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Twenty years. That's how long it's been since John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City. To some, it seems like a lifetime ago. To others, it seems like yesterday. Either way, the world has not been the same since. Here is what Bagism visitors had to say in remembrance of John Lennon on this twentieth anniversary of his premature death.


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Dec 8, 2000
Live in Peace - Rest in Peace

Dec 8, 2000
Some are gone and some remain.

Dec 8, 2000
Woojeong Joo
Seoul, Korea
It was 20 years ago today. I was 12 and did not know much about you. It's been 20 years since then. Now I know what pain is, what despair means. John, It's like yesterday. A 20 years ago today. The world keeps turning, nothing's really changed. I still manage my living, while you're there. Rest in peace, John. I love you. What would you listen today, everybody? Imagine seems a best choice, IMHO.

Dec 8, 2000
London, England
John, I was too young to remember the moment that you were taken from the world, but that hasn't stopped me from feeling the pain and the injustice. Over the years I grew up with the Beatles as my dad was such a huge fan. Then, one day I bought one of your solo album's and was overcome by the frankness, the tenderness and the reality of your music. I've never looked back. You have the ability to make me both cry and smile. I thank you for the great gift that you have given to the world. Generation after generation is discovering your music and that will ensure that your legacy lives on. We will never forget you; that would be an impossible task. We all shine on John; some of us so much brighter than others. Love you always, Sal.

Dec 8, 2000
michel tremblay
quebec, canada
i was driving to work on december 20 ,1980. suddenly heard that lennon had been shot. nearly lost control of my car... he was not my favorite member of the fabfour but one of the greatest songwriter of the rock era. i still do not understand why someone could decide to kill someone like john lennon.

Dec 8, 2000
Helen Gojanovich
Western Australia
John It was 20 years ago today that an inspiration was taken away. Your music continues to touch the souls of a new generation. I felt so sad today. I had to control my tears, I was nearly 4 when you were murdered and your music shapes my life. Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten

Dec 8, 2000
Margie Murphy
LENNON Will LIVE Forever In Our Hearts.

Dec 8, 2000
Inge Welles
Memories keep a person alive. John will never die and he's an inspiration for me every day.

Dec 8, 2000
You've changed my way of composing... You inspire me... You will be always in our lifes and souls. Thank you! Today,in la habana (Cuba) build a statue of you with this written "I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one". Always with you!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Victoria, Australia
Your influence and inspiration live on.

Dec 8, 2000
Wash DC
I graduated High School only to have John leave us that very year. I later became a singer/guitarist and found ways to have my music positivly impact our culture. I met Billy Preston while opening for his band and talked for hours about John later Billy while in his set doing songs he did with the Beatles like "Get Back" he looked up and dedicated "Imagne" to me in memory of John. I relize that guy took your body from us but the possitive influence will always be with me. My thanks go to John my love and my heart go to Yoko and all the other fans. peace myk

Dec 8, 2000
Stockholm, Sweden
Well I don't have much too add after everyone else. John I love you and I wish you were still with us. I'm not doing anything special today. I'm not even going to the special Beatles-day today because I don't think we should celebrate this day especially. The only reason we talk extra about John today is because of some asshole did 20 years ago. I hope that wherever John is now, he can feel all the love that is sent his way. Today and every day. Love to you all, Pearl

Dec 8, 2000
Mobeena Khan
Watford, England
We love him, yeah, yeah, yeah. Always and Forever....

Dec 8, 2000
Tony Coats
Tommorrow is my 42 Birthday! Suddenly it dawns on me that I have had the privalage of life for more years than John can ever now have. Suddenly I am reminded of that terrible awakening on the morning of my twenty second birthday! My how the years have flown past. Every year I celebrate my life I am reminded of John's passing at the hands of the ultimate thief! I grew up with the Beatles, I grew older with John. I am so thankfull for all the hours of consumate pleasure, inspiration and hope he has given me. Today I am sad of course, but I also rejoice because John's energy and spirit live on in the music and in us who still believe that "All you need is love." I think we should all be thankfull for Yoko's stand on hand guns and give it the kind of support those of us, old enough to have been there, gave to the peace movement. Thank you Yoko for carrying the flame on! Thank you John wherever you are for all the love you gave and still give.

