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"Lennon Legend" is a compilation album containing all of John's UK single releases as well as many other previously-released material (all digitally remastered). It was released in the UK on Oct. 27, 1997 and in the US on Feb 23, 1998 as a replacement for the "John Lennon Collection" album.

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Rating: 5.0
Apr 22, 2007
There isn't much to say about it, it's a compilation, all the hits are included here so I guess it must be a perfect introduction to john lennon's solo work.But if you like this one,you'll like the "true" albums even more!

Rating: 5.0
Dec 6, 2006
Joe Ho
This is a very good ablum to those do not know John Lennon or his music. Since it contains most of the great songs from him. In which, it tells us what a song should reflect and communicate with others, like the love to son/mother/friends but not just lover that most of the songs in the market nowadays. Besides the emotional matter, it also bring out the his mindset on peace and fair, like the song - Power to the people & imagine. However, I'm also agree to some of those against that John's songs have been re-released by the music company so many time becasue of earning money. And we should base on such music to step further to improve the present music industry, but not just looking back.

Rating: 5.0
Nov 15, 2006
It is always great to hear John Lennon's songs back to life! I have spent many years being a devoted fan to Beatles and to John Lennon. My favorites include "Whatever Gets You Through the Night." It is cleverly written and so simple, yet complex. Truely the work of not only an artist, but someone willing to bear personal thoughts to millions of people. It is very easy to idolize him, being astounded by his power and play with words and tune. I thought that all of his songs were genius. I have since then learned more about who John Lennon was as a person. Someone crying out loud for peace, when he never had peace within himself. I have decided not to listen to John Lennon's music anymore. For a long time he was my idol, and now, learning more I find the decisions he made in his personal life revolting. I can not give any of my hard earned money or patronship to a source of enjoyment that I no longer believe in. How often can you hear the same songs anyway. Whether it be Lennon Legend, Working Class Hero Tribute, Live at the BBC, John Lennon Box sets, Rerelease of Milk and Honey- its all the same old shit to me! I respect this album greatly, but no longer can tolerate its source. To put it plainly- I don't believe in John Lennon anymore. Let's look into any new talent that is coming our way and let the has beens grow old gracefully.

Rating: 3.0
May 17, 2006
Jim Jacobs
Another John Lennon recording from EMI and is there anything on it that has not been released before? The answer is no. The only thing different about this CD versus the John Lennon Collection CD is the inclusion of Working Class Hero. Nothing else spectacular about it. If you did not have a set of John's greatest hits when this was released, then this was the CD to buy.

Rating: 5.0
Mar 5, 2006
being a first time listener of john lennon's solo music, i feel it is soo wonderful. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE has a great tune.JEALOUS GUY i once heard on a movie and i really liked it, except for the fact i didnt know it was by john lennon. lennon legend is a great cd and i recomend it for anyone.

Rating: 5.0
Jan 5, 2006
John Lennon RULES!!!!!!!I am listening to the cd as i write this.John is a great musician and i love the way he uses words and the tune of them are great.I espically like ''Love'' it is great the way he uses words in this song is awesome and i love him,Paul,George and of course the band i have all their cds and they rule i love the beatles and i am only 10 i have loved the beatles since i was 5 and all the other people i know don't like them but they have no taste.

Rating: 4.5
Feb 16, 2005
Lennon Rules
Definately a "Legend"! This album is filled with many of the best songs that John Lennon has ever written in his lifetime. I liked how the songs were arranged, too. Starting from the famous "Imagine" to the eternal chanting of freedom which still echoes to this day, "Give Peace a Chance"! If you want to listen to John Lennon's best works during his songwriting career, this IS the album of choice. Although I did'nt like all the selections, I enjoyed most parts of it. However if you already have most of the Lennon albums, you should'nt bother spending money on this. "Lennon Legend" will take you through John Lennon's greatest materials which will be remembered for years to come. Great album!

Rating: 5.0
Jan 7, 2005
Jessie Millano
John's songs sounds better than ever because this one is digitally remastered. This album is great - the great piano sound on Imagine, the echo on John vocal on Instant Karma, the death bell on Mother which is an ode to his late mother, the whistling part on Jealous Guy, the marching sound on Power To The People, John rolling in pain on Cold Turkey, the best love song ever, Love, Johnlyrical genius on Mind Games, Whatever Gets You Thru The Night makes us all dance, the very experimental #9 Dream, the wonderful rendition or cover of a standard Stand By Me, the wishing bells on the start of (Just Like) Starting Over which is an ode to John's comeback in the music scene, John had grown up from writing Girl to Woman, not an album track but a great song about his son which represent all fathers around the world, Beatiful Boy (Darling Boy), in Watching The Wheels sang about his situation: "People think I'm lazy", Nobody Told Me is about John's weird world, I think, Borrowed Time,John tried reggae sound, Working Class Hero can be any workers songs, about the hardships in working and no fun, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) has beautiful melody and great lyrics, Give Peace A Chance sounds like millions of people are singing on it. I know my review is not that great but Lennon is very great! BUY NOW! Satisfaction guranteed!

Rating: 4.5
Jan 2, 2005
Big Fan
It was an exelent CD, Working class hero will always be the song most explain's the way life is (especial in todays world) and as every one on this site knows "imagine" is one of the finest peaces of art that should never be touched but heard. This CD can change your life if you let it.spread the peace.

Rating: 5.0
Oct 5, 2004
Nat Kendrick
I am only 11 years old, but I am amazing when it comes to music. John Lennon is my idol and I know just about everthing about him. My favorite song is "Cold Turkey" I love the tune and love the words. I got my CD on valentines day and loved it ever since. I am going to go listen to it again.

Rating: 4.0
Oct 1, 2004
This album, overall, is great since the songs are really sincere and nice to listen to. The best I think personally is 'Nobody Told Me' because every time it's played, at my house or on the radio, it ALWAYS catches my attention. All the songs are most spectacular, but 'Nobody Tolds Me' catches my ear the best. 'Lennon Legend', one of the greatest albums up to date, ranging not only from other Lennon albums to other artists' albums. 'Lennon Legend' will stay in my heart forever.

