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Mention the date "December 8" to most John Lennon fans and they will immediately think of that day in 1980 when John Lennon was shot and killed outside his home. It is a date that will be forever etched in our memories. But memories -- even bad memories -- are good. They remind us to appreciate what we have in the present and to work hard to keep from repeating mistakes of the past. So, put that old Imagine album on the turntable, look through your torn copies of Beatles Monthly magazine, and read these memories of John written by your Bagism friends.


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Dec 8, 1999
Baltimore, Maryland..USA
I remember John...... I was watching Monday Night Football when at the bottom of the screen, the announcement came that John Lennon had been murdered outside of his home. I remember going completly numb. We watched the reports and Tom Snyder as he showed an interview he did with Lennon a few years earlier. I can't help but think that the Beatles really would have gotten back one more time to do an album. The songs they did after John died were ok..but it just was'nt the same. That night I sobbed and was completly inconsolable. We lost not only a great man but also an regular guy. John --we love you and miss you.

Dec 8, 1999
Eugene Park
Orange County, California
I love you John Lennon. It's disappointing to hear that your competition for the firs song to be played at the Millenium Dome in Britain is Robbie Williams, but I know your music will go beyond Robbie Williams, and beyond Queen, and just beyond. But even after all that, you're still as perfect as a human being could be. You are the greatest influence in my life, and I want to thank you for helping me realize my true self. With you, God, and love, I'll be able to trudge along in life quite happily, and knowingly that whether I do the right thing or wrong, I know I won't be alone. I love you, and I'll see you soon.

Dec 8, 1999
john, thank you so much for being here for me. you make everyday so much better or worse than it is. love you for ever,, were not dead yet, believe.

Dec 8, 1999
Thanks for the if you could just do something about that ocean!

Dec 8, 1999
I'm sitting here trying to decide if i should go to strawberry fields in central park tonight. In a way i feel it will make me more upset and depressed. I'm a new fan. In the past year i have "discovered" the beatles, john, julian, and sean. once i became a huge fan i read up on them and now know about their lives. So this year is almost like the year he died to me. I never had him before to lose him. Today is a difficult day for me. I can't seem to stop crying. I'm slightly grateful i wasn't a fan all those years to have to go through this every dec 8th...but boy do i wish i was born a little earlier so i could have understood you and experienced you when you were alive. I feel extremely cheated as i'm sure most young people do..that i can put on a album, or watch you in a movie, or listen to your interviews..but i will never see anything new about you. I'll never hear "heres the latest from john lennon" or "the beatles are getting back together". and i think thats part of the sadness....the things that could have been. It breaks my heart that you where never able to finish your bond with julian and that sean probably doesn't have many personal memories of you because he was only 5. And even though there have been negative things said about Yoko....i truly believe you two were in love and it must have been unspeakable for her to be with you when you died and to sit in the dakota and have to listen to fans cry and sing your songs. My thoughts are with your family and close friends. i'm terribly upset and don't know how to be comforted right now. I'm sure i will go 1 west 72nd street tonight. Seeing where you were shot will be extremely sad. I've been there before but not like this. i'm sure we will sing and cry. i really don't know what else to say. i love you and miss you. strawberry fields forever. :-(

Dec 8, 1999
John, You are a symbol of peace and love, and you are a wonderful man! Thank you for being our inspiration, I love you and I miss you. See you in Heaven.

Dec 8, 1999
John Boucher
British Colombia, Canada
The fact that John Lennon still touches us and moves us almost 20 years after his death is a testament to the musician, the artist and mostly the man he was and will always be. His legacy of love and music will live forever. Thank you John...

Dec 8, 1999
Alberta, Canada
I was only two when John Lennon died but I always knew who he was and who the Beatles were as I was growing up. I remember in grade six when the school conseller played "Imagine" over the intercom for some reason (I don't remember why), the teacher asked if anyone knew who that was and I was the only one that knew. I loved that song and I still do. When I was sixteen I began listening to the Beatles and I took a liking to the style of John. I started listening to his solo music and loved it. I love John Lennon and today is indeed the day the music died. There will never be another John Lennon...

Dec 8, 1999
Ian Emery
I still miss you John.I will never forget waking up to the AWFUL news.It is something I will never get over.I have asked our local radio station to play IMAGINE at noon.They have agreed. I light a candle for John every year on this day. I dread this day coming.I remember being at school that day. It was exam time. No one was studying. Pockets of students were all over school listening to radios. Many students kept sobbing uncontrollably, while others wept quietly ther hands covering thier faces. We all kept thinking the news was wrong. Every song played was a Beatles or Lennon song. Each song touched us all. It is just as clear today as it was then. My heart goes out to all those fans around the world who are suffering today. So many of my hopes and dreams died along with JOHN. Give Peace a Chance, Ian

Dec 8, 1999
David Leech
St. Clair Shores, MI
I went to sleep early the night it happened. I didn't hear about John's murder until early the next morning. I was 22 at the time and I've been a huge fan of John and the Beatles since I was 5. It was such a tremendous shock to hear about it. I was so saddened at first and later was angry that such a loser ( don't want to mention his name) could take the life of a human being like he did. I went to the vigil the following Sunday and joined the others holding candles and singing his songs. It was so sad but also comforting to be among others sharing our grief. It's hard to believe it's been 19 years since it happened. Thanks John for the music and the vision you shared with us.