Dec 8, 2000
Bernd Mllemann
Haan, Germany
Rest in Peace - it was twenty years ago today - but not forgotten. A hard day in my life

Dec 8, 2000
North Carolina, USA
Time has healed our hearts in 20 years, but it is as clear in my mind today, as it was then. I was 22 then and living in southern CT. The radio and television stations paid tribute to him yearly up there. "Happy Christmas," which used to bring tears from memories of Vietnam, now also reminds us of the talented artist who's life was ended so abruptly and senselessly. My most vivid memory was the radio tribute that was given to him on WPLR in New Haven, CT just days after his assasination. During that five minutes of complete air-silence a wonderous thing happened... a furious snow squall from NYC to southern CT and beyond appeared. Does anyone else remember that moment? Although our hearts were broken, many of us felt his presence during his tribute that day because of that five-ten minute snowstorm. God blessed us and comforted us. I still miss you, John! Peace!

Dec 8, 2000
Being now 46 I just can say, that he still is kind of a major influence for me. He (as well as the rest of his little band) were an important part of (nearly) my whole life. He gave me more than just good music. Though I personally doubt the concept of "being in heaven" sometime, I love to picture him as part of an "un-earthy" band. :-)) Klaus Loeper Nutopia lives!

Dec 8, 2000
Crippled Inside
"Thoughts meander through my mind like a restless wind inside a letter box................." Peace........

Dec 8, 2000
Carrie C.
Dallas, TX, USA
John, you have touched my life in a way that no words can describe. I listened to you for the first time at three years old when my parents played Sgt. Pepper's for me, and to this day that record and all of the others have contributed in some way to the soundtrack of my life. As a musician, as a champion for peace, and as an artist you were always breaking new ground and opening up the minds of the yound and old. You are greatly missed, admired, and especially loved. Today I shall I cry for you. Love, Carrie.

Dec 8, 2000
Laura Gridley
Indianapolis, IN
I have always loved the Beatles...I listened to my mother's albums when I was a kid, and though I was only 7 when John died, I remember being sad. Since then the Beatles and John's solo work have become a huge influence on my life. About 5 years ago, I picked up a Double Fantasy album at a used book store, and inside it I found yellowed newspaper articles from the day after John died. What a sad day it was... I hope everyone will light a candle, put on a John Lennon record, and remember the hope of peace and love he gave to everyone.

Dec 8, 2000
Alberto Iglesias Darriba
Vigo, Spain.
Another year without you, dear John. Most important is you continue in our hearts and our acts. Peace and love!

Dec 8, 2000
John Mill
The thing I remember most about Lennon's death was um there was this poster someone made with I think a picture of him from his hamburg days and underneath it in big black letter was the words WHY? The question still remains why did such a great musical genius have to die twenty years ago today. I can't believe its been 20 years. Although there have been numerous Anthologies and compilations dedicated to John it still doesn't seem enough to pay tribue to one of the four men who played countless gigs at the Cavern Club, who got up on stage and took the world by storm in Feb 1964 and who wrote and sang some of the worlds' greatest song God Bless John You shall never die in our hearts

Dec 8, 2000
Although I named my son after Paul McCartney, John was the one who shook my consciousness and gave me those "Wow!" moments. He continues to inspire me toward working for peace and love among people. He fought the good fight. Rest in Peace.

Dec 8, 2000
Apple Valley, MN, USA
It was twenty years ago today... Unfortunately a tragedy was done by the Devil's best friend, someone who offended all. You were the one who "Imagine"d it all, when you said... "All you need is Love". So "Please, Please me" by saying a prayer for all of humanity and those "Across the Universe". Peace to everyone.

Dec 8, 2000
David Emslie Johnston
I was 24 when JOHN was assasinated by Mark David Chapman and I remember echoing YOKO's words "NO TELL ME IT IS'NT TRUE" when I first heard it the radio when I was still in bed. I was so miserable that I started drinking and the wake lasted a week. The things that JOHN did for me was to put me off drugs and war as I grew up in Australia I did not want to fight in Vietnam. I wrote this in 1980 just after JOHN died:- JOHN WINSTON LENNON 1940 - 1980 Rest In PEACE 300,000,000 People loved you!!! I was just one of them, Where ever you are think kindly of us, we will never forget you:- John Lennon PEACE

Dec 8, 2000
Whitefish, Montana
Twenty years and I still wake up in tears. John, thank you for giving me reason to live through it all. Your brilliance, charm, wit, courage and BEAUTIFUL music will be remembered by a world you made better. I love you John. I wish you could know it.

