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"Wedding Album" was the third and final experimental album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It came with a photo of John and Yoko's wedding cake, a copy of their marriage certificate, and other nick-nacks. Although their wedding was on March 20, 1969, the album wasn't released until Oct. 20, 1969 (US) and Nov. 7, 1969 (UK).

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Rating: 5.0
Aug 11, 2007
another great collaborative effort from one of the most interesting couples in history, in my opinion. ---- it must have been crazy for the both of them after they met and connected and the ideas started coming. wedding album, lions, revolution, virgins, fly, plastic ono band, films, events, bagism, imagine.. pure creativity, exciting and satisfying for them both i assume. ---- i tend to think of wedding in terms of its ideas initially and the actual recorded experience (i prefer this to 'music' as its more performance art than music, although music is a part of performance when approached in this way) secondary to that. i also feel the same way about much of their work from this period. you want pop? probably go somewhere else.. ----- the first side is akin to watching andy warhol's empire- listen in its entirety to get the full experience. its performance to a large degree. are they separated by a physical barrier? lost in a cave? a psychological barrier? societal? political? social? its a dialogue, i think, its a drama, its a relationship. ---- the interview is very exciting, to hear yoko say "you see?" over and over, hear her so excited, listen to them both cut each other off and reinforce each other, both discussing the same thing using different techniques and language. the entire wedding album on vinyl with all the extras is an incredible experience, again, as i said in my review of lions, with a great deal of information to process..

Rating: 1.5
Apr 21, 2007
side A lasts approximately 30mns.Over the backsound of two hearts beating in unison, John & Yoko repeat their first names with a great variety of tones, from whispers to screams and everything in between.This may be something a loving couple does,albeit not on record. side B starts with "John,John, let's hope for peace" sung accapella by Yoko.Then comes a long and interesting interview held in Amsterdam, including a very short vesion of "good night" sung by John. Music this album may not be, but it certainly is history.

Rating: 1.0
Feb 4, 2007
how can you defend this piece of crap? THIS IS NOT MUSIC. I am a huge Lennon fan, but even i (who owns all of his albums) can not stand to listen to any of theses so called "albums". these things just show how crazy Yoko was, and how easily she could control John and make him believe that this was good art. shame on anyone who owns this.

Rating: 4.0
Aug 10, 2006
John & Yoko's third effort together. The only thing that keeps this album from being a spectacular time capsule is the "A" side to the album titled "John & Yoko". If John Lennon could have put "Ballad Of John & Yoko" in place of "John & Yoko" & included "Give Peace A Chance" This would have been the perfect start Solo album for him. Fortunately all is not lost & the "B" side titled "Amsterdam" is worth buying the album for (as well as the ton of free items that came along with this album). Its a very interesting album to listen to & certainly not as disposable as "Two Virgins" or "Life With The Lions". This is worth a listen for all Lennon fans.

Rating: 3.5
Oct 9, 2005
lennon lives on
this is the best of the 3 "sound" albums. But really not a gem at all, but still a collectable to own

Rating: 3.0
Sep 27, 2004
Rick Jackson
as with the two virgins this album is only for yokos art form with 110 % support and as always funding and lennon wanted the world to accept that john and yoko are 1. rating this as a rock record is foolish, their should be a catagory for avant gard music or experimental music, any lennon fan should know that he never intended for his fans to rate and accept this as a rock record, wake up this is only a form of art. i give them a well deserve 3 if it was in the right catagory a 5 would fit nicely.

Rating: 1.0
Sep 15, 2004
Gary Harper
Part three of the Adventures of John and Yoko, in which our heros do even less than before. This is not a joke, this is J+Y believing that the rest of the world is as interested in their lives as they were, and the tradgady is that most people were. This is a triumph of style over substance. The packaging was an elaborate affair, making every one who bought it a virtual guest at J+Y's wedding, but the actual contents was superfluous. I suppose if your going to release an album, you may as well put something on it, although it probably would have been better to continue in the direction of "Two minutes silence" from the previous album. This piece of clap trap is only once removed from that, what with J+Y repeating each others name for nigh on twenty minuites, and a fly on the wall recording of the wedding itself. An innsomniac voyouers delight, this should have you snoozing in no time. Not even for die hard collectors, unless you want a piece of wedding cake.

