherever you are you are here.

Dec 8, 2003
washington state, usa
johns message of peace, hope, love, thoughtfulness, and personal responsibility continue to encourage me as they have my whole life long. with great pride and pleasure my family members nurtured my spirit using johns music and message as a brilliant guiding light, in turn i continue to look ahead to sharing the same with my children and the people i love. especially ryan swisher who played and sang johns songs to me when we were very young, and refreshed my memory so very sweetly in recent happy days. i love you ryan. we thank you, john.

Dec 8, 2003
Eric Espinosa
Lawrence, Kansas
John is an insparation to me. I admire him and the things he stood for. I will never forget him. We will all grow old, but his music and legend will live on forever. R.I.P John Lennon

Dec 8, 2003
I don't know what I can say that would in any way do him the justice he deserves, except that there aren't many people who possess the strength and courage it takes to do what John Lennon did. Through his music he laid bare his deepest emotions -- his pain and anger, his joy and his dreams, and, above all, his love -- to a world of strangers, hoping that it might reach someone who could care or understand. He was not afraid of stating his opinions, nor of the violent opposition he faced because of them. I once heard a quote (unfortunately, I have no idea who originally said this!) that said something to this extent: "The greatest struggle is to remain yourself when the whole world is striving, day and night, to make you like everyone else." John Lennon was one of the rare, brave people who remained true to themselves in spite of everything around them. And I can also say that I hope he still knows he's not the only dreamer.

Dec 8, 2003
Dublin, Ireland
John, i was 2 when you died and was raised on all things Beatle. Things werent always easy for me growing up but one things was consistent and that was your music was always there to help me. Your music is beautiful, honest and real.You shared with everyone your passion and inspired people to make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing your passions with us. We always miss you but you live on.

Dec 8, 2003
Valarie Blaes
Richmond, VA
I was only ten years old when John's life was so tragically cut short. It wasn't until a few years later when I "discovered" the Beatles and John Lennon...both his music and more importantly, what he stood for. In the time since his passing, I have marked his birthday and, sadly, the day of his passing, by lighting a candle. G-d bless you, John. We love you. Please hug George for us. Valarie

Dec 8, 2003
John Lennon will forever be remembered as a man of deep and sometimes contradictary beliefs. He will be remembered as a man of vision, compassion, and deep humor as well. Whenever rock gets too pompous, ponderous, or just plain stuck... Johns spirit will be around to show us the naked emporers that surround us...and remind us that its enough to play rhythm guitar[except when its' time to make it howl and scream!]. He aint gone if we keep it going!

Dec 8, 2003
New Haven, CT
I'm only 17, but I was brought up listening to Beatles and Lennon CDs. John's music will shine on forever, as will his strong will and uniqueness that everyone loved him for. God bless John!

Dec 8, 2003
It's been a while since you were taken apart from us John, but we haven't been able yet to understand why and what happened to you. We don't wanna find the answers, we just want you to be alive with us with your music. We miss ou John, You'll always be alive for me. You cannot die man, you're still part of us.

Dec 8, 2003
Montreal, Canada
I love you John. Even though I wasn't even born at the time of your death, you have made a huge impact on my life. I know that no matter what, your music will always live on and so will you. I can't believe your life was taken away so fast, and that something so terible could happen to such a great person. I love you,xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Dec 8, 2003
New York, NY
Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans....I try to remember those words and to live life for each day. I hope he feels how much he is sadly missed. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Dec 8, 2003
I'm drawn back here every year John... Peace brother! May we all shine on...

Dec 8, 2003
Greg Follis
Memphis, Tennessee
When I was a kid in 1964 and heard "Please, please me" for the first time it was like an epiphany. That wailing harmonica and intense lyrics shot to my very soul. The world changed forever. The first time I heard "Hold On", I cried like a baby. John had that gift and it was so beautiful. "YES"

Dec 8, 2003
I've been going through all the session bootlegs and the complete lennon tapes and what a damn shame. I've been down to the Dakota several times now and every time it just makes me think what a loss. I just think it is great that he was able to have one last go with Double Fantasy and love the story of the boat trip to bermuda that awakened his sleeping spirit. It is amazing enough what he left behind but hard to imagine what all we missed out on over the last 23 years. The world is a better place for having him in it, even for the short time.