Rating: 4.5
Aug 15, 2004
In this comprehensive, yet clear album one has a collection of Lennon's music that is of a greater quality and has more depth than for example "Wonsaponatime". You get into the "John Lennon spirit", because the biggest part of the songs consist of John Lennon's "inner power"! Most of the tracks may not carry one away immediately, but, on the other hand, almost all of them are true evergreens; the best in my opinion: "Imagine", "Jealous Guy", "Mind Games", "#9 Dream", "Woman", "Watching The Weels" and "Borrowed Time". The album had better been without "Cold Turkey" and "Happy Xmas", these tracks do not serve the collection at all. The first mentioned is very poor and of low quality, the latter is simply out of place, because it is a christmas song, and therefore only suitable for december. The Lennon tracks "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" from "The Beatles Anthology" would have been excelent substitutes. This collection is a marvelous contribute to John Lennon's music and completely indispensable for the one who want the greatest ever done by him at one single disc.

Rating: 5.0
Feb 8, 2004
lilly :)
hi i am lilly kekekeke!! :) I LOVE JOHN LENNON SO MUCH!!!!! :))))) i only 12 i not englesh sorry pure gramar :( i borrow 'lennon legend' from my old bother and fall in love with john when i am 10. he so much talented (and hansome to!!:) he can sing and make music so good! his voising so much emotoinal i cry when i hear song like 'woman' so beutifull! i alsi love '#9 dream' and 'love' and 'mind game' all so very very much!! john signg to my heart! i do not know john is 'beatle' i now go finding more beatle song to hear john in beatle. i cry so hard once night when my old brother telling me why john die ans my heart went brokin. :( (but i *ok* now kekeke!!) i play 'imagine' on piano every day on practicd. thank you john i love you forever your spirit and music.

Rating: 5.0
Jan 13, 2004
This is a great CD. It's one of my personal favorites. I recommend it to anybody who likes John Lennon or The Beatles. I also recommend getting the DVD, which has the music videos for each song.

Rating: 5.0
Dec 21, 2003
Chopboy the goodboy
This album is an excellent one for the Lennon beginners. From the first track up to the last,classic, enjoyable, heavy, awesome! The flow of tracks is very good. Excellent sound-digitally remastered. Yoko did a very good job in this one. Worth buying.

Rating: 4.5
Nov 11, 2003
Andrew Bowman
This album is perhaps the most comprehensive of Lennon's compilation albums, in that it contains the majority of his hits over the years. As a collection, it works on a number of levels, but if you already have the singles, it isn't really worth it. How about a collection of the best album tracks? Now, on with the review. A question. Why does every Lennon compilation have to include Imagine? I will admit that it has grown on me since I reviewed it for the album of the same name, but I do think it's in danger of being overplayed. I'm also slightly perplexed by the inclusion of the US single edit of Mother. What's wrong with the album version? Now, before someone writes in and says "'cause it's the single edit, you silly sod", I just want to say that it lacks a certain intensity without the opening bells. Just my opinion. Instant Karma and Jealous Guy to Watching The Wheels have already been reviewed by me elsewhere, has have Working Class Hero, Happy Xmas and Give Peace A Chance. If it's your thing, go and check 'em out. On to the two Milk and Honey tracks. Nobody Told Me, I believe, is a forgotten classic, with references to Nazis underneath the stairs, a little yellow God to the north of Katmandu, and other such Lennonian imagery. Obviously not fully realised, due to, well you know, it shows what might have been. The same too goes for Borrowed Time, with his monologue toward the end: "Does she really love me? All that shite." I haven't heard all of Milk and Honey, and I do realise that these two tracks could be the best tracks on the album, but I willing to find out. All in all, a standout comilation, and certainly better than Shaved Fish, and The John Lennon Collection. Go out and buy, or ask Santa for it. One other thing, why is everyone having a go a David Moses? I'm not defending him, as such, but I do think he has a right to his opinion, and attack this is only adding fuel to the fire. And Dave mate, don't take these things personally, just remember that you like both Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and indeed Starr just the same. They were The Beatles, after all, and while a part is never going to be as good as the whole, remember that each of them is worthy of a solo career in his own right (or should that be write?)That's all for now.

Rating: 5.0
Nov 19, 2002
david hasbargen
I am 14 years old, and I bought this album last spring mainly because when my mom was listening to the oldies station I happenned to hear "Instant Karma". I was like "WOW!", so I decided to buy a CD with the song on it. At first it was the only song I ever listened to from the CD, but then I realized I was probably missing something, so I began to listen to the rest of it. This CD has had a greater affect on my life than any other, except the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and Revolver. I listen to this CD pratically every day, and my favorites include "Mind Games", "Woman", "#9 Dream", "Jealous Guy" and "Give Peace a Chance". I actually like all the songs, but these more than others. I feel that John Lennon was by far the most talented of all the Beatles, and that his work did not get worse after he left the group. Paul McCartney enjoyed more commercial succcess, but admit it: "Beautiful Boy" is a better song than "Band on the Run". And George Harrison, well, he also fell flat on his face, along with Ringo. I love how when all these people were pressuring him asking why he didn't write as much as McCartney, he threw "Wathcing the Wheels" at them. And I'm so glad Yoko decided to release songs like "Nobody Told Me" and "Borrowed Time" after Lennon was killed; they are some of the best songs on here. Lennon was a genius, even though he married Yoko Ono. The only song I don't like on this album is "Imagine", but of course everyone else likes it, and you probably do, too. I own all the Beatles' CDs plus their anthology, but if I had to get rid of all my CD's except one, I would most definitly keep this one.

Rating: 5.0
May 26, 2002
Well, there are "best of" albums and there are "best of" albums. There are some compilations where you think "why wasn't this song on there or that one, or that . . ." and then there are others where you can see straight away that with few exceptions, it is an album of immense quality. This is such an album. To describe each song would be a waste of time, and defeating the object. But from the piano ballads Imagine, Love, and Jealous Guy, through the psychedelia of #9 Dream, to the pop sound of Instant Karma and Whatever Gets You Through The Night, every song is classic Lennon. My personal favourite on this album is Mind Games, an absolute epic, which sows the same lyrical seeds as Imagine, but with even better, more powerful music. Other standouts include Working Class Hero - typical Cynical Lennon, just John on a guitar, singing his heart out about what's wrong with society, and utterly brilliant; Mother, a heartfelt song about loneliness, with some of the best singing of Lennon's career; and of course the brutally honest Cold Turkey, the heaviest rocker of his solo career. Add to this the relaxed Lennon from 1980 after a five-year sabbatical, with (Just Like) Starting Over, a bluesy number that would have fitted right onto a Beatles album, the impasioned Woman, among the finest love songs ever written, the lullaby Beautiful Boy, which always brings a lump to my throat when I hear the line "I can hardly wait to see you come of age" - and the philosophical Watching The Wheels, which sums up what Lennon was all about. Also included are two songs released after his death, Nobody Told Me, which again would fit on a Beatles album without batting an eyelid, and Borrowed Time, another "sums the man up perfectly" song. And even "Power To The People", "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" and "Give Peace A Chance", have their moments. Yes indeed. This is a fine album, a must for anybody who considers himself a fan of Lennon's solo work.

