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As its name implies, the "John Lennon Collection" is a compilation album. It features many of John's most commercially popular songs as a solo artist. It was released Nov. 1, 1982 (UK) and Nov. 8, 1982 (US).

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Rating: 5.0
Jun 14, 2009
John is just invention of god. he is immortal...

Rating: 5.0
Oct 12, 2007
Justin Rohde
there has never been a man with such a pure heart. I have never and i mean never been so moved by John's music. I am now in treatment and look to john as a man to idolize or at least respect beyond all comprehension. My counsler say " you are wrong" i have never been more disappointed in my fellow man when now is the day when peace among all could not be more needed or saught out by more people and a man who is there to help you become at peace with an addiction can not acknowledge John as a man of peace regardless of any mood altering chemicals he may have taken. Sad to say but i have never been in such doubt of the american institution and its ability to recognize its own ignorance. "I hold strong my beliefs and will never let go, John lennon some day i'll let you know; how your guidence has helped me to live my life free and without fear, i know you look down and are always near; i know ignorance is bliss and shared by my fellow man, i want all to know even after death this is where i stand!"

Rating: 4.0
Aug 16, 2007
Paul Panetta
This 1982 release was just a replacement of 1975 Shaved Fish LP. I like the cover they used of Lennon photographed on his final day on Earth. Using most of Shaved Fish material,but adding Double Fantasy songs was good,and as you know down the road, there would be more re-hash of these songs in the early '90s. As one of the reviewers mentioned, this is not a GREATEST HITS package, just collections of Lennon tunes from his career.

Rating: 4.0
Apr 21, 2007
The fact that this compilation was released before "Milk and honey"and the other post mortem releases makes it a dated one, although it contains the full version of "Give peace a chance". Another weakness is the inclusion of 6(out of 7) songs from "double fantasy.I mean, "Dear yoko" not only was never a hit but it's not even one of the best of John.And "move over Mrs L" was the B side of "stand by me" back in 75.It was never a hit either, although I do love it.

Rating: 5.0
Feb 12, 2007
It has mostly the best songs, still I donīt think it would have been the oneīs that John would have picked. These album has the most popular ones, and of course, with the sincere, unique and peacefull perception of the world that Lennon had. Excellent!!

Rating: 5.0
Apr 19, 2006
Ron Hart
It's a good song. I love the history behind it. What I don't like is the fact that some moron credited Paul with this song. Lennon wrote the song after the Beatles broke up.

Rating: 3.5
Mar 5, 2006
So I am just a jealous guy was that sung for cynthia or yoko?

Rating: 5.0
Dec 14, 2005
I like some of Johns Albums and I like that he was pease propogander I play the guitar and Johns songs too and it's fantastic

Rating: 5.0
Nov 24, 2005
John Lennon should be God.

Rating: 5.0
Sep 24, 2005
Jeremy Martin
Great album what more need i say!!!!!

Rating: 5.0
Aug 19, 2005
Christian Clarke
this hits album is by far one of the best John Lennon albums out there.It has all the esential hits that one would want from a hits album.

Rating: 5.0
Sep 28, 2004
Rick Jackson

Rating: 1.0
Sep 27, 2004
burning man
Don't be fooled. This is not "Grearest hits", this is a "Collection", and as such has no obligation to fullfill any expectations whatsoever. Lennon had just been murdered after releasing only one album for Geffen, so I suppose Geffen felt justified in re-releasing all of Lennons Double Fantasy output padded out with some obvious hits from his solo back-calalogue.This is money making at its most obscene, cashing in as it did on the wave of emotion that surrounded Lennon at the time. There is absolutely no reason to buy this collection, not because of the songs included, but because these songs are much better obtained elsewhere in more worthy forms than this. Everything from the sloppy packaging to the slapdash track running order shows a lack of care that is insulting. Perhaps with a little more care and affection, this project might have been rescued, however in its current form it is more insulting to Lennons memory than a proper tribute.PS Whats all this Lennon Vs McCartney guff? I thought this was a forum for expressing opinions on the merits of Lennons output, not a "my Beatle is better than your Beatle" bunfight. Keep that stuff for the chat rooms.

Rating: 5.0
Apr 18, 2004
I Am John
John Lennon at his best - Imagine that - I feel that the years after the Beatles were inspiration for John. John wrote a lot of songs which were perceived as being hate songs for Paul, in reality John later acknowledged that they were about himself. Together the Beatles were a force to be dealt with, apart they remained unbeatable - this album in particular highlights John talent and genius. John demonstates he is capable of balads, and does so with extreme skill. I've listened to this album hundreds of times, even today some of the songs bring a tear to my eyes. Thank you for the opportunity to revisit this album in this manner. John

Rating: 5.0
Mar 6, 2004
Nick W
If you only ever buy one John Lennon album in your life then make it this one. All the essentials are included from Give Peace a Chance through Imagine, Whatever Gets You Thru the night to late period Lennon classics like Woman and Starting Over. The song selection is spot on, there's no padding here - it's definitive Lennon. There's no lost demo, alternate take, live or (heaven help us) Yoko padding here. It's the main man, shorn of his Bealtes at his best during his solo years and nothing more and what a joy it is. It's a document of genius. As a gateway to Lennon it's perfect as well. It'll leave you wanting more but the best of what he achieved is all on here and the best of Lennon's best is the best you can get. The John Lennon Collection is close to pefection in an ugly world of corporate music biz bollocks.

Rating: 3.5
Feb 1, 2004
Jo Mama
This album is good but not great. Lots of good songs (Imagine, Woman, etc), too many bad ones (Cold turkey, Move over ms L, etc). Maybe ok for diehard lennon fan, may turn off lennon newbie. May be a good "comprehensive" album to show newbies what lennon's about (in which case it should have also included Mother, God and Gimme some truth) but not too musically appealing overall. For a good "listenable" album that i can play over and over again in my car and show off to all my family and friends what a genius john is, i personally cut my own compilation from all my JL solo cds: 1-Real love, 2-Mind games, 3-Nobody told me, 4-Oh my love, 5-Borrowed time, 6-Jealous guy, 7-Oh yoko, 8-How, 9-Dream 9, 10-Happy Xmas, 11-India, 12-Instand karma, 13-Starting over, 14-Beautiful boy, 15-Free as a bird, 16-Love, 17-Woman, 18-Watching the wheels, 19-Grow old with me, 20-I'm steppin out, 21-Imagine. I think Lennon Legend does a better job of being a comprehensive album. Maybe only a double album can truly do justice in wholly summarizing Lennon's best solo stuff ...

