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Birthday Wishes for John - 1999

October 9, 1999 would have been John Lennon's 59th birthday. During his life, John's biggest wish was for all the people of the world to live together as one. In honor of John's birthday, Bagism visitors were asked to make a wish. Here are their comments.

Many thanks to Chloe, a frequent visitor to Bagism, for delivering our messages to the Strawberry Fields memorial in New York's Central Park on John's birthday. She also provided the following photos of her day at the park. Click the photos to see larger versions.

Chloe places our messages on the mosaic alongside artwork, photos, flowers, and other items placed there by fans.

David Peel, a friend of John's from the early 70s, and other musicians entertain the crowd. Peel is the one with the guitar near the center.

A large group of fans sing Beatles songs while the Dakota building looms in the background.
Ivy, another Bagism regular, stands at the mosaic, located in the center of the memorial.


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Oct 9, 1999
Miami, Oklahoma, USA
Greetings John! I'm only 14, but you have touched my life in such a way that no one could possibly understand. Thank you for being there for me in spirit. My wishes are that you are happy where you are. May you be in peace. I wish that I could touch the world the way you did. Someday when I become famous, the world will know that you were my inspiration and my role model.I'm sure you're peaceful where you are, and that's what you always wanted. One day I will make my way to the sky and meet you. Happy Birthday John. I love you so much. Thank you Mr. Lennon.

Oct 9, 1999
Sacramento, California, USA
My wish is that John will be remembered forever, so that his spirit will live on.

Oct 9, 1999
London, England
Happy Birthday, John! How does it feel to have the world in your arms and your life in our memories?

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday, old chap. Everyone wishes you were still here, doing the things you do best, making music and art. But we are making the best of what you left us, even though it is nothing like the real thing. I wish for last words that don't begin with a scream.

Oct 9, 1999
Carpe Diem
We're all strangers in a sense, yet we're all bound together by the simple fact that we share the same world and certain interests. It's not as easy or as enjoyable to go wherever you're going alone. We're all headed for some unknown destination and we all take different paths which will inevitably cross. Some for a moment and some forever. Life is so much more when you have people that you trust enough to share both your troubles and triumphs with. Be kind to one another. Happy birthday John.

Oct 9, 1999
Tim and Heidi Reid
Bollington, Cheshire, England
Still missing you, John. Thanks for everything

Oct 9, 1999
John, Where do I begin? I wish you could see the influences you've had in this world. I wish you could see how beautiful your sons turned out to be. I wish you could see how much Yoko has helped your memory live. I wish you could see this website. I wish you and Sean could be sharing a birthday cake right now. I guess it won't happen, though, physically anyhow. Thank you so much for the music, the influence, the art, the ideals, the philosophies, the love, and most of all thank you for being you. I can't put into words what you've done for me and for he world. People say there is no such thing as perfection, and they're right. Yet, when I look at you I can't help but think that this is a normal human being whom is as close to perfection as one will get. You were normal in a very unique, beautiful, touching, and amazing way. You were one of God's many gifts to the world, and I am thankful for your life. I just wish it could have been a little longer. We all love you. And, my John, love is all you need. Happy Brithday, John Ono Lennon. Love, Laura (Anna)

Oct 9, 1999
Fort Collins, Colorado
John, I don't know where the world would be today if you hadn't "imagined". Your thoughts give strength to people in times of need. On your birthday I wish for your dreams and legacy to live on and to continue to touch the lives of many. THE WORLD WAS BLESSED TO KNOW JOHN LENNON!

Oct 9, 1999
Roger Nilsson
Los Angeles,CA
John, I would like to wish you a happy birthday today. I wish for two things: 1.Your birthday becomes a National Holiday. 2.The Evil Mother who killed you gets his parole denied and he has to rot in jail. That, and another prisoner cuts him up like a fish.

Oct 9, 1999
Wooster, OH
Even though I wasn't around to experience the initial impact of your music and life, I now look to them for inspiration and guidance. Thank you so much for the great messages, the great times, and most of all the great music. Happy Birthday!