Rating: 3.0
Mar 12, 2002
Trnoff Yrmnd
In response to the comment below... Disc 1: Singles - 1. Give Peace A Chance; 2. Cold Turkey; 3. Instant Karma!; 4. Mother; 5. Power To The People; 6. Imagine; 7. Happy Xmas; 8. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World; 9. Mind Games; 10. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night; 11. #9 Dream; 12. Stand By Me; 13. Starting Over; 14. Woman; 15. Watching The Wheels; 16. Nobody Told Me; 17. Borrowed Time; 18. I'm Stepping Out -- Disc 2: History - 1. Love; 2. God; 2. Jealous Guy; 3. Gimme Some Truth; 4. New York City; 5. Sunday Bloody Sunday; 6. Out The Blue; 7. I Know; 8. What You Got; 9. Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out); 10. Move Over Ms. L; 11. Ain't That A Shame; 12. You Can't Catch Me; 13. I'm Losing You (Anthology Version); 14. I Don't Wanna Face It; 15. Dear John.

Rating: 3.0
Dec 15, 2001
This is my companion review to my take on "The John Lennon Collection", that was just posted today (12/15/01). Lennon Legend is a good cd to have. However, I have a few criticisms compared with "The John Lennon Collection" (released on LP in 1982, and on CD in 1989). First of all, the quality and rarity of the photos are nice. The problem that I do have with the cover and accompanying photos is that they seem to be all from the same early 1970's period of Lennon's life. I would rather a photo representation from different phases of his career from 1969-1980. This would give a visual cue, along with the music, for fans to see how John changed (and was changed by) the times he lived in. There is a nice phot of him and George Harrison (God rest his soul as I am writing this review. RIP 1943-2001.) on what would be page 16 of the booklet. The booklet does not have page numbers, just like the previous collection did not. The sound is improved over the previous collection. There seems to be no doubt that this was to prepare fans for his coming Anthology in late 1998, upon this initial 1997 release. There are 20 songs vs. the previous 19 songs. John would seem to best be represented by a Wingspan type of anthlogy like Paul put out in May 2001. Wingspan went to #2 on the US Billboard charts, and with the proper promotion, a Lennon 2 cd set could do the same. What about a similar item for John Lennon? You could have a representation of his career on two cd's, like McCartney has just done. Here is my proposed set: Legacy: John Lennon 1970-1980 Disc 1 Hits Give Peace A Chance (Previously Unreleased)*****[See note after track list]***** Instant Karma Imagine Mind Games #9 Dream Whatever Gets You Through The Night Move Over Ms. L. Stand By Me I'm Losing You (Just Like) Starting Over Woman Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) Watching The Wheels I'm Stepping Out Nobody Told Me Borrowed Time Disc 2 History I Don't Wanna Face It How? Mother God Hold On How Do You Sleep? Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) Intuition Going Down On Love Meat City What You Got Steel and Glass Cleanup Time (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess Help Me To Help Myself Grow Old With Me *****Give Peace A Chance: The Version that is previously unreleased (it can be heard on Orange One To One Rehearsals [AKA Rehearsals for Live In New York City Concert from 1972 at Madison Square Garden], Disc 2, which may be Orange 15 or Orange 16) would be used. This would still conform to a 1970-1980 format. I feel that this rehearsal version is better than the original, by any criteria. From what I can remember--I don't have my copy of the Lennon box set in front of me--this is not on the Lennon Box Set. The best way to describe it is a rocking, somewhat funky, '70's update on said tune. It jams along quite nicely with saxophone, guitar, etc. This is done during rehearsals, and at one point John is stating something about Geraldo Rivera being in the studio. Unfortunately I gave away my copy of said "rare recording" to a used cd store about 6 years ago. This should come out to 16 tracks each cd or 32 tracks total. This would also--naturally-- come with a booklet containing pictures and some sort of liner notes. This would also give Lennon somewhat of a chronological coverage. Fans would see how Lennon developed his craft from 1969-1980. This would also let casual fans experience a broader scope of John's music, without having to take out a second mortgage for a boxed set. Priced right (at below $18 for 2 cd's, like Paul did), with an updated documentary would put Lennon again on the map. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome. Ed

Rating: 5.0
Jan 13, 2001
Lennon Legend, as it says, is the very best of John Lennon. The thing that immediately hits you about his songs is the lyrics: hard, biting and brutally honest. This CD is full of many emotions: love, jealousy, hope, sadness, pain and despair. It contains most of the same songs as The John Lennon Collection, but without Move Over Ms. L, I’m Losing You and Dear Yoko. Added to this CD are Working Class Hero, Borrowed Time and Nobody Told Me. The first track on this album is the best known and my favourite song, Imagine. Voted in many polls as the best song of all time, it is still memorable and poignant 30 years on. Four songs are from Lennon’s last true album, (Milk and Honey was released posthumously) Double Fantasy. Although generally not regarded as his best album, the songs take on a different meaning considering the events after it was released. Watching the Wheels tells of Lennon’s break from recording, in Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) he sings of his son, Sean (“I can hardly wait to see you come of age, but I guess we’ll both just have to be patient” is particularly sad), Woman, a nice love song about his love for Yoko and (Just Like) Starting Over is a fifty’s sounding rock and roll tune which is epecially sad as just when he was starting over his career, he died. Also included on Lennon Legend are the classics, Instant Karma! (which Lennon described as being about action and reaction), Mother, Jealous Guy, Mind Games, the dreamful #9 Dream (9 was Lennon’s lucky number), Stand By Me (the only song not written by Lennon), Working Class Hero (which he describes as Imagine with sugar), the almost Christmas carol Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (a number 1 single with Elton John on keyboard), the hippy, bed in song Give Peace A Chance, the confession of Lennon’s withdrawal from heroin, Cold Turkey, Nobody Told Me, Power To The People, the beautiful, romantic Love and Borrowed Time. I have a few criticisms: I like the version of Mother with the church bells, the booklet could have had the lyrics and/or better photos (although I think the moody album cover is very cool!) and there could have been some more songs (I Found Out, God, Woman Is The Nigger Of The World to name some). Lennon Legend is better than The John Lennon Collection; it has better songs, better sound and a better cover (who chose the cover for the JLC???). Some people may say it is a money making exercise or that it “sanitizes” his solo career, but this CD offers people the chance to hear his songs that they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise had heard. Hopefully they will dig deeper and discover more songs! I give this CD five stars, because although perhaps Lennon’s solo career did not live up to the dizzy heights of The Beatles, the songs touch your very heart with their honest lyrics, catchy tunes and the very man who is indeed a legend.