Rating: 5.0
Dec 18, 2003
Lillian Ward
The John Lennon collection is really the only connection that I have with John Lennon's solo works. I just got obsessed with the Beatles, and then my father- fool that he is- "loaned" me his JLC CD. HAH! Aside from the fact that the Cd is always reachable-in my backback or, if I'm at home, it would be in my hands- it has never left my possession. I love- with one exception- all of the songs of this album. "Imagine," "Instant Karma," "Power to the People," "War is Over" and "Watching the Wheels" are my favorites on the album. They just ROCK!!

Rating: 4.0
Jul 7, 2003
Listener to all that is good
As blasphemous as this may sound to some, as big a John Lennon fan as I am, I'm not going to give this album a perfect rating. I'll give it 4.0 instead, mainly because I just don't feel that the compilation on this album even comes close to reflecting the best collection of Lennon's solo stuff. There are just too many songs on it which I feel shouldn't belong there to begin with (eg. Cold turkey, Power to the people, I'm losing you and so forth). Then there's many that should be there which aren't (eg. Real love (original piano version), Free as a bird (original piano version), How, Oh my love, Strange days indeed, Grow old with me, Oh Yoko, God, Look at me, Isolation, Hold on, How do you sleep, I'm steppin' out, Borrowed time, and so forth). In reponse to the comment below about the value of being a "commercial success", did y'all know that the only John Lennon solo tune to ever make it to #1 on the charts was "Whatever gets you through the night"? Personally, I find it to be one of the most annoying Lennon tunes, at least in my eyes anyways. It's another good example of one which I feel just shouldn't belong on this album. Even Imagine, arguably the most highly revered pop tune of all time, had never actually hit #1 (actually, to be technically correct, Imagine did soar to #1 in 1980 in lieue of John's death, but I don't think this technically counts). I like Paul McCartney solo too. Even though I like John Lennon solo better, if it's any consolation to McCartney fans, I feel Lennon's crappiest solo stuff was by far crappier than McCartney's. I've always felt that Paul has never really gotton a fair shake with his solo stuff, receiving far less credit than he actually deserves. See, this is what I think the whole problem is: with both Lennon and McCartney (or any solo Beatle actually) during their solo years their ratio of good-to-bad songs had been drastically reduced in comparison with their Beatle years. So there's a lot of "separating the chaff from the wheat" that a fan like myself must go through to get at only the good stuff. With today's technology, it's easier to do so for two main reasons: i) CD-skipping technology allows one to skip to only the good songs, ii) CD-copying technology allows one to back up one's CD onto a computer and create a custom compilation of only one's favourite numbers. This technology wasn't available to fans in the late seventies and eighties when all the Beatles did their solo work. During this time, the only available audio media were vinyl records and cassette tapes. Because of John's tragic death, his already intensely appealing mystique and aura were catapulted into legendary proportions. Because a lot of people sorely missed him (and still do), the only one true way of really remembering and honouring his memory was through his music, so die-hard Lennon fans started taking the time to patiently go back and sift through all of Lennon's solo stuff. I believe that if people have the same patience to do the same with Paul's solo work, they'll uncover just oodles and oodles of great McCartney solo gems lost in the dust. Like John or any other artist for that matter, I believe Paul's solo work will be valued more after he passes on.

Rating: 4.0
Oct 17, 2002
Andrew Bowman
Now, this seems like the perfect opportunity to review John's singles, the majority of which hadn't been included, in full form, on an album before. As we all know, it kicks off with the full version of Give Peace A Chance, John's first single. (if you don't count How I Won The War. Incidently, does anyone know where I can get hold of that? For collections sake, you understand?) This song says everything it's supposed to, and it's raw quality only adds to it's appeal. A true message song, and considerably better than his most famous message song, Imagine. (I'll come back to that). Instant Karma is a great single, which in an ideal world would have been number 1. Power To The People could have been better, and is a chant reminiscent of the STiNYC album. I suppose you either love or hate this track, but personally I don't have much time for it. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night and No. 9 Dream are both, obviously, from the Walls And Bridges album, and equally superb. Elton John's rollicking piano on Thru and the gentle quality of Dream make for great listening. Mind Games is covered in the review of the album of the same name. In fact, the songs already covered in various reviews are: Imagine, Stand By Me, Jealous Guy, Love, (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, I'm Losing You, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), Watching The Wheels and Dear Yoko. If you fancy it, check the various album reviews for opinions on these songs. Returning to the non-reviewed songs, Happy Xmas (War Is Over). Now, am I the only one who finds this slightly annoying? Before anybody thinks I'm being sacreligious, let me just explain: It's a Christmas song, and like all Christmas songs, irrespective of who they're by, it gets irritating after the 18th listen. Just an opinion. Well, that's it for the vinyl release, but the Cd includes two extra tracks; Move Over Ms. L and Cold Turkey. The former is a rolickin' rock 'n' roller, which suited it's original placing as the B-side of Stand By Me. (interesting side note: Ms. L was originally written for Keith Moon. You probably knew that, but anyway...) Cold Turkey, well this is an incredible single, and the slipping of it down the charts was a reason for him returning his MBE. (That and the Vietnam war). The guitar work is just superb, and it probably wouldn't have worked as a Beatles Single anyway. (If you know the story, good. If you don't, ask somebody who does). All in all, a decent album.

Rating: 4.0
Oct 8, 2002
I bought this on tape for $1.00. I didn't know three songs on the album at the time, "Dear Yoko", "I'm Losing You" and "Move Over Ms. L". "Give Peace A Chance" has nice lyrics and I like the song. "Instant Karma!" is a great song, excellent, one of my favorites. I love "Power To The People". It's such a powerful song. Next is the atrocious and disco "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night". This song is really bad. "#9 Dream" is so different sounding which is what makes me like it. Nice lyrics by the way too. "Mind Games" is kind of annoying... "Love" is too soft for me. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" is a good song even if Yoko sings in it. She blends with the children's choir. "Imagine" has the best Lennon lyrics ever written but a bit overrated... "Jealous Guy" is a bit repetitive and annoying. "Stand By Me" is slipping on my list but nice lyrics, Ben E. King! I like the 50's "(Just Like) Starting Over)". "Woman" is my favorite John Lennon song. I like "I'm Losing You". Good song but not great. "Beautiful Boy(Darling Boy)" is annoying. I like "Watching The Wheels". "Dear Yoko" has the cool music. It got everyone dancing. :o) "Move Over Ms. L" is the only song I can't find anywhere else and I like it. Good song. "Cold Turkey" is good but not great. This compilation album isn't as good as Lennon Legend but one positive thing about this compilation album is that it has "Move Over Ms. L" which is not found on any other album. Good album. I suggest to buy it if you are a new John Lennon fan.

