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John Lennon Remembered (page 3)

Twenty years. That's how long it's been since John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City. To some, it seems like a lifetime ago. To others, it seems like yesterday. Either way, the world has not been the same since. Here is what Bagism visitors had to say in remembrance of John Lennon on this twentieth anniversary of his premature death.


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Dec 8, 2000
Brianne Collier
Taylorsville UT
I also regret to say that I was never around to admire Lennon and his genious. But I can say that I for some years now have idolized his legend. I always loved the beatles but it wasnt until I heard Imagine that I understood how beautiful and special his mind really was. theres so very few artists today that can be so poetic and so meaningful in a song. his ideals on peace and love could bring out the best in anybody. I truly believe that. "And the world can live as one."

Dec 8, 2000
Kansas, USA
I was only alive for three years of John's life. I didn't know about him at all until I was five. I remember watching some sort of movie about the beatles, and at the end came the words of his death. Although the sentiment was there, they got the date completely wrong. Sometime in September, they said. The point was, I was sad, and I didn't even know who he was. I grew up, forgetting all about it. Beatles came around again, and here I was again. I didn't even have a favorite beatle. I had to go through all the songs and see who's songs I liked the most before I even picked one. Guess who it was? You're right, it was John. Even without knowing him I knew him, through his songs. He was the best, and I'll always remember that.

Dec 8, 2000
I Love John. We all do. That is an indisputable fact.

Dec 8, 2000
I have laughed, cried, and loved to the timeless legend that is the music of you, John. Thanks for the message. And is all you need.

Dec 8, 2000
"Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me....nothing's gonna change my world."

Dec 8, 2000

Dec 8, 2000
I've been a Beatle fan since I first saw Paul McCartney's face on the cover of Yesterday and Today way back in 1966. While it was Paul I fell in love with, it was John I most admired (and sometimes loathed) for his post Beatle antics. But looking back I realize that he was just trying to use his celebrity for good and I believe in a lot of ways he accomplished that goal. I was 7 months pregnant when John was shot and killed and among many other emotions was great sadness that my baby would never have the chance to enjoy future Lennon projects. The world lost a great and talented man (not to mention Sean losing a loving father) on 8 Dec 1980 and I deeply regret all that we were robbed of on that day. I also deeply resent the media (people like Baba WaWA) trying to make a celebrity of the animal that did this by continuously interviewing him. I haven't the slightest interest in what or how he is doing and I can't really believe that anybody else does either.

Dec 8, 2000
Bob Rose
Clifton Park, NY USA
I was 14 when I was watching Monday Night Football and heard Howard Cosell tell the world that John Lennon had been shot and killed outside his New York Home. I wasn't a huge fan, but I did enjoy his music. After the Cosell announcement I went to my room and put the Double Fantasy album on and was just amazed at the thought that this incredible talent that I was enjoying had only minutes before been pronounced dead. I couldn't help but think "what a shame". I didn't cry. I just enjoyed the music and said a prayer for John's soul and his family. I was only 14, but I knew what the world had lost. I still enjoy his music and still think, "what a shame".

Dec 8, 2000
Melanie A. Pohl (Smith)
Auburn Hills, MI, USA
It was twenty years ago today, That John Lennon's Life was taken away. And we've missed him all this while, Because he always seemed to make us smile.... John, your life has touched so many people. Thank you for everything! We miss you.

Dec 8, 2000
i liked you so much i name my baby after you. thank you,thank you! some day we,ll jam together

Dec 8, 2000
Mr. Hankey
I was only seven when Lennon was killed now that I am older and have become a big fan of his over the years I can really appreciate the feelings of loss that everyone must have felt in 1980. He was such an amazing talent and it's ashame it had to end the way that it did.

Dec 8, 2000
John L Stewart
Culver City, California
You are praised by many for your effort to obtain Peace in the world,you are loved by millions and hated by thousands,you were not or ever could be considered a Saint. Your wisdom was great and you showed many lost souls the way, and you gave each person a chance to decide for themselves if there is a God or not,You no longer have to Imagine! All the people who admired you when you were with us,admire you more now that you have a place in world history as a born again Spirit. Rest Well my fallen hero,someday we will all Rest in Peace,and Imagine no longer!