Rating: 5.0
Jul 28, 2000
Adam Coxon
Brilliant Lennon's finest.Very recommendable

Rating: 5.0
Jul 19, 2000
I'm 15 years old and from Rhode Island. In less than a year, I have become an avid fan of the Beatles, and now, John Lennon and his post-Beatle music that leaves me in an anewed state of awe each and every time I hear it. Lennon Legend was the first John Lennon CD I bought. Although I've gone on to purchase individual albums, feeling that I can get something out of every track this genius ever recorded, Lennon Legend is a great overview for the not-so-avid Lennon fan. There are many emotions conveyed by the variety of tracks. Working Class hero obviously speaks for John's evident disgust with the Beatles at the time of their break-up. Happy Xmas (War is Over), Imagine, Instant Karma, Power to the People, and Give Peace a Chance bring out John's rallying cry and epitomoize the passion for peace that this man had up until the very final hours of December 8th, 1980. Mother and Jealous Guy give us a tender look into John's relationships with those he wanted to be close to. Beautiful Boy is highly emotional. John was so eager to be the father to Sean that he never had. Every track on Lennon Legend has a message. I recommend it as a starting point for anyone eager to begin the long process of enlightenment by the essence of John Lennon, who is still with us to this day.

Rating: 4.5
Dec 20, 1999
A correction...I forgot that "John Lennon Collection" did indeed have "Stand By Me" on it. (It was "Shaved Fish" that did not feature that essential track.) Also, on second thought I might add "God" or "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World" rather than the "Double Fantasy" version of "I'm Losin' You." The version of "I'm Losin' You" heard on "Wonsaponatime" is superior, as is that CD's version of "Grow Old With Me."

Rating: 4.5
Dec 19, 1999
For the casual (or monetarily challenged) Lennon fan, this is pretty close to ideal. I found the Geffen "John Lennon Collection" to be a sloppy and incomplete compilation, placing relatively minor songs from "Double Fantasy" (not to mention the odious "Move Over Ms. L") next to classics like "Instant Karma" and "Imagine." Plus, it left out selections from "Milk And Honey" (excusable, since M and H didn't come out till 2 years later) and "Rock And Roll" (inexcusable -- "Stand By Me" is one of the best Lennon solo vocal performances.) "Lennon Legend" corrects all that. We get "Stand By Me," we get what I think are the two best from "Milk And Honey" (the great "Nobody Told Me," plus "Borrowed Time.") We lose none of the good stuff from "Shaved Fish" or "John Lennon Collection" -- and we get "Working Class Hero" (one of my favorites.) I wish the package had featured some post-1971 photos -- shots from "Walls And Bridges" and "Double Fantasy" would've been a good addition for the inner jacket or back cover. But I really can't think of a better way to present Lennon's best on a single CD, other than perhaps mix the cuts in a way that aren't so obviously chronological. If there was room for two or three more, I would've put "I'm Losin' You," "Oh Yoko" or "Rip It Up/Ready Teddy."

Rating: 4.5
Dec 29, 1998
Conrad Standish
This is a great album for the uninitiated. Spanning over 10 years, this compilation is a great way to turn someone on to the genius of John. It kicks off with 'Imagine', I think enough has been said about this one! Next up is 'Instant Karma', I'll never get sick of this song, Phil Spector's production is outstanding. I dare you to find a better drum sound. And who doesn't get chills when hearing the chorus "...and we all shine on..."? Beautiful. You'll find the single edit of 'Mother' Why this version was put on here I don't know. The bells are a vital part of the song, IMHO. Jealous Guy, Power To The People, Cold Turkey and Love round out the POB/Imagine cuts. Interestingly, there are no tracks from 'Sometime in NYC', I think this CD could have done with 'Woman is the Nigger of the World' and that is why I took half an apple out. A bite if you will... And on we go through the Mind Games/Walls and Bridges era... Mind Games, No.9 Dream and Whatever Gets You Thru the Night are all here. I might add here that the remastering is great, and really gives a sheen to some of these tracks. We've got Stand By Me, all the Double Fantasy hits... this is a good way to get into John Lennon. If you're already a big fan, it's really just another "Best Of...' but for the unconverted it's tops. Oh, and the artwork's good too, with some great shots of John circa '71. Cheers...

Rating: 3.0
Dec 6, 1998
Stan "The Piano Man"
I was disappointed with this album. I believe that it was totally unecessary to release simply because its an ALMOST exact duplicate of "The John Lennon Collection", with the exception of a few songs. I like the songs on it...every one...but it was a waste of my money because I felt I was overpaying for songs I already have purchased (Like the "John Lennon Collection"). For a new Lennon fan the compilation is complete, and if you own no previous Lennon albums this is probably the best collection to buy. So its not that I don't like the albums content..its just that it offers Lennon fans nothing new!

Rating: 4.5
Aug 13, 1998
David Goodwin
Hmmm....well, I think I'll avoid philisophical issues and "John was God" threads here, as I think those have all been covered quite well by other posters. Nor will I complain about how his legacy is tarnished by Merely a Greatest Hits colleciton. In fact, I like Lennon Legend very much for the songs, even though I already own all of John's masterful albums. There is one key area in the CD that lets me down, however, and that is the sound. Much noise has been made over the supposed "remastered" quality of this CD, but I simply do not buy it; far from sounding remastered, many things sound alarmingly "compressed", and have precious little "space" to them. This, I suspect, arose from the people in charge wanting to make the CD sound "warmer". Well, it works, but I sincerely hope the rest of Lennon's catalog isn't treated the same way when (excuse me) THE LENGTHLY, HIGH QUALITY, MAGNIFICENT AND PRECISE (thank you) remastering campaign gets under way. Lennon's catalog deserves better.