Dec 8, 1999
my mother was of the sky, my father was of the earth, and i am of the unive
the music lives on forever... always Imagine never stop dreaming all we are saying is give Peace a chance i miss you, John... you live on in my heart, as you do so many of us thank you for all you did, and all you still do with love, Imagin58

Dec 8, 1999
Paul Soper
Thank you John for entertaining and inspiring me. I miss you,

Dec 8, 1999
I was only 15 at the time of his death. I don't even remember what I was doing, I was so stunned at the news. I remember feeling like I had been shot through the heart, though. I skipped school for 3 days after that and hid in the basement just listening. We can all only Imagine just what he could have done in the last 19 years. Unlike most musicians, his music got better as he got older. John may be gone from this world but he will live throughout eternity through his music and his message. The message of PEACE. "A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words." - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

Dec 8, 1999
Boston, MA
I had seen the Double Fantasy record in a store on sat. Dec. 5 1980 but was "anti-yoko" at the time and didn't know if it was new or old so I didn't buy it. I was watching T.V. when Howard Cossell made the announcement of Lennon's death. I was not a serious Beatles fan at the time but there music was the soundtrack of my childhood....having 3 older sisters and brothers who are Beatle fans. What surprised me was that I felt such a personal loss hearing of his death and I wasn't into the music yet. I guess I new the man from my siblings talking about him more than his music. The biggest surprise was on Dec. 9 1980 (age 15 at the time) I was walking down the street to the record store in Bar Harbor where I lived to buy Double Fantasy and I spontaneously started to cry thinking about Lennon being gone. I was very embarrassed about crying in public but couldn't hold back.I felt like any trace of idealism leftover from the Sixties had died. I felt like humor and absurdity had no place in the 80's to come as they did with Lennon in the 60's and 70's. I felt sad that the future would no longer be shaped by Lennon's music and beliefs and I was scared.

Dec 8, 1999
I was twelve when Lennon died. By that point I already loved the Beatles but his death taught lessons I would only begin to understand as I grew older - especially in terms of the impermanence of life. When I heard the news I stayed up all night listening to my 'Imagine' 45 record over and over again on repeat play. Somewhere during the evening I fell asleep. My father who was by no means a Beatles fan - especially Lennon - woke me as the sun came up the next morning. In an act of kindness that didn't strike me until years later, my father allowed the song to finish playing one last time. When the final notes faded, he lifted the needle off the record and as he did I noticed a light snow begin to fall. It doesn't matter how someone dies - by the gun, cancer or old age - we all go sooner or later. John's life was built on making himself vulnerable through his art. He made us scream with joy, wince in pain, laugh and more important, love. Looking back, I see that when we cried over his death we cried for ourselves. He lived a full life - doing what he loved to do right up to the end. Our tears seemed to stem from the fact that Lennon wouldn't be there to shine a light on the emotions many of us found difficult to tap into without his music. The challenge since December 1980 has been finding out how to make ourselves vulnerable to happiness, pain, suffering and joy -- all without questioning why. John Lennon's music, art and life are there to boost us still -- but in the end it is up to each of us to create joy. We all shine on!

Dec 8, 1999
We Love you John, although many are not willing to imagine the world you wanted, we still have faith in you, your world is still the TRUE world. You are alive, I can feel it every time I listen to Imagine. It is more than Listening! On this day, please, let us all close our eyes and BrainWashed minds and listen to Imagine, and... Trully Imagine such a world, trully try to live our day as if we were part of John Lennon's "Imagine"... If we do that more often, soon, the world as one. John, you are the Greatest Man who ever came on earth!

Dec 8, 1999
I was only 2 years old when John was killed. Every time my mom hears "Just Like Starting Over" she gets tears, because that is the song that reminds her of this day 19 years ago. When I now hear that song I think of John and that day too, and I am saddened. But also I'm happy, to think of how much his music has inspired so many and impacted my life. I grew up listening to the Beatles. It's hard to imagine what my life would be like without listening to them! You can't even put into words what contributions John made to not only music, but to mankind. He has certainly opened up my eyes to how important peace and the concept of non-violence is. He is still alive everytime we listen to his music..."Imagine" will be forever an anthem to his goal of peace. Thank you John, and everything you have given us. There will never be anyone like you again. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Dec 8, 1999
julio soto lovon
Brea, Lima, Per
sus canciones y su accionar habla por el y por siempre.

Dec 8, 1999
M squared (melissa and mark)
God Bless John God Bless You All God Bless Shannon Hoon

Dec 8, 1999
We have lost something since Lennon's death. A sense of direction and purpose. The dream is over.

Dec 8, 1999
Pennsylvania USA
I was five years old at the time, but I don't remember hearing the news, about his death, but I do remember my mom playing the song just like starting over. I have always liked the Beatles, and I always will. At least he will always be remembered as a kind loving person. I know through out the day I will play your music, and your interviews, and have a small party in honor of you John. Your music has been and will always be a part of me. I am also going to play the anthologies, and the movie Yellow Submarine. God bless John Lennon! Shine on! Give peace a chance! Imagine the world, living as one! Peace to you John!

