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Birthday Wishes for John - 1999

October 9, 1999 would have been John Lennon's 59th birthday. During his life, John's biggest wish was for all the people of the world to live together as one. In honor of John's birthday, Bagism visitors were asked to make a wish. Here are their comments.

Many thanks to Chloe, a frequent visitor to Bagism, for delivering our messages to the Strawberry Fields memorial in New York's Central Park on John's birthday. She also provided the following photos of her day at the park. Click the photos to see larger versions.
Imagine Mosaic
Chloe places our messages on the mosaic alongside artwork, photos, flowers, and other items placed there by fans.
David Peel
David Peel, a friend of John's from the early 70s, and other musicians entertain the crowd. Peel is the one with the guitar near the center.
Dakota building
A large group of fans sing Beatles songs while the Dakota building looms in the background.
Ivy, another Bagism regular, stands at the mosaic, located in the center of the memorial.


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Oct 8, 1999
Tacoma Washington USA
I wish John, that you knew only how much you're loved, and how much we miss you. Have a wonderful birthday.

Oct 8, 1999
Go Johnny, go...

Oct 8, 1999
Sara Hildebrandt
heyya all When John was alive he said that he would wish for world peace bu the year 2000, so therefor for John and for all of us I wish the same. May love and peace be with us all, and hapy birthday John Tarrah Sara

Oct 8, 1999
Guadalajara/Vallarta MŽxico
la verdad lo que m‡s me gustar’a es que siguieras aqu’ entre nosotros... pero tal vez est‡s mucho mejor donde est‡s... dondequiera que sea.. pero eso si, sigues presente en nuestros corazones, de todos los que te amamos y que tenemos la gran dicha de escucharte dia a dia con tus canciones, tu mśsica y tus frases tan filos—ficas... que tengas un muy FELIZ CUMPLEA„OS y ten por seguro que estarŽ contigo y tu conmigo, no solo este dia tan especial, sino todos los restantes de mi vida..... forever.. muchas gracias x llenar mi vida de luz... te amo!!!

Oct 8, 1999
austin, tx
i wish he were still with us....we miss you john.

Oct 8, 1999
i wish that people would learn to let other people live the way they want to, to be happy, and to not take everything so seriously =)

Oct 8, 1999
Yeah, I wish you were still with us John. But I'd settle for that long sought after peace you wanted for us. I wish everyone would learn to treat each other as they would like to be treated. I wish people could be happy just being who they are. I wish people would learn to be happy even if they aren't rich. I wish everyone in the world enough to eat, so the bulging stomachs we see on TV are from too much to eat rather than too little. I wish we could all learn to see each other has people rather than races. I wish we could learn it's easier not to be violent than it is to be violent. I wish we could learn that we are all each other's best friends on this world, because only we know what it takes to get thru this life. I wish I could be a better person, maybe I can? I wish everyone will wish for the same things I do. And that we'll all try hard to make our individual wishes come true. Happy 59th Johnny! We love ya!

Oct 8, 1999
Little Nicola
I wish, I hope, that wherever he is, if he is even aware, that he can see that he still lives through his music, poetry, and artwork and that people all over the world appreciate what he has done for all of us.

Oct 8, 1999
i wish that everyone, everywhere, would have a good day. This is the one day of the year that peace could really happen. Be nice. I wish that for one day that people would stop and think about what they're doing to each other. I wish that we would all be really nice, and john would watch us from wherever he is and smile. That's what i wish, I wish for John Lennon to smile.

Oct 8, 1999
Thom Yorke
I wish that some people could chill out some more. Have a good one, John.

Oct 8, 1999
Melbourne, Australia
Happy Birthday John! Wish you were still here. I am getting married on your birthday! I thought it appropriate, since i am such a big fan, this way i will never forget my anniversary date! Thanx for your music forever.

Oct 8, 1999
John Mill
Have a happy 59th John!!!

Oct 8, 1999
Happy birthday John. I hope that you know, in some way or another, that I love you. On October 9, 1999, on what would've been your 59th birthday, I wish for the world the same that you did peace, love, happiness, and an image of the world living for today. The picture of your death still haunts me, and I can only continue to desire that all this to have been a nightmare. Come back John Lennon, in whatever form possible. Here on earth we miss you, for music, for poetry, for all that you have been and have yet to be to us.