Dec 8, 2003
I am now 38 years old. Your senseless death 23 years ago made it impossible for me to understand this world. It never gets better.

Dec 8, 2003
port norris, nj usa
god bless john lennon! we need you now MORE THAN EVER! SHINE ON!

Dec 8, 2003
Mechanicsville VA
Yes I miss him 23 years later. I cried for my dad, grandmother, my first love and John Lennon. That will tell you how important he was, is, to me. Coo Coo Co Choo. I feel he gave Rock N Roll the balls, to be right, and stand up for things you feel were right. He became "Jesus like" as he grew older, he grew, I grew, he got over the mop tops and so did I. (How do you sleep Paul) It would have been nice to see and hear him today. It would have been rewarding to grow old with him and George. He Wrote the best song in my Wedding. In My Life. Come Together blew me away. #9 Dreams made me wonder for Years. Cold Turkey and Instant Karma gave me the bullets to conquer the weaknesses in myself. Whatever Gets you thru the Night, meant different things at different times. Mind Games, anybody that lived through the 70s understands Mind Games. And Last But Not Least , (Just Like) Starting Over, Odd isn't it folks. Dear Yoko, Beautiful Boy, Julian and Cyn. And To all those who really knew him, yes I miss him.

Dec 8, 2003
mt. vernon, IL USA
I was six years old when John Lennon was felled by a social parasite exercising his right to bear arms, and had only previously known him as one of The Beatles. Mom wasn't terribly keen on his solo stuff except "Imagine," for which she had the single. Still, I remember her crying like a baby when the news came round, and thinking how ridiculous she seemed - she didn't even know him personally; why was she crying? These days, however, I've found Lennon's significance in my own life and can't count how many times I've been brought to tears by his lyrics, music, and personal story. My mother used to sing snatches of "Beautiful Boy" to me because my Christian name is Sean, and many's the time I've since fought the proverbial lump in the throat at hearing it again. Lennon understood that music is about creating a sense of community through the brilliant expression of universal emotions, and such is the theme that comes roaring from the stalls everytime I put a CD on. As with George's intimate lyrics regarding his spiritual struggle/journey, so did John detail his personal discovery of/struggle for/journey toward identity for us because everyone has been in the same shoes and the thing that has to be remembered, and the thing that really keeps us here is that we do all, indeed, shine on, and if that isn't nice, what is? Happy Christmas and God bless and help us all!

Dec 8, 2003
Whitby,Ontario, Canada
peace,love and the music forever

Dec 8, 2003
Gail Michaels Ellingsong
Tiburon, California, USA, Earth
***Imagine*** John Lennon was still alive 23 years ago*** Imagine, on December 8th, 1980, John Lennon was still alive until 10:50 PM, EST. Then his physical body was forced to leave this earthly plane - due to another senseless act of aggression with the convenience of a hand gun. Please imagine the kind of world John and Yoko Imagined, a world filled with peace, harmony and no borders. A world with enough food, water, love - and a home for everyone. John and Yoko Ono Lennon, painted these ideas on the canvass of life for all of us to imagine. Even in today's world with many active wars, it is easy to imagine a world society living peacefully. That image is up to each one of us. War is Over, if you want, is the simple, yet profound message these two and so many other philosophers and humanitarians expressed to a world hungry for something other than what weÍre experiencing. John, your presence is still felt world wide, as your consciousness surrounds us and merges with us from the ethereal realms of your eternal existence. You are always remembered. World wide, there are many who think of you and your loved ones and extended family. We send them strength and love during these difficult days of living without you We are still sensitive to and honor the words and music you shared with us. Thank you for making the world a much better place to live in. We miss you. We are and will continue to Imagine. These sentiments are being felt and expressed Everywhere on Planet Earth. (It is now 23 minutes and 23 years later - that John Lennon had been shot. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, everywhere, today as we continue to Imagine.) check out sign your name to have John Lennon's b-day, Oct. 9, be an international holiday for peace. Started by Mark Ellis, who was in front of the Dakota until early morning of 12/09/80.

