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Mention the date "December 8" to most John Lennon fans and they will immediately think of that day in 1980 when John Lennon was shot and killed outside his home. It is a date that will be forever etched in our memories. But memories -- even bad memories -- are good. They remind us to appreciate what we have in the present and to work hard to keep from repeating mistakes of the past. So, put that old Imagine album on the turntable, look through your torn copies of Beatles Monthly magazine, and read these memories of John written by your Bagism friends.


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Dec 7, 1999
michelle mundell
North Mankato MN USA
I had gone to bed at nine central time on Monday, December 8. I was a senior in high school and my grandparents heard the news on Monday Night Football and decided to tell me in the morning. I woke up really early like 5:30 and I heard them describing how many times someone had been shot and then the announcer came on and said "Beatle John Lennon,tragically shot and killed outside of the Dakota in New York. He was forty years old." I tore out of bed screaming and turning on lights and waking my grandparents with lots of expletives about the mfer that shot John. I ran to the basement and turned on the stereo and played Imagine. I cried and rocked on the floor. As a small child I had gone through some trauma and in my mind I had made the Beatles, especially John, my hero. I then turned the tv on to hear more. I was devastated as all of us were. People had always teased me about my love for the Beatles, but on this day people who didn't even like me were kind to me at school. I was so glad I had hung up a color picture ad of Double Fantasy in my locker the day before. Each year December 8 is a very dark day for me. Rest in peace, John. I love you

Dec 7, 1999
Sugar Land, TX
You're missed, John.

Dec 7, 1999
Little Nicola
I was 6 years old when John Lennon was killed, and even at that young age, I not only knew who he was, but was a big fan of the Beatles, thanks to my father. The day after it happened, my dad somehow managed to go to work, and my mother came into my room to wake me up that morning and told me that I wasn't going to school, saying I had a "doctor's appointment". Being a young, impressionable 6-year-old, always believing my parents, and being a victim of chronic ear infections, I didn't question a sudden "doctor's appointment." On our way to this "doctor's appointment," Mom was strangely quiet. She didn't turn on any music (we usually listened to an oldies station in the car), but finally spoke up and told me what happened. I can still remember the green steel bridge we were going over at the time she told me (ironically, that bridge is no longer standing). She just said, "Something bad happened last night. John Lennon is dead." I was 6 years old; I didn't know what "dead" meant, so I asked her, "What's 'dead', mommy?" I learned much later in life that I didn't know how to grieve either. The first time I saw the movie Mr. Holland' Opus (which has a John Lennon subplot), I was bawling uncontrollably when they were showing clips of masses of people outside the Dakota apartments, and playing audio news clips from the time. Seeing that film just triggered something in me, that let the emotions and tears flow freely. I was in college at the time, and mature enough to know what was going on inside my mind and my heart. After 15 years of keeping my sorrows inside, I finally was able to grieve. I still get quite sad when I think about what happened (as a matter of fact, I'm getting a little teary right now), but I suppose that's part of the whole process. One never fully gets over something like that, though.

Dec 7, 1999
john, my love.... i was too young to know you. but even as an infant my parents assure me that i loved you. take care of yourself and linda for me until i get to where you are. your message never died, my love. it's still all around me every second i breathe. love and peace are the answer, and we all know that for sure, thanks to you. you'll always be remembered. sammie

Dec 7, 1999
Living Dead Girl
Iowa, USA
I wasn't even alive when John was shot-- I was born 5 years after. Nevertheless, the Beatles were one of the defining groups of my childhood. (My dad once told me he used to put Beatles tapes in his walkman and put the headphones on my mom's stomach when she was pregnant with me-- I liked them even then (: ) John, I may have moved on to metal/industrial music, but you are still one of my favorite musicians. Who else would have the balls to pose naked with their wife on an album cover, especially in 1969? Rest in peace, man.

Dec 7, 1999
Freehold, NJ, USA
Well..I was born in 1983, so obviously...I was born afterwards. But that doesn't keep me from feeling heartache every time December 8th rolls around...John Lennon and the Beatles have become such a large part of my life that I feel as if I *was* alive at the time he was killed...every time they re-enact it on tv, I feel like I was *there*. The sadness is so great...but that's ok. Because John's up there, watching over us all, helping us all achieve his dream of unity and peace. =) I love you, John!!! We all miss you desperately!

Dec 7, 1999
Roger Nilsson
Los Angeles, CA
for the last few years, i've beem coming to and sharing my feelings about the whole thing with the world (or whoever would read my post/story). this year, i just can't. it hurts way too much to have to draw up the past and "relive" it in another annual story. bottom line: it sucks. it all sucks. i don't believe in heaven or hell, but when MDC dies (too soon is never soon enough), i hope he suffers greatly. JOHN LENNON LIVES!!!

Dec 7, 1999
Barcelona, Spain
John est vivo (en nuestro corazn). Podemos conseguir que el primer da del ao 2000 su cancin IMAGINE se escuche en todas las emisoras de radio del mundo.