Rating: 2.0
Sep 21, 2002
David Moses
The good tracks first. All the songs taken from the 'double fantasy' release are good, with the exception of 'dear yoko', which is an insipid, personalised number, that would be unsuitable on a demo recording. 'Clean up time' was also left off the collection, and for good reason. This is a dire track. 'Woman' is beautiful and the other efforts from 1980. *9 dream is also a great song, with lovely strings and a nice, soothing melody from Lennon. The other good songs are the tracks from 'imagine'. But the rest is clearly rubbish and showed just how much Lennon lagged behind McCartney as a musician. 'Give peace a chance' has two chords and is just crap. Take the actual song and forget about all Lennon's peace stuff. It is beyond redemption. In music, one must separate the person from the music. Lennon fans cannot seem to do this. 'Instant karma' is terribly produced, with Lennon's vocals completely distorting. 'Happy Xmas' would be OK, but Yoko sings, so I want to puke. As for the last two tracks, they are simply execrable. 'Move over Ms. L. is laughably bad and 'cold turkey' is the noisiest crap Lennon ever came up with. A waste of space and a pathetic excuse for a song. Still, considering how few good songs Lennon had after the beatles, this collection does bring his best songs together. Still, even this does not match up to Paul's weakest albums (eg: back to the egg)-even though some of Paul's work is whimsical nonsense, it will always be better than the off tune howling and poorly produced songs Lennon vomited out for the public to hear.

Rating: 4.0
Nov 27, 1999
This album was first released in time for Christmas 1982; Geffen managed to license some EMI-owned tracks to add to the Double Fantasy ones, so there is an air of sheer commercialism around its existence. That being said, as an LP it succeeds in that it includes the complete single version of Give Peace A Chance; it also utilizes a slightly remixed Love, the minimalist beauty from Plastic Ono Band. Side 2 begins strongly with Imagine and Jealous Guy, then retreads most of John's half of Double Fantasy, admittedly all radio hits save Dear Yoko (Oh Yoko! would have been a better choice but probably not economically feasible for Geffen at the time). The Estate redeemed themselves with the CD reissue by including the original single version of Happy Xmas (with correct printed lyrics), Stand By Me, its rare but essential B-side Move Over Ms. L, and Cold Turkey rounds things out, if ending the disc on a harsh note. I still don't know why Dear Yoko is included, and couldn't they have added Nobody Told Me to the CD? There would be more compilations to come.

Rating: 4.5
Dec 27, 1998
Let it be known that this album gives witness to the softie side of John Lennon, let it also be known that it's a nice change. All too often John's heavy, angry, tunes recieve the accolades, this album finally gives some softer, sweeter tunes a chance. Not that these are better, it is obvious that John's real passion was in his angst. I find this album to run the gamut of John's styles and moods. No one can be angry all the time, John also had his sappy, mushy mombents and they were none less brilliant than the others. I find the best song here to be the mystical #9 Dream. This is a confused statement of befuddlment, plus a catchy tune, and some nice effects. I also enjoy Dear Yoko, and Woman both tributes to the woman he loved. Rarely do we see John in Romeo mood. Move Over Ms. L is a humorous, angry, but toungue in cheek rolic through John's crazy metaphors. Overall this album does indulge in sacharine, but with the sweetest results. Finally we see John as a well rounded human being not a constant angry activist. Kudos for finally seeing the mush inside the man!

Rating: 4.5
Dec 15, 1998
Chris Mitchell
Perhaps understandable that some may not be moved by this collection of Lennon's solo finest. The cloying sentimentality of simple little dittys like Love and Imagine show the fluffier side of John and indeed the whole album is themed on his bitter and troubled romanticism. Highlights for me are the achingly vulnerable Jealous Guy and Women, the wonderfully snide Instant Karma and the whimsical Watching the Wheels. Its a wonder that he could mould some well meaning sentiments and simple tunes into a collections of beautiful songs that we can so easily identify with. It should be noted however that some of the quirkier tracks such as Dear Yoko and Move over Ms L are a little naff, and I dare anyone to listen to the kids chorus in Happy Xmas (War is Over) without wincing. Still these are minor quibbles. To top it all off with you get Cold turkey; either an expression of inner rage and pent up frustration bubbling to the surface or just a bloke screaming. Love is the answer, trust me.

Rating: 5.0
Dec 1, 1998
Charles Olney
The John Lennon Collection is essential. Even for those of us who have every other album he's done, this one is great if only for saving space on car rides and vacations. It opens with the song Give Peace a Chance, which even after almost 30 years is still as vital as ever. The repitition of the single desperate cry for love and peace brings me (who was born after he died) directly into that hotel room where John and Yoko spoke for peace like few others have. While musically it's nothing special, that very fact makes it so unique and so personal. The second song is Instant Karma, a very good song. It doesn't have quite the emotional hook of some of the other songs, but it does send his message very well: "How in the world you gonna see? Laughing at fools like me?" The next song is Power to the People. This musically is not one of my favorites, but like Give Peace a Chance, the message is more important. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night was John's #1 and probably my least favorite song on the album. I've tried to like it, but I just can't. #9 Dream is a very under-rated song. The lyrics are almost magical. It's very like the dream it purports to be. Mind Games is another one of my favorites. On one level, it can be seen as just a nice song about love and peace, but I think it's a lot deeper than that, too. It's a song about love, sure, but not dopey hippy love (well, not JUST dopey hippy love), it's about the transcendental love which is the only reason to exist. Love is a beautiful song, perhaps one of John's very best. It's much like "Oh My Love" on Imagine in that its beauty is in its simplicity. However, I also believe it deserved a place as the closing song. Almost like an epilogue. Happy Christman (War is Over) is a wonderful and beatiful christmas song, but it also is a wonderful and beautiful affirmation of love and peace. I almost cry when I hear this song, in it's simple wonder. And that puts me in a fitting mood for the next song: John's gift to the world: Imagine. I will say here and now that Imagine is not only the best song on this album, or the best song by John Lennon, or even the best song ever, it is life in music. The fact that this song exists alone is a reason for me to live, and a way for me to try to live. I can listen to it for hours on end and every time think of something else which makes life beautiful. The second half of the album I won't cover in as much detail, other than to point out John's un-ending genius in the line, "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" of Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) and to observe that while the majority of these songs are not as political as the first half, they say exactly the same thing. John's final works speak of his love for his family and the joy he finally found in life. And that's no different than world peace, in the end.