Rating: 3.0
Jul 1, 2004
Well, here it is. A wedding present from John and Yoko to the world and a reminder that they are very much in love and happy. It's a very sweet album to listen to and much quieter than the previous two. I'm not even going to bother summing up the tracks because there are only two and they have been reviewed by lots of people just below me. It's a fun little album, especially the second track, and very nice to have on in the background of your life if you're doing something. The piece de resistance is the packaging, however, which features wddding photos, press clippings, a picture of their wedding cake and a copy of their wedding certificate. It's a nice memento to have on your shelf.

Rating: 4.0
May 9, 2004
The last of John and Yoko's avant garde recordings, even the biggest hater of those three albums would have to admit that this one is pretty easy on the ears. Designed as John and Yoko's wedding present to the world, so to speak, the first track is simply them saying each other's names for about twenty minutes but their voices are really beautiful and really mix in quite well together. The second track is basically their wedding video except with only audio (although some video relating to this audio has since been released) and is great to listen to. Although some less enthusiastic fans may not jump at the chance to hear John and Yoko ordering breakfast, I thought it was really sweet to hear such a lovey dovey couple doing these normal things together. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this CD is the packaging. Although not as extensive as the vinyl version, it's amazing anyway without press clippings, wedding pictures, a picture of the wedding cake and their marriage certificate, and the simple cover of the CD still ranks as one of my all time favorites. If you ever have a moment, pick this one up, there's a good chance that you might like it.

Rating: 1.5
Aug 18, 2003
One Big Gimmick. There's no other way to describe an album that was meant to be sold simply thanks to the names attached and the creative record packaging. It's simply one big joke from John and Yoko, trying to see how far they can get with this Avant Garde thing. This time, there's a rather interesting package attached to the LP to lure people in to what consists of something that can only be described as sheer lunacy. It's not meant to make anyone have an emotional response. It's not meant to have some deeper meaning about the world, war or whatever else some would claim it to have. It's pure nonsense attached to a fancy package. In fact, it's a precursor to most of the popular music out there today. I think John and Yoko got the joke, but no one else did.

Rating: 1.0
Nov 23, 2000
laurie marks
I know, I have an idea. Let's make a movie to sell to the public by just setting up a camera outside a public lavatory for two hours. No script, no actors, just life. Give me a break, even the "live cam" internet scam makes no sense once you ignore the hype. Well this is a 30 year old precursor, and I suppose that will instantly have some fans jumping up and claiming that John and Yoko wre really ahead of their time and invented the internet etc. etc. Well wake up. How does one review an album so utterly without merit or redeeming quality that upon a listen the most prevailing emotion is surprise that it was ever created to begin with. It must have been a swinging place in 1969 if the track "John an Yoko" was what one got up to in one's spare time - they just keep repeating each other's names ad nauseam. Yet some enlightened folk describe it as 'funny', but simultaneously as 'boring'. Let's stop there for amoment, because this oxymoron goes to the heart of what is wrong with this trackless album - some people find it humourous to be bored. Hmm...a little like masochism I suppose. Well, here's a treat that will make you laugh your heads off - sit in front of a TV that's switched off for 45 minutes, you'll think it's hilarious. Oh my aching sides. Why is it that because it is John Lennon's wife doing the wailing to people have to find merit in it. There is nothing behind it, she is not making some witty statement about world peace, she is just drawing attention to herself to feed her ego because she can't do it any other way. And her beleaguered superstar husband just goes along with it to keep the peace. This is a waste of money - avoid it. The most puzzling thing are the people who try to raise this load of rubbish up onto some high plane of thought and wisdom, which generally comes across as trying to see the deep and meaningful aspect to "Funniest Home Video" shows on TV. Look, I am a Lennon fan too, but don't try to sell me on this 'suffer for their art' nonsense. Loading up this album with praise is on the same level as telling people how sweet your own baby's dirty nappies smell. It would be a disgrace if it had been made and sold as a bad joke on the public - the sad thing is that one suspects John and Yoko were deadly serious about their work, that they truly thouhgt their unstructured verbal meanderings were worth a listen. You want art like that - give me "Mister Methane" any day. Oh, the CD version has some bonus tracks in case you just can't get enough of the Best of Banshee wailing. There are many ways to be a self-indulgent artist with music - 18 minute guitar solos, extra long dance club mixes, overly long monologue tribute speeches in the middle of songs are just some. But none I have ever heard quite matches the sheer waste of time and yes, the boredom of listening to this inane rubbish.

