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Twenty years. That's how long it's been since John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City. To some, it seems like a lifetime ago. To others, it seems like yesterday. Either way, the world has not been the same since. Here is what Bagism visitors had to say in remembrance of John Lennon on this twentieth anniversary of his premature death.


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Dec 8, 2000
I'm a 20 year old sophomore in college and I never really took a liking to the Beatles or any of the music that they made since their break up until this year. I think the first time that I ever heard the Beatles was in my 3rd grade music class at the age of 8. My music teacher was a huge fan of the Beatles and we sang a Beatles medley in our chorus from 3rd to 5th grade. The music is timeless, I'm sure years from now people will still see it as such. I was only 9 months old when John was killed, so I obviously don't remember it. My father on the other hand was born in 1955, so he grew up idolizing the work of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. I asked him recently about the day that John died, he told me that he remembered the night perfectly. He was watching Monday Night Football on ABC and they broke into the game and I think he said that Howard Cosell made the sad announcement. I guess he was pretty much devestated by the news. Even as I write this, not being of the era, not being a long time fan, I'm a little choked up and teary-eyed. Just knowing that someone who touched to many lives and did so much for humanity, had to become a martyr...killed by a schizophrenic sociopath. 'We all shine on...' god bless

Dec 8, 2000
child of nature
I was six years old when John Lennon was assassinated, and I was already a devoted Beatles fan. I remember constantly playing my mother's Beatles records and eight track tapes from the age of three. I will never forget how grief stricken so many people were the next day after hearing that John had been killed. I remember getting out my mother's worn copy of The Second Beatles Album and underlining John Lennon's name on the cover. Every year on Dec. 8, I get out that album and look at his name and remember how saddened I was. I also remember asking my mom and dad to take me to buy the 45 of "(Just Like) Starting Over." John, over the years, your words and music have been a constant comfort and inspiration to me. When no one else was there for me, your music transcended time and space to lift me and let me know that someone out there understands. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your gift with the world. We need you so much now--just to have your wisdom and perspective to give us some guidance and hope. We miss you so, John. You will always be loved and missed. I know that you are still with us and will always speak through your music from now to eternity. I send you my love, John. Thank you for helping me to change my life for the better.

Dec 8, 2000
"We all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun..." --Sean's pop

Dec 8, 2000
I think he need to find out who his son was if he was such a man for world peace.......

Dec 8, 2000
I'm a sophomore in college. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I discovered them at the age of 14. I always loved John Lennon. He is such an inspiration to me and to people who don't fit the "average" category. He made it okay to be different, even revel in it. I often wonder what John would be doing today. Maybe puking at the site of the Backstreet Boys or TRL. Maybe putting Lars Ullrich in his place and chillin with that Napster dude. Maybe jamming with Lenny Kravitz or Pearl Jam. The possibilities are endless. Even though I wasn't around to experience his influence first hand, he's affected my life and I'm sure yours. We love you John Lennon. You will always live on and your spirit will always be with us.

Dec 8, 2000
Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
A genius of the mind and spirit will never be forgotten. John shines on.

Dec 8, 2000
John--you've become what you never wanted to be...a legend. Your life was taken from you twenty years ago just when you were happy, healthy, and had it all, but you will always live on in the hearts of your friends, family, and fans. After all, "Love is knowing you are loved."

Dec 8, 2000
Manhattan Beach, C.A
Why? That's what I've been wondering to myself all day. Why did he have to die? I'm 16 years old. I was born 4 years after his death. I wish I had been alive when he was. I admire him beyond words. He was such an amazing person. Last year I went to New York and I stayed in a hotel on 72nd street, right down the street from the Dakota. Every day I walked by it and thought "He died here. Right here. Right where I'm standing." I'd walk through Central Park by the "Imagine" design on the ground. He once walked in that park with his wife, Yoko and his son, Sean. I wished that I could have met him. I just wish I could talk to him, to hear his beautiful voice. That sounds silly, but it's true.

Dec 8, 2000
Mary E. Taeger
Beverly, MA 01915
It's so strange, just two weeks ago my niece had this "on the road" shopping setup. I happened upon the bumber sticker "Give Peace A Chance" - John Lennon. It struck an emotional gut cord as today's society seems to be so stressed out and hostile. I felt I needed to feed the fire in a positive way so I got it. I came home and put in on my fridge as a reminder that peace starts from within. One needs to exude peace - it's catchy. Anyway, upon sending out Christmas cards I quoted John's words to many to serve as a celebration of peace and of course John Lennon's life mission - as well as all the Beatles. The strange thing is I did not even realize it was 20 years since that terrible day which I do recall just what I was doing. Perhaps without being aware my inner psyche did. Could it have been John's calling for peace. Blessed Be John. "Massachusetts Mary"

Dec 8, 2000
Chris Horton
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Twenty years ago tonight I was sitting at home when a buddy of mine came over with a look on his face like his mother had died. I asked him what was wrong and he said "John Lennon is dead." I had just gotten "turned on" to the Beatles and it tore me apart, much in the same way as when Elvis died. This goes out to all of his fans around the world... "We All Shine On" and "Merry X-mas"