Oct 9, 1999
Bettina Tesi
Tuscany, Italy
I bet you can see us from up there, and see how many people think of you and LOVE you, more than ever. Your music will always be a great inspiration for all of us, and I'll try not forget that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Happy Birthday, John !

Oct 9, 1999
Candace Cartwright
Tuscaloosa, AL USA
John, you were a great person and such an inspiration to so many and I hope that your wish for everyone to come together and live as one will come true someday. Thank you for your music, hopes and dreams.

Oct 9, 1999
chris kataquapit
Moose Factory, ontario
I wish that you were still around to create more of your music!

Oct 9, 1999
Nate Dogg
Your music, your passion, and your heart have inspired millions all over the world. You truly have shined on "like the moon, and the stars, and the sun." Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon!

Oct 9, 1999
Lufe Benitez
Happy birthday JOHN, we all know you're in heaven, but your music, poetry, and your art is still with us, and will always be, to inspire us, thaks for everything.

Oct 9, 1999
John you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you have done!

Oct 9, 1999
Steven Bates
The wish of course is world peace, but to do that I guess we should first wish for the big money hungry industrialists to catch a snap and realize their spiritual life is more important than those all-mighty dollars. Also I wish (two right?) for the governments involvement in Lennon's assasination to be made public. You can't kill the masses' heroes and get away with it. God Bless.

Oct 9, 1999
Dan Wallace
WoodRiver Illinois
We wish you a happy birthday John there in the world of light. My wish is for the day when we can all be one in the brotherhood and sisterhood of man and woman. Your message of peace and love will forever be in our hearts. Thankyou Brother! PEACE

Oct 9, 1999
Phoenix,Arizona, United States of America
My wish is for all animals and humans to live together peacefully. For all of us to realize that animals have the right to live. Also for humans to stop killing eachother and theirselves.

Oct 9, 1999
Melanthe Alexian
"may all beings be free from fear." i imagine all the people learning and living john's and yoko's examples of love, being, and creativity. let's use our power of dreaming and make the world a better place for our children. we love john & yoko!!! john & yoko forever!!! melanthe alexian "the john lennon special" 1981-1993 wqax cable fm stereo 100.3

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday know what my wish is!

Oct 9, 1999
Barcelona(EspaĖa) LENONLAND
Gracias por haber nacido,John.

Oct 9, 1999
Laughing Gravy
Sacramento, California
I wish that right now, John is jamming with Buddy Holly, Keith Moon, Buddy Holly, Phil Ochs, Carl and Dennis Wilson and Jimi Hendrix, when suddenly Elvis breaks into an impromptu rendition of "Birthday".

Oct 9, 1999
I wish for peace and love. I also wish John were here to make the world a better place for all!!!

Oct 9, 1999
Jeremy Page
My wish is that the world would finally live as one in peace and happiness. "All you need is love."

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday John! I wish that u could see that your music is still around today and that people of all ages enjoy beatle tunes 30 years after the band was around. I wish that u could see all the peoples signing this card and are still lennon fans

Oct 9, 1999
Clifton, New Jersey, USA
I don’t really know what to ‘wish’ for today…do I ‘wish’ you could be here to celebrate another October 9th? The answer to that is easy…of course I do. Not for us…for ‘you’. But at the same time, I wish you could be here to celebrate another April 17th, July 23rd, February 6th…and the list goes on. It’s 365 wishes long…each one representing a sunrise you didn’t see…a missed chance to share a special time with your family…a lost moment of creativity…still so strong, so vibrant, so filled with so much promise…not for us, but for you. The chance to experience the happiness you’d finally felt within your grasp when you left us. A chance to do anything in life you chose to do…simply because it was your choice to make. It’s simple, really. I wish you were here…just because. I know your spirit is strong, that a soul like yours could never be contained within the boundaries of ‘this’ world…it’s so much bigger than that. You’re with all of us today, as our thoughts are with you. Happy 18th birthday in Heaven, my dear friend. I love you dearly and miss you always.

Oct 9, 1999
Dan Biddulph
Congleton, Cheshire,England
If you could see now how much your music as inspired so many people, especially me. You will NEVER be forgotten in the History books, and generations will learn about a Lennon Legend. At least we still can see a part of you in your 2 sons, Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon.