Dec 8, 2000
Ritabrata Roy
Calcutta, India
It was twenty years ago today, Sgt Lennon taught the world to . . . Liverpool and Hamburg, Strawberry Field and Penny Lane, LSD and MBEs, Submarines and Drive My Cars, Maharishi and Mind Games, Julian and Sean, Revolution and Give Peace a Chance, Walrus and hypocritics, Vietnam and Gurudeva, Love and War ("make love not war, I know you've heard it before"), Glass Onions and real tears. John Lennon never died. Music died. And the sixties officially ended on 8 December 1980.

Dec 8, 2000
Roger Nilsson
Minneapolis, MN U.S.A.
it's still hard to believe it was 20 years ago today. i will forever live with the image of watching the evening news as a 6 year old and seeing the news reporter breakdown as she reports about John's death that evening...for years i've been coming here to pay my respects and i plan to for years to come. it seems that with each passing year, the pain and sorrow gets a little deeper and a little darker. i really can't bring myself to say anymore. as usual, i will light a candle tonight and play all of John's songs from "Double Fantasy". the candle will eventually burn out, but John's spirit will continue to burn on. rest in peace, my hero.

Dec 8, 2000
mat bernhardt
at the risk of sounding trite, i think the impact of the shooting of john lennon was equal to that of when john f. kennedy was shot. i was a freshman in highschool when it happened and had been a beatles fan since about the age of 8 or so when i started asking my dad to play the "help" album and "abbey road" as frequently as possible. my dad went so far as to buy me a portable turntable with builit in speakers. the first singles i bought were beatles singles. i think double fantasy had just come out the end of 1980 and "starting over" and "watching the wheels" had become one of my favorite tunes right off the bat. anyway, i was in bed listening to "the hollywood squares" on my radio when dan lewis at the WITI TV6 in milwaukee broke the story. my mind just started reeling. at first i just lay there, and then it occurred to me to switch to 93WQFM and they were playing nothing but john lennon tunes. after a while tim "the rock-n-roll animal" came on and confirmed that yes indeed john lennon had been shot and killed. i was floored and started to cry silently as they palyed "dream #9." the next morning it was all over the media. on the way to school i just sat slumped against the window of the school bus with the words to "starting over" and "watching the wheels" going through my head. granted i was 15 years old and not really a kid anymore, but what happened on december 8th more or less spelled the end of "childhood" for me and i must say it contributed to me becoming cynical about certain things in life. rest in peace john.

Dec 8, 2000
Indian Trail, NC
John Lennon will be remembered as one of the greatest singers, songwriters, musicians of the 20th century & beyond. I remember waking up in the morning, watching the news & hearing about the untimely death of John Lennon. I was only sixteen years old at the time, I compare it to the death of John Kennedy. I listened to his music most of the day & night on the radio. You know where you were & what you were doing when you heard the news. The Beatles were revolutionaries in the sixties, John Lennon made some great music as a solo artist. Instead of thinking about his tragic death in a mournful way. Think of him jamming up there in the skies with the ultimate super band of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Duane Allman, Ronnie Van Zant, Keith Moon, John Bohnam & Jerry Garcia. It's all about the music, his music will live on.

Dec 8, 2000
Michelle V.
Westbrook, Maine
It doesn't matter where I am or how long you've been gone, you will be in my heart forever. Thanks for all the all great music and the courage for standing up to what you believed in. You're still adored by millions. PEACE and LOVE to you, Mr. Lennon.

Dec 8, 2000
Jason Gore
Radford, VA, USA
Although all these tributes are absolutely wonderful.. we should remember and celebrate the life of John every single day that we live. Cheers John! Jason

Dec 8, 2000
Sue Frey
Milford Square, PA. USA.
John Lennon we miss you! Even though I was five years old at the time, and I don't remember what happened I have read about this sad day, and yes your music will live on! Your spirit of peace and love will never dye. I have my lava lamp on in honor of you John! Yes someday the world will be as one! Give peace a chance! Twenty years? It does not seem that long, but time does fly. Peace to you John!

Dec 8, 2000
Dug Crumley
Richmond, Virginia
Time flies and memories never fade. I was 20 then, I'm 40 now and my life continues to be shaped by his ideals and guided by his spirit. An entire generation has been birthed and grown to adulthood since John was taken from us. I am pleased that they have discovered and embraced his music, but they will never understand that moment in time...the finality of it all. The world wept. It weeps still. I love you John.