Dec 8, 2000
Thanks John for givin this world the warmth of your LOVE!!!.....ALL we NEED IS LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is all we need!.....peace to all..... love donna :)

Dec 8, 2000
Sandy, UT, USA
Thanks John and Yoko for being crusaders and taking the heat for yours and others beliefs. I know we lost a great soul when we lost yours, John.

Dec 8, 2000
San Diego, CA, USA
Hi Board, As many of you know today marks the 20th Death Anniversery of one truely unique person, John Lennon. John Lennon has been a part of my life since I was old enough to listen to music and play guitar at age 8. I was devastated even as a child when I witnessed his horrible murder 20 years ago...I just kept saying to myself Why?, Why would someone do this to someone who has touched so many lives with his beautiful music and charm. I write this with tears welling up in my eyes wearing my John Lennon T-Shirt and listening to my single mp3 CDR of the entire Beatles catalog. I was fortunate to have met his son Sean at a Cibo-Matto concert and he was very down to earth and took the time to sign autographs and take pictures. I thank my wife for giving me insight on the greatly mis-understood Yoko Ono who has kept John Lennon's legacy alive so his magic can entertain for generations. For all those who care please have a moment of silence, raise your glasses in toast and do your part to make this world a better place no matter how small. Sincerely, Anthony Arellano

Dec 8, 2000
I was born in 1982. I've only saw John Lennon in movies. He is my favorite beatle and will always be. My favorite song when he was in his solo carer is Imagine. Althought I wasn't alive when he died I feel the lost of those who were alive and love John. He was missed then and he is still been missed by his fans alive or not during his death. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JOHN!

Dec 8, 2000
T. Bradley Tucker
Richmond, VA, USA
The music definitely lives on, as does John's spirit. He taught us through his music; I listened, learned and continue to thrive within the lesson. He started a family, wore fatherhood on his sleeve, and now I'm following that lead as well. Thanks, John, for sharing your many gifts and enriching my life and so many others - Music, Humour, Intelligence, Healthy Irreverence and Love were the foundation of your existence, and continue to stand as the building blocks of my own.

Dec 8, 2000
Dave Laing
Regina Canada
We love you John. Forever will you shine in our hearts. All you need is love...

Dec 8, 2000
All I wanna say is: All WE NEED IS PEACE and LOVE.

Dec 8, 2000
"WELL WE ALL SHINE ON, LIKE THE MOON AND THE STARS AND THE SUN..." I miss you, John. You would probably be happy to know that there are STILL 8, 15, and even 19 year olds like myself out there that love you. You'll never be forgotten.

Dec 8, 2000
Oswego NY USA
Hey John, I know if you were reading this right now you would not really give shit you never wanted to be an Idol but in death you have become huge........Keep looking down at us and Keep the rock n roll alive because It Never Dies......As you have said before the beatles were just a rock group that split up its nothing important and said about yourself that you were just a guy who liked to play music and if anyone wants to listen then rock we will all be thinking about you and playing some kickass bootlegged tunes...............

Dec 8, 2000
Steve Kemp
December 8 is the pits.

Dec 8, 2000
LaCrosse, WI, USA
Although I'm only 18 years old, which means I didn't even get the chance to experience Lennon when he was alive, his music soars through my soul like no other. I'm a fan of so much music but only John's and The Beatles' stay with me. I don't look at today as a day of mourning, I look at it as a day of rejoicing. Rejoicing his music, his life, and his memory. Today I will be going around with a smile, proudly wearing my John Lennon t-shirt, and listening to his music. John's light will forever shine on in my heart and with all of his fans, new and old. You will never be forgotten John, we love you.

Dec 8, 2000
Gary Shearman
London England
John Lennon lives on. He IS one of the best talents the world has ever known. British music IS the best on the planet.......America killed Lennon. His early work was great. Then he moved to NYC. His work was crap. Then you shot him.