Dec 8, 1999
Orlando, Florida
I was 6 when he died, but he molded the person I am today...Thanks John. Peace...

Dec 8, 1999
Beloit, Ohio USA
I was just a 6 month newly-web at the time of John's death and not being a Beatles fan at the time it did not impact me very much. His music impresses me every day of my life now and his passing seems even harder to take knowing that he would have gone on with his life and given us so much more music to LOVE. I am greatful for what he and the other Beatles have given us to enjoy and get us through the day. The world is less with out you in it John. Nancy*S*

Dec 8, 1999
child of nature
I was six years old when John Lennon was murdered. I had been raised on the Beatles' music, and I had a special liking for my Mom's original vinyl copy of "The Beatles' Second Album." I would listen to the Beatles juxtaposed between KISS and Sesame Street records. I remember finding out that John had died the morning after. My mom cried, and when she took me to school (where she also worked), the teacher she worked with was very upset. She had been a huge Lennon fan for many years, and she was devestated. I remember being very sad because I saw how special people thought this person was. When I got in from school, I took an ink pen and drew a solid dark line under John Lennon's name on the cover of my treasured Beatles' Second Album. At that moment, I realized the importance of John--the impact his life and music had on such disparate people as those who gathered in Central Park to remember him and my conservative mother who couldn't help but cry. I remember buying John's single "(Just Like) Starting Over" the next time my mom took me to the record store. About eight years ago, I rediscovered The Beatles and John Lennon upon hearing Sgt. Pepper in all its glory. When I was going through a very turbulent time in my life, the words to "All You Need is Love" helped me to keep strong and persevere. John is like a friend I never met, a person who has touched my life in so many ways. On this heartbreaking, solem day I want to thank John for his music, his activism, his scathing wit, his cheeky humor, his utopian dream, his genius, his love, his struggle, his work, his humanity. I love you, John--now and forever.

Dec 8, 1999
Indian Trail, NC.
John Lennon had an impact on my life the first time I heard the Beatles on the radio thirty years ago & became a fan of rock-n-roll. I have been a fan ever since, I will always be. The music that he made with the Beatles & as a solo artist was phenomenal. John Lennon touched everybody's life with his music & his personality in so many ways it's hard to imagine a world without John Lennon & the Beatles. He was a rock-n-roll rebel peacenik that changed my life with his music & popular culture forever.

Dec 8, 1999
john i love you very much on this your very special day.thank you for your songs and drawings. you are the best forever ok. love, howard

Dec 8, 1999
Hernando E.
John fue y ser la representacin de la msica en el mundo. Nunca lo olvidaremos y sus canciones simpre nos refrescaran el alma.

Dec 8, 1999
well John living is easy with eyes closed death is easy with opened eyes, you know you must know i've been your fan for 2 - 3 years so short time? but i'm only 15, soon to be 16 you started the beatles at the age of mine so i continue writing 'cos i wanna somehow kill the pain in my hear but it's impossible i'm not a stupid fan dreaming about you every night i'm just a girl i'm just myself you taught me to be myself that's why i'm here alive you didn't suicide that's why i didn't suicide a few years ago, when i was in the deepest depression so john i must say goodbye you know i'm here i know you're here i know you'll be here forever 'cos only the people like you can save the world yes is the answer

Dec 8, 1999
Colin Ryono
Portland, OR, USA
When I was around six years old, I heard "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" for the first time and thought it was the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard. From then on, I was entranced, listening and reading all that I could. I didn't know whether any of these four were still around at the time, I probably didn't even fully understand death at those young ages. But when I heard that it was John that was no longer with us, I laid down in my bedroom and stared at the ceiling for a long time. Even at the early days of my love for the Beatles, I could not fathom that such a person as brilliant and strange and wonderful and beautiful as John Lennon could be dead. I still wonder that person in front of the Dakota with the sign that read simply: (along with a picture of John and the peace symbol): WHY? I miss you every day, John. Bless you.

Dec 8, 1999
Dara Feiler
John, We miss ya so much! Although I was not alive when you were. I still listen to your music all the time to keep your music going. When I was little I played your music and the beatles all the time and still do today! You will live on in my heart! I miss ya John! I went to strawberry fields in Central park the summer of '97. There I left some daisies. John, thoses were for you to let you you know you will always be in our hearts! To make that day I more special, it was my birthday and was thinking of you when I left the flowers! Luv, Dara

Dec 8, 1999
Who said that John was an idol? He's been a Man. He was the greatest musician and poet. I thing that before him we hadn't understood completely what is God? What is life? What is love? And now all of us know that God is a concept which we measure our pain. And love is all we need. And life is the thing when we must love them all, who are being to be loved. Thank you, John Ono! Let us believe in us, but not in Tarot, Kennedy or Hitler!

Dec 8, 1999
Fifth Beatle
Dallas, TX USA
So maybe I was two days shy of my 9th birthday, and I didn't really know who you were or what you had done for the world. But I have learned since; many times over. We all look up to you, John. We all have a little part of us that is truly John Lennon. Something that one person cannot take from us. So you see, the man who tried to kill you failed. And together, we would like to make your visions of world peace come true, in time. I promise.