Oct 8, 1999
Anna of the field
S‹o Paulo, Brazil
Happy birthday, Johnny! Love will keep us together for ever more.

Oct 8, 1999
I wish that "mainstream" media would understand John for the genius he was. Enough of saying that he was childish for hoping for peace as he did with Imagine. Nobody critized the book Utopia, they even call it a classic, but the world they portray is not even as close to an ideal world as Imagine was.

Oct 8, 1999
Sterling Heights Michigan
Dear John: I wish more people in the world respected your memory. I hope that we will both be in heaven one day.

Oct 8, 1999
Josh Patterson
Renton, WA
I wish John was still alive and making music today. Even if he wasn't making music, I'd do anything to get him back. ANYTHING to stop his senseless murder. Hell, I'd go back in time to December 8th, 1980 and stop the psycho from killing John. Unfortunately, this is all just a fantasy. I'd also wish that the world would live as one. Give peace a chance! Happy 59th birthday John! You're still much loved down here. Your legacy will last forever. All you need is love.

Oct 8, 1999
Bloomington-Normal, IL
John, Tomorrow I will be thinking of you (not that I don't already :)). You would've been 59 years old. What would you and your son Sean have done if you were here? I wonder what you are doing now? Maybe everyone in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven is planning a surprise party for you! But I just want to say that I'll always remember you, you had a very interesting life. Since you loved chocolate, I'll eat alot of it tomorrow! LOL! :)))) HAPPY 59TH BIRTHDAY, JOHN! All You Need Is Love, Kristi

Oct 8, 1999
Tim Swaddling
John: I wish for peace, any form, anywhere, anyhow, anytime. I wish for people. I wish for Yoko. I wish for myself. I wish for the future. I wish for the past. I wish for the now. I wish for Good. I wish for reality. I wish for progression. I wish for evolution. I wish for someday not having to make most of these wishes.

Oct 8, 1999
Rich (Sgt Pepper)
Ah, that's better, back to the long messages again :) cos last year we could only write a few words on a card and I couldn't say all I had to say. But anyway, happy birthday Johnny boy! Have a good one mate, I shall be listening to all your great solo work tomorrow night (and playing loads of Beatles tunes during the day) and having a couple of beers in you honour. I still love ya John, as I said a couple of years ago I know you don't dig all that hero-worship stuff, but we can't help it dude, cos you're such a top bloke! You're an awesome songwriter, musician and author, a great singer and an all-round diamond geezer. Rock On! Peace Rich

Oct 8, 1999
John Mill
Happy Birthday John Lennon May you memory live on forever

Oct 8, 1999
What can I say that was not said about you, John? Being a big fan of the Beatles, you mean so much to me that sometimes I even think you are a myth, not a real person. But, "knowing you, you'd probably laugh" at this remark. I even remember the first time I saw "Imagine" the film, and watching the part where everybody's crying because the man with no name had killed you. I tried to understand how someone could have done that to you. I couldn't understand it, and I cried. And now, this being your last birthday of the century, I want to tell you just thank you for your music. Because I think that's what you wanted to be remembered for. Your music, that timeless gift you gave all of us.

Oct 8, 1999
"For all the ppl to live toghether as one" my wish is that all your wishes come true...//oo\

Oct 8, 1999
Ohio, USA
Happy Birthday John. Sorry you had to leave so early!

Oct 8, 1999
Dave Hill
Happy 59th John LENNON'S Music Lives Forever

Oct 8, 1999
New Jersey, USA
When John Lennon's birthday comes, as it has for the past 59 years, my mind starts thinking about what he said and what he gave to the world. He alone was just one man, yet he did more for us than most of us do for ourselves. Like a fictional writer he gave us a look at his world, one of peace, love, and brotherhood (sister too). A seemingly unreachable utopian paradise. Yet as he sang he touched so many lives, that whether we chose to listen or not we were still affected. Even years after his tragic death, cut down in his prime, we still remember him as his music and words continue to reach new generations of people. At the tender age of 15 I know of the world that he speaks of. My wish for John Lennon's birthday is that the world would come together (over him), and see what he saw, what I see, and what every Lennon fan see's...the world as it could be, a beautiful paradise.