Dec 8, 2000
val esrig
"lie is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". unfortunately, that's right. i miss you john. i am only 17 but you are my best friend and always will be.

Dec 8, 2000
Through this 20 years we have noticed how important was John for all our generation and the next ones, because there is no other leader who can take the banner of peace and love on his shoulders like he did. We miss you John although you have never died for us.

Dec 8, 2000
Richard R Laxen
Norwich Norfolk England
Today is a day of memories, of a terrible tragedy, when the world lost a unique person. For through his own personnel disappointments and hurt,he and his Beatle colleagues gave the world a new perspective. Its a shame that he is not around to receive the acclaim and rewards that they all deserve. In the Words of 2 of their songs IMAGINE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! GOD REST YOUR SOUL, AND THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES.

Dec 8, 2000
The Oz Man
"You don't know what you got,until you lose it." Dear john The race is over.......?

Dec 8, 2000
The world lost a leader when John died. His music touched our hearts and enriched our souls. Hey, Yoko! Give Julian his fair share of his dad's money!! Giving him just 20 million is pretty damn shitty.

Dec 8, 2000
Chris Trumpower
Ocean City, Md, USA
Johm, I am only 18, but your music and your philosophy have shaped and moled my life. Because of you, I will never give up hope, and i will always love. I promise you- the next generation, and the next generation will always treasure and keep your words or inspriation. You were right- All you need is love.

Dec 8, 2000
Josh Lanier
gastonia, nc, 28052
Dear John, I am 18 years old. I but your words actions and philosophy are what I mimic my life to. I will alway worship you like a god and will always speak "give peace a chance". Your life was taken from us but your words spirit and talent will always shape our music life and spirits Rest in peace

Dec 8, 2000
The Fat Budgie
John, you've been more than a pop idol to me. You're an indescribably amazing musician, poet, lyricist, and activist. Your voice still gives me chills. Peoples' love for you has brought them together, and I hope it keeps uniting us forever. Thank you for your gifts to the world. Love, Alex

Dec 8, 2000
Pete Faziani
I am only 15 but i was raised on the muisc that was created by you and i will die on it. You will never are like your music, remembered forever. I never knew you personally but i will always miss you. thanks for all the music

Dec 8, 2000
Knoxville, TN.
You brought us the world like we've never seen it in our minds. Thank you. And for you, a song remembering your light. "John Doesnt Live Here Anymore"

Dec 8, 2000
I am 19, but I can remeber being 11 years old, and hearing of this group called the Beatles. I asked my mom "Moma have heard of the Beatles?" Of course knowing all about them she sat me down and told me their story. Over the years, however I have been drawn to John instead the group. I feel as if we somehow shared the same mind, the same feelings, the same hope for peace. Although this day is the anniversery of such a terrible tragic event, John is any all our hearts and he will remain in mine forever. I love you!!!!

Dec 8, 2000
John Caldwell
Macon GA USA
All of my life I have been a huge Beatles and John Lennon fan, his death was a terrible tragedy not only for Yoko Ono, Sean, Julian, Paul, George, and Ringo, but the entire world that felt his convictions, and his feelings, I believe our generation will never get over his sudden passing, All We Need Is Love, that was John's meaningfull passage.

Dec 8, 2000
Cindy in OK
Shawnee, OK
John, I hope your soul has found what it always seemed to need...I think that's what happens to us. Wish I'd known you personally. I love cats! I think of you so often. I think of you specifically or "Love Me Do" or "Imagine" or "Happy Christmas" crosses my mind. You sure touched the world.....Love, Cindy

Dec 8, 2000
Me, I'm just 13 years younger than you were, John. You've been my best teacher since the late sixties. John, I miss you, I miss your absolute honesty. John, the world would have needed you longer! THANKS TO YOU, JOHN. THANKS TO YOKO TOO (your truely inspiration ) - for the music, of course, but the most for your soul and spirit, that really made (and is continuing to make) the world better. "...makes world a better place to be", yeah!!