Oct 9, 1999
we've all missed out.imagine

Oct 9, 1999
happy birthday john....thanks for the music...

Oct 9, 1999
Dear John, Wish you were here,ohh there you are silly me, you are still here in your music and our hearts, and in what we do to honor your memory. Love and Light Swan

Oct 9, 1999
sexy sadie
I wish you were still with us making your music and being "our voice" We miss you John

Oct 9, 1999
Thank for the music John. I was never alive during your lifetime but your music has touched me and I am a huge fan of yours. There as never been, nor do I feel will there ever be someone that has such power as you still do with your music. The message you sent out to everyone is a true today as it was 30 years ago. Peace, love, and happiness. Its all good. Thanks John

Oct 9, 1999
Your unique poetry and music, as well as your message of love and peace will be always remembered....and though I still miss you blind, each and every day I'm pretty sure that wherever you are....YOU ARE HERE!!!!!! Happy Birthday, John and thanks for all you've meant to me since the spring of 1973!!!!!With all my everlasting love! Sunny, Brazil, 10/9/1999

Oct 9, 1999
atlanta, ga
john, thanks for being. The Beatles can never be again, but your music lives on forever in your tribute bands. love, natilda

Oct 9, 1999
Taylor, MI
John, Happy Birthday!!:)) Thank You for showing me how to imagine and do what others thought impossible. Have a happy party in the sky, the world's dreams(peace,love,understanding) will be acheived one day, if I have any say in it! Thank You and Rock on my dear friend!;) Jennifer P.S. Give my group up there a hug and tell them I love and miss them!!

Oct 9, 1999
Jeffrey Tisdale
Laurelville, Ohio United States
Happy Birthday John! I hope you are having a happy birthday in heaven right now. I miss you but I listen to your music almost every day. PEACE!

Oct 9, 1999
Rex Anderson
san diego
John, I still listen to your music, and I enjoy it as much today as I did when you were alive. It will always be in my heart.

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday, John.

Oct 9, 1999
i wish you peace.

Oct 9, 1999
David Leech
St. Clair Shores, MI
Happy Birthday John I wish you were still here, but you never really left us. Your music will live forever.

Oct 9, 1999
Jean-Pascal Carbonneau
Quebec, Canada
Happy Birthday John 59 years old. Congratulation!! But there is a problem, You`re not here with us for your Birthday... I hope that you sleep very well over the sky! A big fan, Jean-Pascal

Oct 9, 1999
St. Louis, MO
Happy birthday, John! At the age of 14, you have already touched my life in a way no one else could. Your music will live on forever and mean more to us than you ever thought possible. Happy birthday, and thanks for the music.

Oct 9, 1999
michelle mundell
North Mankato MN USA
Hey John Happy Birthday!! I still miss you very much and I am listening to you sing Eight Days a Week and Words of Love as I write this. You were one of a kind and I can't wait to see you in heaven one day!

Oct 9, 1999
happy jst sad 'cause you cant be here to celebrate your own birthday John...

Oct 9, 1999
Love and Light for the world

Oct 9, 1999
Have a good after~life.

Oct 9, 1999
Carol Kress
John - your sound and vision spans generations - geographical bounds - classes - races - sexes. Thank you for bringing us together. Thank you for showing us what really matters. Thanks for your truth. May you know the mark you have made across the universe.

Oct 9, 1999
Well Johnny, what do you know? Another birthday, eh? Of course I wish that you could be here to celebrate your birthday today. But there's never been a day when I haven't wished you could be here. I wish that the world living as one was truth instead of something we have to imagine. One thing that you've taught me though, John, is that if you want something you have to build it yourself. I know I can't just sit on my ass listening to Imagine and say "gee, that would be rather nice, wouldn't it?", I have to really do something about it. I could go on and on, John, but I guess I just want you to know how much you've taught me, inspired me, and changed my life. You're still with us in your music... and music never dies. Love ya forever, dear friend.

Oct 9, 1999
i love you man!! you're my best friend. shine on //o-o\

Oct 9, 1999
John: You will always be a genius. I have the Sgt. Pepper's CD on right now. It still sounds fresh! Thanks for the great music..