Rating: 5.0
Jul 27, 1998
I love this album, I love the positive vibes on this album. The "Lennon Legend" is carefully compiled by smart people, people whose main goal is to top the "clumsy" "John Lennon Collection". The album begins with "Imagine", what really amazed me, was that "Imagine" is almost a national anthem. John Lennon´s anthem. This song is about his beautful dreams and thoughts. A song that will always be in mind when I think of what John did. After "Imagine", the "sing-along-to-the-chorus-song" "Instant Karma. I suppose the song was written as a "attack" at the Vietnam War. John did write a lot of songs about the Vietnam war. I love "Instant Karma", because it´s kind of a "hey! let´s start a riot as a protest to the wars!". The "Mother" song. I understand that it was edited as it could be released as a single, but it would suit the album if it had the church bells intro. The song that John wrote back in 1968,"Jealous Guy". I love listening to this song, especially when it´s remastered, it´s more of a clean sound, it means you can hear the beautiful piano intro better. "Power To The People", a another protest song, I can imagine myself John directing a gospel choir to the chorus part. I´m not quite sure if it really was a gospel choir, but I surely thinks so. I think "Cold Turkey" is the most important song on this album. Because this song portrays a John Lennon fighting his bad heroin habit! The screaming part in the end must be heard in high volume. "Love", the song starts off so quiet that you wonder if there´s something wrong with the CD. John is in a very emotional mod in this song, you can hear it, the vocal mix is so bad that it gets better each time. "Mind Games", the album that John produced was compared as his next "Imagine", but I see it as more an sequal to "Plastic Ono Band". John´s relationship with Yoko started to split at the moment, and the songs are his emotions. I really love that song. The catchy "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" featuring Elton John on backing vocal. At this time John was kicked out by Yoko from their apartment. I don´t think this song is his best one, but it´s unique in its way. "#9 Dream", my favorite song, I love the mood on this song. I see it as a message to Yoko, John wanted to say how much he misses her. I love the wispering "John" part in the song. "Stand By Me", the one and only cover John released on single, it´s so good that you forget that it´s a cover! This one was released when John was about to get together again with Yoko. I think the song is suitable for the occasion. "(Just Like) Starting Over", one of four handpicked songs from "Double Fantasy. I like the positive energy on the song, and when you think the song is over, it starts off again! At the time, I think the future for John looked bright. But… "Woman", the tribute to his woman in his life, Yoko! "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) the song for Sean, a lullaby for him. I like the way John sings that he can´t wait to see his son grow up. But… "Nobody Told Me", I love everything about the song, the humor, the energy, the will to make amazing music. "Borrowed Time", the reggae influenced song, I wonder if John heard of Bob Marley at the time. I´m not sure if Bob Marley WAS around at the time. Then, the last three songs are presented as a "grand finale". "Working Class Hero", the Bob Dylan influenced song. The christmas song "Happy Xmas (War Is Over). The "Lennon Legend" finishes as it started, with a positive song. "Give Peace A Chance", can it get any better? Yes!! I warmly recommend this album to all Lennon fans who wants a perfect collection of beautiful songs to listen to at home. A must buy.

Rating: 5.0
Jun 29, 1998
The Lennon Legend album gives a great insight into the man who wrote it. From the very first track to the very last you realise that there is an honesty about John Lennon that many people could learn from. The beauty of his work comes from the infectious melody mixed with lyrics that mean something to everybody, something everybody can relate too. The album starts with 'Imagine', perhaps the most moving song ever written, and is then followed by 'Instant Karma' which has a really anthenmic chorus. 'Mother' and 'Jealous Guy' shows John's emotional, softer side and these are followed in stark contrast by the anarchic 'Power To The People'. The raw (no pun intended) 'Cold Turkey' is perhaps one of the weaker songs on the album as it is almost unnerving (no doubt it was probably supposed to be as it described John's reaction to withdrawal from heroin). 'Love' is a beautiful song which captures Lennon simple trying to understand what love is. Then 'Mind Games' and 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night' speed things up again. The mystical '#9 Dream', which is very uplifting, is followed by John's tribute to Ben E King, a very strong version of 'Stand By Me' which, even though is not his song, has John Lennon stamped all over it. Then we reach several songs which were written by John with very obvious family- life influences. 'Woman' and '(Just Like) Starting Over' are obvious romantic references to Yoko (incidentally I think 'Woman' is the best song on the album) and then comes the almost tragic song 'Beautiful Boy'. This song puts into perspective the totally bloody senseless murder of John Lennon. The line 'I can hardly wait to see you come of age' was a reference to Sean. One month after it's release John was murdered. He never will see Sean come of age................. Anyway, 'Watching The Wheels' and 'Nobody Told Me' confirm Lennon truely was the king of music. 'Borrowed Time' is a slightly weaker but still a very listenable to track. Finally, 'Working Class Hero' is brilliant, 'Happy Xmas' shows how much of idealist Lennon was and 'Give Peace A Chance' is straight from the soul of John Lennon. Overall the album is musically sound and a lot of people could learn a lot from the lyrics. However, I believe the greatest aspect of the album is that it carries on the spirit of John Lennon and shows the world lost something incredibly rare and incredibly special on December 8th 1980.............

Rating: 1.5
Jun 21, 1998
I would not consider this album to be a 'lennon' album primarily since this is a rehash of his previous albums. A collection was already released. All of these songs, which are masterpieces, can be found on his OTHER ALBUMS. Why buy this? If you are not an avid Lennon fan, then I RECOMMEND this album. If you are a fan, forget the album and buy the indivduals. You'll gain a greater appreciation of Lennon's music by not buying this CD. You can discover his music gradually. Lennon was an accomplished artist, and listening to all his 'greatest hits' is an effective way to tire of his music. Since no new songs are on the album, of cource, it is essentially garbage. I hear cool pictures are on the album booklet. If you want new pictures, you shouldn't get them on the CD, you should get NEW SONGS. There are THOUSANDS of different versions and Lennon songs. There are many times more unreleased songs than there are released songs. I am extremely dissapointed that one of the many thousands couldn't find it's way to Lennon's latest release....I gave it a 1.5 because it's lennon.