Dec 8, 2000
George Harrison
East Liverpool Ohio
No, I am not that George, I bloody well wish. you are missed by all.

Dec 8, 2000
Kris E.
I remember the first time I heard a Beatles tune, it was when I was about 10 or so years old. The song was Ob-La-Dee-Ob-La-Da. I was forever changed. I have thought of John Lennon as my idol. Not in the stalker since, but what his life was and all about, yet he continued to be strong, I respect that. I think future generations will listen to the Beatles Albums. Thanks John for leaving us a gift of music that is shared by everyone. Rest in Peace, Kris

Dec 8, 2000
Laura from Texas
20 years ago, I felt devastated at the news that John had died. John's body is gone, but his spirit lives on. He will always be remembered.

Dec 8, 2000
New Hampshire
What a Guy! that's all I can say. John was an amazing performer, activist, and person. My boyfriend and I are going to burn a candle for him tonight. My only regret is that I don't have a copy of "Imagine" to play while I'm meditating tonight. Its a shame children today don't get turned on to The Beatles and John's music.

Dec 8, 2000
Ruth Anne Freeborn
When Brian died John said he'd keep his thoughts of him happy ones."Whatever thoughts we have of him will travel to him,wherever he is." Dear John, You inspired us,got us through growing up in the sixties,and helped us "imagine" something greater than ourselves. Thank You. I wish you all love and peace today.

Dec 8, 2000
R. Stevie Moore
Bloomfield NJ USA
What a gloomy gloomy day. As the hours roll by towards 11 p.m., I feel absolutely numb and dumbfounded. Lennon was...the walrus. Avoid listening to REVO 9 right now. It's like a Hitchcock nightmare. Remember love,

Dec 8, 2000
John Lennon was a wonderful, sweet, at times contemptuous, intelligent musician, father, husband, human being. It is an absolute shame that his life had to end so quickly, but he accomplished so much in his 40 years here. That is what we should remember on this day, the 20th Anniversary of his death, and every day. The goodness of his message. The great music he created. The love he gave to Yoko and Sean, and extended to all of us. Though we grieve for John, and we will always miss him, we must also take this time to be thankful for what he's left behind. John would not want us always to be sad. Remember his life, not his death. Therein lies the happiness. We will always love you, John. Now and forever. For you are the other half of our sky. Rest in Peace and Love.

Dec 8, 2000

Dec 8, 2000
New Jersey USA
John, on Feb. 12, 1964 I was a 10 year old kid who listened to Puff the Magic Dragon & Pat Boone. I'd not yet heard of the greats. But after that show was over I knew. I wanted to be a guitar playing song writing rock & roll man and make the girls scream! You and your mates changed the world, in the words of the great Keith Richards, "suddenly the world went from Black & White to Technicolor." Your band opened the door for us all. And I know you'd be amused at all this fuss about a working class sod from Liverpool, but please indulge us, John. We miss you tremendously and feel cheated at you being taken away just as you were ready to jump back in and start kicking ass again! some are dead and some are living in my life I've loved them all

Dec 8, 2000
Johnnie, you've influenced my life like no other person whom I've ever known about or met. You've inspired me to follow my own dreams, not the ones others expect me to follow. Your example made me pick up a guitar, and now I want so much to be able to honor you with songs of my own, with my band. I know that no one will ever be able to match your intelligence, or musical superiority, but we hope to pay homage to our roots, in whatever small way we can. The sixties are over; nothing as cosmic as you were will ever happen the way you did in the sixties, but it's a comfort to know you're there. You always will be here, too, in the hearts of everyone like me; Thank you so much for all you did, and were, and for everything you didn't and weren't. The world is a brighter place for having known you, but you knew that, didn't you? We do all shine on, but you're the brightest to me. I dress in black to remember you, but my spirit is free as a bird.