Dec 7, 1999
LennonsBurg Neutopia
I was the same age as the killer.I was listening to Double Fantasy and reading the article/interview in Playboy(ok I was also looking at the pictures).My dad who was a great football fan was watching Howard Cossell(whom he couldnt stand).Just as it was almost time for me to get some sleep,my dad,whom was in the other room,called out,"My God they killed John Lennon"!!!.I ran into the room where the TV was on and watched it all with horror.I was drunk most of the rest of the christmas season.I couldnt understand how such a great man could be killed.John Lennon was the older,smarter,wilder,brother that I

Dec 7, 1999
Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
I wasn't even born when John Lennon was murdered, but I remeber very well my reaction when I found out. Dad and I were watching TV and the live clip for Imagine was on. I turned to Dad, and said 'I wanna see him one day,' Dad looked at me and said that he was dead. I aked him how he died. When Dad told me he was murdered, I started to cry and didn't stop for 4 hours. I still cry today. That was my reaction in 1984, when I was 3 years old.... John had touched my heart even then, and he continues to touch it now. Let's all just forget the fighting and get along. Let's let the world live as one.

Dec 7, 1999
Rhode Island
I was nineteen years old, a sophomore in college. I had just returned from the library with a friend. Some other students in my house had heard the news and were talking about it. Knowing I was a big fan, they hesitated to tell me. Someone mentioned something, but I thought it was a joke (though John's music was all over the radio.) The person I was with called up a friend of his, looked at me in shock and disbelief, and said, "Ed, it's true!" I cried then, and my friend and I stayed up all night wandering around the campus and consoling each other. December 8 is always a difficult day for me. I still miss John Lennon.

Dec 7, 1999
John Mill
I miss you John Lennon

Dec 7, 1999
I was 18,and I was particularly happy on the evening of Dec8, beacause I had done well in a hard English test, and would then be on vacation, free to enjoy the release of Double Fantasy album in Brasil, dreaming of the countless interviews, bootlegs and new photos to come up..and most of all, dreaming of the chance of watching Lennon live on stage, who knows, maybe in my own city....and on that sunny morning of Dec 8, I woke up with a Beatles song on the radio....'-How nice, 'I thought...then the phone friend could hardly say a word....just told me to buy the paper....I had a bad feeling ,but I could never realize how terrible it would, in the street, the paper in my hands...and when I finally read that short, but paintful note... JOHN LENNON SHOT TO DEATH.......... my hero, my idol,why HIM????? Today,18 years later.....the pain still exists , I still miss him so much...but I feel he's here, when my 10-year-old son listens to his songs and enjoys his voice, his ideas..... Yeah, dear John. I know that wherever you are here, you are alright, for a person like you,with such a poetry,such a noble soul and such a heart will always exist for those who are lucky enough to love you!Rest in peace, and all my love for you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 7, 1999
London UK
I was thirteen years old and I remember it vividly. My parents woke my brother and I up very early in the morning after hearing it on the Radio. It was such a shock. That evening all the TV stations had programmes dedicated to his life. I kept some of newspapers of the day and a copy of a special edition of Newsweek. It touches me today and I still can not believe the senseless killing has robbed us of such a genius. I went to the Dakota building in NYc a few years back and I felt really emotional. Lennon ..the man..the music...the magic there will never be another.

Dec 7, 1999
leeds england
thinking of you and your family john

Dec 7, 1999
Wollongong, Australia
i was born on feb 26th 1981, 3 months after John was killed but also the day after George Harrison's birthday. i don't know what this means exactly but, oct 9th (John's birthday) is always a good day for me, where as dec 8th is always a bad one

Dec 7, 1999
Texas, USA
John, I will always remember you. You will live on for centuries to come bringing everyone hope, happiness, and love. I will never forget the wonderful music you have brought me and the rest of the world. Nobody will ever amount to what you have done. Nobody. I wasn't born until 3 years later. MY mom told me that he was shot. This was at a Hard Rock Cafe. I was looking at an autographed picture of him not knowing a thing about him, even though I remember today. I would have never guessed then, that he would become my hero/idol/role-model. R.I.P.

Dec 7, 1999
I was not born when John died. I had always known about the Beatles from when I was very young, and I always knew that one of them was dead and that they were not together anymore. The first time that it actually felt what it must have been like for others who just found out he died was when I watched old my memorials on a video tape which I found in my house. It was very sad to see all those people and all the different specials they had on about John. I wish I could have known what it was like to be alive with him, but I am grateful that I did not have to be alive for his would have been very hard for me.