Rating: 4.5
Apr 20, 1998
Edwin Vasquez
John Lennon's new compliation is fantastic, compared to the previous one. The music is choice and the photographs are great. Long Live John!!! I was a little disappointed that one song which I truly believe should have been included was not: the song "Grow Old with Me." If I compiled the album myself, I would also begin the album with the original version of "Real Love," found on the soundtrack of the movie "Imagine." I would also include the lyrics of the songs on the album and include some photos of John's artwork. John Lennon was truly one of the greatest musical artists of all time ad his "Legend" should never be treated as anything less than perfect. I will say, nevertheless, that "Legend" is a superb album worth listening to over and over again. Thank you for releasing it.

Rating: 4.0
Apr 18, 1998
The new John Lennon CD is, in my opinion, really great. It really is "the very best of John Lennon". It is definately superior to the John Lennon Collection. I mean, I'll take "Working Class Hero" over "Move Over Ms. L" any day. Still, I was a little disappointed that more of the songs weren't new or different. The thing that I disliked the most was the fact that the lyrics weren't included, but the new photos are fantastic, a lot better than the J.L.C. Even though we all know the songs already, they are still magical. The remastering makes them even better. As a huge fan of John Lennon, I would definately recommend this album. It's a pure joy to just listen to it.

Rating: 4.0
Apr 17, 1998
the album was ok. It was almost the same as The John Lennon Collection, except it had more tracks and a picture that was much better. I won the album on a radio contest and I was not that excited cos I had the John Lennon Collection, but it is much better. It has pics of him inside(always a plus) and Working Class Hero is one of the best. John is my favourite Beatle, which is hte only reason I picked his solo work to listen to first. Move Over Mrs L. is not that great a song and I'm glaad it wasn't on the legend CD. Watching the Wheels BABY. Good song. Thank you. Live forever

Rating: 4.5
Apr 17, 1998
Dan Fredrickson
I think that this album is exceptionally good I just think there should be a double album including "How" "Real Love" "Well Well Well" and "How Do You Sleep". I'm 15 years old and I think John is the greatest songwriter in the world and he's the only reason I like the beatles. I just bought the album today and I jsut thought it did sound different but it's missing something anyway it's excellent.

Rating: 5.0
Mar 29, 1998
Ryan Misener
This is liked Shaved Fish, only better. It has pretty much all of the really great songs any Lenno fan needs. Of course, you could go below me and read that reveiw by Paul McCartney(If that's his real name) who complained that it was just a re-release of all his old songs(yeah it really bugged me out too that they didnt get 20 whole new John Lennon songs from somewhere and put them on the release) This fills in where the Legend Collection lacks, adding in the much liked "Mother"(the version used on the single, one I am rather fond of), "Working Class Hero"(quite Simple musically yet incredibly excellent song)and "Nobody Told Me", and gets rid of all the stupid songs on the Lennon Collection(I mean, they are good songs, but these are better) And the digital remastering makes is superb. You NEED this release.

Rating: 1.5
Mar 27, 1998
Paul McCartney
Personally, i think the ablum was a drag. Why come out with an album that is just identical to the "John Lennon Collection"? I must admit, they remade it and remastered it very well but I think it liked any new spice. Its just the same old thing being released. If John were alive today, he would have thought the same way I am doing and if our lives would have been reversed, he would have been sitting down in his computer writing the same thing I am writing. Lennon Legend, although the songs are wonderful, is just another plot for the Lennon Estate to make money off of John.

Rating: 4.5
Mar 23, 1998
Mop the Top
When I 1st heard this album was coming out...I thought why? Isn't the J.L Collection enough? But I was wrong after having listened to it in one sitting...the remastering is great, the cover is perfect, but the real magic lay in the track line-up...such as lining up raw and disturbing "Cold Turkey" before the haunting ballad "Love"...brilliant! Another plus is adding the Milk & Honey singles, which rounds off the project nicely...good riddance to "Dear Yoko" & "Move Over Ms L" which did not belong on a "Best of..." compilation anyway..."Move Over..." track belongs as a bonus track on Rock n'Roll...anyway, there are only two major complaints about this included lyrics...why? And what of the beautiful acoustic "Real Love" demo that showed up in the Imagine soundtrack...that would made this album complete...I also would have included for the fans at least one previously unreleased track from his countless demos...another nice ending would have been "Grow Old with Me": those are only thoughts, but this is the best Lennon hits package out there at the moment and would be the best intro to any casual listener of a great thinking musician...highly recommended for sound and track line-up!

Rating: 4.0
Mar 11, 1998
The latest John Lennon Album is the collection of the best songs that John had released during his life time. Listenning to whole album, you will notice that all of the songs reflect John's personality, thought, and emotion in someway or another. For example, "Woman" reveals the feminist side of the John Lennon. You can also noticed his rages toward Paul in "Whatever get you through the night". John also tell us through "(Just) Like Starting over" that we always have a second chance.. The Lennon Legend is an excellent album but it's not "a must have" album since most of the songs are identical to the John Lennon Collection album (with few additional songs). However, If you don't have any John Lennon albums, then this album should be on your list..

Rating: 4.5
Mar 7, 1998
Joseph Piscopo
Great album finally a place to find the songs BorrowedTime and Nobody told me from the very hard to find and out of print Milk and honey.also great songs like Mother,Working class hero that were not on the John Lennon collection. this should be the only John Lennon Greatest hits album since the other ones are so incomplete and are outdated the remastering is great to on this album.i't sounds like today instead of 1980.

Rating: 5.0
Feb 26, 1998
Paul Gunther
This is the album that every single person should own. I own all the Beatle albums, and IMAGINE and THE JOHN LENNON COLLECTION, along with a couple solo albums by Paul. John has always been my favorite musician, and I was very dissapointed with the COLLECTION. It contained the necessities (Imagine, Instant Karma), but did not contain the other class of songs, not the blockbuster singles, but the haunting album tracks (Mother, Working Class Hero). Also, I'd heard "Nobody Told Me" on the TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON album that came out a few years ago, and loved it. Hearing it and "Borrowed Time" was a real treat. The COLLECTION came out too early, basically to cash in on John's death, which is a horrible thing. This collection was thought through much more. It doesn't contain the lousy throways like "I'm Losing You", "Dear Yoko", and "Move Over Ms. L" that acted as filler on the COLLECTION. Those songs do not belong on a greatest hits album in place of "Mother" or "Working Class Hero". My only complaints are that "Power To The People" and "Love" still remain. Sure, they are both important to John, but they are not really very interesting songs. I would have preferred that "Oh Yoko", "God", or "I Found Out" were there instead of those two. Other than that, this is one of the greatest albums ever it.