Dec 8, 2003
December 8, 1980. I wasnt alive on that day, and im glad i wasnt. because it would have been one of the worst days of my life. John Lennon was the most incredible person of the past 50 years. He wrote the songs that have stayed with us our entire lives. Everyone remembers their first time. Hearing "A Day in The Life" or "Beautiful Boy." What happened to him was one of the most senseless acts of murder ever. Rest In Peace John...

Dec 8, 2003
Lubbock, TX, USA.
23 years isn't that long in the scheme of thing, but it seems like forever. Miss you John..thanks for the memories.

Dec 8, 2003
I will never forget Dec. 8th, 1980. 23 years later and it still hurts like hell! I love and miss you, John.

Dec 8, 2003
Tucson, AZ
To you John I dedicate this song: "As I play Across the Universe on my acoustic guitar." Thank you for the guidance, the advice and the immeasurable amount of love that, on your own as well as with Paul, George and Ringo you created and left for all of us to share and enjoy with our past, present and future. Love, Luis

Dec 9, 2003
Gail Michaels Ellingsong and Yuji Fukuri
Tiburon, California, USA, earth
I was at Stevie Wonder's concert at the Oakland Collesium on December 8th, 1980,when he opened his concert with a dedication to an unnamed person - "you know who you are wherever you are and I'll tell you (the audience) more about that later on in the concert. " Before his encore song, Stevie once again said this concert and this last song is ñdedicated to all the people who have lived and died for peace, and IÍm talking about a great man who was shot and killed tonight, Mr. John Lennon!" After he he announced the tragic events of that fateful December 8th, 1980, to a stunned crowd of 15,000, Stevie shared that he almost could not do the concert, but then dedicated it beforehand without telling his aduience what he meant. Then Stevie Wonder collapsed on stage. His female backup singers ran up to him and holding him and swaying, they and we, all sang the Happy Birthday Martin Luther King song, as we all cried in disbelief. ñWhy has there never been a holiday, where peace is celebrated, all throughout the world?î I still get emotional recalling that moment where the world remembered John. Imagine.This was the third and last concert that I attended in a matter a days in the SF area. And he sang "Ribbon in the Sky", for an unnamed person (John Lennon), which he had not performed at any of the first two concerts. Stevie Wonder and Miss Coretta King were instrumental to successfully lobby for the U.S. Holiday to celebrate Martin Luther KingÍs Birth date - January 15. We miss John and will always stand for what he and Yoko represented - war is over. I have always known that much of the strength that John continued to cultivate was from the magnanimous love and wisdom that Yoko radiated. Often misunderstood by her own people and other cultures, Yoko stood true to herself, allowing John to simply find himself - IÍm sure that Sean, and Julian too, radiate their fatherÍs presence. We recently attended Yoko's marvelous art show at the SF Museum of Modern Art and we kept hoping she might call on her special white phone while we were there. I moved one rock from the pile of sorrow to the rock pile of joy. Thank you Yoko for your beingness! Our thoughts are with you. Yoko Ono just yesterday initiated a new Peace Prize given to the United Nations - a $50,000 "Give Peace a Chance" Art for Peace Contest - offered to Palestinian and Israeli artists! Yoko - John is so proud - beaming to you like the sun shining 94 million miles away. xoxoxoxox PS sign the petition for John Lennon's birhtday, Oct.9, to be an international day of peace. pass it on. Http://

Dec 8, 2003
South Carolina USA
We all shine on like the moon & the stars & the sun--& so does John's spirit! Peace to all )O(

Dec 8, 2003
Thanks John! You'll always be remembered.

Dec 8, 2003
Goldens Bridge, NY
It's been 23 years, but it seems like yesterday. God bless you John Lennon.

Dec 8, 2003
For musicians, his music will stand the test of time. For everyone else, his music and personality will survive all of us. Peace.