Dec 8, 1999
Deidre (Polythene Pam)
It's funny that somebody I never met, was not even around during his lifetime and somebody the exact opposite of me has had the greatest influence and effect I could ever imagine somebody having on me. The world is better off for having had him in it and if we still remember what he stood for and what he wanted we can all get it. I watched the bed in last night and it all made perfect sense of what this world should be about. As sad as this day is for me and so many others I wish to remember all the joy he brought to people during his life with his songs and books and humour and genius. He may have created all of that in the 40 years that he was alive but it will go on forever because somebody like that could never be forgotten. The dream will never be over as long as we all remember the love and peace he wanted for the world. John is no longer here in body but his great spirit is forever in our hearts and mind. He'll always shine on.

Dec 8, 1999
Ben Cook-Feltz
Cedar Falls, IA
Hello. And to John, if you're able to see this, hello to you too. I was never alive to hear John's music; I had the unfortunate luck of being born 19 days after his murder. But I have come to see John as an idol of sorts, not because of his opinions or views (some of which I frankly don't agree with), but because he simply did what he felt like doing, what he felt was right. He never sold himself out; and for that reason, I admire him greatly. He was a real visionary, with a rock and roll heart. Even though I wasn't alive when he died, I still feel a sense of loss. There were so many songs he would have written, so many more messages he could have spread, so many hard times we were about to go through where his music could have touched us, just as it did in the 60's. It's very sad. I'm not sure just where John is now (after all, he himself told us to imagine there's no Heaven, so it makes you wonder where he could be!), but I wanted to say thanks.

Dec 8, 1999
Alejandro Gmez
Caracas, Venezuela
What can I say? John is not dead, he lives forever.Thank you, bless you. Happy 2000 to everybody who loves John. (Im crying) "COME TOGETHER"

Dec 8, 1999

Dec 8, 1999
Miss Rocky
It would be nice if someone did this for Jesus on his birthday or the anniversary of his crusifiction. To simply write what they are thankful for in life and for the many blessings he has bestoed upon them...... John was and is a beautiful soul. However tragic his demise was, his work here on this plain was done. We never want to see anyone go....But each and everyone of us will have our exit from this demention...Your soul alive as ever....everlasting. No, John is not dead......His spirit has moved on. I am sure he is quite busy with work elsewhere...Don't worry folks, It's all good.

Dec 8, 1999
We miss you John and you will always be in our thoughts.Even though I wasn't born when you were killed I still love you and miss you everyday.May your memory live on forever Peace and Love Liz

Dec 8, 1999
Tim Swaddling
I was only a few months old when John was shot, but it still hurts. My birthdate, oddly enough, is August 12th, 1980 (8th month, 12th day, 1980), while today's date is my "reverse birthday" (12th month, 8th day). Sometimes its difficult to believe that Lennon isn't around... he most certainly deserves to be. I'll be playing Plastic Ono, Imagine, Walls And Bridges and other Lennon classics all day, as well as listening to the radio, which is always emotional. They have the "classic rock calender" which always, every year, talks about Jim Morrison's birthday, Jimi Hendrix's Toronto drug bust and then sadly John Lennon's death. It's a terrible testement to what's wrong in the world and in America (guns). But it also shows us that the best in music will live on, and some of their stuff actually gets better as time moves along. He was the greatest! "No one can harm you, feel your own pain". Today I feel the world's though, John. Tim

Dec 8, 1999
I was 23 when Lennon Died, Lennon was 23 when Kennedy died. Lennon was 17 years older than me. 17 + 23 = 40, the age Lennon was upon his death. John met Paul the year I was born. When John was killed back in 1980 I was never the same. It took me years to get over it.

Dec 8, 1999
Jennifer Dunford
I don't remember the day John died (I was only 14 months old at the time) but I love him all the same. I've known about the Beatles and sort of known about him for as long as I can remember , but it's only been the last three years that I discovered what he really means to me. For me this day is special as it was the week leading up to it that I first felt this love. Time magazine was wrong (or had listen to American Pie too many times); it wasn't the night the music died; the music never dies, not as long as people listen. Last year I marked it by lighting a candle and playing Imagine. The year before, listening to Elton John's Empty Garden. He was also wrong - the garden isn't empty - flowers of love still grow.

Dec 8, 1999
New York
I was only 5 years old when John's life was tragically taken from this world. I remember knowing who he was, and being horrified at the fact that someone would murder such a beloved figure. It made absolutely no sense. I remember the following day, my sister put the front page picture of John on her bedroom door. I also remember my sisters talking about the music teacher crying about it at school. Not long after, my sister took out some Beatles records from the library. I loved listening to them, and I really responded to the songs. I remember "I Want to Hold Your Hand" being the first pop song I knew by heart. I wish I could have been more "present" at that time, so I could have really mourned his passing. I feel like I need that kind of communal understanding of such a loss. I suppose the gatherings in Strawberry Fields and the tributes that come up will have to do. I just know if I hear "Imagine" at any time today I will cry. Actually, I always do when I hear it. It reminds me of how much we've lost. He was such a remarkable artist and an inspiring man. Thank God he's left so much for us to cherish and remember. Thank you, John.