Dec 8, 2000
David Jenkins
Salina, KS
I met John and Yoko once, and the memory of that delicious five minutes has never left me. I was 21, working in a very popular camera store in Cambridge, across the street from Harvard Yard. I had come back from lunch and was hiding out in the back room, a little bedraggled hippy kid, using up the last precious minutes of my lunch hour. My boss came out back and said, with a curious twinkle in his eyes, "There's someone out here asking for you." I didn't go out onto the sales floor until he came back a second time and said "Hey, you really want to come out here, someone's looking for you." "Who is it?" I asked him, irritated. "You'd never believe me if I told you." He smiled. Odd. I walked out onto the sales floor and there standing before me was John Lennon. I promise you, time stood still. "Are you David Jenkins" he asked, shaking my hand? "Yeah," I said, though I wasn't quite sure as my mind had pretty much short circuited. "Steven at the other store said you might know how to fix this," John said, putting this huge Sony portable video camera on the counter. I had no idea what it was or how to fix it but I fiddled with it, praying to God "Please don't let me be a jerk with this guy, please." Somehow I hit the right button and it came back on. While all this was going on, I was later told, the forty or so people in the store were just staring at John, motionless. John asked me what he owed me, and I just burst out laughing. I asked if I could take a quick photo out on the sidewalk of he and Yoko and he said yes if I could be quick. We took two shots, he shook my hand, Yoko said thank you, and they walked away. I went back in the store and just leaned up against a counter, smiling. I couldn't talk. John's visit to Harvard Square was legendary, and people came into the store for years afterwards, asking if John had really been there. We would then point with pride to the shot I'd taken on the sidewalk, which hung on the wall, and people would just stare at it, saying Wow. They asked what he was like, and the only answer I could give was "He was just like John Lennon." He was funny and charming, he made eye contact, he was very, very kind to me as he obviously knew I was straining to be cool and controlled. Yoko, contrary to reputation, was beautiful, graceful and warm. Eight years later I was on a national tour working for the Ice Capades, and by coincidence we were in Boston on December 8th. I came back to my hotel room around midnight after a very splashy TV station Xmas party, thinking I was hot stuff, Mr. Showbiz... I turned on the tv. "Here are more details on the shooting death tonight in New York of John Lennon......" A friend that was with me said that she saw the blood drain out of my face as I sat on the edge of the bed. She left a while later, and I sat in the window of this beautiful expensive room at the Copley Plaza hotel all night, listening to the news and watching the snow fall outside as I cried. Meeting John for those fleeting minutes was one of the highpoints of my life. Hearing of his death was the single most shattering thing I've ever heard. Today I dwell on the positive energy and joy I still feel from Beatles music, which I feel as deeply as I did when I was a kid. I have shed more than a few tears tonight but it's OK. I love you, John, with all my heart and I always will. It's just a little story.

Dec 8, 2000
St. Louis
John, For the past years I come into Bagism and write a message to you, half way believing that you can read what I have to say. Sometimes, John I wonder just how long can I mourn? How many times can I cry? But I just miss you so darn much. And so here I go again...John, thank you so much for what you have given the world and to me especially. Your music and your message will live forever in our hearts. Today is such a sad sad day. My prayers today are with your family...especially Yoko, Sean and Julian. And with friends and others who were close to you but who maybe weren't in the spotlot as much, but who miss you so much as well. And my prayers are with us fans, who struggle every December 8th to get out of bed. I know you would laugh at me, and tell me that you were just a guy who was in a band that made it very big. And John, I am getting to the point where I can understand that...give me time. I love you John. Sara (aka Starshyne)

Dec 8, 2000
I'm 21 and began listening to the music of the Beatles and Lennon as a child with my parents. John was one of the true geinuses of our time. I truly believe that if he were alive today, he would be considered a great peacemaker in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. As a writer, I am continually inspired by John's writing. Nothing tops "Strawberry Fields Forever."

Dec 8, 2000
Harvey Berland
Bronx NY
I passed John and Yoko one time on Central Park West and noticed her first, it was when her hair was very long, then I looked over and saw it was John with her. I just stopped and looked and respected their privacy. A New York moment.

Dec 8, 2000
Maharishi Christie
For once, I'm at a loss for words. John, even though I didn't even live during your lifetime, I miss you. But a part of you lives on in all the people your music has touched.

Dec 8, 2000
One of the things that has identified me to other people is being a John Lennon fan (I'm the only one in my class at school, so it figures). Every 8th of December, I feel it's important to tell someone about what happened that day in 1980. So I make it my mission for that day to let someone know who was "this guy". For me, the 8th of December is a day like any other with my normal activities, but even though I wasn't born at the time this happened, I always keep the fact in mind. I don't believe John was any sort of god or anything superhuman, but he sure was special. He was not your-everyday-Bob (no offense to any Bobs, it's just a common name).

Dec 8, 2000

Dec 8, 2000
Las Vegas Nevada
I was only a baby when john died (i am 22) but his voice and philosopies on life and the world were always in my house. As far as I am concerened John will never die. I am married now and have a daughter of my own and she will grow up knowing about the great man who was selfishly shot by an ungreatful man. And how hate does not get you anywhere. John we love you, you will always live on in our home and hearts and those of many other people. I hope where ever you are you know how much you are still and always will be loved.

Dec 8, 2000
I discovered the Beatles in Feb. 1980, when I was 14, and by summer was a full fledged maniac. I bought a bunch of albums off of my brother and played them endlessly. My brother, who was 13 at the time, had become a devotee of the Stones and we argued to no end over who was better not realizing that the same arguments had taken place 15 years earlier! I went to bed early that December night. I found a note from my brother at 5 am telling me that John had died but discarded it as a sick joke. When my father awoke me at 7 am I knew right away from his look that the note was no joke. I turned on the radio to WNBC in NYC and the DJ just fumbled over his words and then played "Twist and Shout". I don't remember the hearing the song, I was just numb. That day in school other students were only talking about Led Zeppelin's break up 5 days earlier. I was incenced until I realized that all the other Beatle fans had stayed home that day. I can only help but think what wonders our sagacious bard had in store for us in the coming years. Thank you John.

Dec 8, 2000
Joe Delke
For the past twenty years i have grieved, laughed, thought, pondered, - but the best thing is that since I was just a young lad John has made my life happier, better and forever more peaceful - I feel like my best friend died twenty years ago - but he still makes me smile! god Bless You JOHN!