Dec 8, 2000
Rick Fulinello
Union, NJ USA
John Lennon and all the Beatles had a major impact on my life... I still find it hard to believe he is gone... I use to go to Strawberry fields all the time, it was a place I could just go and relax and sit there and observe all the passers by... I haven't been there and the past couple years... I miss it, I miss the man John Lennon I pray his message of Love & Peace will someday be a Reality Worldwide... When you come down to it ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Madrid, Spain
Me pase toda la maana sentado en las escaleras de la facultad, llorando. No lo podia entender. Nadie lo entendia. Han pasado 20 aos, y se han ido muchos otros. Sigo sin poderlo entender. Give peace a chance

Dec 8, 2000
Michael Aarons
Words can't express what John Lennon did and how important he was for the world on a level far beyond music. Forget about Beatles music for a second - it's hard but try - imagine living in a time where politics, culture and America was going through a mass transformation. The '60's was a facinating, and scary time for the world. The country was in a war and some believed on the brink of a civil war as well. And it's probably the only time in the history of the world where music was the main driving force directly responsible for the outcomes of so many things on so many levels. John Lennon was one of the heroes of the world who is one of the most important American icons ever. I'm not even only talking about "Love Me Do" and Beatles stuff - I'm talking about the level in which the him Beatles music influenced the minds and souls of generations then and now. The much anticipated official website was launched last month along with a greatest hits album that takes us through their 27 #1 hits in their 7 or so years together. That doesn't even count hits #2, #3, etc. This year marks many Beatle moments in history as well, namely this past October 9th would have been John Lennon's 60th birthday. Also, on the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's death this Friday, December 8th, it is understandable that America, and the world remembers one of the greatest, most influential, passionate and pure geniuses there ever was. Thank you John.

Dec 8, 2000
St. Bruno Quebec
Every person born into this world has a purpose. Some of us are fortunate to live out our dreams and some are not. Most of us know how to do it and others must learn. John Lennon had a goal and most of all a dream that he himself worked very hard at in order to fullfill. He was a lover of life, a lover of the arts and most of all a lover of people. He is one of the most influencial people of our modern time. Imagine, Instant Karma, Working Class Hero, Mind Games and What Ever Gets You Through the Night are just some of his compositions which reveal John`s messages. The world should not look down upon the 8th of Dec. 1980 as a tragedy, but rather look up to the 9th of Oct. 1940 as the day of God`s gift to mankind.

Dec 8, 2000
All my life I have worshipped the Beatles. I was a senior in high school when John was murdered and the memory will live with me forever. I became so hysterical that they had to send me home. How could anyone take the life of a person who wished for nothing but peace? When I listen to Chapman's interviews and hear his voice my blood runs cold. And then he had the nerve to ask for forgiveness???? Only God can forgive. I certainly cannot. John - you will be loved and missed forever.

Dec 8, 2000
Dawn Crumley
Richmond, Virginia
He deeply touched so many lives - let's mourn this day and celebrate tomorrow and for ever more the life, inspiration and memories he gave us.

Dec 8, 2000
1940 - 1980... Those thorough and accurate numbers seems much, much too thorough and accurate for a merry-go-round-life like Johns...funny how life happens while youre busy making other plans... Tonight Ill float every accurateness out of my life with the help of my friends...and brandy alexanders...relaxing and floating down streams...knowing its not was all he is all we need. Love someone today.

Dec 8, 2000
Thanks for everything John... I'll always remember how good the music made me feel. For a shy, insecure kid with nothing to beleive in, you helped me feel alive and allowed me realize that we all do matter...

Dec 8, 2000
Melanie Moore
Asheville, NC
What I remember most about John is that he was completely unafraid to take chances. He didn't use his fame as star power; he used it to give a voice to ideas he believed in. So many people today are afraid to say how they feel and what they think, but John wasn't. His true friends and fans would never desert him because he wasn't a conformist. That's one of the things we love most about him. Even today, he is just as alive and real as he was then. Although we can no longer see him, his influence on the world is undeniable. I miss John with all my heart and soul and I wonder what the world would be like today if he were here. But I appreciate the passion he has given us - he was a true person with a beautiful soul that will live forever. I love and miss you, John, and today I will listen to your music and remember the beauty you brought into our lives in the oh so short time you were here. Thank you, John!