Oct 9, 1999
Happy Birthday, John! Each year I ask my high school government classes to tell me what one person, living or dead, they would most like to spend an hour with. I always have at least 2 or 3 that want to spend an hour with you. My wish would be that they could. As much as you symbolized hope for our generation, I'm happy to say that you still do.

Oct 9, 1999
Esther Jacobo
Dear John, you have inspired others and myself through your words. You encouraged us to make love not war. You could beat anyone in a battle of wits any day, or you could make the ignorant realize their faults. For that I want to thank you for revolutionizing the way I and others think. I want to thank you for being yourself and not answering to anyone else but yourself. You may not be a god, but you were truly a remarkable human being. This world was lucky to have a person of your talent and individuality. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You shall live on in my heart and the hearts of others forever. I love you John, FOREVER... Thank you, Happy Birthday. "Imagine"

Oct 9, 1999
why for how come we go on and by day in hand night gathers on our brow fills our eyes and tumbles down into our hearts

Oct 9, 1999
Daniel Phillips
Vincennes IN
Hey Hey Johnny.....I don't know what to say that hasn't been said. My wish would be that this was all a horrible hoax concocted to give you complete anonymity..course that would make no sense since you were only just then breaking back out into the world of music. OK..My other wish....other than the obvious, or semi-obvious wishes..perhaps that a vault full of incredible Lennon originals recorded in full..never before heard..crca '71, were to suddenly appear. I just wish you were still here...The Dream is NEVER over John!

Oct 9, 1999
.........happy birthday john, i miss you!

Oct 9, 1999
Denver, Colorado
For all souls that are meant to meet will always meet no matter the era or the space

Oct 9, 1999
Crystal Lake IL
Happy Birthday John

Oct 9, 1999
New Jersey
My only wish is that everyone could learn to love eachother...and live in peace, living what John lived for. Peace, everyone..the dream will never die..I love you, John. =) //00\

Oct 9, 1999
Happy birthday John ! I hope that you are happy up there but I guess that you must not be so proud of the human race these days. Luckily, the ones who love you will folow your dream and try to get everyone to love each other. without you, I dont know what we would be. In some way, you gave your life for peace. Happy 59th Birthday John W. Lennon! I love you ! Laurie.

Oct 9, 1999
I wish you were here today and that you were a trotskyist and we were celebrating the victory of the proletarian world revolution. I also wish Paul McCartney would start to eat meat again. Happy birthday John.

Oct 9, 1999
Hey John, even if you arn't here with us today, your music still lives on, i want to wish you a happy birthday. And many other things i would wish but there is a list that would go on and on. you have made a huge influence on me even though i never lived through your time. I have loved you and your music ever since i was three, and even before that my mom would hold me as a baby and dance with me to your music. Luv you forever. Samantha

Oct 9, 1999
Bogota, Colombia
Today should be the commemoration of one of the world's greatest leaders' birth. But his dream was slashed down by somebody we all despise. I wish, besides from him being alive today, that his ideal of a world in peace could come true. For peace is all we seek in this time of tragedy and desolation. "You were the one who had made it so clear..." —George Harrison. "All you need is love!" —John Lennon

Oct 9, 1999
Steve Morgen
No matter how much time passes your influence never decreases...Happy Birthday John

Oct 9, 1999
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
We all shine on, we John? A simple and heart-felt thanks to you for giving us your gift of music.

Oct 9, 1999
Winnipeg, Canada
John, we miss you! Thank you for the gift of music that you've left us. Happy birthday...

Oct 10, 1999
Tipton, England.
To one of a kind, you live on in all of our hearts.

Oct 10, 1999
Happy Birthday, John. To a beautiful human being. You are very much alive. I wish all the people in the world eternal happiness and peace. Blessed Be

Oct 10, 1999
Abbey Hambright
West Lafatette, IN
You're not the only dreamer. Some day your wishes will come true. We love you, John.

Oct 10, 1999
Dear John; "Where Ever You Are......You Are Here......"