Dec 8, 2000
Jorge Mena
Mexico, D.F
Tank you Lennon! Donde quiera que estes

Dec 8, 2000
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I was born two years after John Lennon was shot, so i completely missed his musical career but thanks to the anthology and the memory of John Lennon still kept alive I was fortunante enough to experience his music and spirit. Today on the anniversary of his death I turned it to VH1 and saw the Behind The Music "Last Days of John Lennon" something I advoided watching before so I did not have to remember that moment of history. I watched it and it helped me realize the pain his friends and family felt on the day of his death, they poured out their feelings and remembered a great man. All at once the big feeling that he is ACTUALLY gone and never coming back hit me and I had a good cry. A wonderful way to reminsence about a great, talented, intelligent,peaceful artist that the world will never forget. THANKS JOHN!!!! JOHN LENNON FOREVER!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Margaet Wright
Auburn, Alabama, USA
I was born near Liverpool and grew up with the Beatles. Now I am 50 and have been in love with John since I was 12. In my early twenties I came to live in the son at 14 loved the Beatles and played my records. Talk about dejavu!!! Now I have a one-year-old grandson. Bet he will love John as much as his dad and me. Can you IMAGINE that!!!! Love and miss you John.

Dec 8, 2000
Salem, Oregon
As long as we still have John's music, he will ive on in our hearts. R.I.P. John.

Dec 8, 2000
Dave Atkins
Daytona Beach, FL
I was only 4 when the unthinkable happened. I never got a chance to experience what an influence John had in the 60s and 70s. I never got to see him in person. However, I am fortunate to see that his influence still continues on to this day. In my life....he is a spiritual guide to me, and much more. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him, his music and his messages to the world. Even though I was too young to remember the events that fateful day, it still hurts thinking about it. But, John is alive thanks to millions of fans like you. By listening to his music, living by some of his examples of non-violence & peace and talking about experiences during his time. John, wherever you are, you are still alive in my eyes and my heart. I'm sure millions of others can say the same. Thank you for doing what you did in your life andthank you for being an influence in my life. God bless you, your family, and to everyone on Earth.

Dec 8, 2000
heather free a.k.a. sunshine, american b
canton, georgia USA
John Lennon. He is life, beauty, he is the world to me and many others. "love is you" I could say that to him and thy're his own words. I'm a freshman at Cherokee High School and only 15. I've been in love with The Beatles for 4 years now and a John fan for just as long. every year everyone takes notice when i wear black and tell me it's stupid and that i didn't know him personally so how could i mourn someone did not know. if they only knew, right? it's the mokst painful day of every year. I'm numb all day. John if somehow you get this message wich i trust you will, i want to tell you that i love you deeply. we will never forget you!!!! no matter what we wont let your spirit die with your generation. youre alive and well in our hearts. i love you. love heather aka sunshine

Dec 8, 2000
Dear John, I love you and wish you were still with us just walking around New York City. Thank-you so much for the wondeful music and happiness you gave to everyone.

Dec 8, 2000
Eugene Park
Your life astounds me. Your work brings me to tears. At the tender age of 19, I am growing with you and will continue to do so to make up the time that was robbed of you, and from me and the rest of the world. This is the third time I am posting on this page, and I will always continue to know that you are the guiding light in my life, and for many others. I love you.

Dec 8, 2000
Ian Emery
London,Ont Canada
I was born in Liverpool Nov 21 1964. The Beatles had already become a worldwide phenomenon. My dad loved the music and played it regularly. I grew up on the Beatles even though I was only 5 when they broke up. We came to Canada several years later. The White Album is the first Beatles album I bought. Imagine is the first Lennon solo album I bought. I always hoped the Beatles would "Get Back" together. I remember going out and buying Double Fantasy. I loved it. Even Yoko's songs had an energy I couldn't miss. It made me hope even more for a Beatles reunion. Little did I know that this would be John's final LP. I still feel the same pain and the sense of loss every Dec 8th. I still can't believe John is gone. 20 years is a long time ago,yet I still miss John dearly. The music, the film clips and videos will keep John alive forever. On this darkest of dark days John, I will again light a candle in your memory. You will never be forgotten!!