Rating: 4.0
Nov 30, 1998
Ed McCormick
Overall a good album. Even though "Give Peace A Chance" is Lennon's Anthem, frankly it gets on my nerves after the billionth time the chorus (Or hook or whatever you call it) is repeated. Instant Karma is great, a classic that I never will grow tired of. Power to the People is not one of those Lennon tracks you hear that often, and I'm happy that it was put on the album. "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" Lennon's only #1 is awesome and easy to tell that Elton John worked on it with him, this wouldn't be a good "Collection" album unless that song was on it. I only wish that a track other than "Stand By Me" from the 'Rock and Roll' album was on (Perhaps "Slippin' and Slidin'" or "Rip It Up/Ready Teddy" personal favorites) "Stand By Me" to me, though a good song, too generic for Lennon. Then you have half of 'Double Fantasy' on the album, which really dosen't bother me too much, but at least they could of put songs from 'Milk and Honey' on there to even it all out. Overall, if you were to have one Lennon album to listen to in the car, rather than bring the whole catalog, this album is a good choice of his best hits, the majority of the songs are well known, and upbeat. One more comment though "Move Over Mrs. L" wasn't a good choice for the album (I don't understand a word he's saying the recording of that track was LOUSY). Anyway, I gave the album four apples because it was indeed a good compilation of 'The Best of Lennon'.

Rating: 4.0
Apr 21, 1998
Unsurprisingly, this album gives a generally good overview of John's post-Beatle work. Particularly, it includes the great early singles which don't appear on albums being, (1) "Give Peace A Chance" - although technically and musically nothing special, the lyrics and more so the message - direct and chanted repeatedly almost desperately; the Lennon trademark. (2) "Instant Karma" - an up-beat song, simple again but up-lifting, and (3) "Cold Turkey" - the best of all - very powerful and somewhat scary to the unitiated - primal scream to full effect. There is also their Christmas song complete with peace message (like no other), and a reasonable round-up of the songs from the albums that you would expect - "#9 Dream" is hugely underated in my opinion. It doesn't get 5 Apples because there are too many songs from his last album "Double Fantasy" and one from the far superior "Plastic Ono Band". Dilemma solved, buy this in conjunction with "Plastic Ono Band" and you will have a good overview of Lennon's finer solo moments....after that get "Imagine".

Rating: 5.0
Apr 4, 1998
Mat Snow
December is the time for remembering John Lennon. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) was his seasonal hit in 1971, and, nine years later, it was in December he died. This COLLECTION came out in 1982 and sold very well on the claim that it contained all his post-Beatle hit singles, but funnily enough, there was no room for Cold Turkey. Less Christmassy than it sounds, it is now restored on CD, and is guaranteed to poop any party of sentimental Lennonism, presumably why it's kept till last; 1970's Plastic Ono Band album apart, it remains his most discomfortingly intense work. Yet even as Lennon scoured his soul, he also wrote such hippy anthems as Power To The People and Give Peace A Chance, which suddenly in these days of Eastern Bloc uprising no longer sound so dated. But it is to those songs where Lennon transmuted his personal feelings to universal resoance that most of us return. Mind Games, for example, reckoned to be cosmic-consciousness twaddle at the time, has gained a magnificence in hindsight, so direct is the tune and impassioned the delivery. Though '75's Phil Spector-produced covers album ROCK‘N’ROLL was Lennon's last LP for five years, the joy he took from belting such classics as Ben E. King's Stand By Me clearly inspired 1980's Starting Over—and Dear Yoko mimics the Buddy Holly hiccup. Meanwhile, the excellent Watching The Wheels (a nondruggy reprise of the Fab-era I'm Only Sleeping) echoes his own Imagine. I'm Losing You was 1980's failed attempt at the kind of song which Lennon had written so well in the past. Thankfully, that degree of angst was now behind him.

Rating: 4.0
Mar 23, 1998
This album was released two years after the great loss of our Hero John. The album is filled with a lot of classics. The album starts with "Give Peace A Chance", recorded in room 1742 at the Hotel La Reine Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada. I really fell joy and happiness even Iīve heard it over and over again. John really sang it with hope, and Yoko was with him by his side. "Instant Karma" which was released in the beginning of 1970. John and Yoko had just cut their hair off and their were angry against the Vietnam war and other wars also. It has that really good chorus "Well We All Shine On/Like The Moon And The Stars And The Sun". "Power To The People" was originally recorded at the same time as "Imagine" but it didnīt appear on an album until the "Shaved Fish" album. John really knew to make a fantastic chorus. And then the a little confusing "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night", I have tried all over again to like this song, but I canīt. It was recorded under the "Lost Weekend" and the lyrics are very strange to me. But it was Johns first #1 song in USA as a solo artist. "#9 Dream" is my favorite track on the album, I really love that song, it was also recorded under the "Lost Weekend", it seems like John expresses his emotions for Yoko in this song. "Mind Games" is produced by John himself, I find the song a little bit flat and cheap, even though the song is good. And then emotional song "Love", itīs one of the highlights but deserves but be placed as the last song on the album. And then "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)", "Imagine" and "Jealous Guy", three very good and emotional tracks. But they are all placed in wrong order, but thatīs my view. "Stand By Me" rocks on like before and then of a strange reason theyīve placed 6 tracks from the last album "Double Fantasy", theyīre some tracks like "Iīm Losing You", "Watching The Wheels" and "Dear Yoko" that didnīt have to be on the album. The album ends with the powerful and emotional track "Cold Turkey", Johns song about his exprience with heroine, you really feels his pain in this one. And it was kind of a influence to do a album like "Plastic Ono Band". But I have to say thereīs some tracks that are missing on this album, like "God" and "How?". But otherwise itīs a good album to remember memories of our friend, John.

Rating: 4.0
Mar 4, 1998
Joseph Piscopo
The John Lennon Collection is just a greatest hits with move over miss L. as the only rare track.It has most of John's best songs but it could of been better.instead of all the Double fantasy songs except the hits there should of been the songs from milk and honey Nobody told me was a big hit and the rest of the songs were good as well since it is out of print the album should of included these songs instead of Double Fantasy since that album is still available.also no great album tracks like Mother etc.well there is a solution now. Legend a new greatest hits has some of the songs i mentioned above my opinion get Legend instead of this but if you could get both go for it.