Dec 8, 2000
This year has been so busy I haven't really took time to think about what today (the 8th) means until last night. I was really upset because I promised myself that this year I would make it to New York to celebrate the life of the greatest man who ever existed..... but it just wasn't possible. I hope everyone has fun today and don't forget to sing some songs for me!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Tucson, Arizona, USA
It was Monday night and I was at a bar having a couple beers with two friends. As we started to drive home a Beatles song was on the radio, followed by another, then another! We were singing along and wondering why the station was playing so much Beatles music. Then came the chilling announcement: John Lennon had been murdered. WHAT???? We proceeded to swing by my parents' house, pilfer a bottle of rum and adjourn to the desert. We talked for hours about how much John had meant to us, and how sad it was that it took his death for us to truly understand that fact. I'm sure we all have a hollow spot in our hearts following the unexplicable events of that night.

Dec 8, 2000
Huntingdon, PA, USA
And so here we are. Another year without John. It's staggering to think of how much has changed in the world since this night 20 years ago-and we can't help but wonder how life would have been different, definitely better, if John had not been taken away from his wife, his sons, his fans, the world in which he passionately believed peace was possible. We still fight that dream for you, John. Only peace is not a dream, it's a vision, a plan, a future reality. While you may no longer be with us in body, we know you are with us in spirit and in music that inspires to new heights, new dreams, a higher sense of humanity. You were not perfect, John, and it is exactly this which makes us admire you-you have proven that one person can make an extraordinary difference for the better in the world. You are loved, missed, remembered, and honored. Because of you and with you, we all can shine on.

Dec 8, 2000
Hong Kong
Thank you, John. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

Dec 8, 2000
Atlanta, GA
We all shine on.. Some brighter than others.. John may have very well been the brightest of them all.. We miss you.

Dec 8, 2000
Boston, MA/ Israel
I will love you forever!

Dec 8, 2000
Don Orne (Gongmaster for Peace)
Marblehead, Ma 01945 USA
Twenty years and bullets and even death will never erase the giant face of John Lennon that appears in my vision each time I think of him. It is without his wife or son or the Beatles that I see him. He stands alone radiating a golden glow that is pulsating music never heard by man. His eyes are clear and sharp and rivoting but with great compassion and love. It was my prayer long before he died that his song IMAGINE would be similcast by all radio and tv stations as well as computers at every hour of the day for one full day thus encircling the globe and penatrating each persons heart with the idea that I think repesents the man. All he was saying in all of his songs was: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

Dec 8, 2000
Syracuse, NY
As long as this world exists, he is one of the few people whose influence will always be felt.

Dec 8, 2000
Paris, france
of course, we all miss John. I've never met him, I'm 22, so I was not at his time, but we don't forget what John and the Beatles brought to us. John had shown that he was a human being, making some mistakes, but also sacrifying part of his life in a fight against war. Today, I hope ,that the children of john, that we all are, never forget the delivered messages and try to make the influence of John and The Beatles go on in the future. Today, it makes me happy to see all the people thinking of John. I'm not the only one

Dec 8, 2000
john lennon has influenced me in so many ways , but most importent is the music. because of him and the beatles i have found my way in life, music. thank you so much john lennon, even though your body is gone , your memomorie will always live on in my hart.. may we all shine on

Dec 8, 2000
Bill Ricci
Jacksonville,FL USA
He taught me how write music. He showed me how to fight for what I believe in. He showed me how to turn negative to positive. He expressed to the world that Peace & Love "is" the answer. He made me Laugh. He made me Cry. He has always been in my heart. He will always be the most influencial person In My Life. Thank You John for showing me a part your life so that I will keep growing. You are definitely a part of mine. Bill Ricci / Remember LOVE

Dec 8, 2000
Jaime Vengoechea
Bogot, DC, Colombia
La memoria sigue viva, tan viva, que quienes no estabamos en este mundo hace veinte aos igual la recordamos... si eso no es inmortalidad qu lo es? The memory is still alive, so alive, that those who were not in this world twenty years ago still remember... if that isn't immortality, what is?

Dec 8, 2000
Louisville, KY
"...and you were here today, for you were in my song."

Dec 8, 2000
Steve F
Seattle, WA USA
The world is at your fingertips, touch it... John touched all of us deep within our souls and we will carry on his gift for all the world to hear. We miss you...