Dec 8, 2000

Dec 8, 2000
Margaret Wright
auburn, alabama
Hi...this is Maggie again. My second time here today....I had to come come back and read comments. I wrote earlier from work but I am home, listening to John's music with my candle lit in memory of him... my earlier message talked about how I loved the Beatles when I grew up near Liverpool in the 60s; I got married to an American, left England to come to the states with my baby son. Well, my son grew up from age 0 (and in the womb) listening to the Beatles. Now he has a son who,I am sure, will grow up listening to John's music...which I know will teach my grandson about peace, love, harmony, etc., but just think about how John would feel...a third generation listening to his music!!!! I wonder how many of us (I hate the word 'fan') can say this? Of course I pass on John's message to my beautiful boys..... IMAGINE this ....What a wonderful legacy John left.....beautiful, beautiful boy to me is now two times meanginful. Thankyou John ..... I know you are smiling down on my beautiful boys and I wish you were here to teach my grandson about how to live life. Thanks to your legacy, he will. BEAUTIFUL.

Dec 8, 2000
john was the brightest star in the sky, and it keeps on shinning. Chappman should be brutalized every day for who he took from us.(THE GREATEST OF ALL)

Dec 8, 2000
Tennessee, USA
It's so hard to believe it's been 20 years since you were taken from us. I love and miss you John. You may be gone, but your message will live on forever. We will never forget you. Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today... Imagine there's no countries, It isnt hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace... Imagine no possesions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, imane all the people Sharing all the world... You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one.

Dec 8, 2000
wappingers falls, NY
Hey kids, hey John. I don't know how the world WOULD be if you still WERE here. Maybe in today's consumerist society there would be no room for you. But I do know how the world IS even though you're NOT here. I know that when I am filled with anger or dissapointment I listen carefully to Across the Universe and I cannot stay upset. I know that when there are so many differences between one person and the next, most of them can agree on a simple idea, like "all you need is love." I know that even when I see a high-schooler wearing a shmaltzy tye-dye shirt with your face on it, it makes me smile. You make me smile and you make me think, and for that I cannot thank you enough. And you other Beatles fans posting on here, thanks for sharing your love, you all make me happy. Peace to you, and to John, wherever he is across the universe.

Dec 8, 2000
Utah, USA

Dec 8, 2000
It was 20 years ago today...and I still remember Cosell telling the world what had happened and the way I felt when he said it... I still remember thinking it was some idiotic joke, and then burning one when I realized it wasn't...20 years John, and you are still missed tremendously...Thank you for the magic, music, and memories...IMAGINE...

Dec 8, 2000
Doug Batchelor
IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO TODAY... The Date of December 8th has begun to decline in importance as the years go on. However, twenty years after the Murder of John W. Lennon, we begin to redirect our attention to the messages of this centuries greatest poet and philosopher. Not only was he a member of the greatest band of the 20th century, but the ultimate voice of the youth during the sixties. even though I wasn't alive at the time that John was alive, through his music his message has reached me on an almost universal and profound level. i take all his messages to heart. Because of him I try to be the greatest bagist that i can. the words of IMAGINE are played over and over in my conciousness. The youth of today are now raised in a constant environment of cynicism, greed, and hatred, in society and music. No longer is it "cool" to have compassion and all those things that John strove to get us to realize. from Sgt. Pepper to Plastic Ono, his message was the same. LOVE. It's all we need. Alas, three weeks after John fired his bodyguard, John was killed by a Schitzophrenic fan. Dear John A generation died with you. your dreams are becoming a reality. your message is clear. JAI GURU DEVA OM.

Dec 8, 2000
I love you now and forever...Thanks Patrick Andrew Turner

Dec 8, 2000
half of what i say is meaningless but i say it just to reach you...i am so lucky to be old enough to have lived in john lennons time he absolutely is the person i think of when you define the most creative musician/artist of our generation im 43to this day i still enjoy his superior talent from a hard days night to norweigan wood to dig a pony to mother & to grow old with me

Dec 8, 2000
John's soul and spirit will never die. I will never forget hearing the news 20 years ago. Part of my heart died but as time has passed my soul and spirt have grown by hearing the words and music of John Lennon

Dec 8, 2000
"It was 20 years ago today"... You live through those that remember, we'll never give up the fight for peace, John. You have a place in my heart everyday, always, Holly

Dec 8, 2000
I first became a fan of the Beatles in 1997, when I was in 8th grade. By the end of the year, I also became a fan of John Lennon. The first time I heard the song "Imagine" (on Mr. Holland's Opus), I fell in love. I'm 16 now, and I still have a passion for John Lennon's music. In approximately 15 minutes, I'm going to go light a candle for a man who's flame still shines on, even in our moments of darkness. John, I wish I had been alive when you were, but I guess it wasn't meant to happen. I love you, and miss you every day. Thank you for sharing with us the peace and love in your heart.

Dec 8, 2000
He died less than a year before I was born. I became a Beatles fan about six years ago, and when I realized that the one who was my favorite was't with us anymore, it made me very sad. Yes, I was never alive when John Lennon was, but I am still very touched by him. He had tremendous creativity, honesty, wit, and, as Yoko put it, "he tried hard to give his best to the world." True, he was no saint, and he was not the best father to one of his sons. However, he was just re-discovering his relationship with his son and the man had just discovered inner peace when he was taken away from us. All in all, I still think he was a pretty neat guy. Thank you, John, for giving me many hours of enjoyment listening to your music, reading your books, and laughing at your witty artwork. We love you, John, wherever you are. "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans."