Oct 10, 1999
There are mountains and there are valleys, but there is nothing to stop our love. There are bad storms and there are eathquakes but there is nothing to stop our love. There is hatred and there is murder but there is nothing to stop our love. Yes, there is life and there is death, but there is nothing to stop our love. Happy Life-day...foreverafter

Oct 10, 1999
Miss you, John. Thanks for being an inspiration for the rest of us who feel we have something to say.

Oct 10, 1999
I've listened to your music my whole life. You've been very much a part of it. And always will be!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

Oct 10, 1999
"Imagine all the people, Living life in peace... , You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one" No John, you weren't the only one, we still believe in the dream, it isn't over! Peace!

Oct 10, 1999
Lauren Heath
John, We love you, we miss you, and most of all we thank have inspired the whole world peace to you where ever you are and Happy Birthday

Oct 10, 1999
Alejandro Gómez G
Caracas, Venezuela
Last night, I have a dream about John. What a wonderful dream. I always listen the colours of my dreams. Thanks for being part of my life mate. Love you John, bless you.

Oct 10, 1999
Flippy MCGee
West Haven, CT
i miss you john,every day but you live on in everyone who has ever heard one of your songs Happy Birthday

Oct 10, 1999
Happy birthday John! You are physically gone, but you shine forever.

Oct 10, 1999
Wherever you are John...I wish you peace. I also wish peace to the world. Look to the music of John and of The Beatles. It will guide you!

Oct 10, 1999
Citizen of Nutopia
John, You inspired me to become who I am. You made sense to me. You made me reach for something bigger than I was and I acheived it. I will always love you.

Oct 10, 1999
John-- I can't think of much other to say than I hope you have a Happy Birthday somewhere up there in Rock'n'Roll Heaven :)

Oct 10, 1999
From a cast of thousands. Thank you! Thinking of you always.

Oct 10, 1999
jesus chavez aguilar
You are the very inspiration of my whole life,people like you deserve to meet life,thank you for your music,you shine on...forever. !HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oct 10, 1999
Donald & Clare
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We wish there could be no more Kosovos, no more East Timors, no more Rwandas, no more Somalias. Like you, we just want peace in the world. Thank you for your music and your inspiration.

Oct 10, 1999
The Poetess
Houston, Texas, USA
To His Music. To His Family. To His Creativity. And to the Artist. He will always be remembered.

Oct 10, 1999
Fullerton, CA
All I can wish you is a Happy Birthday, and that soon your vision (which is really everyone's ideal vision) of peace would be realized. The world is in shambles now, and everyone is losing their integrity. I pray and hope everyday that people will turn out right, but more people lose their innocence and happiness faster and younger everyday. Your music keeps me strong, and that there was such a kindred spirit such as yours once, even before I was born. Thank you so much. I love you John. If we're going by three wishes, my third wish would be for you and I to have a smoke over guitars sometime.

Oct 10, 1999
HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY JOHN! 'There are places i'll remember all my life, Though some have changed, Some forever not for better, Some have gone and some remain.' 'In my life, i love you more.' Strawberry Fields Forever, love Janice.

Oct 10, 1999
Susan Houseman
John- I truely wish you could have been at the Musicbox Theatre when Yellow Submarine was re-released here. I had to smile when the little tike seated next to my boyfriend and I whispered to her mother, " Mommy, there's John!!!" Hope you know John, how much you are missed and loved. Happy birthday wishes to Sean as well. Love to you- Susan

Oct 10, 1999
Russell Thorpe
I am he as you are he and we are all together.

Oct 10, 1999
Leonardo Benozzi
Florence, ITALY
All we need is you. All we need is your music. Thank you, for ever.

Oct 10, 1999
Sean Kanavy
For all you did for us THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 10, 1999
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Wishing you a happy birthday, John. As long as we remember, the dream won't be over.

Oct 10, 1999
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest men to ever influence the lives of others. Your music and your dream will forever live in our hearts and minds. You will always be remembered by everyone whose life you have touched through your music, life, and dreams. No, you are not the only dreamer, and my wish is that your love and dreams will live on forever in the hearts of many. And may we not only remember your dreams, but also take action so that someday your dreams shall be achieved. For you John.