Dec 7, 1999
Mary Holt
Norway,Maine, USA
Well, It's here again. The years go by and I grow older-memories I never had shall never wane. This will be my third year posting. John has been more to me than an idol. He has been a major force in my life. I curse tomorrow, a day with out the joy he brought while in that form. I was never there. John is more than the favorite Beatle, the musical genious, the god. But you know he would hate this fawning-over that I offer. But it's true. I truly believe that the music saved me. With out him, the piano would not be a part of my life, I would not have known these dreams. Certainly if a young working class Liverpudlian with poor grades can make it on sheer talent and charisma, then, Hell, so can a sixteen year old from Maine. Maybe there will be no tears this year. Maybe there won't be the anual "John-athon" featured on the changer and turn-table. But, there will be the love. The all-encompassing love that I have found in the "Dear Prudence"s, the "Working Class Hero's", and the simple "Love". This will stay with me longer than any other. No, more than an idol-more than a god. This man had no idea, did he? He did it all out of love of the music. He had absolutly no idea what it was. He just knew that it was the THING, IT. That which we seek, but have all along. So much, but so simple. He was the most complex of the ordinary. He is the everlasting proof of the fact that life MUST endure-because, here, 19 years later, I mourn this man I did not know. Here, 19 years, we are in love with this art-this gift. And many of us were not even there. Because of this, I know that he walks among us. Look for him. "I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go by, I really love to watch them roll/no more sitting on the merry-go-round/I just had to let it go."

Dec 7, 1999
John Daubert
Barrington, NJ USA
Lennon is more than a memory to me. I wrote a song saying just that; "Lennon, More Than a Memory". I grew up with The Beatles, being 10 in 1963. I had played the accordion since age 7. After hearing them on Ed Sullivan, and seeing the way Lennon stood on stage, so in charge, and with that rich "cutting right through you" voice, that blended like nothing I ever heard with McCartney and Harrison, I wanted to take up guitar, and later turned to drums and piano, all the while, playing Beatles records while learning those instruments. When Lennon went on his own, it was great to hear his voice and paino/guitar playing. The day after he was killed by that jerk, I laid on my couch as a radio station played Lennon songs, then Beatles A to Z. It was if I was seeing my life flash before me, with all those memories tied to every song. It reached my soul, because of how his music lived in me, and helped me learn about music and writing. Without Lennon, and The Beatles, I might have been just another accordion player that "maybe" would have played piano, but not the way I can play and write today, that's for sure. Lennon was a great teacher to many of us that play, as well as Paul, Goerge, and Ringo. Every band that has played since they started, has been influenced in some way. John Lennon may not have pleased Julian, but he has gave music and love for millions to enjoy, and fill "their" hearts. He still does that today. even for kids that are just starting to play instruments. I know a lot of teens that love Lennon just like we all did, and of course, do. God Bless Lennon's soul. I want to share our tribute song to John Lennon, "Lennon, More Than a Memory", but I do not wish or want to ask anybody reading this to buy it. That's not why I came to this site. There is a free sample of it at The single is at the same address but with the number 3 after dhsongs Think of all the songs he would have written! About the topics of the last 19 years! We missed a lot, but he gave a lot! Thank you John Lennon!

Dec 7, 1999
Clifton, New Jersey
A month ago, give or take a week or two, the night was clear and bright outside my bedroom window. I found myself gazing upward, at a beautiful bright shining star. The moon, too, was brilliant almost full, bathing the entire sky in its warm, white glow. I was suddenly filled with a combination of the most intense sadness sat side by side with an inexplicable, comforting blanket of warmth which seemed to envelop me from within. We all shine the moon and the stars... I thought to myself, a smile peeking through the tears that gently slid down my cheeks, as I allowed myself a few moments to miss you yet again. I glanced at my bedside clock. It read 11:30 pm. I knew, somehow, that it was you, shining brightly inside my window. Im always here, you told me. I know, I answered, wiping my tears away. Just a day later, I was speaking with my dear friend and soul sister on the telephone. She too carries your strengh inside her heart as I do. Four thousand miles and then some separate us...not even a year has passed since weve been a part of each others lives, yet we are closer in spirit, in heart, soul, and mind, than those Ive spent a lifetime with. She finishes my thoughts, often speaking them before Ive even had a chance to...and then some. You, my dear friend, brought us together...and for that, we both thank you every day of our lives. Imagine then...when I told her my story of the moon and the star, only to hear her telling me of an almost identical incident shed experienced the very same night. Shed felt compelled to stand outside, looking up at the sky and had seen the same moon, the same star glowing so brightly bringing to her consciousness the very same words that gently flowed through mine. We all shine on. Hours separated these magical encounters, and yet, the world at the moment that she relayed her magical story to me had become nothing more than a small jewel, tiny enough to cup gently inside my palm. Im convinced that the three of us our circle of three, born out of a common bond, nurtured in the magical land of your birth, and allowed to soar freely from that point on shared that sky, that moon, that star. For that moment a moment separated by hours, by miles we were together. I love you and miss you always. Love, Christine

Dec 7, 1999
Iowa, USA
I wasn't alive when John was killed, but I still have strong feelings about it. Even the mentioning of it in a documentary can bring me to tears. Maybe it's because I don't have anybody to mourn with like so many did back in 1980. I do have a memory though of when he was shot, and it's my physic teachers. He said he remembers being in math class and then the principal or somebody announced that John had been killed. My teacher said that everybody in the room when quiet, and he got really sad. Still, I am comforted by the fact that I know that John watches over all of his fans.