Oct 8, 1999
nik bocker
bklyn ny
peace man. love mutha. plant an acorn up your butt . yeh baby.

Oct 8, 1999
habby birthday john lennon -

Oct 8, 1999
Happy birthday, John.You«ll never be forgotten. Shitsurei shimasu

Oct 8, 1999
Jochen Gerke
37075 Gšttingen, Germany
Wish you where here!! I never forgot you! On your birthday I'll play all your wonderful songs. All my thoughts are by you John!

Oct 8, 1999
I wish I had the chance to meet you. Unfortunalely I'll just have to console myself with the wonderful music and lessons you have left behind. My mother and I both cried that terrible night in December and we will never forget you.

Oct 8, 1999

Oct 8, 1999
Happy Birthday John. Peace.

Oct 8, 1999
How can birthday be happy for dad mad?

Oct 8, 1999
The 420 Walrus
I'll be toking a few nice fat bowls in your honor tommorrow John. I'm gonna get stoned and trip out on the beautiful music you left behind. And I hope you're up there tokin with Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, etc. Happy 59th John! Oh man I'm ripped....

Oct 8, 1999
Jackie at The Jac
LIVERPOOL - you know where.....
With love from your birthplace, you put us on the map & we're proud of you We'll have a great party at your old stomping ground, The Jacaranda!!

Oct 8, 1999
Happy Birthday, John. Even if you aren't here we still and always will remember you. Hope you have a nice day wherever you are

Oct 8, 1999
Elise Wurst
If I had one wish I would wish for all the war and destruction of the world to end and for there to be peace in the world.

Oct 8, 1999
Hard Cheese
Happy Birthday John, you old Bastard :-)

Oct 8, 1999
the NeoNowhere Man
Happy b-day. I'm stepping out!

Oct 8, 1999
Parma, Ohio, USA
I guess that if I could have a wish, what would be better than to wish you were here to celebrate with us. I wish you were still alive. Happy Birthday John!

Oct 8, 1999
dear john, i wish you a very happy birthday...Wish you were here, John. I really miss you. Anyway, may you rest in peace, my dear john. love, NowhereGirl

Oct 8, 1999
All I can wish for is peace on Earth and an end to war..... Imagine it........ Happy birthday John Lennon.... whereever you are!!!!

Oct 8, 1999
EL Paso, Texas
My one wish is for everyone's wishes to come true. Lots of Love to John on his day! ***Ivonne***

Oct 8, 1999
Hey Hey Hey...
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
The only wish I could even think of wishing for John's birthday is well... LOVE AND PEACE FOR EVERYONE ALL OVER THE WORLD...what else did you expect? Have a great one John, it's yer last birthday of the millenium ;P

Oct 8, 1999
Kieran Mackin
San Jose, CA
um...happy birthday john :)

Oct 8, 1999
Colin Ryono
Portland, OR USA
Happy birthday, John. I miss you so much it hurts. Your impact on my life cannot be expressed in mortal words and I hope to live a life as good as yours, always freeing more and more of the creativity that I hope I have. The memorial honoring you still hangs in my room (as it will forever): dedicated to your life, spirit and creative brilliance. Love you, miss you. Imagine Forever.

Oct 8, 1999
Pepperland, 80000 leagues beneath the sea
Happy Birthday, John! Like your music, you will never die. For your birthday, I wish for world peace, and for everyone and everything to be happy. We all love you,and we always will. ~Kate~

Oct 8, 1999
Frankie Cabanag
Newport ,OR USA
Give Peace A Chance! Power to the People! Imagine! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All You Need Is LOVE!! And Peace with the Comments! Thank You Frankie Tomas Cabanag

Oct 8, 1999
masha aka sunflower
Berkeley, CA, USA
well there goes another year, luv. 59 eh? well, it's been an interesting and stressful year since i last made a post to you personally. i've met someone else that might, hopefully, ease the pain i had last year. music is doing better, much better. i've been teaching people about themselves and about the limitlessness of the possibilities in life. i think i'm really beginning to make a difference the way you taught me to. i love you and miss you being in my life the way it used to be. that's my "fault", of course. but now i am using what i learned from you, and i think that's what you wanted in the first place from all of us, not just praise. happy birthday. my wish? to keep going the way i'm going and not lose track so much that i stop helping the world. XOX, masha

Oct 8, 1999
we wish you were still with us. we wish you were still creating with paul. your music will live forever. we wish all the world could live in peace.