Oct 10, 1999
nj usa
John, You've influenced us all. There isn't anything that I can put into words to express my thanks to you, but seeing all these wishes and letters from fans and followers across the world should show you how amazing you were. Your impact is long-lasting, and your spirit is too. I love you, John! Hope your days in heaven are wild!!

Oct 10, 1999
John, we all love you and miss you. It will never be the same without you in this world. God bless you. Happy Birthday! With Love.

Oct 10, 1999
Indiana, USA
You were a wonderful person John and made a great impact on the world. You will live on in all of our hearts. I love you!!

Oct 10, 1999
East Hampton, Ct 06323-2019
Happy Birthday John for eternal life..... My memories will always be specialto me, you have brought me much joy

Oct 10, 1999
Sebatian Pozimski
Happy Birthday, JOHN! We love you and your music forever!

Oct 10, 1999
A Stephens
Despite all the cheap shot slams that are being taken by people who should know better, may they never forget what you stood for...PEACE and LOVE. May God bless and keep you always.

Oct 10, 1999
haddon heights, nj, usa
happy birthday john. your words of peace and love have meant so much to me. thankyou. love always, amanda

Oct 10, 1999

Oct 10, 1999
Andy Legler
To John, the most influential musician, spokesman, entertainer, in my life. Best wishes always, you are missed so much by everyone and you made such an incredible impact on so many people's lives. Thank you so much for everything.

Oct 10, 1999
The Fat Budgie
Raleigh, NC, USA
My wish is one that i think John would have really admired: I want to develop the kind of artistic talent & love of music that he had. Maybe he was dyslexic & you can't hear him on earlier recordings, maybe he was a crappy father, he cheated on his wives, etc etc etc, but that bastard sure loved music. John gave us the most precious gift, MUSIC, which opened the minds of a generation, made them ask themselves questions to change their outlook, their opinions, themselves. I believe that a dream of John's was for everyone to feel what he did when he was happy.....To be able to break off & create somehting of their own, to feel the elation & pride & openness you feel when you create something that carries YOU within it.....I am reminded of a quote by Kurt Vonnegut: "Artists," he said, "are people who say, 'I can't fix my country or my state or my city, or even my marriage. But by golly, I can make this square of canvas, or this eight-and-a-half-by-eleven piece of paper, or this lump of clay, or these twelve bars of music, exactly what they ought to be!'"

Oct 10, 1999
oklahoma, united states
john, your words mean so much to us and live in us all. thanks for your great outlook and the many things you left us to remember you bye. we love you and hope youve found your peace

Oct 10, 1999
Deanna Howarth (Abbey)
New York USA
What do I wish for? Hmm...I wish that nuclear warfare was never invented. I wish that it was banned, never to be used on anyone ever again.

Oct 10, 1999
therese rudroff
st.loius, missouri, u.s.a.
happy birthday, john! the world will miss you always. you were a true revolutionary & one of the best minds the world has seen. rest in peace forever.

Oct 10, 1999
S Stockton
hi john, what a blessing it was to have you on this earth!!! my wish for everyone out there is ....for everyone to have a chance out there for whatever is there and have freedom, dicipline, and pride in a positive way!happy 59th!!

Oct 10, 1999
Kristin Turberville
Nescopeck, Pennsylvania, USA
Thank you so much John, for your music, and everything else! :) I'm looking forward to the day when I get to meet you...hopefully not too soon. :) -Kristin ~All You Need Is Love~`

Oct 10, 1999
Christina D'avila
Chambersburg, PA, USA
The only wish I have is that my father tell me he is proud of what I'm doing with my life.

Oct 10, 1999
Dear John!! still mis you here on earth every day, but give the world that what you say to us PEACE!!! LOVE AND PEACE CHANGE THIS WORLD !!

Oct 10, 1999
Nashville, TN
I wish MDC had never been born. You would still be with us. Happy Birthday John.

Oct 10, 1999
i wish that my love would be healed from his depression and can enjoy life and us again.