Dec 7, 1999
Laura aka Anna
John Well, it is that time of year again. I miss you more every minute and every second. Your prescense is always in me, but I wish I could feel your physical prescense just once. I was born after you had passed on. I was talking to my good friend/cousin last night and he has a tattoo of you and of your art symbol. He just got the art symbol done yesterday on his ankle. I thought you'd like to know. We sat on my in-closed porch uncer the stars watching a collection of your music videos. Every once in awhile we would start singing. We both looked about ready to cry when the video for "Jealous Guy" came on. You were so wonderful John. So beautiful. So human. JR and I love you. We know you love us, as well. JR told me yesterday that when he was little his teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. He said he wanted to meet you. That was all he wanted, John. That was his childhood dream. It was stolen away from him that cruel night and I just wish you could be here to see everything. Not the violence or who the president is. I want you to be here to see that your fans are still around. New fans that were born after your passing are blooming alot. I am one of them. I wanted you to see how beautiful Sean is and how touching his music is. Or to see what a striking resemblense Julian has to you. I saw your son this summer. He sang "Slippin' and Slidin'". He was so much like you, John. Both Sean and Julian are. It isn't fair to anyone on this planet that you were taken away. Most of all it was not fair to you. So much hate is going around about your murderer yet the only reason we feel this hate is we want to somehow bring you back. Oh, John, you felt so much anticipation for the 80's. You were so alive and youthful. The only question we can ask is why. Why you? Of all the men and women in the world, why you? I am sure you often wonder that yourself. I love you, John Winston Ono Lennon. I always have and always will. I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep your message and music alive and to spread love and peace. JR and I both will. You were and still are a genius and there will never be another one like you. Tomorrow will be a painful day for me and for the world, but we'll make it through. I know you are watching us and probably smiling. Probably coming up with some great witty remarks about today's world...someday I hope to hear them. I love you, Johnny. And yes, you made it to the toppermost of the poppermost. Love, Laura, Eternally

Dec 7, 1999
Treb Vegerano
Mr. Lennon from my dreams where are you now? I miss the days when were both racing towards the sun... Mr. Lennon from my dreams where are you now? I'm counting the hours when I'll get back into your arms. There was light all over the place where you could be seen But how long will it last if you cannot hold the scene? Mr. Lennon from my dreams sing me a song And make it linger in my ears and in my sleep

Dec 7, 1999
Candace Cartwright
Tuscaloosa, AL USA
I miss you so much John! Even though I wasn't even born til after your death, I feel like I know you somehow. I wish I could talk to you because I know you'd understand me. We share the same dreams. You are my hero. I love you always! ~Candace~

Dec 7, 1999
I was born 7 years later, but When I was about 9 years old I always kept asking my sister "Who was the Beatle that died?". I never imagined that he had been shot but when I found out that he had died that way I felt realy cold inside

Dec 7, 1999
Tammy Loney
Waynesville, MO, USA
John, I miss you more and more each year, but I know that part of you is still here with us. Wherever you are, god bless you. I love you and miss you so.

Dec 7, 1999
Normal, Illinois
Dear John, I can't believe I'm writing this again. I wrote one of these last year....this year went by so fast. Now, it's been 19 years since you were rudely taken away from us. It seems as though as each year passes, your time and physical presence on this Earth is slipping further and further away. When we are officially in the new century, we may look back and say something like: "John Lennon was from the last century..." I wish it didn't have to be that way. I wish you could really be here to see the next century. So much has happened since you departed, but still alot of things need to be done to make the world a better place. Today, there are young people born after you left who are discovering your music and message. There are thousands of people who were born in your generation and afterward who still love you, including myself. In a way, you will see the 21st Century. You'll still be remembered even when it becomes 50 years ago since that day.... After all these years, we've kept your memory and music alive. John, there is one thing I'd like to say to you....I would like to say "Thank You." Thank you for being who you were; for not being afraid to show your emotions, and for being honest and open about serious subjects like: war, peace, your songs, raising a family and other things. I've met some wonderful friends when I found out they knew who you were too. A very small group of these friends and I share the same feelings about you. Not only have you, and your interesting life "introduced" me to these special people; you have inspired me to write one of my most successful stories. In that story, one of the main characters is inspired by you. Funnily enough, that character's name is Johnny! This story led me to continue with a powerful sequel. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again...."Thank you." Don't worry, John, you'll never be forgotten....after all, you were the one who told us to "Imagine." When we do that, you won't feel so far away, even when we are well into the next century. I love and miss you very much....! All You Need Is Love, Kristi

Dec 7, 1999
John, I am 13. I love your music. It gives me so much happiness. I miss you!!!!!! You never should have been murdered. Look at all the wonderful music that we missed because of it. I wish I could have been alive before you were killed. I always cry when I watch things about you because its soooooooo sad!!!!! I just hope you're happy where you are. I love you, John!!!!!! Imagine : PEACE Love Always, Elizabeth

Dec 7, 1999
Captain Kundalini
John, 19 years is a long time. Your senseless murder had a devistating effect on me. It STILL hurts. It is your music and the images of you on TV, Video and film as well as your poems that have helped me get by. You helped to change the world thru your music. For what you left to us, I will always be grateful. I hope to see you in Heaven when my turn comes. Peace. God bless you.

Dec 7, 1999
You know what I mean...thank for all, John!!!