Dec 8, 1999
boston, massachusetts
Not a year has gone by that I don't set aside a moment to remember John on the day of his birth, and the day of his death. I just want to say Thank you John, for the talent you shared with the world, for your honesty, sense of humor, lack of pretense, and for growing up in front of the whole world into a wonderful man. A lot of us out here in the 'jungle' of the everyday world still feel your influence. We'll never forget you, my friend....

Dec 8, 1999
Tina L.
I am so very impressed with all of you who are writing about John and were not even alive 19 years ago! Too often when he comes up in conversation, I am so disheartened. I have come across too many people who simply don't give him the credit he deserves. At this time of year I ALWAYS think of him. Today, of course because it marks his assassination ..... and at Christmas I remember this man who has forever changed the face of popular music, who was influenced and has greatly influenced. Who was blunt enough to point out to a crowd of strangers his band had become more POPULAR (key word!) then 'Jesus Christ' and they turned on him out of sheer ignorance because they couldn't handle the truth. He took his position of 'popularity' and used it as the platform to deliver his wonderful ideas about LOVE, PEACE, POPULARITY, IMAGINATION, INDIVUALITY, REGRETS, DREAMS, EXPERICENCE, LIFE AND DEATH. There was a time he even had a startling physcial resemblance to the image of Christ. Maybe he didn't believe in Christ, but he was not far removed from the same committment to man kind. Many of his songs recite the spirit of the season, and at least they can still be heard and messages still delivered. I think John Lennon would agree with me that it is unfortunate today, mankind is struggling even harder for Peace & Love. Let us continue to let this man touch our hearts and inspire us as individuals to make a difference.

Dec 8, 1999
gabriela formentelli
bs. As. Argentina
I was very young when you were assassinated, and I became a real fan of the beatles when I was 22 but I have learnt to love you four. Its a pity I could not enjoyed you as I wanted. Anyway you, john, live in my heart. I love you. Gaby

Dec 8, 1999
West Boylston Massachusetts
I was brought up with the nusic of John and the Beatles and If this would be the only chance i get to tell John something I would say thank you for inspiring me to play the guitar and because of you music has surronded me in every way and has inspired me leaving me with memories, insight feelings i will never forget. Beacause of you music is the key to all the doors in my life. I was born on Oct 4 1985, but that doesn't mean that I can't understand and feel the pain of someone who was alive during Lennon's legacy. See ya in heaven Johnny, we love you. ~Lula~

Dec 8, 1999
Let the inspiration John created carry on through future generations. Let the love he gave be cherished.

Dec 8, 1999
Nikki Dalbeth
South Wales, UK
I've been a Beatles Fan since the womb! My mum brought me up on the Beatles and I do love them. I was 11 years old when John was shot and even at that age I felt a great loss. I remember watching the news showing a lot of people standing in a park crying thier hearts out! I cried for days, my friends thought I was seriously wierd! But I told them try telling that to the thousands of fans who are mourning John. My own kids love the Beatles too! A few years ago 1993, I discovered a tribute band The Bootleg Beatles they were and still are incredible. Born 15 years too late to be a teenager in the Beatles era, I beleive I have witnessed the closest thing to the real thing possible. Love to John Nikkixxxxxxxxxxxx

Dec 8, 1999
I was only five when John was assassinated. I don't really remember too much about it except that I didn't know who he was until my mom showed me her old Beatles albums. Since then, I've become a huge Lennon/Beatles fan, I listen to John's music everyday. I've found that his music along with Beatle's music have a certain affect on me. No matter what problems I have or how bad I feel, the music has always taken me to another place and my outlook on life changes. Lennon always puts things in perspective for me and I know that he wasn't perfect and I think that is why I admire him as I do. John will always live, for his music is his legacy.

Dec 8, 1999

Dec 8, 1999
Barcelona, Europe
I was 14 years old, and I was going to school with my father in his car. I heard it on the radio. I almost cried. I had known The Beatles since I was 6 years old, from the cartoon TV of them.

Dec 8, 1999
You are missed, John, more than you know. I was too young to remember your death. But all day today, I had my teachers and professors telling me of where they were and what they did when you died. Just volunteering it. I know you would want us to remember your life and the message you wanted to send out, not of your death, and part of you will always live on inside of us. We all shine on, and I know you are in every twinkling star.

Dec 8, 1999
Always, John. Always.

Dec 8, 1999
Nikki T
Nova Scotia, Canada
Since Im only 16, i was never around when John was alive. But I dont care. I still consider him my hero, and I think he was one of the most decent, wonderful people in the world. What he and Yoko is something I hope to experience myself oneday. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. FUCK WAR.

Dec 8, 1999
Liz Brinklow
united kingdom
I was 11 when John died. I remember the sadness and disbelief.He will never be forgotten and I will always be grateful for the legacy he left behind his music.

Dec 8, 1999
Giovanni Mauro
Mantova, Italy
A friend called me, he was crying: - Have you heard? John is dead. Life is a shit, don't you think?- I was feeling like my brother was dead, no way to think about it, the only thoughts I had were: no more music from him, and poor Yoko, she lost her love....