Rating: 5.0
Mar 1, 1998
Amy Nerges
If the John Lennon Collection were given to a person who had never heard of him as a Beatle or a solo artist, they would get an excellent over view of the truly talented artist he was. The "collection" spans a great deal of his solo work, and most importantly focuses on just that - his solo work. Granted his work with he Beatles was both beautiful and inspirational, it didn't delve into into his life and his beliefs of Bagism. It shows him as a worker for peace and unity ("Instant Karma", "Power to the People", "Give Peace a Chance", etc.) to his role as a loving husband and man ("Mind Games", "Woman", "Love", etc.) To his role as a father (Beautiful Boy). John Lennon's way of projecting intimacy among the masses is absolutley amazing, and if you can only listen to one album that shows an over view of this then the "collection" is the album to hear.I never grow tired of hearing this eclectic mix made by a true artist. The world is a better place for him having shared the beauty which is his music.

Rating: 4.5
Feb 26, 1998
Mitchel Garcianetti
This album, I think, is great. I didn't give it a perfect rating because there could've been better songs on their. I would've liked to seen Oh Yoko instead of Dear Yoko. How do you sleep could've been I just loved the songs #9 Dream, Love, Imagine (always a great one), and Instant Karma. For being the only solo Lennon album I have (besides the Imagine soundtrack which had Beatle songs), I'm quite satisfied.

Rating: 5.0
Feb 18, 1998
Genevieve Stanton
When I first bought this c.d., I didn't think I'd know many of the songs. But as soon as i got it home I realized that most of the songs were familiar to me. John Lennon is such a classic musician, that I soon knew that this would be a c.d. I would listen to forever. There is so much I could say about each song, that I will try to some the whole thing up. #9 Dream- I LOVE this song because it is just like a dream. There are so many stages of it, and with a deffinate touch of John-Great song! Love- John Lennon was one of the biggest preachers of love. This song tells every aspect he could tell about love. A simple song that, when played, radiates a feeling of love. Imagine- I can't ever say enough about this song. It makes me feel so united with John ever time I listen to it. Maybe John's most famous song-I can see why. Watching the wheels- As a responce to the presses coments on his habbits after the break-up of the Beatles, John tells how people are too quick to judge him, that they don't realize that he is enjoying his life just as it is. I love this song because it is John saying 'Back off!' Overall, I can not say enough about this whole c.d. John is an inspiration in any way he tried. -Genevieve Stanton-Stantong@Fairhavenuhs.k12.Vt.Us

Rating: 5.0
Jan 10, 1998
Initially I found this page in search of one song, Watching the Wheels. I had heard it for the first time on the radio a few weeks ago and liked it alot, missed the band. However I thought it was Lennon or The Beatles. Being a huge Beatle fan and owning many albums I figured it was either some band like Oasis who try as hard as they can to be The Beatles. Never being a huge radio fan until I found WCSX Detroit 94.7 and now WBER Detroit 102.7 (the radio station Ted Nugent just bought, converted it from modern rock to all classic). So it was just recently I really started to listen to the radio (only being 15, and have never been a huge radio fan, 90% of my albums were bought because I had heard a song on the radio, which was luck, blind luck, or a recommendation from my realitives) and I heard it quite often (along with Instant Karma (which I didn't know was Lennon and upon asking a friend who has been into classic rock for about 30+ years he said the band was Instant Karma (probably a communication problem). Being the great song that it is I couldn't get it out of my head. Now being a 15 year old in todays' society and being a strict classic rock fan (and not much else besides Jazz, Blues, *VERY* little newer rock, and some 80's rock) is really tough. So I go out to my local Harmony House and the guy there is one of those guys who are, "What? Whos John Lennon.... The Beatles? Ever heard of Rancid Peanutbutter... killer band dude", So I start looking and I find it, upon arriving home I pop it in my player go right for Watching the Wheels, it ends, I listen to it again and put it on track 1. I was expecting a great album but a few lame songs (go buy Flaming Pie you will know what i'm talking about, good album, some real terrible songs) but this album was hit after hit after hit (such as Imagine, Watching the Wheels, Instant Karma, Give Peace a Chance, Happy Xmas, and Stand By Me). Its one of the only albums I have where I can just hit RANDOM and listen to anything. Amongst those are Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Best of the Doors, and ZoSo, and Tommy. Well just thought i'd add my two cents about the album :D ~XorP~

Rating: 5.0
Jan 7, 1998
This album was a total pleasant surprise for me. I've been a Beatles fan for years but I never really got into solo stuff. After I bought Flaming Pie I decided I needed a Lennon album too so I picked this one up and I absolutely love it! My favorite part is the middle where someone commented it "drops off" or something. I love the softer stuff like "#9 Dream", "Jealous Guy", "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", "Happy Xmas (War is Over" and "(Just Like) Starting Over" is great. I love almost every other song on the album, it was definitely a good buy!

Rating: 5.0
Jan 2, 1998
Hippie Love
I think The John Lennon Collection is a great album. Someone put something about the order of the songs in their review...WHO CARES!!?? I didn't mean to be rude there, but it's the songs and what you get out of the songs that matters, not what order they're in. All of these songs reflect something different that John felt at one time or another and that's what makes this CD different. They were done at seperate times in his life. For instance, Cold Turkey and Imagine are complete opposites. Cold Turkey is a cry for help in getting out of the hell he was in, and Imagine is an optimistic look at the future, a hope for peace. At least, that's what I got from them. My personal favorite song on the CD is Watching the Wheels because I relate to that feeling of just watching people go by, making big deals out of rubbish. I relate to just doing my own thing, not worrying what other people say about how I'm dreaming my life away. Thats what I think John was saying in this song. This CD shows John as a human, not a god who does no wrong. Don't analyze his music too much, though. I don't think any of his songs need analyzing. They are what you get out of them the first time you listen to them. You put nothing else into them, but you get everything out of them. This CD is for anyone who likes music that shows the true identity of the person writing it. **THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON LIVES IN HIS MUSIC!!**

Rating: 2.0
Nov 23, 1997
Matt Carney
This is a rather poor collection of Lennon material. It shows too much of Double Fantasy and too little of John's other works. The new greatest hits collection Lennon Legend, is a much better collection and that one is actually terrific. This one however loses it. Songs like "Dear Yoke" one of his worst songs and if they wanted to put a okay Yoko song on here they should have put on the catchy Oh Yoko cause that one is a little better. More Over MS. L" is another fair track that should not have been on this album either it is not a greatest hit by no means.Where are some of the classics? "Borrowed Time" for instance really needs to be in any Lennon greatest hits collections."Nobody Loves You(When You're Down And Out" is another one of John's best that is slighted off of his greatest hits collections for some odd reason because it is one of his better tracks. "Working Class Hero" is another must on a greatest hits collection. And there are still more. Some of these tracks are just fair ones and there are so many better Lennon songs that just make this one better. Before Lennon Legend came out I would have recommended Shaved Fish, but now that a truly great greatest hits album of Lennon's career is out there go buy that one because The John Lennon collection really does not give this Legend his credit.