Dec 8, 2000
Stranded somewhere in California
This year I will not cry for him. No tears need to be shed... all of our souls cry out to him - just as they cry out for justice and peace. To keep this in perspective, hundreds of people are killed each day, even Ms. Ono says it's like 'living in a war zone'. Instead of mourning for the loss of a great man... why not, instead, go out into the world with a renewed passion for making the world 'right'. Making the world 'a better place' [despite how trite those words sound] is a noble cause, and a cause millions upon millions have died for. I think Mr. Lennon would want us all to remember that love *truly* is the answer, and that if we all think the same thoughts about peace - we can obtain it. It's not such a far-fetched ideal, peace around the world could be achieved when the majority of people realize that everyone deserves the right to *be themselves*. No one is inherently evil... therefore why shouldn't we all just *think* peace... and suddenly achieve it? It's possible... anything is possible. Love is possible under the most dire circumstances... and our love for John is eternal. Keep the thoughts positive this year, maybe 2001 is when some of John's goals will finally be realized. *Much love to the Lennon family - all of them.

Dec 8, 2000
20 years ago eh... long time gone.... peace! For Penny

Dec 8, 2000
Doris Gets Her Oats
God is a concept, by which we measure our pain.....

Dec 8, 2000
IT'S TRUE!!! JOHNNY WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!! He's always around, u see? he is here with me RIGHT NOW! and he is with you whispering what u have to say or do to get it right! and he is with everyone who's anyone in this world.....REMEMBER LOVE AND PEACE!!! los amo a todos!!

Dec 8, 2000
I love you, John! We all love you, and miss you. God bless you. ~peace~

Dec 8, 2000
Kara Sweet
Buffalo, NY USA
Tonight, December 8th, on 20/20 on ABC, they aired an interview with Mark David Chapman. I find that not only tasteless, but insensitive and a disgrace. Please email ABC or write them a letter and tell them their choice of programming on the 20-year anniversary of John's death was inappropriate and inexcusable. The assassin committed the crime out of a hunger for media recognition and ABC continues to feed that hunger by airing that interview on December 8th, of all days. It is a disgrace to John's memory. It horrifies me. Thank you for helping me to keep John's memory and spirit alive! Write to ABC and let them know John Lennon fans won't stand for exploitation of such a sad day in history! Power to the people!

Dec 8, 2000
John, no one captured and enlarged the spirit of the time like you did.

Dec 8, 2000
Ai Shiteru John Lennon! Arigatoo Gozaimasu ;)

Dec 8, 2000
Boston, Massachusetts
I'm glad I was born when I was and got to have some heroes to look up to in the world. People in their twenties never got to have heroes - they were all dead by the time they were kids...JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Lennon. Lennon was a real cool guy to look up to. He was cheeky, irreverent, lacked pretense, questioned everything, was brutally honest, and had a good heart. When I see those traits in others today I think of him and smile. We still miss you John and we always will.

Dec 8, 2000
Me, that's who
Vancouver, BC
First of, I'm sorry that I never made it down to Central Park the weekend after the shooting. I was living in New York at the time, and I've always felt guilty about that. Still, although you're physically gone, you left a huge impression on many people around the world. You made a lot of people want to be better human beings. It may sound a bit corny, but it's true. And that's not such a bad legacy, is it? Five hundred years from now, the only pop music from the 20th century that's stil heard will be Beatles music. I only hope that the people who are listening to your music then will also know what a courageous and caring person you were. You'll always be in my thoughts, pal.

Dec 8, 2000
Charleston WV
I didn't realize how much you had touched my life until this evening. My compassion and my thoughts go out to your family and to the world. May we someday realize the impact that you had on the lives of all of us.

Dec 9, 2000
They Call Me Net Pimp
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I did make it down to Strawberry Fields last month and went to the Dakotas to see the whole rememberance experience. Man, this guy is a hero to me. He opened me up to the great rock music of the past and I'm only 15. I can tell you everything about the Beatles. I've become an extreme informationalist you might say and John intrigues me the most. Depsite his own fragile state with all his sad life experiences, he still was willing to fight for other people's benefit rather than please himself. He may have been a rebel without a cause but he made all love him even if they were annoyed by him in real life. He was a fearless leader for the generation he preached to. There will be no other. Peace for you John and rest well! Net Pimp

Dec 9, 2000
Calgary Canada
December 8 10.07 PM I can't believe this has only been a day. It seems like a million years, and right now it seems like a loss I will never recover from. I know that I wasn't even alive when he was killed but it doesn't mean any less to me than to somebody who heard it right after the event had happened. John has truly touched and inspired me, and his music is so real and really speaks to me like nothing else I've heard. He was a wonderful person that died much too long before his time, and he will be sadly missed by all of us. Shine on John. Peace and Love, Rachel.

Dec 9, 2000
colorado springs co.

Dec 9, 2000
Prince Albert Canada
Forever with us , forever missed .Nigdy nie zapomniany , zawsze z nami .We love you JOHN .

Dec 9, 2000
Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Remember..........I wasn't in the habit of watching Carson, but for some reason I did that night. Or started to, anyway. They broke in with the news during Carson's monologue. They didn't say he died, just that he'd been shot. I remember thinking 'probable home invasion'. I was thinking 'injury', not death. I actually don't remember when or how I found out that he had died; I don't think I want to remember.......He was all over the news for a couple of days. I seem to remember Hugh Downs on 20/20 almost crying when they did their piece on John...And I'll never forget all those flowers covering the gates of the Dakotah. Rest in peace, John. Hopefully, you somehow know how many people loved you. It's extraordinary. All the messages from people 15 to 50 that have been posted tonight, as well as tales of three-generation Beatle fan families. George wrote: 'Deep in the darkest night, I send out a prayer to you'.

Dec 9, 2000
It's clear that John was not just a musician. He was the true icon of music being not about notes or sounds but about feelings, issues and the most important thing of John you are sorely missed by all.