Dec 7, 1999
MI, United States
I really wish I had some profound and meaningful memories of John, but I don't. I was seven when he was killed and don't remember much from my childhood, let alone that. I wasn't a fan until 1990 and it was then I decided that Imagine is my favorite song of all time and had to buy it on vacation in Chicago. Anyway, although I don't have any real memories of john I can say I'm very glad he existed. He did a lot in his life and his music comforts me still. But beyond that, he has brought us all together, for better or for worse. I have met some truly wonderful people here, none dearer than my Dan. I guess my one memory I'll share is from a year ago, Dec. 8, 1998. I was home at night pretty much by myself. It wasn't very late, but it was already dark. I had my xmas lights on and it was looking very cheery and festive but I was feeling very down. I had the anthology playing when "Grow Old With Me" came on. It was the first time I'd heard it. I can't tell you how it broke my heart. I had such a rough time last year. Later on that night I came online and had a quiet vigil with a couple groovy friends. We each lit 9 candles, something that I think will become a tradition for me. I know I'll never forget that day. It was horribly painful but at the same time I'm glad I had the experience simply because it was so full of love for John. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Dec 7, 1999
19 years. That's an incredible amount of time. It seems like yesterday... The thing I remember most about John would be his spirit. I miss you Johnny, we all miss you. I hope I meet you up in heaven someday.. but not for a long, long time.^_~ Love You John. ~Vic~

Dec 7, 1999
Another year has gone by but the memory lives forever. Thank you, John.

Dec 7, 1999
I remember seeing it on tv.... that John had been shot and killed. I was 12. I do feel sad sometimes that he has gone from this Earth, but most of the time I feel how happy and free his spirit is. And I think about how profound his messages are. People are still learning from them and hearing his great music. Please try to keep your feelings for his spirit happy and feel his message. Peace.........

Dec 8, 1999
Long Tall Sally
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
I was only 4 years old when John died, but ten years later, I discovered his music, and have been a big fan ever since. Although I don't know him, his contribution to the world has certainly been felt, and he is deeply missed.

Dec 8, 1999
Stanley Kubrick
Rest in Peace

Dec 8, 1999
L Rita
Mpls., MN, USA
Dear John (wherever you are)... Well, it is the day once again. Has it been 19 years since your genius, love, fury, emotions, artestry, and insights were taken from us? It never seems fair when I think about it. It upsets me to think of you being slain in such a cold-blooded fashion. All I want to do is cry on this day as I am sure some of the world weeps with me. I know you were no mesiah or something mythical. You were human with faults like everybody else. I, however, feel you have touched so many people by showing you through your work. The world will never be the same without you. I love you wherever you are. I just hope you are in a place that contains the joy, comfort and love you deserve. Love, L Rita

Dec 8, 1999
The Wrestling Dog
Manchester-Northern England...
I was eating breakfast,when a friend rang me and told me John had been shot and I just stood there and asked how he was...when she said he was dead, I muttered some inane reply, said see you and put the phone down...I went into the kitchen and told my mum and slowly walked back and sat mum came into the living room to ask more questions about it...and it was then I started to feel the air being pushed out of my body...and this uncontrolable cry came out of me...that was it,i would never be the same again...I remember it so vividly...I will never forget. A year later I was standing outside The Dakota building...singing songs with the other fans who'd come to pay their was the first time I'd left England and the first time I'd flown in my life...I will never ever forget those times and the beautiful people around me...whatever happens I'm going to be stood there on Dec 8th 2000 in front of the Dakota building once more to mark the 20th anniversary and I'm going to wear a little badge that says 'The Dog' if you're there and you see a 40-odd year old git with a 'Dog' badge...come over and have a word...OK? I miss John Lennon. Wherever you are,you are here.

Dec 8, 1999
John is truly missed! I often wonder what the music world would be like today had John lived. Would The Beatles bury their hatchets and performed one more time, released an album. Would John had performed a duet with Julian, Sean, or even Paul. The music industry is missing a pioneer, leader and innovator. John you're missed!

Dec 8, 1999
may your spirit live on forever

Dec 8, 1999
Rest in peace, Mr. Lennon.

Dec 8, 1999
i was two when John was shot. mom cried when we heard it on the news, we all did. we miss you John.

Dec 8, 1999
Wheel Watcher
San Francisco
John, Remember when? I never stop missing you. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you ever helped me through (good and bad). So many memories of you and yours, seems like a dream. You always spoke your mind and wore your heart on your sleeve. I loved your quick wit and your brilliance with the written word, haven't seen nothing like it since. Life goes on though, and and as you once said "Where there's life there's hope", ever the opptimist, eh Johnny? Life is good, and so shall it be. Peace brother, The Walrus

Dec 8, 1999
Nineteen years ago this night. I was sound asleep. I had no idea what I would wake up to. My mother handed me the newspaper the following morning. We both cried. It was like a member of my family had died. I was eight years old when they first came to America. John was a big part of my life as a child. His death left a fist size hole in my heart that nothing will ever be able to fill.