Rating: 3.5
Oct 12, 2000
A comment on "John and Yoko" in particular: The piece has more going on than can really be captured by a general description such as "them repeating their names in different ways" etc. I think that there is a story being told here, a story of a relationship between man and woman that trancends the details of these particular people by the use of the limited and abstract content. After enough repetitions of the same words over and over, the words almost cease to exist as words and become simply the medium by which the emtional content is transmitted. As a result, the piece attains almost a (forgive me, this is so damn pompous) archetypal significance in that the story being told could be about anyone, including the listener her/himself. Maybe that can even justify the length of the piece: it takes that long for the words to "disappear" and the emotional content to become the focus of attention, if the listener has any attention left. And if not, well then take this piece as a John Cage style study in mindfulness - what are you feeling when you get sick of listening to this piece? Maybe that can even tell us a little bit about ourselves. Oh, yeah, and trying to rate something like this on a five point scale seems somewhere between futile and silly, but what the heck...

Rating: 4.0
Jun 19, 1999
Jack the Box
This ones realitily cool. I like all the goodies. I got the Japannise version. While the side with John and Yoko, saying, screaming and other wise abusing John and Yoko is a bit tediouse. The rest of the album isn't that bad. Got a point yeah it's got a point if you were around then, then you know all about the peace movement. If not then this one give a dose. While I didn't always agree with the Lennon's on this issue, it does offer an insight into it. Dig, with all that was then and what is with what going on today what's wronge with giving Peace a chance. Yes it's old hat,but is it really. The interview side of this album shows how divided this issue is. And how far in left feild John and Yoko really were. But then whats wronge with left field. I protested against the war in vietmam. I still feel that as long as agression presist in the world a voice in the wilderness is better than no voice at all. Others may say This album is a bit short on John's talent, but it does show something of his dedication to the peace movement. and well worth having.

Rating: 4.0
Mar 28, 1999
Hmmm. Well, I bought this album very reluctantly, one of the reasons was because it was $29. But I was in the mood for something different and new, so I decided to get it. I thought "John & Yoko" was absolutely hilarious, if at times a little boring, but funny. I was pleasently surprised at the way they acted out various feelings (like laughing and crying etc.). About "Amsterdam", the first 5 minutes are Yoko at her normal wailing self, singing something about hoping for peace. It's pretty terrible. The rest however is interesting, and is a 1969 interview about John & Yoko peace movements. Then it turns into a hotel room, where you can hear them ordering breakfast and reading the paper. Sounds like filler to me. I like most of this album, even though I don't own any other of their "avant-garde" albums

Rating: 3.0
Mar 8, 1998
Ron Synovitz
Thanks for the invitation to the wedding, John and Yoko. Delicious cake; not for the uninitiated. BTW, my three apple rating is an irrelevant quantitative choice made only because the format requires one. But conceptual art such as this can't be reduced to a one-to-five Likert scales without losing the point.

Rating: 4.0
Dec 30, 1997
Hans H. Hanke
I canīt believe that this record has reached such a price, which means to me that everybody loves it now. I bought it at my hometown in Germany for 5,- DM ( 3 $ ) when it came out - and there still had been lots of them at that time. The album was said to be absolutly terrible. But that was wrong. It was not the music,that made this album an extraordinary peace of art. It was a present to the wedding guests, whereever they did live: A pie, a plasticbag, photographs and several more you have to look and feel. And with this look at the new world of John & Yoko you could hear them making love whispering eachothers name. And later on you might listen to the interviews, but I confess that my english was not good enough to get all of it (I might proof this here). The wedding Album was to me Johns & Yokos wedding-invitation and their attempt to get all their art in one piece. For sure nobody is able to listen to the sound with contemplation. I was very happy when I came to "Now itīs time to say good night ...", and this is still one of my favorite versions of this song.