Dec 9, 2000
greg porter
i remember him with the beattles when they first appeared on the ed sullivan show

Dec 9, 2000
James Kane
Va Bch, VA, USA
I remember when my friend Jeff turned me on to the Beatles. I had heard the standard stuff they play on oldies stations; She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, and such, but it wasn't until I met my friend that I really got into The Beatles. Anyway, we were at a record store one day, looking through Beatles cd's, and I had money to burn. I wandered over to the L section and saw a bunch of John's solo work. The first time I listened to Plastic Ono Band I was blown away; it has since become my favorite album of all time. Lennon quickly became my favorite member of the Beatles, and I began studying him. To wrap this up, John is one of the greatest influences on my life and my politics, and although I was only a toddler when he died, his music is fresher and better than anything new out there today, or anything else ever. Rest in peace, J.O.L.

Dec 9, 2000
oaxaca, mexico
I can write in english, me parolas esperanto, pero prefiero escribir en el idioma con el que he nacido. The beatles, Paul, John, George, Ringo; su musica, sus letras, todo en ellos fue y es magia. A estos grandes magos los conoci hace poco, pero aun con el poco tiempo han formado ya parte importante en mi vida, con ellos eh pasado grandes momentos con la gente que quiero, su musica trae a mi mente los buenos momentos que pase con ellos: Raul, Carlos, Emilio, Daniel, Rafael, Hector, Manuel, Ivan... gracias por su amistad.. . y hay alguien mas.. Tisha gracias por todo, te quiero mucho, gracias por dejarme entrar en tu vida... ""There are places i remember, all my life, though some has change, some for ever, no for better... in my life in love them more... But of all this friends and lovers, there is no one compares whith you... in my life i love YOU more ..."" -DONT WORRY BE HAPPY-

Dec 9, 2000
Youngstown, PA, USA
Twenty years... twenty years without our buddy. Doesn't seem fair that a man who stood for so much is dead and his killer is alive. Like the day when it happened, I really can't think of anything intellegent to say other than it still really rips your heart out. Thanks John... I love ya man. Remember me.

Dec 9, 2000
David Leech
St. Clair Shores, MI
I didn't know about John being killed until the morning of 9 Dec 80. For some reason I went to bed early the night before. I was 22 at the time, living in my stepfather's house. I was unemployed and it was a lowdown period of my life. I was sleeping in the basement and I woke up and the radio was on in the kitchen upstairs. I heard the song "A Day In The Life" and then someone was talking about someone being killed. I didn't know who it was until I walked up the stairs and my mother was there and told me it was John. We both stood there listening to the radio in a state of shock. It was the most saddest day of my life. Now I'm 42 and it's been 20 years. Thanks John for the words and music. You're forever in my heart.

Dec 9, 2000
Gaylene Lee McFatridge
Anaheim, CA
Miss you so much, Johnny. Love you,babe.

Dec 9, 2000
Andy (Leslie too!)
Savage, MN, USA
Dear John, You were and still are the greatest influence in my life. We think about you and miss you everyday. Most of all, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Peace and Love, Andy & Leslie

Dec 9, 2000
Thanks John, It has'nt been the same without you.

Dec 9, 2000
Denver, CO
I saw John in concert twice. The second time there was a lull in the screaming (we were at that stadium in Chicago, can't remember the name) so I jumped up and shouted "John" and he turned and waved! So cool. I remember where I was exactly the day John was shot. In my living room listening to music. I was a complete and true Beatlemanic at age thirteen and John was my favorite. The minute I heard him sing I was hooked. Thanks John for so many wonderful memories and songs!

Dec 9, 2000
i'm 21 years old, i was born the year before john was killed. my dad is a mad fan and i grew up with john, it's just normal to me. every sat. dad put on the beatles as soon as he got up, and every sat. i would wake to the beautiful songs of our boys. listening to john lennon today i had a thought, he still had so much work to do, he wanted to change the way people thought, in his later work, in his lyrics he was trying to tell us how it is, what is important. why won't people listen? i hear you john. you will never leave the hearts of people that love you, and as long as your music is around there will always be people who do. my love to john's family. xxx

Dec 9, 2000
Love you John! You live on in all of us fans. We will never forget you! Thanks for the great music and speaking the truth when it was needed to be heard.

Dec 9, 2000
Werent the 90's a drag? Why dont we get together and make the next decade even better.

Dec 9, 2000
Midwest, USA
I was 5. It was my parents anniversary. The DJ broke in on the radio and said John Lennon had been shot. I didn't really understand what a loss it was for the music world then, but I do now. I can only IMAGINE what he would have accomplished if he were still alive. I bet it would be awsome.

Dec 9, 2000
I remember waking up on the morning after John Lennon was shot. In fact, it was my mother who woke me up and I'll never forget what she said to me as I wiped the sleep from my eyes: John Lennon was killed. I remember being in shock as I fumbled to turn on my radio. Then feeling sadness that I live in a country that murders its' heros and those that strive to bring about peace in a chaotic society whose history was created out of violence; a violence it strives to perpetuate even to this day. John Lennon taught me to laugh, love, cry, and question everything. His music tuched my life at that time; a time of discovery; a time of confusion; a time of dreams. His music continues to touch my life today. I was maybe 16 when he was killed. Now at 36, I still find it impossible to believe that he met with such a violent death just as he was emerging with a new message.

Dec 9, 2000
Tony Wallen
Hi Nella, NJ
I was eight years old when John was assasinated. I didn't find out until the following morning since I had been sent to bed early due to it being a school night. I remember waking up and sensing something wrong. I heard my mother and sister in the next room with the radio on. The next thing I know, my sister comes in and tells me. I couldn't believe it. Still can't. I remember two other things clearly about that day. One, where I lived at the time it was the dreariest, most rainy, overcast day I have ever seen. It was as if the Earth itself was in mourning. Two, when I got to school, I remember getting really upset with the kids that didn't know who John was. The rest is hazy. I walked through that day in a stupor. John Lennon touched so many, and still is. I am expecting my first niece, and I can't wait to teach her about John, Paul, George, and Ringo. In closing let me say this. To anyone who doubts that there is a higher power in control, just look at the Beatles. They were, are, and always shall be a gift from Heaven itself.