Oct 8, 1999
Wow another year gone by, another year i will cry. wait this isn't a poem wow how odd. Well anyway, i just can't believe you're not alive to see another birthday. pretty sad. i pray for you each day, and i miss you. You will live eternally in my mind. godspeed john.

Oct 8, 1999
For No One
Well, what can I say? I'm only 14, but your music has inspired me and helped me through my short life. I'm not into hero worship, and I know you're just a human being. A flawed human being, like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, your words touched the world, and still ring true. I know you'd probably laugh at us talking to you as if you were still here, but maybe you are. Happy Birthday, from a fellow dreamer.

Oct 8, 1999
To my dearest John. I know as well as you how much i love you. How much you have given me, how much you have helped to create the person I am today. Im not going to write it all here becuz I tell you everyday in my own ways. I just thought i should contribute a line. Wish you a happy birthday. And make a wish for happiness. I love you. Chelsea

Oct 8, 1999
Alberta, Canada
Happy 59th John. My favorite number with your favorite number. I wish for all of us to be free...wish you were here. But then again, you always will be. "Apathy isn't it...we CAN do something. OK, so Flower Power didn't work. So what? We start again."

Oct 8, 1999

Oct 8, 1999
Erin (L Rita)
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Happy birthday John (an hour or so early though in Liverpool it is after midnight). It would have been cool to see you be 59, but it wasn't meant to be. I do, however, love you and the vibe you tried to capture for the world. I know you wern't perfect because you were only human, but you did at least a tiny bit of good for people like me. Thanks. Anyway, my one wish is for everyone to start listening to each other to stop the violence in the world. Peace and (though you are gone) I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. Love, L Rita

Oct 8, 1999
Clinton, NY USA
I wish for a world without hatred and fear. I wish that monolithic record companies would be struck from the face of the earth. I wish that free speech on the Net will always be preserved. I wish that nobody would have to suffer unnecessarily.

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday. I hope today and every day folks around the world can remember your message of peace and love and all that good stuff and they can just come together for once. I'm still a dreamer after all these years. I refuse to give that up. Cheers, John. I'll have a little cake for you.

Oct 9, 1999
tom haddock
boston ma
Happy Birthday John thanks for it all....(Say hi to my freinds.)

Oct 9, 1999
I grew up madly in love with John Lennon and to this day will name The Beatles as my all time favorite music group. John Lennon was my personal favorite out of the four. John was THE ONE! Ten years ago I would have given a much different answer to this question because I was naive to a lot about his personal life. Naive mainly to the fact that he abandoned his son Julian. My wish for John's 59th birthday would be for him to have reconciled with his first born son and make ammends for the neglect and absence in his life. I still love John, and now we can love his son Julian and his great contribution to the music world. I am 45 years old and even at my age absolutely love and appreciate Julian's music. John would be "extremely proud". You say it's your birthday? Happy Birthday to ya...

Oct 9, 1999
Jessica M
Chicago, IL
John, you said it best yourself. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one." John's wish has been given to us in song to remember and sing to all the world- your wish is our wish too, John. Happy Birthday! Remember Love!