Rating: 3.5
Nov 15, 1997
Chris McIntyre
This album is NOT for the casual fan. Devoted John and Yoko fans will be able to apreciate it, though. My advice is to get the CD. The original will probably be far out of most people's price range. Plus, the CD comes with some wonderfull bonus tracks. The first track, John And Yoko, is simply John and Yoko saying each other's names over and over. It does become interesting to hear the diffrent inflections in their voice. I can't help but laugh when John becomes a bit playfull towards the end. Then comes Amsterdam, which is bits recorded during their Bed-In for peace in Amsterdam. There are a few improvised songs, and parts of interviews they gave. Interesting to listen to. Then come the bonus tracks. They're 3 Yoko songs, and they rank among her best. They're touching, soft, beautifull ballads. Who Has Seen The Wind is very touching. Listen The Snow Is Falling is a nice, soft track that backs Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) (the song it was originally released as a B-side to) perfectly. Then there's an unreleased version of Don't Worry Kyoko which is radically diffrent from the version that backed Cold Turkey. All in all, this is an nice album to have, especially for the bonus tracks. Worth the money.

Rating: 4.0
Sep 17, 1997
Kenneth Puleo
I have to admit i was a bit surprised to find myself listening to this album with a smile on my face, the hypnotic feeling of the first track "John and Yoko" made me feel like i was on my way to an inner journey without end. This track impressed me alot with its strange background sound/noise and the repetition of their own names in different forms, where the whispering stands out as being the most effective "device" of the human voice.

Rating: 4.0
Jul 31, 1997
Jim Jacobs
I must say that when I bought this album back in 1976 for $10, I never would have dreamed that it would have increased in value as it has over the years. Now that it has been reissued in CD format, I can really appreciate the fact that I am priviledged to own a vinyl copy of The Wedding Album since the CD version did not include all of the give aways that the album did. Missing from the CD are the drawings made by John & Yoko, The picture strip of John & Yoko in bed holding flowers from the Amsterdam bed-in, the plastic bag that says Bagism on it plus, you only get a brief look at the press clippings which in the album,you get a full sized booklet that includes more than what the CD gives. Enough said about the packaging. As far as the "music" is concerned, I must admit that hearing the names John & Yoko repeated 484 times in 484 different ways does get boring after the first couple of minutes. The flip side of the album at least allows you to hear some of Johns humour,as well as bits of interviews with John & Yoko during the Amsterdam bed-in. The Wedding album is a must for the serious Lennon collector & if you are lucky enough to find the album version of it, It is worth it to have it since what brings the value up is the giveaways that came with it.

Rating: 3.5
Jul 26, 1997
Steve Andrisevic
It was very hard to rate this collection.On one hand its very annoying to hear JOHN YOKO repeated over and over for over 22 minutes.However once you get past that the rest is quite quaint.The interveiws that are innerspersed here and there with inprovised songs such as "grow your hair","bed peace,hair peace" and the ever endearing "goodbye Amsterdam goodbye" make the whole of the collection truelly A Wedding Album.As those things go its superior and as history its very interesting to hear those beautiful sentiments of PEACE AND LOVE.That not so long were part of all our dreams.

Rating: 5.0
Jul 22, 1997
jeremiah c. willington
top-notch entertainment. i would not wish talent like this on anyone who i felt did not deserve it, and nobody does. lennon and ono are like batman and robin, only naked. so please, enjoy its blessing with a clean nose and a lustful smirk as young love, pure and true, unravels itself before your very ears. good day, and good listening.