Rating: 2.5
Nov 7, 1997
I bought this album thinking, o boy! O boy!--and was dissapointed, really. Out of all the songs on Imagine, did they have to pick those two? I mean, obviously, Imagine itself had to be included. Duh. But there are many more songs on that album much better than Jealous Guy (which, when sung, sounds a lot like "Jello Sky", have you ever noticed that? "I'm just a jello sky!"). Of course, I luv Give Peace A Chance and Instant Karma and Cold Turkey...those songs are da BOMB. Altho the live version of IK is better. And what's with including half of Double Fantasy?? If I wanted to hear all those songs, I'd buy da freakin' album!! Just one or two is fine, okay? Geez. Also, why didn't they put the songs in order? Cold Turkey was his first solo single, wasn't it, but it was put last! That's like putting Love Me Do after Come Together on a Beatles compilation, really. By putting songs in order of their release, you can hear his development musically. Okay, I'm done whining. John, you were a great musicman, I luv ya, now go get reincarnated if you haven't been already.

Rating: 2.0
Nov 6, 1997
Paul McDaniel
This album comes off as a dissapointment, although its his greatest hits which should promise an absolute cracker of an album, it just misses the point somewhere, after the first couple of songs the album gets more downbeat till eventually the listener is left bored, it doesnt seem to experiment and the album cover showing an overaged lennon wipes the spirit off many of the songs There are some great tunes but the songs seem to be in the wrong order to work on the listener,i much prefer imagine.The last songs such as dear yoko are poor and move over mrs l tries to be upbeat and about the quality.

Rating: 4.0
Oct 28, 1997
Chris Barbour
In the light of the new "Legend" compilation, newcomers may be confused as to which to buy. I would recommend this release over the new CD for two important reasons : (1) Though this does not contain the tracks "mother" and "Working Class Hero" neither of these make particularly happy listening and are easily available elsewhere. (2) Shops will begin discounting this release which still contains the very essence of the solo Lennon (bouts of genius - Imagine, Watching The Wheels and some dodgy commercial stuff - Whatever Gets You Through The Night, Woman). Very much worth buying.

Rating: 4.0
Sep 2, 1997
Jerad Moxley
I really liked the stuff at the start and end of decades. The stuff in between (1972-1976) is way to trendy and well below what John could do, espiecally the Yoko break up songs. The best songs are Instant Karma, Give Peace a Chance, and Cold Turkey. I know most people would include Imagine, but I always find it to be a little niave.

Rating: 5.0
Aug 27, 1997
Stefanie Porter
I really think that every Beatles fan should get this album by John Lennon. Why? Because it shows him that he can be a great performer. On that album, the songs I like are "Give Peace A Chance", "Power To The People", "Love", "(Just Like) Starting Over", "Woman", "I'm Losing You", "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", "Dear Yoko", and "Cold Turkey". For the John Lennon Collection Lp, I give it 2 thumbs up, way up!

Rating: 5.0
Aug 11, 1997
Jim Jacobs
Shall we call this Shaved Fish Part 2? This album is much better than Shaved Fish as now you are treated to the full version of Give Peace A Chance. The CD reissue of this album also includes Happy Xmas without that horrible live edit of Give Peace A Chance on it as well as Cold Turkey previously released on Shaved Fish & Move Over Ms. L the b side to Stand By Me from the Rock 'N' Roll album. For those who want a copy of Double Fantasy without the Yoko tracks-here you are. They are all here. All other tracks were released on Shaved Fish except for Jealous Guy which is from the Imagine album & Love from Plastic Ono Band.

Rating: 4.0
Jul 16, 1997
Kat the Omnipotent
An interesting album. I got it two days ago, heard it once and wanted my 17 bucks back. I listened to it again the next day, and found "#9 Dream" a nice track. It's very choppy, in that maybe three different styles of music were incoroporated into the same song. "Dream" will go from the sublime to the ridiculous, i.e. spontaneously going into a refrain that I think, but cannot quite tell, is in French. Lennon's non-McCartney songs frequently travel that choppy, random route, and it drives me mad until I get used to the song. And when I do, they're actually really great. I won't comment on "Imagine," outside that I hate the music video (I like the white piano, though--it's just Yoko and her nightie that I could do without). It's a nice song. Very depressing. What I've noticed is that a lot of the intros to John's songs on this album sound like the eighties stuff (very inteligent comment, that), like "Woman." To me, it sounds anything unlike what I would've expected from John. It's a good song, but so...EIGHTIES! I always thought that John Lennon did his best to avoid following the crowd, but this one sounds like it wasn't written by him. I can't stand "Love." It goes nowhere. Waaaaayyyy too repetitive. The tune sounds like it was written by a five-year old. Not to mention an intro that you can't hear unless you turn the volume knob as far as it'll go. "Cold Turkey" grew on me. It's kinda scary, thinking that the man was trying to quit heroine at the time he wrote it. The lyrics are good; you can get a faint idea of the hellish experience it was. "Move Over Ms. L" is a REALLY GOOD song. Very jazzy. The album uses trumpets a lot. I think it may have been written as a message to Cynthia, or to Yoko in a fit of anger (stop analyzing songs, Kat!). "Happy Xmas (War is Over) I like, because they use kids for the chorus. At the end, John shouts something and then they all start laughing. Kinda cute. "Power to the People" is boring. It's more chorus than anything else. It's more like "Power to the Gospel Choir." "Instant Karma!" is weird. The music is good, but I'd be content to listen to the drums and not the lyrics. "Give Peace a Chance"....well...what can I say? It's entertaining. "Beautiful Boy" has touching music, but some of the lyrics are so saccharine that it makes me nauseous. I can't help but wonder if Sean was teased about it at school by classmates. "Mind Games" goes nowhere. The only lyric I like I can't even remember, that's how much it affected me. "Stand By Me" cracks me up. I can't tell whether John was trying to sound as horrible as possible or what. I think he's doing his best to imitate Ray Charles and doing a pathetic job of it. "Whatever Gets you Through the Night" is another jazzy tune that doesn't stick in your head. I don't like listening to "(Just Like) Starting Over" and "I'm Losing You" because, like "Mind Games," they go nowhere. I wish "Dear Yoko" was replaced by "Oh Yoko" because it's a better song. I'll stop boring you now.