Dec 8, 2000
Maria Amparo
Monterrey, N.L. Mxico

Dec 8, 2000
sarah leinicke
i just want to say that i love JOhn Lennon and i think he is the greatest musician ever and he has truly mad a great impact on my life and many others. his death was so untimely and he was one of the greatest symbols for peace, love, and happiness and his death was so wrong. I feel that he will live in the hearts of everyone for ever because he is infinite and his music will live on FOREVER AND ALWAYS. HE IS THE GREATEST AND I WILL NEVER FORGET HIM. PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS TO ALL. "IMAGINE" 4-ever I love you JOHN I

Dec 8, 2000
chicago, il. usa
YOU ARE HERE, JOHN. AND SOON THE WORLD AS IT WAS WILL BE NO LONGER...ONLY PEACE AND HAPPINESS WILL REMAIN. you are forever true...planted like a seed in my brain, OLI***

Dec 8, 2000
Barcelona, SPAIN
El mejor regalo que podriamos hacer a JOHN seria conseguir que IMAGINE fuera declarado por O.N.U. como himno mundial de la PAZ. No seria maravilloso que dentro de 5 aos pudieramos hacerle este honor a nuestro querido JOHN??. Iniciemos ahora un camino para lograr que en el 25 aniversario de su muerte se cumplan sus sueos.

Dec 8, 2000
Charles Smith
London, England
20 years ago something that shouldnt happened did. Since the the very start of The Beatles John did great music, and he continued delivering it forever. John Lennon was the greatest musician that has lived. Once I went to see him in concert and it has been the best thing I have done. I will never forget him And no body else should! We Love You John!

Dec 8, 2000
Seattle, WA, USA
Having been a baby when John was taken from this world makes remembering that moment hard. Having been brought up with a love and appreciation for great music and great people makes the adult awareness of today that much harder. John Lennon was a beautiful soul, who taught so many of us without hesitation, out of what he knew to be right - for himself, and our world. Those of us who carry those lessons through our lives will never forget the man who provided them - and our lives are enriched for it. Rest well John. We'll carry on for you.

Dec 8, 2000
ellen chamberlain
Part of me still can't go to visit "Strawberry Fields" in Central Park here in NYC. It would symbolize the end in my mind and although I know he is no longer with us, his music makes him alive in my mind everytime I listen to him. Songs like "Imagine" and "Watching the Wheels" always take on a different meaning this time of year, but this year, tears actually came to my eyes when I think if how much more he wanted to do. The world is better for having him and worse for not getting to spend more time with him. God bless you, Yoko. I can't imagine the feeling of loss you must still be feeling to this day. You love him more deeply than all of us combined ever could. While I gently weep...

Dec 8, 2000
john - you will forever be inspiration, strength and hope. thank you.

Dec 8, 2000
I wonder what John would make of the world today? I wonder if he would be surprised that the fights he fought, he could well still be fighting. I wonder if he would be applauded by mans progress at the expense of other men, I wonder what he would think about the time we dedicate to the many meaningless activities that occupy and consume our lives. I think hed be horrified to know that everyone who is reading this has the means and ability to be reading something else, something that might provoke them to take charge and direct efforts to more important activates. Like life!! Like all things its value is subjective, like all myths the best ones are the ones you choose to believe! If thats Lennon for you, then thats your choice but remmember this, Lennon was just a normal man who new the world needed a social conscience! Peace & Love! ScOuSe JaY

Dec 8, 2000
Joe Leisz
Thank you John. We miss you.

Dec 8, 2000
reija keskimki
I don't have memories about John Lennon...I was born two year after his death.But I love him.And I love peace and flowers.And the world will change if we all do like John want to.Give peace a chance!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Alejandro Gmez
Caracas- Venezuela
Last summer I went to Liverpool... magic in the air was over there and John was a lovely magical soul, a nice guy from Liverpool who shock the universe for ever. Wharever you are, you are here. Bless you

Dec 8, 2000
Shma Goo
John Lennon inspired me to fight fascism in all its forms. And in the past 20 years societal fascism has built an enormous wall of conformity that we nonconformists must surmount. Is the righteous rebellion of John the work of Sysyphus? Perhaps, but we must act as though that rebellion will succeed in overthrowing our fascist society. Long live John, the ultimate nonconformist revolutionary.

Dec 8, 2000
Tammy Parker
Boulder, CO USA
Having turned 40 last month, the age that John was when he was assassinated, I realize how much of his life still lay before him, and I understand all the more how much WE lost when he lost his life. I was blessed to experience the Beatles, from the moment I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show as a small child till now. It was 20 years ago today...hard to believe. Remember John's message: Revolution WITHOUT violence (so hard for many to understand, especially these days) but with love and understanding instead. If we treat one another with kindness and respect, everything can keep getting better all the time.