Dec 8, 1999
Wilmington, DE
I was 10 years old on December 8, 1980, and had already been a huge fan of the Beatles and John Lennon for several years. I went to bed that night with nothing out of the ordinary on my mind. For some reason, I woke up in what seemed like the middle of the night (I think it was acutally right around 12:00 or 1:00am). I heard my parents talking to each other in scary, hushed tones. I heard my father tell my mother that he had just heard on TV that John Lennon had been shot and killed. "Should we wake Michelle?" I heard my mother ask, knowing that their Beatlemaniac daughter would be distraught. "No, let her sleep. 'll fi." came my father's answer. I crept back into my bed, numb from shock. Had I dreamt this news? When morning came, my worst fear had been confirmed: no dream. The dream, in fact, was over. I stayed home from school for three days, slumped in the den in my nightgown, playing my Beatles albums, candles lit, rocking back and forth, slient tears streaming down. I wrote the most heartfelt condolence letter to Yoko and Sean that week, and watched every piece of news I could soak up on the tragedy and sobbed sliently along with mourners in Central Park. Silly as it may seem, I felt a piece of my innocence slip away that night, and I felt a loss and a pain that I can't ever explain. I still at every playing of Imagine. To this day, my heart sinks every December 8. Bless you, John, for all you gave to us and everything you left us. This world is not the same without you here.

Dec 8, 1999
The foolonthehill
Sometimes someone is a living legend, a man that struggles for peace, so many helpless soles to defend, Struggling against that one disease, the disease that we call war, but sadly there's still so much fear, but I can feel love shining in the stars, because I know your somewhere near, Wold peace seems far away, but it will be here some day, if we all join together!!!! Give peace a chance

Dec 8, 1999
I wasn't here when John was murdered, but I have to say something anyway. Its disgusting the way so many great people are murdered, and John I'm so sorry. All our minds down here are screwy. We all miss you, John. Thanks for everything you gave us, and that is still giving itself.

Dec 8, 1999
I was only a couple months old when John died but really didnt get into the music until a few years ago.Whenever I hear the music it almost touches me as a genius at work. I visited Strawberry Fields ironically 2 days before Linda passed on. I left an apple. May you always be in our heart as we all shine on. Imagine.

Dec 8, 1999
John's death doesn't get any easier to take many "what ifs?" way to really express the grief...respect and love to the man...Thanks for all you did, your music and message live on...

Dec 8, 1999
Stephen Kemp
Hollywood, CA
While he was alive, John Lennon in numerous interviews always professed disdain for living in the past ("I don't believe in yesterday", a great line which I believe Harry Nilsson first used on his classic version of "You Can't Do That.").Yet Lennon's was a life -- needlessly cut short as it was -- that lives forever through an enduring body of music, art, writings and other artistic inspirations, most notably his human honesty. It should also be noted that each of the still-very-much-alive Beatles -- Paul, George, Ringo, Murray the K (well, maybe not Murray) -- also merit such an eternal legacy. And no amount of the incessant, deplorable desecration of the Fab Four's sound in bad TV commercials (what's next? "The Ballad Of John & Coco's"?) will ever make it otherwise. Let's also never forget that it was a delusional "religious" person who robbed a man of his life, two sons of their father, a wife of her husband and the world of one of its leading lights. Thank you, John Lennon, for a life worth celebrating. Thank you, Bagism, for a fan-tastic website. Strawberry Beatles Forever. (Thank you, Harry.)

Dec 8, 1999
Bloomington, IL
I was born exactly 37 days after John died, and it's hard to believe we were never alive at the same time. I'm a huge Lennon fan. He is (never say was) such a genius in so many ways -- with music, lyrics, words, and activism. John's music, writing, and life touches me and I can't believe he's gone. Remember John; he isn't dead until his message isn't spread any more. We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun. Let's help John keep shining!

Dec 8, 1999
Albq, NM Us
JDP, Nineteen years ago today, the world lost one of it's Gentle Souls. There was always an underlying theme to John Lennon's music, and that theme was Love. His short life ended tragically & senselessly on December 8th, 1980 by a bullet from an assasin's gun; an assasin who had no reason for the murder other than to make news. John leaves behind a legacy of Peace & Forward-Thinking. His ability to IMAGINE was unequaled. We Miss You, John! Jim B ============================================================== Jim, Coincedentally, while I was reading your message, & while reading the word Love, the John Lennon CD w/ song Mind Games was playing his voice singing the word Love coincident in time! That next song: Love Is; The word is Love; All U need is Love; ... + countless other John Lennon inspired songs treat the subject of Love as a supreme concept. Love is such a universal, but personal & sometimes illusive concept, yet John never seemed to pass up a chance to glorify it, & that, I think is his greatest legacy. As far as the bullet... I'm not convinced that John wasn't expecting it. Many of his songs dealt with the subject: I'm so lonely... I wanna die; Cold Turkey; Instant Karma ... The one that I often think about is on #9 Dream. It sounds like he is describing a lucid dream: "Was it just a dream, seemed so real to me, somebody call out my name, 2 spirits dancing soo strange, as it started 2 rain, something warrm, sudden cold, the spirit dance was unfolding " ... almosts sounds like the nite outside the Dakota. Will his/herstory remember John Lennon in a more than favorable light because we didn't have to watch him grow old "& do Vegas"? Everybody loves U when Ur 6' in the ground. We can also thank Mr. Zimmerman 4 nudging John to say "something significant" through his music (& 4 cannibis intro), and that something was the "Word of Love". Remembering John Lennon with the rest of you... Jim Palmer "Death is like getting out of one car & going into another" - JL