Oct 10, 1999
I wish people would learn to accept people for themselves

Oct 10, 1999
M. Pacheco
Chico Ca. America
My wish on our behalf is that for all humans to coexist in an understanding state of concern for everything that makes us living and caring for as long as we are allowed to live on and in this wonderfull planet we call EARTH.

Oct 10, 1999
I wish I could see what the world was like when you were on it for I was born 6 years after your death. It is hard to like you and the other Beatles since I'm growing up in a Brittney Spears/NSYNC world.(But I still do!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PEACE AND LOVE!

Oct 10, 1999
Keeper of the Egg
I wish all 6 billion of us would start really caring about each other.

Oct 10, 1999
American Night
Merry birthday, John. My wish is for everyone to find their purpose in life, whatever that purpose may be...singing, writing, raising children, teaching...Find what YOU were placed on earth to do, and use that to help people. John did. I love you, John.

Oct 10, 1999
Seattle, Washington
John, Happy Birthday! I made you and Sean a cake and everything. I could have only wished that you could have lived to see how well you brought you son up. You are an idol to many people, including me. I want to wish you a VERY happy birthday to you where ever you may be. We love you all from the bottom of our hearts! I hope you are happy now. Happy Birthday once again, to you, and your beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, darling Sean. With Lots of Love and Admaration, Sara

Oct 10, 1999
I wish you a most respectful, Happy Birthday, dear John... I feel that the world lost a true Champion, on that day we lost you, my friend... I now Imagine you in a better place, free from the bonds of this Earth, free to nourish the stars from your beautiful spirit, as you nourished my heart, in your time on Earth... as your words, and your memory, still feed my soul... Thank you, sweet Johnny...

Oct 10, 1999
I wish for universal peace. Simple as that.

Oct 10, 1999
yellow girl (Jen)
Calgary, Ab, Canada
Wishes are hard to make because I always feel like I'm not doing enough to live up to them- but I do want, with all my heart, for people to understand and love each other, not just pretend to, or say they do, but to honestly 'Give Peace a Chance'. Thank you, John

Oct 10, 1999
J. Griffin
I wish for salvation for the entire world.

Oct 10, 1999
Kyrsten Crowe
Lewiston, Idaho USA
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Me and my friend Jake threw you a party yesterday..we watched all movies w/ u in them..listened to your music and made u a cake. If I could have a wish, my unpractical one would be to have you be alive and well...but my actual wish would be for all the hatred in the world to stop. All the pessimistic attitudes and the negative comments, that even I'm guilty of. That would be grand. So have a good one John, I love you as does all of the world. :)

Oct 10, 1999
Lorraine Armendariz
South Gate
No one has ever influenced the world more like you John. With your music your beliefs and everything you did for us. We as people owe so much to you. The world needs a person like you to show the way to peace and love. Without you John, we would still be living in misery. I wish you were still with us giving us awesome music and stuff to think about. You arose awareness about peace and about what we can do to make it happen. THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!!!!!! We miss you.

Oct 10, 1999
Emily Burek
John and his music have touched the world in a way so few people have. I wish that everyone finds peace and happiness in their own lives, and finds a way, in turn, to pass it on to someone else. If we all make one person happy, then that's a start to help change the world.

Oct 10, 1999
Peace Soldier
Dear John I hope that one day I can bring as much love to this world as you have. With all my heart I long for the day when we will sing your name and finally proclaim the end of war. Then we can start to live and love in this short life. See you in the void. Steve

Oct 10, 1999
Stoney Creek, Ont Canada
As John sang and spoke of Peace, I also wish for peace in this world. I hope that all people can learn to live as one, with each other and with this earth which we have the control over protecting or destroying.

Oct 10, 1999
North Caldwell, NJ
Wishes are meant to be private, no exceptions. Happy Birthday John. I've loved you since the beginning and you're with me everyday. Here's to you.

Oct 10, 1999
illinois, USA
I wish I could meet George Harrison, and there is another, but I cannot say it. If I believe in it, it will come true, I hope. *Peace, Love and Happiness to the world* Stephanie

Oct 10, 1999
I wish one day to meet Paul McCartney! Also, I wish for there to be good things to come!


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