Dec 8, 2000
I was 15. I woke up at 4:30am on 12/9 to deliver my papers, and there it was on the front page. I made up every excuse in my mind for why this was not real, why it was a hoax or a joke. I'm 35 now, and realistic about everything else in my life but this. How can this be? I've thought about this everyday this past year, knowing that this was a watershed anniversary year. There were times this year, when the reality of this event is so disappointing that I can't even believe it's true. I want to go back to the days when as children we used to talk about when the Beatles were going to get back together. I want to create grand visions of what that first album or concert would look like. I want the strength of this event to wipe from our minds all of the garbage music that we have now. I have to move on now. I'm too old for this. I can't mourn anymore. I have to face the reality. I will always listen and never forget. I want to change the past. Only this one event. I know I can't. Thank you John

Dec 8, 2000
Thank you John for the peace & love you shared with the world. You inspired countless people who will forever love you. You will remain in the hearts of millions. I know you still exist, you are just on another, higher level than the rest of us. You & Yoko fought racism and made me feel better about who I am so I am forever greatful to you and Yoko. You will never be forgotten, and will always be cherished. The Heaven's gain is our loss but I'm so happy that you were here. I love you John, take care.

Dec 8, 2000
YES is the answer. Peace and love to you always John

Dec 8, 2000
I've written my story on my website, ~Lisa

Dec 8, 2000
Hong Kong
The first time I knew John Lennon is when the commercial ad played the song "Imagine". Since then i am a fans of the Beatles and John himself. I was born in 1982. The Ny Incident seems to be far away from me. But everytime when i see the shots about John I cry. Perhaps I became a Bagist already. Promoting their songs to the others, always claiming Give Peace A Chance... I have once changed the lyrics of the song "Sgt. Pepper". Below is some of them... It was twenty years ago today That Mr. Lennon was shot to death... Tears are out then.

Dec 8, 2000
I became a father late in my life, actually when I was 46 by adopting my wife's first son and later we were graced with a second boy. I looked at them like they were my Julian and my Sean. That's how I remember John, the time that he gave up everything to be with Sean, that's what it counts for me. When I embrace my kids, when we are playing, when I'm teaching them something about this world, most of the time doing these simple things, I found myself thinking of John or his music. I'm 50 now and I'm still touched, moved like 20 years ago or even before when I first heard "In my Life". Miss you Dr.Winston O'Boogie. I will always miss you.

Dec 8, 2000
california, usa
I'm only 22 and unfortunately , too young when john lennon passed on. But, I did however, grow up listening to the beatles an listening to stories my father and his brothers had to say about john lennon. They actually saw him in concert and I was glad to know that because i'm one of his biggest fans..I love his music and he's the greates human being ,with a heart of soul! My favorite songs are "REVOLUTION", AND "IMAGINE"...along with other great songs because he was a man who encouraged peace through his music..A man, who backed up what he believed in!! I have so much respect for this man, and it is so sad that 20 years ago we lost a great man..but, we have his songs , and words of wisdom to remember him by. Lets all give a prayer to the man that changed and touched our lives forever!! WE LOVE YOU JOHN!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Kerrie Gonnella
Clifton, Virginia, USA
It Was 20 Years Ago Today... John Lennon Passed Away. REST IN PEACE JOHN!!! I Love You and Your Music Forever More!

Dec 8, 2000
Christopher Lawson
I missed the opportunity to have actually known John Lennon. I was born in 1982, nearly two years after his assassination. However, I have been a lifelong Beatles fan and I am proud of it. The Beatles have possessed me and taken me into a world that has never been the same. John: Imagine...Love...Give Peace a Chance...Happy X-Mas (The War is Over)...Watching the Wheels...Woman...I'm Losing You...Jealous Guy...Power to the People...(Just Like) Starting Over; John: Strawberry Fields Forever...A Day in the Life...I am the Walrus...If I fell...Don't Let Me Down...Julia...Good Morning Good Morning...Good Night...She Said She Said...A Hard Day's Night...I Should Have Known Better...Across the Universe...Come Together...Because John, Thank YOU for the Music!

Dec 8, 2000
I was 7 when it happened. I was just beginning to get into music and I was a fan of the early, poppy, Beatles music. I remember the night it happened, but I don't remember many details. I know my mother was upset...and I didn't understand why. I am 27 now and have seen a lot of things in my life. After twenty long years of seeing death and destruction in the world.....I still don't understand December 8th, 1980. We love you John. Your family and the world weeps for you on this day. We will try to carry your torch...... "How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?" how? --John Lennon

Dec 8, 2000
Pete Wood
Chicago, Il. USA
I went to see Elton John on November 28th,1974 Thanksgiving Day night at Madison Square Garden NYC (my hometown). My friends and I kept saying how it was going to be the best night of the whole tour because we were going. Then rumors surfaced that John Lennon might show up at one of the shows over the weekend. I knew it would be the 28th and I was right. When Elton announced "John Lennon" the whole place went nuts! I couldn't believe I was actually seeing John Lennon on stage. They did "Saw her standing there", "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" and "Whatever gets you through the night". It was probably the most exciting event I have ever witnessed. It turned out to be Johns last live appearance. I recently heard that it was also the night he got back together with Yoko.