Dec 9, 2000
Steve Brett
Ashland, MA,
One of the thyings I will always remember from around then is that when John Lennon was shot I was driving around a gigantic food warehouse on a streetsweeper wondering if my sister in Nova Scotia would ever call me or write me. I was destitute with the thought that my sister could give a shit that I moved to Denver Instead of Boulder.Or could care less about me because I did.Anyway I spent night after night wondering why my sister would not talk to me around that time in 1980 while also finding out how cold Colorado autumns were for the first time from moving there from Boston.My sister thought of him as an artistic and philosophic guide in her early years as a political activist and social thinker. When Lennon was killed so was the emotional bond between myself and my next of kin. Sort of opposite of what Lennon was exposing in emotions.While I heard of his separation, mine was unnecessary.Lennon could cut through the Bullshit in a word. Its too bad.. I'm getting very sleepy sorry.

Dec 9, 2000
Everything I know about John I have read from books. I was one year old when John died. It would have been great to see him even once in live, but it happened what happened...The only thing we can do is to love John forever!I know I will!Thank you John for your music!We will miss you!

Dec 9, 2000
Nicola Derespina
brooklyn, ny
Hi everyone, im 21/m/ny and i was realy young when lennon died i was 1 years old. My father was a big fan and my father told me about the day he died. My father said that he took me to the dakota and placed a rose on the door. 21 years later im a huge lennon and beatles fan, as a matter o fact i just got back from the local john lennon festival here in ny, its right accross the street from the dakota in the park, Strawberry feilds. :) Let me tell you, It was fantastic, i mean hundreds of people, some with guitar one girl had a flute for special songs like youv got to hide your love away. I mean we even had a guy with drums. Iv been going to the lennon festivals for the last 4 or 5 years and let me tell you i have never seen one as big as this one was. I think the fact that it was the 20th anniversery gave people the extra get up and go to actually travel here to join in on the fun. hey i hope some of you come next year. It happends on october 9th his birthday and dec 8. its an all day event. Well i hope everyones doing good and remember. Love is the answer!!!

Dec 9, 2000
i remember 6 or 7 years ago, when i first listened to Imagine. i'm sure i had heard it before but i had never really Listened. it felt as though i had already written that song in my head, it was exactly what i wanted to say, but just put so perfectly and simply. all at once i thought it was so great that there were other dreamers out there, and i wanted to talk to John and pick his brains and just hear all he had to say, but it was too late, and suddenly his death really meant something to me and i started to cry right there... whenever i hear that song it puts me in very contemplative state of mind involving all of those emotions, but most of all it is just beautiful, and i need nothing more than to Listen.

Dec 9, 2000
I was 16 when he died. I remember being in the bus on my way to school when the news was spread. Maybe it was only my own shock but I still believe that the school kid noise in the bus suddenly died down. And this day was QUIET. Not only had one great voice suddenly be silenced but somehow life itself had received a blow. And I still canĄt believe he died. The concept of death seemed to be so... unfitting.

Dec 9, 2000
Ms Bobijean Cesnik-Neher
Indianapolis Indiana USA
I never followed John Lennon per se, but rather the BeatEls. I agree with some of Lennon's concepts, but not all. As for "Imagine" I know there's a Heaven & Hell....I think hell is here on Earth! I have a great respect for Mr. Lennon's talents. That which he left us in words, the seeds for new thought, will never die. My impression of Lennon in one word, "Intense" and I can relate to that. Though I don't believe as Mr. Lennon believed, in all cases, I believe in Freedom. The interchange of differing ideas helps all people grow, not necessarily to be as one, but more important to gain empathy and understanding. Just as a garden with only one species of flower is boring, so is a world of people thinking as one. It is our differences that make us interesting. Our differences provide balance. Our differences make the world a stonger place. Live and let live! Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

Dec 9, 2000
Jun Oh
Tokyo, japan
Hi! My name's Jun and I'm in Japan.I went to Lennon museum today and gave John a flower.Well, on December 8. 1980, I was just 4 years old.I remember that day just a little in my memory, but my family were crying, I can reveal. I think I like John and The Beatles(especially George Harrison) before I was Born because my mom told me she was listening to it. But I was not into The Beatles nor John Lennon until I was 15.I refused to listen to them.Ithought they were 'old'. Now I can say this,they were next to me all the time before I recognized. I love them because tape were around me, record were there, and there was the Beatles all my life! Now, I'm totally into it. I want to say this to The Beatles and John lennon, that I am very sorry to think you guys were 'old' when I was a kid.

Dec 9, 2000
Tim Czernik
Seven Mile,Ohio/United States
John Lennon has always influnced my life. I cried when I heard the song Imagine,has my heart thinking whenever I hear Woman.When I realized I needed eye glasses, I went to an older gentleman whom had an old collection of previous customers..."I found them!" I now sport a pair of completely round glasses purchased for "only" $75! "John Lennon glasses." I've always desired long hair...again I attribute this to John I've worn short hair but still prefer it in a pony tail. Long hair will always look good provided it's clean and well groomed.John Lennon is responsble for setting countless trends and forming hundreds of thousands people all over or planet. NAM-MYO-HO-RENGE-KYO NAM-MYO-HO-RENGE-KYO NAM-MYO-HO-RENGE-KYO

Dec 9, 2000
John died two years before I was born. I still remember when I first heard the Beatles, and when my father told me John had died. I was about 7 years old, and walking around in a dept. store with my dad. A Beatles song came on, so I asked him about it. He told me who it was, and I asked if they were all still alive. He told me that one of the four men was killed in front of his home. When I asked why, my father thought for a moment trying to think of how to explain it. He said his killer was crazy, and wanted to be famous. I remember feeling confused, and sad for John. I remember wondering if he was still singing, and saying in my head that I hoped he was ok wherever he was now. I still find myself doing the same thing today.