Rating: 5.0
Feb 18, 1998
wr, goiânia, brazil
the first thing anyone should understand about a greatest hits is that it is meant to be a greatest hits, the usual "how come they left that song out?" by thousands of fans included - in my specific case, how come they didnt add i'm losing you or clean up time?. well, anyway, legend is, by far, one of the best gh's albums i've ever heard. it surely does bring lennon at his very best, from the stuff even my 69 year-old grandmother recognizes (imagine, give peace a chance)to four very delicate songs written by a middle-aged ex-beatle, world-famous rock-star, who'd just seemed to get in tune with his own existence again, after spending years drifting around in his role of "the voice of a generation" (this domesticity being very well pictured in the four songs taken from john's last album, double fantasy: just like starting over, woman, beautiful boy and watching the wheels). of course we're gonna hear the flogged-to-death "another compilation?" argument again, but what must be considered is that there're zillions of people out there who are not the typical die-hards (myself included) and seem to be utterly satisfied with an honest greatest hits like this, not to mention all the kids around the globe who are taking their first steps into the masters of pop and rock and roll music. besides, the digital remastering did make the sound a lot clearer. last, but not least, as somebody's already pointed out, even the cover picture is cooler than that of "the john lennon collection". go out and get it right away! i assure the public this compilation is second to none!

Rating: 4.5
Feb 17, 1998
Jeff R. Jacomowitz
A John Lennon "very best of" which contains the "soon-to-be-removed-from-the-shelves Milk & Honey" hits "Nobody Told Me" & "Borrowed Time" should be had by Lennon, Beatle or any fan out there who enjoys "Legendary and meaningful" music!! Definitely, a great buy even if you have the "John Lennon Collection" or "Shaved Fish"! The only drawback is the elimination of "Woman is the Nigger of the World", or else I would have given this album a 5.0! Otherwise, John would have been proud of this collection! I think another additive should have been John's original version of "Real Love" from the Imagine soundtrack. Two CDs are worth it! Another splendid time is guarenteed for all!

Rating: 5.0
Feb 9, 1998
Realmente me parece lamentable que en este espacio no esté ningun latino, pero bueno eso no quiere decir que no de mi opinión. Este disco es uno de los mejores, ya que recopila casi todas las mejores canciones de su trayectoria, grandes exitos como happy xmas, imagine,etc. aqui en Venezuela no ha llegado cuando ya lo estan comprando. Es increible, que la ideología de John aun esté en la mente de la gran mayoria de personas que vivieron y no vivieron en esa época, como uno de los mas grandes poetas y pasifistas del mundo.

Rating: 4.5
Jan 29, 1998
Jon Hammond
Great album. I was lucky enough to find it in a store as an import. The only drawback to the album was its price- $30. Otherwise, it is fantastic. Not too much different from John Lennon Collection, but a must have, if it can be found, for Lennon enthusiasts.

Rating: 3.0
Jan 24, 1998
lior seker
all of the songs on this collection are great,but almost all of them appeared on other lennon collections like"imagaine" and "the john lennon collection" although im pleased "working class hero",borrowed time" and "nobady told me" got the respect they diserved i think this album was just another way to make more easy money by recicling(sorry about my mistakes im from israel) johns songs

Rating: 5.0
Jan 16, 1998
Anthony S.
What else is there to say? This collection of Lennon's works would have to be the best or the greatest compiled to date! The big eye catcher of the album is the shuffle of Give Peace A Chance to the last track. That's understandable considering Imagine is leading the album off! The album starts and ends with two beautiful and powerful songs. We must not forget the songs that make the rest of the album. Just looking at them, Instant Karma, Mother, Power To The People down to others such as Stand By Me, (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Happy Xmas (War Is Over). The noted inclusion on this album is John's Working Class Hero! A very powerful song itself, it seems to have been left out of The John Lennon Collection! Which is strange considering what his beliefs were! But all in all, the album would have to be one of the greatest collection albums compiled on one artist! Even though his is gone, he seems to still make a big album and grab the spotlight from other renowned artist of today! For the die hard fans it is a must! For the curious, this is the album to get if you want to hear John at his best!

Rating: 5.0
Dec 25, 1997
Barry Barrett
Besides the fact that the songs on this album have already been released it's perfect (the songs having been already released shouldn't be held against the quality of this album anyway/Just 'cause it makes you mad that you already have the songs don't hold it against the greatness of this album alone). Anyway it was esp. great for me since I have never heard Borrowed Time and only rarely heard Noby Told Me (on VH1). Milk and Honey dissappear when I became A fan. and another thig this album is not only a group of great lennon songs it's a group of great lennon songs that have been remastered and soung spectacular From the bass in Cold Turkey, the notes in Working Class Hero, to the chants at the begging of Power To The People. If you haven't heard the improvments w/ headphones you must.

Rating: 3.5
Dec 8, 1997
David Anthony Williams
Dispite the obvious musical genius of this (and indeed any of Lennon's works), I must say that I was disappointed by this new release. Other than the addition of the tracks mother and working class hero this album is an exact replica of the previously released 'Collection'. My advise to any potential buyers of this work is go get it ! but on the other hand if you are as I consider myself an avid collecter this album would be as apealing as foot fungus.