Dec 8, 2000
alan anderton
new brighton
yo john gees 20 years eh? how time flys or sails as some would say well ive been a fan of u for well 2 years and with all due respect i think u are cool and that in fact u even made me look fat wich is ok in a confentional sort of way. so im a big fan of ur lyrics man and ur wit and well u know all that jazz well r.i.p. my friend, u make heaven a cool prospect!

Dec 8, 2000
Your music was the only safe haven in a very unsafe and scary childhood. I love you so much John. Thank you for giving me comfort. It's lasted all this time.

Dec 8, 2000
Paula Horiguchi
" NAMU SHINNYO ICHINYO DAIHATSU NEHAN KYO " Lennon, I'll be praying for you.

Dec 8, 2000
I was 12 years old in Toronto 1963 when a cousin of mine returned from a summer spent in England and told me all about this fantastic musical group called the Beatles. Six months later, I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show. Days later, I convinced my parents to buy me a guitar. And that began my love affair with music. And John Lennon's influence on my life was the most pronounced. I liked the other Beatles, but there was something very, very special about John. He was my favorite. I can remember December 8, 1980 as if it was yesterday. Numbing. Devastating. Unreal. It will be one of those days/moments that will always stay with me. But his music and spirit will will live on forever. John, rest in peace.

Dec 8, 2000
Chicago, IL, USA
December 8th, 2000... 20 years... John was 20 years old in 1960 when he renamed his band the Beatles. That was the year I was born. 20 years later in 1980, John was shot and killed. He was 40 years old. I was 20 years old then. 20 years later in 2000, I'm now 40 years old, and John has been gone for 20 years. He would have been 60 now. As I have grown older, I've always thought of experiences in my life, and compared them to what I thought John Lennon may have experienced at the same stage in his life (turning 30, 35, 40, etc.) I can't do that anymore. We will always remember him as a relatively young man. He will never be old. I often wonder how John would have lived his life these last 20 years. Would he have remained active in the music business? Would we have seen the anthology sooner (or not at all)? Would there have been a Beatles reunion? We can all Imagine... His songs are the best songs of our generation. No one has come close to matching his words, and his music, and his singing. His humor and his wit were influential to so many. When I watch "A Hard Day's Night", I watch what John does. Same thing with "Help!". "Rubber Soul" is my favorite Beatles album, because I think it was John's best time period with them. "In My Life", "Norwegian Wood", "Nowhere Man"... People who know me, know that John Lennon and The Beatles are my favorite topic of conversation. As a musician, their songs are the songs I prefer to hear and to play. John will continue to be the most influential person in my life. Play the music, watch the movies and documentaries, and remember him.

Dec 8, 2000
vacaville calif u.s.a.

Dec 8, 2000
you said you were a dreamer but you weren't the only one. I'm also a dreamer and hopefully we will get peace. Thanks to you the world did see some. hope your at rest man.

Dec 8, 2000
Tyler Durden
Rest in peace, John.

Dec 8, 2000
Waynesville, MO, USA
Well John, another year comes and goes without you. Somehow, the world doesn't seem as whole without you here. Well, rest in peace my friend. Tammy

Dec 8, 2000
San Francisco
I was going to write something about how I was 13 when I heard the news about John Lennon being shot, how upset I was, how he was a such a huge influence on my life but its just too painful. I think its important that we do remember what John said when Brian Epstein died and that we should think happy thoughts and whatever thoughts we have will reach him. We should also respect Yoko's request to celebrate his life and not dwell on his passing. We should feel fortunate that we still have his music which even today has brought me so much joy and how the music of the Beatles will pass on to future generation like the words of Shakespeare. Thank you John for making us think and making our lives a little better all the time.

Dec 8, 2000
It's still hard to believe that you're gone but it has only made ourlove for you shine brighter - all over the world.