Rating: 3.0
Jun 23, 1997
Myke Carter
I have been an LP collector since 1979 and a CD collector since 1987. I won't divulge how many discs of each format I own, but I assure you the combined count is remarkably high. Of those in my entire CD/LP collection, John's & Yoko's "Wedding Album" (on vinyl) was the most difficult to locate and the most expensive to buy. In 1994, after more than an entire decade of fruitlessly searching for it, this boxed LP (attached to a $125 pricetag) found me, almost as if by magic, at a local new and used record shop. I own the only vinyl copy of this album that I have ever seen. Appropriately, my wife and I each made three matched payments to buy it over a period of as many months after seeing it for the first time. The final downpayments we made together on our third wedding anniversary! Stop. "Wedding Album" contains only two compositions, "John & Yoko" and "Amsterdam", each of which comprises one-half of the original album. "John & Yoko" is a unique aural creation consisting of 22+ minutes of John and Yoko alternately calling out each other's names in a variety of ways across the stereo spectrum; Yoko from the left and John from the right. In the background as they do this one hears a blending of their heartbeats. As the piece progresses, John & Yoko alter the inflexion of their voices ranging from whispers to screams and shouts and to depict a variety of emotions and conditions (i.e. joy, sadness, anger, surprise, curiosity, shame (?), and so forth). Curiously, before John speaks his first "Yoko" at the beginning of the piece, he bites into an apple (a Granny Smith, no doubt!). I have mixed feelings about this particular recording. I believe it to be very pure and focused conceptually - and for that I love it - however, it rarely holds my attention longer than 4 or 5 minutes whenever I attempt to listen to it. To me, even John & Yoko sound a little bored and/or out of ideas somewhere in the middle of it all. Stop. The other half of the album, "Amsterdam", is a patchy collection of some recordings made during the first bed-in which John & Yoko staged during their honeymoon at the Amsterdam Hilton in 1969. While this track is considerably more interesting to hear than "John & Yoko", it is rather disjointed and more haphazardly produced. It begins with Yoko singing "Let's Hope For Peace" with John occasionally chanting "Peace! Peace! Peace!" in the background. From there, it progresses to an interview segment with John & Yoko attempting to explain their views on violence in society and what can be done about it. Next, the/a "Day In Bed" suite begins. First we hear, John & Yoko chatting in the early morning and John ordering breakfast from room service. Various reporters are then heard in the room asking questions and receiving answers from their newlywed hosts in the afternoon. Also included are some sounds of the crowd on the street below the hotel room window and a couple of impromptu song-bits with John and Yoko singing and John playing acoustic guitar. "Amsterdam" concludes with John halfheartedly singing a portion of "Good Night" (from the "The Beatles" (a.k.a. "White") album), Yoko talking of what a tiring day of chit chat it had been and, finally, a few odd noises thrown in for good measure. Clearly, the highlight of this half of "Wedding Album" is John's impromptu statement spoken to a reporter, "So anyway, a policeman came and an elephant jumped on me head. So, I said, "What's going on?" He said, "Cabbages!" And the next moment I was on film." Stop. "Wedding Album" is more a whimsical documentary than an experimental sound art project. It is definitely more fun to have than to hear. Nevertheless, it is positive, harmless, and the centerpiece of my LP collection. Neither my wife nor I regret paying the price for it that we did. The deluxe box in which the LP is packaged is filled with all sorts of interesting photos and other fun goodies. Never in the history of recorded music and/or sound has there been so unique a package created for public consumption than this!

Rating: 4.0
Apr 22, 1997
no reviews of this album yet? it must be rare! anyway, here is my review. side one of the wedding album is called "John and Yoko" and for about 20 minutes, over amplified heartbeats, we get yoko saying "john" and john saying "yoko" with inflection ranging from whispers to screams. side two is called "amsterdam" and is really just interviews done in bed during their dutch stay. At the end of the side, you do get john, presumably late at night and finishing off this recording, quietly singing "goodnight" from the white album. the packaging for this record is the most elaborate of all joko records, including posters, booklets, postcard, marriage license reproduction, drawings by john and yoko and more! if you can find this album in vinyl format made in usa or england for under 100 bucks, buy it! i predict in ten years it will be worth several hundred!


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