Oct 9, 1999
Mandey (Auth)
London, Ont.
Peace, love, beauty, kindness, good vibes, extreme, humanity, what can i say, and how can i even put some of this into words? John, you've got it, and we love you for it. May today be a day of good music, and maybe even cake . . . ;p

Oct 9, 1999
Tammy Loney
Waynesville, Missouri
Happy Birthday John, wherever you are! I love you and miss you so!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Christopher Stolle
Richmond, Indiana, USA
I do not wish anything on John's 59th birthday. We won't make wishes and dreams and hopes come true. We need to take action to learn about other cultures, other ways of life, other people, other religions, other times. John Lennon did that. He gave us more than music; he gave us a chance to see the errors of our ways. And we're still not listening. We hear the sounds, but we do not heed the message. Give peace a chance doesn't have any meaning unless we do something to make that reality. Give everyone a chance to live in peace. Don't keep it all to yourself; share your inner love and passion. I am only 23 years old, but John Lennon entered my life when I was about 11, and since then, he has kept me on task with my goals. We can all celebrate his birthday ... but remember him everyday. Imagine what this world would be like if John Lennon had not existed. We miss John Lennon because he existed. You exist. I exist. Let's make something happen. Do something to help others. Educate yourself. Empower yourself. Do something you feel passionate about. We are all glad John Lennon made music. I think he'd be glad to know people continue to care about him. Likewise, I think he'd want to know that we're all still working toward his dream of world peace. Let's make world peace a goal: do a small part each week to make it happen. I miss you, John Lennon, and I will forever love what you have done for some of us wayward people. Peace and love, fellow Beatles and Lennon fans. --Chris

Oct 9, 1999
Jamin Dean (beatlebug)
Tampa FL
Happy Birth Day John & Sean. Peace On Earth Everybody. -- beatlebug

Oct 9, 1999
i wish that when i die, i see his face. i hope that wherever he is now, he's happy.

Oct 9, 1999
Peter Lavezzoli
I wish love for all my family and friends, as well as everyone else's family and friends. My one wish today is that everyone, including myself, will feel love with their family, and with their friends.

Oct 9, 1999
i'd just like to say that...wel...john winston lennon's truly one of the greatest lads ever to set foot on this earthli world of ours...despite criticism and all gruesome stuff said against him,he still went on...i idolize him for that... to all beatles fanatics like me...may u all have a blessed day!

Oct 9, 1999
Michelle Anaya
Arl,tx, USA
I want to say that John Lennon has been a big influence in my life, and I think many others. He tried to send the message out to us that all we need is love. When truly that is what we need. Some of the major problems that we face every day could be solved if we all got together and tried to love one another and join together not against anyone else but for each other. No more war , no comparison, NO HATE but just LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY!!!! I love you John Lennon! You are truly a wonderful man!

Oct 9, 1999
Jo‹o Pedro Bernardo da Silva
S‹o Paulo - S‹o Paulo - Brazil
Just like him, I just want peace in the world. Right now, especially in East Timor.

Oct 9, 1999
Derby, England
Happy Birthday John! We all love you and i hope we can give you a gift in return for what you gave us... Thank you. Peace!

Oct 9, 1999
Demi Cyan
Living in a human world, we«re together, down in a deep black hole, never forever, Living in a human world, we«re together, in the matriarchy, it will be forerver, (my song) ***If we make peace now, we can be able to keep it***

Oct 9, 1999
Suvi Mikkola
Helsinki, Finland
I really miss you John, a messenger of peace. Though you're not here with us anymore, I hope that everybody would be messengers of peace, like you were. I hope that everyone would believe that the peace will come to the whole world some day. And if everybody were messengers of peace, it would come sooner, and the world would be better place to live. Like The Youngbloods sang a long, long time ago: C'mon people now Smile on your brother Ev'rybody get together Try to love one another right now! Peace, love and harmony for everybody. Let's make the world a better place to live!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Tomasz Jedralski
Katowice , POLAND
Oh , God ! I miss You , John ! What more can I say ? You're the best ! I hope some day I'll meet You ... Wherever You are now - All the best for You ! P.S. A big hello to All John's Fans !

Oct 9, 1999
Charleston, South Carolina
Happy Birthday, John. We miss you. If only the world leaders were more like you instead of the corporate puppets that they are. Peace.

Oct 9, 1999
Romy Kremer
I'm 0 years pld John and I would like to have a nive and peacefull world! Make love , no War! please? Thanx John for all the things you've done! Romy Kremer

Oct 9, 1999
In your memory John, may we all...IMAGINE...PEACE.

Oct 9, 1999
Josette Key
Cookeville, TN.,USA
Happy Birthday.