Dec 8, 2000
Brandon Millan
Pasadena, CA
I can remember being 10 years old and my mom coming up to my bedroom crying and telling me to get out of bed and get dressed, because we had to go to Central Park. Bewildered I asked her what the tears were for and she told me that John Lennon was murdered. I didn't know what to feel. As we entered the park she handed me his picture from the White Album and a candle. We stood there that evening and all I saw was sad people crying and singing. I will never forget that night, I remember it like it was yesterday. I still have the remains of that candle and that picture, I will light the stub of that candle tonight and with tears in my eyes at 11:23 pm I will give the greatest tribute that I possibly can to one of the greatest influences in my life. I love you John. Peace!

Dec 8, 2000
Beth Archie
Chapel Hill, NC USA
I'm sitting here, thinking of a clever way to begin a tribute that I know will never express all that I feel. I'm only 19, so I never got a chance to "experience" John while he was still here physically; unfortunately he died a year before I was born. I was introduced to his music when I was 10 years old, listening to "Imagine" for the first time at my grandmother's house. The song was so intriguing and captivating, I couldn't stop playing it. Now that I'm in college, his beauty decorates the once bare walls of my dorm room. His songs fill my ears everynight as I go to sleep. These are rituals my roommate has had to learn to live with. I don't really feel it necessary to focus on the day of his death as a way of rememberence, I'd rather celebrate his life all year round. He was a beautiful, brilliant, insightful man that contributed so much to the world. His desire to spread peace and love was contagious and intoxicating to everyone he touched. But I believe the most important thing I have learned from him is that I determine my own destiny, and I'm the only one that can make my dreams a reality. We can't depend on other people to carry us through life. We have to experience these things for ourselves instead of taking someone's word for it. Mark your own path and take it. Don't waste time wondering if you can see who's infront of you, or if there's anyone behind you. Run like hell and take in all your surroundings as they come...his death is enough proof that we can't spend our time on earth waiting for someone or something else to reassure us. Thank you for all you have given me. I can only hope I enrich someone's life the way you have enriched mine. Much love forever, Beth.

Dec 8, 2000
Imagine des millions de fils de Jhon.Imagine un monde en paix. salut mes frĖres!

Dec 8, 2000
May we not only remember but honor his memory. He knew what some never will ever even understand. He reached out to tell us....Don't give up hope.....always try....never will there be a perfect world but what if everyday we did a kindness ....everyone .... Give Peace a Chance....Love One Another...All Across The Universe... PEACE AND LOVE 4E!!!!!!!

Dec 8, 2000
Jacksonville, FL USA
John, you will be missed by enryone in this world. Long live The Beatles.

Dec 8, 2000
James Burke
It was twenty years ago today.See ya soon buddy.

Dec 8, 2000
the Netherlands
Remember The Legend, Remember John Lennon.

Dec 8, 2000
Mark Pugnetti
Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA
I was in the 7th grade when my mother woke me and told me that John Lennon was death. The world was never the same. Happy Xmas John

Dec 8, 2000
John Marshall (gpac)
Stoney Creek, Ont., Canada
John Lennon, the poet, the profit, the man. He spoke his truth, a truth which touched so many of us. He didn't hide behind others or from what he believed in, and he helped so many of us to gain the courage to stand up for our values and desire for a prejudice free society. Give Peace a Chance, Imagine, Woman is the Niggar of the World, songs and words which made us think about our beliefs and values and the way we look at others and appreciate their beliefs. Did John impact the way I look at life? Yes, as Kennedy, Dylan, Budda, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Gandi, my grandmother and others have.

Dec 8, 2000
San Francisco, CA
You will always be remembered.

Dec 8, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
I miss you Johnny!!!! you live on forever in my heart!!!! I'm glad your wonderful music and beliefs inspire me to carry on your message of peace and love. you are my hero, my idol, my favourite person.... I'm glad I was alive when you walked the earth, if only for just under 3 years. you will NEVER be forgotten. requiescat in pace. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!!!! (the best message ever given through song to our planet! thank you, Johnny.)

Dec 8, 2000
Roscoe, IL
You will never die. Through your music, words and art, no one will ever forget what you meant to this world.