Dec 8, 2003
i'm only 20 today but your music continues to inspire even our generation as it does for me today and always. thank you: the music and the message! god bless you *xx*

Dec 8, 2003
Edison, NJ
23 years after he was senselessly taken from the world John Lennon continues to live on through his work both as a member of The Beatles and on his own. It's a damn shame that John's family, friends, and fans were robbed of him and who knows what might have been. But on the positive side at least John Lennon existed and we do have the music he left us to always remember him by. Rest in peace John.

Dec 8, 2003
Houston, Tx.
The world is much worse in these times that we all are living in. I truly know in my heart that you would be using that famous big mouth to be shouting out the wrongs that are happening. This world needed you, John. We did then, we do now. I find myself saying, " If John were here, he would be speaking his mind about this and that!! " You are missed, and always will be. We are now teaching our children, so that you will live on forever! All We Need Is Love....

Dec 8, 2003
I only like to say we miss you John...

Dec 9, 2003
Napa, Ca
I wanted to tell the world, I MISS YOU JOHN LENNON! It's still so hard to accept, when I'm watching a beatle music video or one of your solo ones, you're gone. I still can't believe it after all this time. But what am I saying? You're not gone... you live in every music lovers heart. Your voice was somehow so beautiful it wasnt human... It's inside all of us and we'll never ever forget you.... I LOVE YOU JOHN

Dec 9, 2003
Vancouver, Washington, USA
John had a tremendous gift for speaking directly the minds of people...everyone that hears his music is possesed by the feeling of the sounds he made. He had conservation of lines, as an artist he could in one stroke do what others would have to do in seven or eight, and still not be as perfect. The raw emotion of rock and roll, or the profound power of Strawberry Fields and Imagine spoke directly to us, John made recognize and accept our own feelings. I've tried to blame his death on a crazy lunatic, on guns, on everything else in the world but I've realized that none of those things are really important. John died because, as he knew, men are cursed with a tendency toward violence that they cannot seem to escape. John didn't die because a madman got his hands on a gun, he died because where there is a will there is a way, and as long as men wish to kill, there will always be senseless death. John Lennon wasn't a god, he was flawed in many ways, but he understood humanity, and spoke to our souls. For that he will be dearly missed, and proudly remembered. Joseph

Dec 9, 2003
December 8 is still a day of great sadness in my life. I remember that day as though it were yesterday, and it brings tears to my eyes. But, I also remember the music John Lennon brought into the world and how it played as a soundtrack to the wonderful events in my life. Today is as much a day for celebration as it is for mourning, because it causes us to slow down for a bit in all this madness and to take a look at what is really, friends, and the time spent with both. Today I will hug my children tighter, call a friend I haven't heard from for a while, and tell my mother I love her...that is how I choose to remember John. Thank you John...catch ya on the flip-flop!

Dec 9, 2003
Mark KiwiBeatle
New Zealand
" We all shine on , like the moon & the stars & the sun..." And I Imagine you John will shine on & on & on..... ja guru deva om

Dec 9, 2003
Itai Mesch
They may say I'm a dreamer... There's a reason I left most of my CDs in my house the other day instead of leaving them in my car where they normally stay... I guess it's kinda super-normal... the only good CDs left were Beatles and John Lennon, so I took my daily "commute" against a background of Lennon. Didn't realize that until just now. But I'm not the only one...

Dec 9, 2003
Eric B
The more I learn about John Lennon... the more of a fan I become. I never really know too much about him other than his music until recently. It all started a couple years ago when I started helping a friend promote his John Lennon novel.. which is tied into John's death very closely. Imagine and what it stands for is incredible... its all about coming together... his message will never die nor will his lengend. And his spirit lives on! Peace Eric Bonnici

Dec 9, 2003
Ontario, Canada
On Dec 8 1980, my life was changed forever, and definitely not for the better. I was 11 years old when John Lennon was murdered. I was raised on the Beatles music, listening to and singing their songs since I could walk and talk and John was my favorite. I guess I might have been the biggest 11yr old Beatle fan of my time when John was murdered. As the years have passed and the older I get, the more I miss this irreplaceable genius. I can't help but wonder what this world would have been like had he lived, for me at least it would have been a happier place. People always remember events that affect their lives and where they were when they happened. I'll never forget that night, the shock of the event and then the news that he was gone forever. For me the day the music died was Dec 8 1980 and even though his music will live on forever, the world is a darker place without him and it is'nt getting any easier to accept.