Dec 8, 1999
Tacoma, WA, USA
Love in action John, your dream is coming true I promise you!

Dec 8, 1999
Christopher Stolle
Richmond, Indiana, USA
What's all this I hear? John Lennon is dead? NO! No, friends, John Lennon will never die. He isn't dead now. I'm listening to Elton John's "Here and There" album, with Elton and John dueting on three songs. But Lennon left us more than just music. Actually, he didn't leave it. He gave it to us; we all are the keepers of John Lennon's music. And his words. His chants. His beliefs in a better world for EVERYONE. I miss John Lennon. I never knew him personally, but I knew him through his music, his poetry and his interviews. The media keeps yakking about this great person and that great person. If you really think about it, John Lennon is the Greatest Man of the 20th Century because he fought against everything. And he didn't do it for the money. HE DID IT FOR YOU AND ME! It is the holiday season again, and the Lennon clan will not have it's head at the dinner table; around the Christmas tree; singing Happy Xmas, WAR IS OVER! But yet he will be with Yoko, and Sean, and Julian, and even Cynthia this holiday season. In their hearts. On compact disc, vinyl, cassettes, videos, DVD. In written word. In art ... oh, he was a superb painter. I had the privilege to see his artwork in person a few years ago. How erotic and sensual. John Lennon, more than anyone I have ever known, stands for love and peace among all people. John Lennon is NOT dead. He is alive and well, my friends. All you have to do is look and listen. He IS alive! Happy holidays everyone. I love you, John Lennon. Peace. : )

Dec 8, 1999
Pratik Majumdar
Calcutta, India
Hi John! You can hear me cant you? You see there isnt a single day when we fans dont miss ya lots, but I guess you're just "sitting there watching the wheels go round..." Your songs your love and the peace you donated to this otherwise hopeless world makes us think differnely. Its only because of your message we can think positively. And with the coming of the new millennium it truly feels (just like) starting over. Thanx John for all the thoughts. Love ya lots.

Dec 8, 1999
*John*...I will only play your music honor you.and to think of you... see ya around in my dreams John. Peter

Dec 8, 1999
Tomasz ' Tommy ' Jdralski
Katowice , POLAND
What can I say ... Johnny ! We all miss You so much ! It's so hard ...

Dec 8, 1999
Let me add this on this day: Whatever's been said of what 'Lennon' meant in the West is twice as true here in Eastern Europe. People like him gave a glitter of hope to all of us then behind the Iron Curtain.

Dec 8, 1999
Stian O`rourke
John you are a dremer and your not the only one!!!!!

Dec 8, 1999
Kellie Johnson
Orem, Utah
Thank you for inspiring me.

Dec 8, 1999
Helen Gojanovich
Perth Australia
John I was only only three when you died but every year I remember your life on Dec 8th. As I write for the 3rd year in a row I have tears streaming down my face and I feel the world has lost something special. John you are missed.

Dec 8, 1999
More people like John would make the world a better place... Come together... Miss You...

Dec 8, 1999
Josh Patterson (Sir Zeus)
Renton, WA, USofA
I was not around when The Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. I was not around when John said "We're bigger than Jesus." I was not around when Sgt. Pepper took the world by surprise. I was not around when The Beatles split up. I was not around during the war of words between John and Paul. I was not around when John went in and came back from his 5-year hiatus.....I was not around when the world learned that John had been killed. I was born 2 and a half months after all hopes of a Beatles reunion were tarnished. Even though I was not around at all between October 9th, 1940 and December 8th, 1980...John Lennon has been a big inspiration on my life. I thank him for the wonderful music and poetry he left behind. The messages he gave to the world. "Give Peace a Chance," "All You Need is Love," "Power to the People"......and the simplistic "Imagine." I cannot express how much love I feel for him. I'm not really a religious person, but if there's a heaven, I hope John is up there at total peace with himself. Perhaps playing a card game with Elvis or something, hehe. May John rest in peace and may his music echo into the next century. To John, with love, Josh

Dec 8, 1999
Saltillo Coahuila Mexico.
I was only 4 years old, and i didn't notice what was happening that day, i only remember the next day we saw an interview of Mick Jagger and a brief message of Yoko on TV pleading to the fans for not hurt themselves, because there were reports of suicides of fans all over the world. I had conscience of John and the beatles until my teens, I can't say i'm a die hard fan of John but he's at least the most human and sincere artist that I've ever seen, and the only whose music makes me think... thanks John... We all will shine on...

Dec 8, 1999
Newcastle, Australia
The garden sure is empty without him, but even in the deepest dark of night the light of John Lennon's spirit will shine on forever in our hearts and minds.