Dec 8, 2000
Ottawa, Canada
It is sad that today's teenagers don't have a hero of John's magnitude. He had many personae over his brief life: the bad-boy greaser in Hamburg, the fun-loving prankster a la Hard Days Night, the teen idol, the more serious peacenik, the humorist, artist, balladeer, lyricist and rock n roller. Above all, I remember John had a vision where there were no borders or wars because all citizens were citizens of the world. He challenged us to broaden our perspective, to see ourselves in the context of the whole planet rising above our petty sectarian/jingoistic prejudices. It's an attitude that is even more relevant today with so many global issues facing us. We miss you John.

Dec 8, 2000
Northern Ontario
In December of 1980, I was 16 and going to high school. At that time, my tiny hometown of 1200 had only 2 tv channels and our very own local radio station. Despite that, on the morning of December 9, 1980, I woke up to the tune of "Imagine" followed by the radio announcer saying that John Lennon had been shot. Even at that age and the lack of having records or even being aware of the vastness of the Beatles and John Lennon's records, an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me. I was quite saddened by it all. An ache in my heart developed and increased throughout the day. I wanted to do something but I couldn't; I didn't know what. It was a sad time. I still feel the sadness during these times. Amazing, huh?

Dec 8, 2000
Lennon stuck his balls out on the line when no one else would do it. He was a man who led the way in everything he did. I wish we had something like that in today's society. We miss your music. Come back, John, come back...

Dec 8, 2000
20 years later..... He is still here because his soul,his being,his music...his mind....his life's purpose, is still here. John represents alot to me. and I hate that I have to measure 20 yrs. out of my life with 12/09/80 {when I knew} as a point of reference. I know he's passed physically. maybe even conciously,but we know.................JOHN LENNON LIVES. and will continue to speak. His greatness greatly pales his death...... CRJ

Dec 8, 2000
houston tx
john you just have to carry on the dream is over but what a dream it was!!! you are so very missed in todays society. you are an inspiration to me and others. save me a seat up there...

Dec 8, 2000
California, Earth
I much prefer your birthday to your deathday. How 'bout you Johnnie?

Dec 8, 2000
Kirkland, Wa
Even though I was born the same year the Beatles broke up (on George Harrison's B-day!), I was lucky enough to have a friend's older brother introduce me to their music. I am eternally grateful to all of them for the wonderful music they provided. RIP John.

Dec 8, 2000
Well, I've tried to make a comment every year in rememberance of John. I still miss him. I still wonder what he would have to say about living at this time in this world. He made a huge impression on me as a kid, and even now, as an adult, he's still making an impression. I thank him for helping me believe in the power of rock and roll, peace, freedom and that people can make a difference in this world. And, I also thank people like Sam, who have created a place like Bagism where it doesn't matter who we are, or where we're from. We can still share ideas and learn from eachother...

Dec 8, 2000
Tulsa, OK
Twenty years ago my life was forever changed when I discovered John Lennon. It is sad that so many people my age discovered John and the Beatles because of his death. I am glad to have had him in my life for twenty years. I just wish he was still around so I could thank him for his wonderful contributions. I have met so many wonderful people because of the Beatles and John. Thanks for enriching my life in so many ways! Still missing you!

Dec 8, 2000
Palo Alto, CA
I remember distinctly the night. A local college radio station (KZSU) broke into a song (didn't even finish it) and made the announcement. Then they started playing songs that he had written. I just lie there in bed and went from shock, to crying, to smiles, and back throught the cycle as I listened to song after song that had formed my life around me. They were supposed to stop broadcasting at midnight, but they just played on until they had played everything. They ended with "Good Night". No sign off, just silence afterwards. We love you John.

Dec 8, 2000
Mark Gauthier
Hi All, I'm sitting here in my basement in a state of extreme grief, as i do every Dec 8....Listening to Beatle and Lennon I do every Dec 8....Smoking and I do every Dec 8.....asking I do thing is different....I'm on the internet reading all the wonderfull things people have written about a person who has meant so much to my life... Thank you for sharing my grief

Dec 8, 2000
does it matter
at a time like this does it really matter just laugh cos if you dont laugh, you cry.


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