Dec 8, 2000
Dave White
Somewhere in England
John, "Now and then I miss you..." Your music is my inspiration! Because of you "Bagism" website exists and because of Bagism I met my best friend and my wife - you changed my life and I'll never forget you! "If you were here today" I wonder what you'd be doing? I can only Imagine all the music you would have made over the last 20 years and it's tragic to think what we've been denied. Thank you for all you did...I see it as very fitting that the "Beatles 1" album is currently # 1 in the UK 20 years on! Peace & Love. Keep on rocking John... Dave (Number 9)

Dec 8, 2000
New York, NY
One of the main reason's I am a musician today is because of the impact that John Lennon's music had on me and conversely the world. I have heard the message and it speaks from the infinite. I am inspired and awed at the ability John Lennon had to reach within his heart and mind and express himself as an evolving human being. May we all aspire to do such things within our own lives. Whether in flesh or in spirit the music lives on, and as he spoke many times, it is not the messenger that counts so much as the message itself. That is what is alive and that is what is each of our responsibilties to integrate into our own lives. May we bring into manifestation that dream that we have all dreamed in our finest moments and yet he shared on the stage of life. I salute his courage, his passion and most of all his ability to follow his heart. He made mistakes as do all human beings but he had the courage to share them and not hide them away. Let's us all inspire to open our hearts as well and live as we are meant to live, FREE!!! Koan

Dec 8, 2000
Well....20 years!! John, sorry I was not alive when you were. Do to you, I will "Give Peace A Chance" and "Imagine the World living as one". Your memory lives one in music and in your fans!

Dec 8, 2000
New York
*IMAGINE* thank you John RIP

Dec 8, 2000
the wrestling dog
Though bably stowed and watchful eye that cumudgeon fleece that caldron smile she babbled loudly and flunched the glib that staunchly mumbled the austere pig... Cab-Hoc the day he wormily cried...Tis not for want of love they cried...And for now the world grows more glum...since they crucified our dear John...

Dec 8, 2000
St. Paul, MN
"Death/ A Celebration of sorts/ when enough people/ feel love instead/" ~John Bradenby "Yoko Ono" (John -- In my life, I loved you more.)

Dec 8, 2000
Ohio, USA
I, like many others on here, wasn't around to see John Lennon. I'll never forget the message that he sent to people. Peace and love are things most forgotten these days. What ever happened to artists that actually had something to say rather than just spitting out hot new singles. I think we need more people in the world like John Lennon. Not afraid to say that we all need to love each other just a little more. Or try to understand people before we jump on their case. I know that I'll make it my personal mission to try to spread the love. Thank you, John, for all your music which has inspired so many. The world would definately be a different place if it wasn't for you. Thank you. Carrie

Dec 8, 2000
Thank you for the Dreams, for the Music and for the Magic of those moments Thank You. We Miss you. We will always miss you.

Dec 8, 2000
Mary Alice
Tampa, Florida, USA
John, I love you. Your music has taght me about love, life, and being human. Your son said "I think when people die they becomea part of something larger"...I think your son was wiser at that age that I will ever be. I agree with what he said...mostly becuase I can feel your spirit, as well as the spirit of my Great Grandmother whom i was named after. Hearing stories about your lives, hearing you music, John, I still feel like you are able to speak to us and help us. And boy does this planet need it now. I was born just a few days after you died, I was born in Decmeber of 1980. My great-grandmother also died shortly before I was born. I know you two are both a very real part of my life, however. You were a leader by your actions and how you lived adn that contiues to this day. With love, your fan --Mary Alice

Dec 8, 2000
Montevideo, Uruguay
DEAR JOHN, YOU SAVED OUR SOULS... we'll spread the word of peace and love forever... i can sense the biggest smile in the sky! :) WE LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THESE FEELINGS WON'T EVER FADE AWAY...

Dec 8, 2000
John the master, LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Thank you John for your music and all you did, we will always love you. PEACE


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