Dec 9, 2003
Sarah Marshall
Nobody told me there would be days like these. 23 years. wow. 23 years, and we still remember and honor this day. Its amazing and great. This day always makes me a bit sad, but I just try to imagine that John is with his mother that he has been in a misery about his entire life, and finally he can have his mother. We all shine on, everyone, C'MON!

Dec 9, 2003
new mexico
to john, my twin brother and i sang your songs down our basement for years as we were 9 when you all hit the tv in our living room, what a treat it was to have grown up a beatle fan, and to see you come of age like you did, i couldnt believe my ears that monday night during a football game that howard cosell called, saying former beatle john lennon has been shot, what kind of a crazy man i thought would do such a terrible thing like that, what a loss, you will never be forgotten, i sing to your songs always in my head and heart, peace john , hope your still singing, i know that i am , thank you

Dec 9, 2003
Seattle, WA
Like Neil from Ontario, I was a young boy when John was taken from us. I was, at age 12, already an incurable Beatles freak, complete with every Beatle and solo album in my collection, photos and posters all over my room, and "Bring on the Lucie" scrawled on my school notebook. I agree with Neil, it has not gotten any easier to take in spite of the time that has passed. In the interim, I have lost my father to a heart attack, my best friend to suicide, and of course, thousands of innocent souls on September 11 and in subsequent stupid wars. None of these losses seem to me as senseless and thoroughly ridiculous as what happened on the night of 12/8/1980. It just absolutely made, and makes, no sense whatsoever. Time stood still the next morning, when I found out. I truly believe that part of me stopped on that horrible morning, and is still a 12 year old boy trying to make-it-not-true.

Dec 9, 2003
phil makes
John Lennon is my hero.

Dec 9, 2003
Bungalow Bill
John has made all of us better.We started to appreciate life,music,poetry-and peace and love "with a little help" from him.I think 23 years ago the earth has left the man whose deal into minds of people can be compared with that of Jesus, Buddha and other greatest teachers of the mankind.

Dec 9, 2003
Augustine V. Vazquez
Seattle, WA
Lennon left a legacy for the humanity. THANKS JOHN.

Dec 9, 2003
Thanks for turning me on to music and the 1965 Epiphone Casino! You are loved.......

Dec 9, 2003
New Orleans, Louisiana
Although I was born 2 years after his death, his music will always inspire me. Today marked the 23 year anniversary of John Lennon's death, as well as my sister's 23rd birthday. A few years ago, I watched a documentary of his life and truly cried at the end. Goosebumps tore through me. Since that experience, I deemed myself a fan of Lennon, as well as The Beatles.

Dec 9, 2003
Craig Schroeder
Blackwood NJ
Twenty three years after John's passing, his inspiration is still alive and well the world over. Let there be peace...

Dec 9, 2003
Life goes on, but without John the world is a poorer place. I thank god that John lived and was able to voice his ideals to us, we should all think of them a little bit more often, coz it would make the world a better place. I am just one person who misses John, my heart goes out to his children Sean & Julian, they were robbed of a father. We were only robbed of a musician who spoke his mind. I am thankfull that we still have his music and memories of him, Let's remember him today so that he can still live, if only in our thorts.

Dec 9, 2003
Craig Alfonso
Last night Strawberry Fields was glowing with your spirit as we all sang your songs and fell in love with your music all over again. the people playing were great not as good as you but they got the job done. I got a chance to play In My Life on someone elses guitar and it was one of the warmest feelings i'v ever had listening to everyone sing it. Once again thank you for your music and your insperation John, we miss you always.


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