Dec 8, 1999
..........What's there to say.....? It's all been said already...we all know what a great guy he was...and will always be......In other's all too sad to comment on...but hey, why not remember him for what he did....and what he still does....; he touches the lives of people all over the world and will probably do so for long to come....peace.

Dec 8, 1999
~*~ Laura ~*~
North Carolina, USA
I wasn't around yet when John died. I can't help but be grateful that I didn't have to live through it, because I'm not sure that I would have been able to make it. John, you and the rest of the Beatles are the wind beneath my wings, my inspiration, happiness, and a piece of my life forever. You'll always be my personal hero, wherever you are. Rest in Peace...all my love goes out for you today. Like you said, it's all we need, even if you're not around. We'll have love. Shine on!

Dec 8, 1999
Andrea and Vicky
We weren't even born yet the day John left. He will always be remembered and loved for his music and thoughts at a time in history where chaos was dominant. John, thank you for the music and inspiration you gave us. We all should believe in peace, love, and happiness.

Dec 8, 1999
Joanna ( aka Long Live Rock)
Thank you John. We all love and miss you whether we were around to experience this day 19 years ago. I wasn't but i still feel very sad about your loss and that suffered by your family, friends and fans. Peace and Love. "Wherever you are, you are here"

Dec 8, 1999
I was born in 1983, meaning I really can't share any memories of this exact happening. But, this day always makes me think back to this very day about 6 years ago (I was 10), whenever I was watching this guy on a talkshow do a painting of John. He did it quite oddly, I forget how, but they asked him what drove him to make this art, and he said "when John Lennon was killed, I was addicted to various substances, I was an alcoholic, etc., but I saw his art of music as a way out, and after the death is when I started on my way out of addictions, etc. (basically went on to say that John's death made him think and changed his life)". I knew of the Beatles before, didn't necisarrily know about John all that much, but my dad told me the story. The thought that someone could help someone deal with their problems even after their death amazed me. I then went out and bought the 'blue' album 1967-70, and I found that the music rocked! From there, I got all of the Beatles CDs/Solo Works and now I'm hooked. It's a shame I never got to live during Lennon's time. But then again, is he really gone? He's just 'limited' in that he can't make anymore up-to-date statements, but he's here. It's like, he's eternally silenced, but his voice and message still gets people every day. Later, Rick

Dec 8, 1999
Jean-Pascal Carbonneau
Qubec, Canada
Mon Hro. Cette homme prs des gens Les cheveux dans le vent Lunette ronde au nez Avec un envie de composer C`est mon hro. Ne dans la tourmente Et dcd dans l`innocence Cette personne tait plus qu`un tre humain C`tait l`idole du peuple jusqu` sa mort en 80 C`est mon hro. Celui qui brille dans les toile Et que plusieurs dessinent sur une toile C`tait le mari de Yoko Ono C`est mon hro. Pour John Lennon De Jean-Pascal Carbonneau Peace And Love everybody!!!!

Dec 8, 1999
Darren Bouley
Williamstown, MA US
Hope is alive!

Dec 8, 1999
Sabrina the Bella Luna
Fort Mill, SC USA
When John Lennon died, the poet in me was born. I learn from his life and times about the man, the artist, and the musician. Lennon was no saint, but he was a very gifted man. He lived in a unique time in history when the world was changing and he played a very big part of that change. Thank you, John Lennon!

Dec 8, 1999
New Jersey
Even though he's been gone for nearly 2 decades the memory of John Lennon is still very alive and well. He'll continue to remain in the hearts of all who he has touched. At this point in my life I couldn't imagine not listenting to any Lennon/Beatles music. So thank you John for leaving us with the wonderful music that you made.

Dec 8, 1999
Taylor,MI USA
John, I was only two years old when you died but have always known who you and your former bandmates were. I have been a Beatle fan ever since and it only continues to grow! You, Paul,George and Ringo showed me anybody can do anything! You 4 are, were,and always will be THE GREATEST! Yoko's and your commitment to the peace movement inspires me, to help those who don't have a voice as well as to stick up for myself and not take any crap! You've inspired me more than you'll ever know and and I thank you, thank you, thank you. Yoko, if by any chance, you're reading this I'd like to thank you as well. Paul, Ringo, Geogre, thank you so so much! John, take care my friend, and don't worry there will be peace if I've got anything to do with it ! We will win I'm sure, it'll just take time and persistence! Here's to dreaming, I love you:) Julian, Kyoko, and Sean please know my thoughts are with you! Jenny

Dec 8, 1999
gladwyne, pa
john lennon.....what do you think when you hear that name?..well...for one THING what a genuis he everyway. i always felt a closeness to him even though i wasn't around when he was. everything john lennon did has been around for us... And see how long he he has lasted over the years... still today young kids to adults are just discovering john and his music and what he meant to us across the nation. i love you john! if anyone remembers or have seen him on the mike douglas , when yoko and john were calling people and just saying "i love you" to who ever answered and telling them to pass the messege down to somebody else. i thought it ws cute when john said to a caller "i love you, pass it on". he really was sweet. i love him and still DO ....he looks so much like my dad...... its sad.......... somebody kill the bastard or i will! john was so much more a man then the frickin' killer.....GIVE..peace a chance yeah, peace but no peace for mark chapman FUCK HIM!