Rating: 5.0
Dec 1, 1997
Paul Woodcock
As a newcomer to the Lennon market, this hit me as the obvious place to start. The track listing did include some songs I already new and loved, but this was the first solo Lennon album i have purchased. I belive that the Album is aimed more towards a new market especially as Lennon has become a LEGEND through musical reputation. This is now the most cherishec CD in my collection the only CD that comes close to being this good is Sgt Pepper. Go out and buy it

Rating: 5.0
Nov 26, 1997
Janard Ono Hanan
Well the album is out and just like any other lennon album is practically F*****G good. The track listing is pretty much the same as the compilation that was released some time ago. (1980 , i believe). If you are a lennon fan just buy it, for old timesake. It's got a rather sombre album cover that creates a rather moody atmosphere for the listener (if your the kind that takes elements like this into consideration). The spirit of John has always be kept alive through his music and this album pretty much sums it up for any begginer who wants to learn about the man's music and persona. P.s . Thanks! Sam

Rating: 5.0
Nov 23, 1997
Matt Carney
I have not heard this Cd but I can already tell you that every song on hear is excellent. This has to be one of the best greatest hits albums ever. It has all of John's best songs on it, although there are some excellent other ones on his albums, this collection gives a new Lennon listener all that he or she will need. Finally, a very good greatest hits collection. For any of you Lennon fams out there I suggest you buy this album when the US gets it and until then buy Plastic Ono Band. These will form most of the John Lennon solos wroks taht you realy will need, unless like me, you are a true diehard and want every album of the best musical legend there ever was. Lennon Legend is an awesome greatest hits and I would recommend this one over teh very poor The John Lennon Collection any day(because that album does not represent the best of John Lennon at all). So anyone who really wants a great greatest hits album they should get this one. And as far as that poor comment goes, this is a greatest hits album, not a boxed set or a release of studio takes like the Anthology's. If they released all that extra material on here I would be very upset because I have all these songs already and I would not want to buy an album for a few bootleg recordings. Lennon Legend by the volume of excellent songs is the best greatest hits album since the Rolling Stone's High Tide And Green Grass! Excellent

Rating: 5.0
Nov 20, 1997
jonthan harris
In my opinion, this album has got to be one of the best ever. I own all the original vinyl, even the John Lennon collection, all on vinyl. Until now there has not been a comprehensive enough compilation of all of John Lennons greatest works. I think that this album does this well, with a mixture of his early and lte works, offering diverse selection of music; even to anyone hs never heard of John Lennon (not vey likely), or anyone who has never heard any of his works. I must admit tht altough I am a great fn of vinyl, the remastered versions of #9 dream and Imagine, without all of the nsty stratching, sound so mmuch better. But what can I say, except "brilliance"??

Rating: 5.0
Nov 12, 1997
I am a 19 yr old Canadian student, and the album has been released here. I had just finished reading JT's criticism, and I have to agree, where is all the goodies we are waiting for. We know they're there. Anyway, the CD is very good in quality, the sound is great. I do not own all of John's albums, so some of these songs are new to me. I have the "John Lennon Collection", but this is much better, there are more songs and it sounds alot better. Even the cover looks cooler. This CD has la creme de la creme of John Lennon, so if you can't afford to buy all of his albums, like me, then I strongly suggest buying this album.

Rating: 5.0
Nov 12, 1997
Shaun Chong
probably the best review of John Lennon's songs, before i'm just a guy listening to Michael Learns To Rock and Suede this kind of guys, but after listening to this disc. i'm really addict to John Lennon. His song is so touching, not only the lyrics, but also the melody and everything. really need to recommend to my friends. forgot to say, i'm a 16 yr old Hong Kong guy. my favourite is Imagine, Love, Beautiful Guy. Both lyrics and melody of these songs are perfect!

Rating: 5.0
Nov 11, 1997
I live in Canada, where "Lennon Legend" has been released. I recently purchased the CD and in the short time that I have owned it, I have listened to it everyday, all 20 songs! Might I add I already own most of Lennon's solo albums and all of The Beatles albums, but this album is one of my favourites. I think that you can hear the difference in the quality of sound on these recordings. I am very pleased with it, and I would recommend it to all Lennon/Beatles fans!

Rating: 1.0
Nov 11, 1997
First of all, I have not listened to the album. I don't think that is necessary. Look at the song titles. Same old same old. Now let's look at this, the man had a recording studio in his house for most of his adult life. To be sure they could dig up something that hasn't been released. Even snippets of songs or instrumentals. Are those songs all he did? It looks like the well is running dry. Anthology was an excellent collection of songs, had plenty of ones only on bootlegs previously and the ones they had released the versions were considerably different. The false starts were hilarious. I am not going to keep buying the same stuff no matter who remixes it. Imagine the movie and the album were very good. What is the difference in this? Paul talks about the wealth of stuff he has stashed away that he hasn't even looked at in years. Where's John's? I won't buy an album for a song or two. Almost didn't buy Paul's last one, but he pulled a decent album out this time, but even then he spoke about how much fun he had, the people on the album called him lazy, where is the edge? I think it is either hidden in a box somewhere or perhaps it has worn down.

Rating: 5.0
Nov 10, 1997
Max Totten
LENNON LEGEND The Very Best Of John Lennon EMI Records / Parlophone Just a brief letter on the "new" release of the CD "Lennon Legend". From the String arrangement Of "Imagine" to the hidden, but now not hidden, Heartbeat bassline of "Instant Karma" the voice as used as a instrument by John Ono Lennon., Is flowing through the streams like blood flows through memories. Ms. Ono has once again brought to the light a simple but eloquent touch to the soul of John Ono Lennon. From the tinkle of the tambourine flowing through #9 Dream, to the finished sounds the sheets make in "Give Peace A Chance". This collection was brilliantly relised and remastered. My sense of John's fragile but heart rendering exploration of one's existence truly is timeless. Peace Max P.S. The tribal "chant" at the end of Cold Turkey is as bone chilling as ever.

Rating: 4.5
Nov 4, 1997
At last! After all those years EMI finally have decided to release a new "Greatest Hits" album of John Lennon. The previous "The John Lennon collection" contained a collection of songs who were to focused on John's last album. It didn't contain songs like "Working class hero" or ""Mother". Some songs like "Dear Yoko" and "Move over ms L" didn't either belong to a hitcollection. This release of songs is much better. This album is much more "a album" than "The John Lennon collection", which is more like collection of songs that don't have anything together. The sound of the new album is also digital remastered, which you can clearly hear in the more early songs. The inclusion of the songs "Borrowed time" and "Nobody told me" is also a excellent choice, because the record "Milk and honey"(Which was released after John's death) on which they appear isn't available on CD ( At least I haven't found it). BUY THIS ONE!.. The only reason that i didn't give it 5 point's is that after all the original albums of John are a must to have, and that a greatest hits collection never can't beat them.


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