Rating: 5.0
Jul 4, 1997
Andrew Quadri
At the moment, this is the only John Lennon album I own, and for now, it suits me well. It shows me the rough outlines of who he was and what he stood for, and it makes me want to look deeper into his work. (Once I get the money to do so, I will..) At the time I bought the album, I had only heard a few songs by John Lennon, namely "Imagine" and "Instant Karma," and I was happy to find the album filled with so many great songs, and not-so-easy-to-listen-to-but-still-great songs. My favorite out of the set is "#9 Dream," for it's beautiful and at times chilling slide guitar, mainly. "Cold Turkey" (which I found to sound influenced, or in some way related to "Yer Blues") is a song I listened to day and night, for weeks after I bought this album. The sparse instrumentation, the simple beat, the description of withdrawal and the screams at the end all added up to a killer song, quite worthy of closing the album. I couldn't have asked for a better compilation album, and after hearing this one, I certainly won't be looking. Five apples, for sure.

Rating: 4.5
May 20, 1997

Rating: 5.0
May 13, 1997
Winston O Boogie
How is one to become a true Lennon fan without first listening to this album? It is a must have--I recommend it for anyone who is remotely fond of music. Overall, it is a very fine "greatest hits" album. Emphasis is justifiably put on Double Fantasy, which was John's last album. After purchasing this album, I became quickly obsessed with Lennon and proceeded to buy the majority of his solo material. This album includes a very diverse selection of music, from heavy rockers like "Cold Turkey" and "Instant Karma" to delicate ballads like "Love", beautiful melodies like "Jealous Guy", and an array of different sounds, from disco ("Whatever Get's You Thru the Night") to adult contemporary ("Woman"). Buy this album, enjoy it, and then proceed to get the original Lennon solo albums. There are enough hits left over to make a sequel undoubtedly.

Rating: 2.0
May 6, 1997
Jeff Blehar
The John Lennon Collection is what passes for the "greatest hits" package for Lennon, and just for that I mark it down an apple. Greatest hits packages are invariably a bastardization of the artist's original work; popular tracks and obscure b-sides thrown together on one CD do not a united thematic statement make... Discarding that bias, however, I find serious fault in this album because it is really unrepresentative of Lennon's true artistic impetus and talent (for an example of how a good greatest hits album represents an artist's body of work, pick up Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Volume II, for Dylan selected all of the tracks.). The album is much too heavily weighted towards Lennon's hit singles and his Double Fantasy work (all but one Lennon track from that album is included, for reasons unknown). Among the inexcusable exclusions: (1) Much of his work from John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, including "Mother," "God," and "Working Class Hero." (2) The entire Sometime In NYC album is ignored. While certainly not his best work, at LEAST "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World" or "New York City" should have been included. The selections from Mind Games and Walls And Bridges are the A-sides to the album singles, passing over such classics as the superb "I Know (I Know)" for the tepid "Mind Games" and ignoring the indelible "Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)" in favor of the inferior (but popular) "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" On the good side, this album completes the fanatic's collection by adding the obscure B-side "Move Over Ms. L" and FINALLY giving us the complete versions of "Give Peace A Chance," "Cold Turkey," and "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)." A song by song review: 1)"Give Peace A Chance"--Lennon's second single, it's a delirously up-tempo chant he recorded in his Toronto hotel room with his celebrity friends. The lyrics are fairly meaningless, but the song grows on you, and the refrain is ubiquitous. 2)"Instant Karma"--Lennon's third single, this piano based rocker (with none other than George Harrison conducting the choir!) remains one of Lennon's strongest. The lyrical theme of instant retribution is communicated in snappy one liners, and the entire song has an air of infectious informality (Lennon's quote:"I wrote this song for breakfast, recorded it for lunch, and now I'm putting it out for dinner.") 3)"Power To The People"--a weak single, built around a gospel choir chanting "Power To The People" and the sound of marching workers...repetitive, but benefits from a feminist lyric that was ahead of its time 4)"Whatever Gets You Thru The Night"--Lennon's only #1, this loose, freewheeling tune has many admirers, though I am not one of them. While the tune is certainly catchy, it is remarkably soulless, considering the other songs that came out of the Walls And Bridges sessions (like "#9 Dream"). Elton John on backing vocals

Rating: 4.5
Apr 30, 1997
David Beckner
I love this album and it shows how John was a much better songwriter than Paul ,even before the Fab breakup. Witness the horrid "Wings Greatest"(1978)--Paul had sunk to a new low in Wings-- John's influence with the middle break of Beatle songs allowed him to create great music without Paul... Paul needed John to write songs more than John needed Paul. Of course, IMAGINE is the perennial favorite, but WOMAN is one of the great unsung solo John compositions. The most meritorious factor of this album is that it contains all but one John track from the 1980 "Double Fantasy" without any Yoko junk. (The missing song is the unlistenable CLEANUP TIME.) Sadly, nothing reaches his ability with the Beatles-- no "I Am the Walrus" sequel was ever done. His themes are present though-- Ever the utopian, John sings about peace and love throughout the disco 70s. Any Beatle Fan should have this album-- it is an sad epilogue to the life John Lennon. Thank you.

Rating: 5.0
Apr 27, 1997
In my opinion, this is the only album you need to hear to see what kind of person and songwriter he was. All he wanted was to give peace a chance, and to imagine a country where everyone got along, where everyone was treated as equals. This album also shows how devoted he was to Yoko, Julian, and Sean. Plastic Ono Band and Two Virgins also showed this, but they recieved bad criticism up the ying-yang and they weren't very recognised. Please get a hold of this album so that you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Rating: 5.0
Apr 9, 1997
Jasmin Webb
I feel that this is an excelant compialation of John's solo work, and this is something that any John lennon fan wants in their music collection. The songs on it really do represent him as a musician, a singer, and a songwriter better than anything I could really imagine. The best tracks on it have to be Love, Instant Karma, and Jealous Guy. Anyone who can write songs so true, and real and full of emotion as John Lennon did, has earned the respect of any one with a shread of intellegence. This music collection sums it all up.