Dec 8, 1999
Duke of Kircaldy
Ever since you were taken away John, nothing like you has ever surfaced. No-one has came forward with such great notions like you did. I listen to your songs more than i do any contemporary stuff, you had the ability to make people put a record on and cry, and make it such a great way to cry that people would do it again. Eventhough we approach the new millenium, there is no chance that you will be forgotten, even today young people born well after your death are listening to your music and message of peace and love, which has got to be a good sign. I wish you were still around today, selfishly so i could meet you, and for more important reasons like raising awareness of human wrongs in the world, which you did with conviction and passion. God i miss you John, i only knew you through your material and i miss you that much, that i think i would have been blown away if i had known you in person. Peace John i hope you are happy wherever you are, and one day i would love to meet you just have a chat eh? what do you say? Until then i will live my life with your ethics, music and words in my heart. I miss you John, peace. :)

Dec 8, 1999
gabriella nicosia
milan italy
He is still alive because he lives in my heart and in my mind

Dec 8, 1999
Auckland, New Zealand
R I P John Lennon 8/12/99 What a tragic day it was on Tuesday Dec 8th 1980. John Lennon was and always will be the greatest recording artist of all time and my favorite Beatle. Even after so many years I still feel sad on this day every year. John has had a huge influence on my life and the lives of so many others. Thanks John for giving so much to the world. Dean

Dec 8, 1999
Mobeena Khan
Watford, UK
We love him, yeah, yeah, yeah. Always & Forever.

Dec 8, 1999
Saipan, Northern Marianas
Dear John, I may have been born two years after your death, and I may not have even really listened to your words and music until years after that. But you are no less special to me, nor have you touched me any less than someone who has been a fan since the beginning. We miss you down here. There will never be another quite like you. Sincerely, M.S. Oh and Mr.'re not the only one

Dec 8, 1999
Manchester, England
Today is my nineteenth birthday. One life ended and another began nineteen years ago today. I love you with all my heart, John, and I always will.

Dec 8, 1999
EVERYBODY: John is not dead! I don't mean this in the traditional sense. He really and truly lives! Believe or not as you like. He sure would like to prove it to ya all; it's kind of a chip on his shoulder (he was real good at that! Got better.). OK, now that you know, shhhhh! And if one certain person is reading this, yeah, it's true. Come find out for yourself. He's waiting. (For a couple other of you, too). But take heart, he's here, coming to a theatre near you. ; ) (Ya can't do a John Lennon loony face proper in this medium!) He misses you all. Don't cry. You know it's gonna be... Alright.

Dec 8, 1999
Helsinki, Finland
You still bring the peace in my mind, when I listen to your songs or watch the videos. You were a fantastic person, and you will live in our memories forever. Thank you, Johnny, I love you.

Dec 8, 1999
Alexandria, Greece
Thank you John.

Dec 8, 1999
the Neonowhere Man
He gave us hours of music. He often found ways to make us laugh. He shared his pain with us, and made sure he became more family than any other rock star would. He crusaded for peace, spoke his mind, and asked nothing in return. He found happiness and love in his young son. Rest in peace, John-love, you'll always live on with us.

Dec 8, 1999
Cleveland Ohio
Peace brother

Dec 8, 1999
19 seems like only yesterday.....a man was murdered in New York City....a man who lived and loved....I grew up with him....didn't get to grow older with heart hurts today....remembering....

Dec 8, 1999
Mikey B.
Saskatoon, Sask., Canada
Even though you died when I was only six months old, their isn't one day that I don't listen to your music and words of truth. Peace and Love to ALL!!!

Dec 8, 1999
Montevideo, Uruguay
I first found this old Beatles' record when i was six years old, odd i thought. Was worth a listen or two. Lil Cis managed to play this old vinyl "With the Beatles" record and became fascinated by it. Now i'm 17. John has influenced me and my music all my life and will always be someone i look up to. Whatever people say...Thanks, John we know that without you it could have been different. Thank god it wasn't. "Dear John, don't be hard on yourself, give yourself a wasn't meant to be wrong...the race is over, you won" 8 Dec. 1999 Cecilia

Dec 8, 1999
Dankon John, vi donis paco, amo kaj ghojo al la mondo. Ni neniam forgesos vin.

Dec 8, 1999
Miami, FL
Thank you, John. I miss you today.

Dec 8, 1999
"The dream is over, what can I say? The dream is over yesterday. I was the dreamweaver, but now I'm reborn, I was teh walrus, but now I'm John. And so dear friends, you'll just have to carry on. The dream is over" I Love You John!!! Happy X-mas! War is over!!!!!

Dec 8, 1999
huckleberry finn
bet he's rocking on in heaven ;)

Dec 8, 1999
cathy rohrscheib
Ill always remeber how I found out about his death .. when I was told I thought it a bad joke .. then I felt anger how can some one kill a man who wants nothin but peace in the world then sadness as i saw on the tv the truth