Dec 8, 1999
When most of us think of John Lennon today, myself included, we think "rock superstar" or a "legend". Though he is most of the things we invision him to be. His death proved to the world, in a most horrific and obscene way, he was also human. He walked among us, spoke to us, and talked to us, touching most of us through his music. Though the passing of any life is always sad, this one touched too many people to go out quietly. On the "anniversary" of his tragic passing I would just like to say, "treasure what you have in this life. You never know when you might lose what is most precious to you. Never take anything for granted." Thank-you John for being human

Dec 8, 1999
David Rose
John is my hero, His success drives my sucess. John I love you!

Dec 8, 1999
mike p
i miss john i listen to the beatles everyday god bless john

Dec 8, 1999
...amazement must be experienced first hand..and the coming of the beatles was an amazement!!!!!!!!!they were incomparable...irresistible...the most astomishing band that ever rocked the planet!!!!no band will ever surpass their greatness....johns death was so awful...i cannot find the words...he is missed every day...and every time a beatles song is played,someone remembers that he is very sad!!!

Dec 8, 1999
Thanks for the memories, Love and Peace =)

Dec 8, 1999
I first discovered John Lennon around 1974, when I was 14. Two of the first albums that I bought were The Beatles "Hey Jude", and John's "Walls and Bridges". Soon enough, I had most of The Beatles' albums, and became a life-long fan of their music. I was 20 years old the night John was killed. I was at home, watching Monday Night Football, when the announcement was made. I don't remember much else about that night. However, I clearly remember listening to the Chicago radio station WXRT for several hours the following morning. Terri Hemmert, who is still on XRT, and the MC for the Chicago Beatlefest every year, was doing her morning show, and I can remember how much this effected her too. She talked openly about the tragedy, and that helped me a lot. It's difficult to believe that 19 years have gone by since that night. I am amazed at the effect John has had on so many lives, including so many that were born after his death. John wrote about peace and love, and it is wonderful that so many people will remember him for that. And it's wonderful that the anthologies and the videos make it possible for new generations of people to learn about John and The Beatles.

Dec 8, 1999
Glen Wilson
Dallas, Texas USA
I still remember hearing the horrible news on the radio (97.1) like it was yesterday. The pain of the loss still rings true today. It reminds us that life is precious and we must live each day to the fullest because you never know when the end is coming. As painful as it is to us as fans, we must always remember the people closest to John on this day. I always think about it when I hear "Happy Christmas" because that was the last John Lennon song I heard while he was still alive. It is amazing how time passes because I was 18 when he died so I have now been alive longer with him gone than I was when he was here with us. As John said, "We all shine on". He is still with us as long as he remains in our thoughts.

Dec 8, 1999
Frederic, WI
I am only 15, so I wasn't around when John was; but I remember the first time I heard that John was dead. I was about eight or nine, and my mom was tucking me into bed. A Beatles song came on the radio, and I asked my mom if any of the Beatles were still living. My mom told me that three of them were. I knew that there were four Beatles, so that meant that one was dead. I asked which one was dead, and my mom said that John was. I asked how he died, and my mom said with a sadness in her voice, "Some wacko shot him for no reason." Even though I was young, and only liked a few Beatles songs at the time, I felt a sadness come over me, and wondered why anyone would want to kill one of the Beatles. I said to my mom, "Why would anyone want to shoot John Lennon?"; and my mom said, "I don't know." I felt kind of sad, and confused. I kinda tucked it into the back of my mind, though, until I was 11, and started to get interested in the Beatles. I remembered the conversation between my mom and me from a few years back, and it stuck in my mind. Whne I was 13, I was depressed about the fact that John was dead, and it just took over my life, and I was sad all the time, and I also had a total of 11 nightmares about the murder. After some time, I got over it, and got on with my life, but it still makes me really sad when I think about what happened. I still cry every time I hear "Imagine", and sometimes when I hear "Happy X-Mas". When I remember John, I remember the genius and the immense spirit inside him, and the vengeance to go after so many things. I also remember him as the peace activist; and the wonderful musicianship from within. What I like most about the music is the honesty. If you ever listen to later Beatles music and solo Lennon, the lyrics are so HONEST! I also really love the creativity from within. (In my opinion, the thing I like best about music is the honesty in the lyrics and the creativity and the energy from within.) To end this, I'd like to say, John, I miss you, and I'll remember you always! (I also hope to cross paths with you someday, in whatever form.)

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