Oct 9, 1999
marcus mc mahon
dear John, 'here in this lonely room/late in the afternoon/dreamin' my life awaaaaay' you know we wouldnt have it any other way. thank you for making me and my mind. i dont have a father and im so happy ive found you. love you forever. marcus

Oct 9, 1999
Stockholm, Sweden
I wish that one day the only thing people will have to worry about is if they have enough money to go out on a Friday night or if their new top goes with those favourite jeans instead of hunger, poverty and war. Happy birthday John.

Oct 9, 1999
frida lšnnberg
happy birthday john lennon wher ever you are, I love you forever Frida

Oct 9, 1999
Misha Mishenko
Voronezh, Russia
It's my birthday too! I'm happy because life IS GREAT! Happy birthday, flowers!

Oct 9, 1999
Billy Tse
Hong Kong
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Lennon Happy Birthday to you John, although it's your birthday, I have a wish. Please ask Windy Choi to forgive me and tell her I love her. John bless our love John bless our love

Oct 9, 1999
Harare, Zimbabwe
My wish....hmmmmm....that we could have world peace, end all the hunger, and that all children will be treasured not abused. I'd also love to have John back making wonderful music and being a powerful voice for world peace! Happy Birthday, John and Sean!

Oct 9, 1999
Dave Atkins
Daytona Beach, FL
The only wish I have is to wish you a happy 59th birthday. Your message of peace and idealism still lingers on to this day. It has influenced my life greatly. As far as I'm concerned, you are still here in this world. Have a joyous 59th and I love you. Thank you, John.

Oct 9, 1999
I wish everyone could enjoy your music as much as I do. I also wish a very happy life for my dear friend, Sgt. Pepper. "They say it's your birthday...Happy birthday to you!".

Oct 9, 1999
jay the rocker tartikoff
i wish for peace in the world and i also wish doctors would finally find a cure for cancer and muscular distrophy and m.s. thank you.. PEACE AND LOVE TO YA ALL!!

Oct 9, 1999
Happy Birthday John! I will love you forever.

Oct 9, 1999
Maria Luisa Ong
Cebu City, Philippines
Your legacy will live forever. You made a big change in the course of my life and I'm very thankful for that. You are my music.

Oct 9, 1999
Jim and Donna Cushman
Padanaram, Massachusetts.
We grew up with you,we learned from you,and on Dec.8,1980 a part of us died with you! We need you now,more then ever!!!! Love and peace.

Oct 9, 1999
Mars Black
There will never be words to for the lose, You are missed beyond words. Thank You John, For leaving us more than words.

Oct 9, 1999
Kim E.
Happy Birthday to the True Genius! I will lay my traditional StarGazer Lily on your star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame today along with the other fans who will be there to pay tribute to you on your 59th birthday. I thank you for the years of pleasure and spiritual uplifting you've given to me which I have passed on to my children who have in turn shared with their friends. My grandchildren and their children will surely keep your memory and legacy alive for many, many years to come. We truly miss you and wish so much that you were here with us. Yet, we've learned in the last 19 years how to accept that you will always be alive in our memories, our hearts, and in some cases, our lives. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE GIVEN TO THE WORLD. I always wonder what this world would be like had December 8, 1980 never happened. I do know this: this world would have never lost THE TRUE GENIUS THAT YOU WERE (ARE) AND WE WOULD ALL BE JUST A LITTLE BIT HAPPIER. So, Happy Birthday to you John Winston Ono Lennon....Dr. Winston O'Boogie....the other half of the Nerk Twins. We Love You and Miss You. Forever, One of Your Biggest Fans! Kim

Oct 9, 1999
Happy Birthday John!! You'll be in my heart should be here with us!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Juan M. Sartal
Donostia, Basque Country
Dear John, We still 'Imagine' all the people sharing all the world... Thanks for your realistic idealism! Another John (Juan)

Oct 9, 1999
Dear John~ Happy Birthday!You are truly missed by all.You were a wonderful musician and a amazing human being.I just wish you could still be here. ~Kelly

Oct 9, 1999
Dominic Schaeffer
St. Louis, MO
As you look upon this mortal coil from where peace is eternal and the answers to all questions are simple and obvious, my birthday wish to you is- may those of us remaining here open our hearts and minds just enough to realise that "Love Is The Answer" Thank you, John.