Dec 9, 2000
Carlos A. Gaertner (Big Blue Charlie)
Curitiba - Parana - Brazil
"STILL ALIVE, DREAMING AND SINGING FOREVER!" I still remember one special day in 1963, when I heard for the first time a Beatles' single with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You". That incredible moment changed my life forever and I became a 'beatle maniac'. All long those years, John Lennon was a very special person for me, as a man, poet,artist and musician. One of the greatest rockers of the world. Maybe, the Number One. When I knew about his death, I stayed all day and night at home, crying and listening all Beatles' records and his solo albums. Now, 20 years after that tragic day, I close my eyes and I even see his smile, his deepest and warm look and his magnetic way of be. But, more than all, I hear his voice singing like a crazy angel opened his wings over the world. His body is dead, but his soul is "Still Alive, Dreaming And Singing" a calm song for all the people that believe in justice and peace. Fly in our 'imagination' forever, dear John. You're always welcome. P.S. I miss you all day. Carlos A. Gaertner (Big Blue Charlie)

Dec 9, 2000
Claire Marie Willetts
Birmingham, England
Twenty Years of grief and celebration must be proof that John Lennon's influence will outlive us all. I will never forget what John Lennon has meant to me, and I am sure that his beleifs about the importance of people and the need we all have to be loved will always shine on. John Lennon has not died, his strength, power, love, and empathy live within us all. We cannot forget the man who shared so much of his life and experience with us.

Dec 9, 2000
Craig Schroeder
Blackwood, NJ
I grew up with John and the Beatles. I was 10 years old when I first heard "Love Me Do". I was 14 when "Sgt Pepper" came out. I was 17 when the group broke up. I started college when "Imagine" first was played and was 22 when John retired in '75. When I was 27, John was murdered. There are no words to describe the pain and loss I felt and still feel. John was/is my hero, my number 1 musical influence. I have gone on in my life but there will always be a void where John was that can never be filled. I have a family of my own and music still fills my time. I want to give back to the world what John has given to me. His spirit lives in all the people he influenced through his music and his life. Together we can do anything. Peace and Love, Craig

Dec 9, 2000
Jennifer C
Far back as I can remember my Dad and I would listen to his Beatles'records. Sharing this interest with my Dad in a way changed the way I still feel about them. I was forever wanting to marry Paul and to this day I still remember sitting under my kitchen table all day crying after hearing about John's death, and I was only 5 years old. To this day I still feel very strongly towards The Beatles, their songs, and what they stood for. I really do wonder what John would be doing today if he was still alive. I don't think that monster should ever get out of jail! He is where he belongs!

Dec 9, 2000
Karl Gilberg
I remember it like it was yesterday. The night before, I visited a friend of mine, who played his newly bought 'Double fantasy'. It felt FANTASTIC to have Lennon back among us, after all those record-less years. What a voice! He let me lend it, which I did. The next morning, I put it on my player, and listened to it with headphones. From the kitchen, Norwegian radio blasted the news out: 'John Lennon was shot and died recently'. I was completely shocked and numb. It was like losing one's childhood and an old friend at the same time.

Dec 9, 2000
Middletown, NJ, U.S.A
Dear John, You've helped me so much getting me through a very difficult time of my life. I grew up in a very violent household thinking what a horrible world we live in. When I discovered you & your mates, it made me think of how beautiful the world really is. Denice

Dec 9, 2000
Christopher Cruz
I'm only 19 years old and my mother was still pregenant with me when John Lennon was killed. Nontheless, I am a big Beatles and solo Lennon fan. This affects me too. I've read John's philosophy and sort of read into his songs a bit. It's too bad that the world still cannot grasp what he's trying to say. We're all human of course, but there's no harm in "trying for peace" as he would have put it. I look up to the man. John, from a guy not around when you gave your heart and soul to the world, thanks. I'm sure God is giving you your just reward in heaven.

Dec 9, 2000
Marie G
I was born 1983. I don't remember when John entered in my life. I see myself younger: i'm 10, i'm listening to John; i'm 5, i'm listening to JOhn. Today, i'm listening to John. When I feel bad. When I feel sad. Because of him i play piano. Sometimes i'm sure he is listening to me. A little. 1 year ago, i went to NY. The first thing i did: i went to the Dakota. I couldn't believe it. After, in Central Park, i sat down in front of the Imagine-memorial. I spoke with a woman who keep a flower everyday on the memorial. I felt quiet. I felt free. His meaning changed my life. Yesterday night I played "Jealous Guy" and "Love". Yesterday night i had a little light in my bedroom. It was very late and I listened to his music. Yesterday night i didn't cry. I love you now and forever.

Dec 9, 2000
it was twenty years ago today disbelief gripped my heart like the brick wall of reality like lessons children have to learn standing for the school bus my friend jay tells me that john lennon was dead that he had been murdered i dont believe a word you say evil teen with malice in your heart with desire to disappoint with clear intentions but by the time i got to school everyone knew no one accepted and poor gary had to leave crying the night was full of tv huddled in a blanket with a box of tissues in the dark i watched a life begin and end more pictures then ever before a loss seemingly unendurable propelled my grief beyond what id ever known before "im too young for these feelings" i thought in between the newsmans insights and mournful descriptions all tv mourned with me and then the world exploded with common shock and worthy news to print all the covers staring out with a newborn irony of an emergent man trying to tell us something good only to be gunned down forcing a cauterization of an end of an era of a beginning of a world without heroes and i remember thinking almost every year that passed how this world could not contain a john lennon anymore in the bloodstained disbelief that has taken hold so tightly that its rendered moot in the lack of shock now second nature in the chic hate and the norm of irony and the mediation gone so far that tears are hard to come by and heads so rarely turn in a time when extremes are neutralized by placid perceptions and deflated hearts is there one man now who can die and his death kill so much.