Dec 8, 1999
Timeless music - visionary / you are here - enjoy it

Dec 8, 1999
Tim A
Almost twenty years. I was a young adult in 1980. Now I'm middle aged and a father. Just the other day my 6 year old told me her teacher was singing "Yellow Submarine" in school. She said she told her teacher "That's the Beatles" and "My Daddy likes them." She was the only kid in the class who knew about the song. After she told me about it, I went and got my old "Yellow Submarine" album. She was facinated by it. She asked who everyone was. I said "This Is Paul, This is George, This is Ringo, and this is John." Then I had to bring up the part that would forever wreck idyllic Pepperland for her. I said "John's dead...someone killed him." She asked me why, I said "it was a crazy person and he thought he would feel better if John was dead." She didn't seem to understand that any better than I have over the last 19 years. But she had the same response I did in 1980..."WHY?" I still wonder why. I remember when was I was a kid in the 60's. I was a huge Beatle fan. Their music was a fun happy place I could always count on to be there. After 1980, that all changed. It will forever be tinged with a sadness that John is gone. I felt cheated I couldn't hand my happy Beatle memories down to my kid unblemished. She'll never know a world with John in it. Not only was John cheated out of the rest of his life, we were all cheated. The generations yet unborn in 1980 were cheated. And yet, there seem to be as many young Beatle fans today as there are of us older ones. Time has proven something about the music he made. If it's'll last. You're never gonna die in our hearts Johnny. But I miss you still...we all do. Tim

Dec 8, 1999
David Rowlands
Bournemouth, Dorset, England, UK
When John died I never really knew what I was losing. I was only 2 and had no recollection of the tragic event. I became a Beatles fan when I was 6 and only then could I ever START to really understand what I and the World had lost. "You don't know what you've got - Until you lose it!" - John Lennon Mark Chapman should not be let loose - he took the world from us fans! Long Live John Lennon!!! We Love you John and will never forget you!

Dec 8, 1999
Anna Fagundes
So Paulo, Brazil
My mother was in her senior year of college, going to a test day when she heard it on the radio... and couldn't really believe that it was all happenning. She was seven months and a half pregnant. One month later, I was born. Too late to hear him for a time that was.

Dec 8, 1999
Eric Cohen
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Tal vez un da nos unamos a t y el mundo ser uno solo... Gracias John

Dec 8, 1999
Sal Paradise
cape breton, nova scotia, canada
I was 9 at the time of John's death. Even then I liked the beatles, I was given a cassette of Abbey Road for a bithday and I would "borrow" my uncle's copy of the blue greatest hits LP. I was proud that I was able to name and recognize the four Beatles. What I remeber when I heard the news of John's murder is the immediate reaction(and who didn't?) of,"Why????" I just knew him as a singer of all this music I loved, why would someone want to kill a man who made music? As time passed I came to realize that John was much more than a musician. But his music still remains as one of his most endearing legacies. It was the outpouring of grief that John's death elicited the really struck me as a kid. I realized that there was more to this guy than pretty music and that I wasn't the only person who felt that way. It was my first realization of how big these guys were. Even now after all these years, when I see the footage of all the people coming out to pay homage to John, the candle-light vigils, I am transported back in time through my memories. The question remains the same....."Why?"..... and there still is no answer. It is saddedning to think how cruelly ironic it was that this visionary advocate for peace had his life taken from him so violently. It is sad for us that we have missed out on the contributions John would have made to music and society over these past few years. Who could have been more apt a spokesman for peace? .................Peace John

Dec 8, 1999
clifton , new jersey , usa

Dec 8, 1999
Pottstown, PA,, USA
I really can say I dont remember any thing about John Lennon dying..I was only just a year old when it happened. Growing up though with a mom who was a huge Beatles fan as kid I knew who Paul, Ringo, George and John was until junior high did I fully understand the real genius that was John Lennon...he may have had his faults but he was human and he was, if you see it my way, gracious enough to share his gift of music with the world. I cried this morning when I heard the news today about this being 19 years since a madman killed a genius in clood blood. The wierd thing is I was with my mom and she understood why I felt the way I do about a man i never got to know if you dare say know...I am 20 now and I listen to his music...he is an inspiration for he took the simple things and made us listen. You, John, will never ever be forgotten..not ever...I knopw my kids will here about him. I already had to tell my litle cousin who he was...I wish I had been lucky enogu hto be in this world when he was alive.

Dec 8, 1999
Odessa, TX
I remember I was cleaning my apartment with the vacuum cleaner going. I looked up at the TV and saw a "Special Report" announcement on the screen. Turning off the vacuum the first thing I heard was "Ex Beatle John Lennon shot and killed tonight in New York City". I remember falling to my knees and yelling NO! at the TV. I really miss John. I'll love him all my life.

Dec 8, 1999
Maria Luisa Ong
John Lennon has been my hero ever since I gained consciousness in this world. Although I wasn't able to actually witness him live on TV or shows because I was born on 1980 but I try to see documentaries or old magazines and listen to their songs to catch up what I have missed. The Beatles and John Lennon made me appreciate the new music of rock and pop. He's truly a man of love and laugh.

Dec 8, 1999
Erie, Pa, USA
Lennon, you are one of my stars. Forever.

Dec 8, 1999
Richard Handley
Love is the answer and you know that for sure Love is a flower, you got to let it, you got to let it grow So keep on playing those mind games together Faith in the future, outta the now. I love and thank you more than simple words could ever express

Dec 8, 1999
Here in Manila, we'll be rocking and rollin' to remember the legacy of John and the Beatles. We'll have fun, we'll have drinks and we'll all sing our hearts out loud. We'll sing Imagine to Woman and She Loves You to Strawberry Fields Forever, but still... Nothing is real without you, John. Sing on, shine on...

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