Rating: 4.0
Mar 26, 1997
This album is quite a unique one having in it so much of John's greatest music. I don't want to give away the songs which I personally don't think match up to John's usual high standards, so I'll speak only of the ones I love. "Give Peace a Chance" is a song that will get anybody going. Yes, it may be repetative, but if you're in a group of peace-makers at a party or something, this song will have people yelling "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!" in no time. "Power to the People" has a very melodic subject and has a very calm and at the same time effective sound on the ear. "Whatever Gets you Through the Night" is an earlier styled type of song which'll get everyone up and boogying. "Love" is one of Lennon's simplest and most beautiful songs. It's the most uncomplex way of explaining what love is about. "Happy X-Mas" is a cute fireplace melody with meaningful sounds. Perfect for X-Mas. "Imagine". That's a song. Like "Love", very simple and beautiful. The best way to get the message of PEACE into the world. "I'm Losing You" will get your loved one to run back home to you, had she or he left THINKING your relationship was over. "Beautiful Boy" isn't the best of songs, but has a close message that you can spot John had for Sean, his son. "Dear Yoko" is a very sweet song that anyone can sing and the music will stay in your mind because of the heart-warming melody. "Move Over Ms. L." will have you thrown right back into the 60's with our old Beatle buddies. On the whole, a very well balanced album that'll have anyone turning back to track 1.

Rating: 5.0
Mar 24, 1997
David A. Carpenter
I agree that this album is best because of the previously unreleased material. Give Peace A Chance is not bastardized like it was on Shaved Fish. Cold Turkey is the greatest anti-drug song ever made. Instant Karma is almost as good as Imagine. Power To The People is John's best political song since Revolution. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is an excellent song also. But, who doesn't mind listening to Mind Games, Imagine, and some of his other excellent songs over again. It is also a great alternative to Double Fantasy with the six best Lennon pieces from Double Fantasy on this album. Get this album!

Rating: 4.0
Mar 24, 1997
Anna of the field
I was a new-fan when I won this album, and by that time I heard a lot about the songs of Lennon after the Beatles break-up. I was a little disapointed with the album, because I was curious about some songs that the album didn't have ( like "God" or "Working Class Hero", that I listened years later ), but also happy because of the other songs ( "Move over Ms. L" and "Whatever gets you thru the night", great; all the stuff from "Double Fantasy", and "#9 Dream ") I was pleased I gt the album. It's a very particular way to start to love John Lennon.

Rating: 4.0
Mar 21, 1997
Paul (Pauldo)
Great music.....don't like collections UNLESS they contain non album tracks, and this one has 5. I'll go through them. The rest just buy the original albums. 1)Give peace a chance - quite a famous song. Gets boring though 2)Instant Karma! - This is a great song! taped in one day 3)Power to the people - a less famous political song. Gets boring 4)Happy Xmas - Forget jingle bells,holy night etc, they're boring this is a christmas song! 5)Cold Turkey - Another great song. Shouting is great. Cool guitar One listen to this and you'll forego the cocaine.

Rating: 4.5
Mar 19, 1997
I think that The JOHN LENNON COLLECTION is a really good album. The songs show John's writing talent and the many different styles of his writing. The first 3 songs are all pretty similar. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, recorded during John and Yoko's bed-in, is a basic protest for Peace. This song's strong point, to me, was its simplicity. It showed that Peace isn't that hard to get, that the process isn't too complex. INSTANT KARMA! is another good song on the album. It is similar to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE because this song says that if you are mean and nasty you will come back in your next life as someone who is poor or has other problems (basic definition of Karma). POWER TO THE PEOPLE is another "protest song." In this song John says that the workers work their butt off and get nothing for it. In the song he is saying to the runners of companies that the workers deserve more. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT is one of the more upbeat songs on the CD. I happen to like this one because of the great saxophone in the song. I think the sax intro really sets the song up well. #9 DREAM comes next. It is much slower than WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT. In this song John is describing a dream he had in which 2 spirits came to him saying Ah bowakawa pousse pousse. I think this song is great next to WGYTTN. One of the great things about this CD is that after a slow song would be a more upbeat song, and vice versa. After #9 DREAM comes MIND GAMES. This is one of the songs I don't particularly care for. It's a good song, but it seems like it's lacking something, but I don't know what. LOVE is the next song. Though this song is very simple, it has a strong message--everyone needs love. It doesn't say it directly, but you can tell John was expressing that. HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) is one of my favorites on this album. While it expresses to have a Happy Xmas, it also says that we should start anew and start the new year with peace. The mix is very good. Next in line is IMAGINE. This is another one of my favorites. It's such a beautiful song. It tells us to imagine what the world would be like if there was peace, no killing, no heaven, etc. I think this is one of John's most powerful songs. After IMAGINE is JEALOUS GUY. The title basically says it all. John says that he was feeling insecure and became a Jealous Guy, and that he never meant to hurt Yoko (I assume). STAND BY ME is a cover song off of the Rock n Roll album. I don't particularly care for this either. (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER is my absolute favorite on this album. It starts off slow, and gets into an upbeat. I like the way it does that. It shows the many different writing styles of John. WOMAN is a lot slower and is about how he loves this woman and will always love her. It is a nice song, and very beautiful. I'M LOSING YOU is another good song. It is one of John's more "hard" songs. It's almost alternative, if you could call it that. BEAUTIFUL BOY (DARLING BOY) is THE most sad song on the album. It is a song for Sean Lennon. John says how he can't wait to see him grow up. It's soooo sad because he never did get to see him grow up. He only lived to see him turn five, which when you think about during the song, can really get to you (I cried.) WATCHING THE WHEELS is about a guy that everyone thinks is crazy. The song is OK, but there are others on the album that are a lot better. DEAR YOKO is for, obviously, his wife Yoko. I'm assuming it's about the Lost Weekend. John says that he misses Yoko and that he'll never let her go. MOVE OVER MS. L is another one of John's upbeat songs. It's about a lady who always tries to escape reality. The song is good, but it's hard to understand what John is saying sometimes. And finally the last song is COLD TURKEY. I was very disappointed with this song. The song is really a song about pain. I don't like the ending at all where John is screaming. It just ruins the song. Overall, I would recommend this album to all Lennon fans because it shows the many writing styles of John Lennon.


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