Dec 9, 2000
Hong Kong
Your songs are so touching to my heart, LOVE n PEACE. However, the people now are losing you, love and peace. Wish the world will be one in some day, not far away...

Dec 9, 2000
Beatle Spaz
20 years, 20 heartaches, 20 lifetimes, 10,000 tears later, here we are, still talking about him, someone who spoke of peace and love, killed in such a violent way. How ironic; what a country. I miss you, John and I still love you, even though I'm only 14 and never knew a time when I could talk about you and not be sad or remember your horrendous death. The world will never forget a charachter as great as John Winston Ono Lennon. Never.

Dec 9, 2000
canada province of quebec
I-beleave evrything his said.he was,he his, and always will bee the greatis and unique-JOHN-LENON-How i wood like too receaved the song but I'am not the onley.Sincyrely Yours.Pierre Malette

Dec 9, 2000
Philadelphia, PA (from Lyon, France originally)
I'm 22 years old and i've listened to the beatles all my life. I've loved John all my life but i really got into the beatles in 1993 when i saw Paul McCartney talk on french tv about the release of the red and blue album on CDs. Each December 8th after that, i felt really sad all day and felt really lonely because i don't know anyone who loves john lennon as much as i do. I've been living in Philadelphia for 3 years, and although it's very close to NYC, i never fot to go to strawberry field on the 8th december. I had gone there a lot but never on that day. So last night i went, because i knew that if i didn't i would regret it all my life. It was just amazing! I got there at 9.30 pm, there were hundreds of us there, celebrating John's life, singing beatles and Lennon songs. The spirit was happy, no one looked sad. It was more like a thanking to John for having been who he was and for changing our lives so profoundly. It was cold out but no one seemed to notice. At 10.50 pm, we tried to get a minute of silence but we could still hear people sing. The music just would not stop. It was awesome. Everyone knew the words of all the songs. And there was this guy there who was John Lennon's double who looked exactly like him (even the nose, believe it or not) and it was awesome to see him play because it's like he was physically there. He was there anyway, you know in our hearts and through his words, but that guy embodied him and it was fantastic! It's really difficult to find words to describe how i feel still today. What striked me the most was that 80% of the people there were in their early 20s and they knew all the words of all the songs even the least famous ones. It's so great to see what impact John has had through generations. It's just unbelievable to think that one guy can bring so many people together in great spirits still 20 years after his death. I just can't see a time when the Beatles, but mostly jOHN will stop having a huge influence on the world. At around 1.30 am the cops came and asked us to leave. But i think there were stil at least 100 people there, around the imagine circle (which was covered with candles, flowers and notes) singing "give peace a change". Some of them sat down cause they wanted to stay there all night. I wold have stayed there all night, i was not tired and i was having such a wonderful time, but there was not point in getting arrested. So at 1.45 i left and as i got out of strawberry fields, there were still some groups of people gathered around candles and flowers singing. It was just a wonderful night, and if any of you who live close enough to NYC have never gone there, go there next year, it's bthe best place to talk to John's fans and really feel what he was all about. It's weird cause i really felt that among us, we were living what john had always wished for: Music, peace, hapiness... It's was like the perfect world into an imperfect world. Thank you John for everything, you will live on in our hearts forever

Dec 9, 2000
Scott Peterson
Tucson, AZ
20 years ago I was a 24 year old bartender, with a bar full of customers watching monday night football, when Howard Cosell announces between plays - in a sort of "this just in" fashion -"former Beatle John Lennon reported shot in front of his New York apartment building." Everyone at the bar took note up, but nothing like they would a few minutes later when Cosell came back to say John was dead. It was then that reality suddenly hit. No more John? No more Beatles? No reunion? And how could this happen top him, the person who lived and embodied peace and love? Nevertheless, it did, and here we are 20 years later still moved by his life and his legacy. Though millions of my tears have fallen in that time, nowadays I use Dec 8 to thank John and the Beatles for millions of smiles their music brought to my life. From the days sitting in front of the record player wearing out the needle listening to the Hard Day's Night album over and over and over ... to every party I ever I ever attended that went nust when the band played Twist and Shout ... to every girl I kissed because I sang them a Beatles song. But it's John I really thank. His wit, will, attitude, and talent put music in my life early, and kept it there. I couldn't make it to NY this year. Instead, my band played an intimate, all-Beatles get-together with friends. It wasn't Central Park, but we were connected. Thank you John for everything.

Dec 9, 2000
Dear John, I am 12 years old and i love u and all of the other beatles. thank you for making the world a better place. u have touched so many hearts and lives. thank u john thank you i love u love and peace, caitlin

Dec 9, 2000
I'm 16 years old and unfortunately I began listening to Beatles after their's collapsion / It's very hsrd for me to believe ? that I can never see john or other musiKmen In Russia now Beatles are forgotten and nobody remembered about them on the december 8th All good and wonder people have gone , like John Lennon , Cobain and so on.....Meet them on the sky !

Dec 9, 2000
20 years on, but still missed, still with us in spirit and again at the top of the charts worldwide - where you deserve to be. Cheers John.

Dec 9, 2000
luis briosso
Montevideo, Uruguay
® living is easy with eyes closed..... misunderstanding all you see ® strawberry fields, magical mystery tour bless you john!


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