Oct 9, 1999
child of nature
In honor of John Lennon's birthday--one of the most important days in history because the earth was blessed by the arrival of an astounding poet, musician, artist, and activist--I want to make a wish for the lonely, broken hearted people living in the world today, those who fight for good against evil and who are weary from the fight. I wish for them to have peace, love, truth and justice in their lifetimes. I wish for them to realize the impact they are making and to have the strength and hope to continue. I love you, John. Thank you for the music that enriches our lives and lets us know that somebody understood our pain.

Oct 9, 1999
Norman Douglas
Daphne, Al
Go, live in peace.

Oct 9, 1999
Frederic, WI
Happy birthday, John! My wish is for people around the world to set aside their differences and live together in peace. The people in this world have a lot to learn from each other. Love is the answer. I also wish for people to not go to war; and to instead, talk out their problems. I also wish for people to have enough to eat, and not go hungry. John, you said it best: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one." Peace, everyone! :)

Oct 9, 1999
Rachel Parry
Newark Valley, NY
HEY John! Happy Birthday! And a Happy Birthday to Sean too!! The world was a much happier place with John here. I guess that my wish is that people would live more peacefully, I wish that people would just leave each other alone. Anyways, Happy Birthday John & Sean! =) Peace Everybody!!! =) --Rachel PS--WE MISS YOU JOHN!!!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Laura Mc
B.C. Canada
Thak you very much John.

Oct 9, 1999
Madame Zodiac
Happy Birthday, John. Hope you're happy where you are. We still miss you. Have a happy one. ~Love, Madme Zodiac~

Oct 9, 1999
Tom Newton
Cincinnati, Oh U.S.A.
I would like to wish for two very important things. #1. Most Important: I hope that the relationship with my Girlfriend Mia lasts. Last's for a long long time. #2. To John I send Lot's of Love, I know that you are watching us from the sky John. I love You. Love, Tom Newton and Mia Wentz

Oct 9, 1999
Happy Birthday, John. You will live forever in our hearts. Thank you for showing us how to live, love, and keep shining on.

Oct 9, 1999
Scarlett Queen of Peace
Happy Birthday John! I love you! I wish for this day to be completely peaceful, and if so happens, then everyday!

Oct 9, 1999
I hope and wish that you John have found peace moondog

Oct 9, 1999
happy birthday

Oct 9, 1999
Ed O'Donnell
Rhode Island
Happy Birthday, John! Thanks for all the great music.

Oct 9, 1999
Ray Lagrant
Southbridge, Ma
I wish you, John, were still alive.

Oct 9, 1999
wherever you are.... thank you

Oct 9, 1999
You have made many lives beautiful. Thanks for your love, John. Happy Birthday.

Oct 9, 1999
Ringa Sunn
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Happy birthday, John! We love you!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Kerava, Finland
I will always love you John, my life wouldn't be the same without you. What you did for the world peace, was and still is uncredible. I hope people could live together as one, without fear and pain, without violence, without hatred and war on some fine day. I wish you're in peace.

Oct 9, 1999
Longmont, Colorado
I wish for all children to be happy and safe. I miss you, John and all the art you would've made.

Oct 9, 1999
Rafael Pretto
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN: I would like to say that if you were still alive, the world would be a very much better place and i know you probably try to make people see that we are destroying ourselves and our planet and then, nothing will care of nothing. Thanks John because "I found out"

Oct 9, 1999
South Bend, IN USA
Happy Birthday John. Today my family and I will be having the 3rd annual John Lennon birthday party. It has fast become a tradition in our home and all are friends look forward to our now infamous JWL birthday part every year. John, have a heavenly day and listen for us to sing Happy Birthday to you this evening. Lots of love, SFF Antoinette

Oct 9, 1999
Regan Vodak
Reedsburg, Wi 53959
I don't know who you are, but "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! -Your new friend Regan

Oct 9, 1999
Paul R. Vodak
Reedsburg, WI 53959
You may not look the same, but you ment well. -Paul


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