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Mention the date "December 8" to most John Lennon fans and they will immediately think of that day in 1980 when John Lennon was shot and killed outside his home. It is a date that will be forever etched in our memories. But memories -- even bad memories -- are good. They remind us to appreciate what we have in the present and to work hard to keep from repeating mistakes of the past. So, put that old Imagine album on the turntable, look through your torn copies of Beatles Monthly magazine, and read these memories of John written by your Bagism friends.


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Dec 8, 1999
Gene McClay
I was 8, it was late 1963, I heard I Want To Hold YOur Hand, and that was it for me, I knew I had just heard the future of rock and roll, I was living in Dallas, TX, watching Monday night football when Howard Cosell made the announcement and I cried like a baby, they were the best and John was the heart and soul of the reatest rock band ever, they will never be matched.

Dec 8, 1999
chris Kataquapit
Moosonee/Moose Factory
It was about 7:30 in the morning, Dec. 9/1980; the alarm clock clicked on and a John Lennon song was playing. The announcer came on, "That was the Late John Lennon - shot dead outside his New York apartment home -the Dakota - last night returning home from the recording studio." I was half asleep, but I eventually woke up. I do not need to say anymore other than that it was a senseless act of violence commited on anyone - most of all - a man with such immense genius to create the music that we all love. Long live the music and spirit of john lennon...

Dec 8, 1999
Brendan John Collins
"Imagine there's no heaven,it's easy if you try" Imagine no John Lennon,now that's more difficult Yet on December 8th 1980 we have had to try Can anyone really imagine what the world would have been like without John. Imagine the last nineteen years if John had been with us. "Love is a flower you got to let it grow" Rest in peace John

Dec 8, 1999
I'm only 15, but John Lennon is a huge part of my life. Everyday I listen to his music and I feel special. He had a special charm that he shared to the world through his music. My mom introduced me to the Beatles and I watched the Anthology Movies with her. She would explain to me what she felt when John was killed. After a week I had become an obsessive Beatle fan. When I went back to watch the Anthology movies again, I started to watch the video "Free As a Bird" and I started to cry. The lyrics were beautiful, but as I listened to them they made sense. He is now free and flying over us. He will always be my HERO.

Dec 8, 1999
Kevin K
Hello everyone. I became a fan of The Beatles around 6 1/2 years ago. I was taking a music theory class in high school, and our homework one night was to watch Paul McCartney's unplugged special. Well, I watched and I was blown away by Paul and the songs he sang. When I got home from school the next day, I instantly took every Beatles album I could find in my mother's collection. She was a fan from back in 1964, so she had many albums:) I remember putting on "She Loves You" and I swear I'd never had such a response to a song like I did that day. It was an energy I hadn't experienced before. From there, I started to really get into John's songs especially. It didn't matter if some girl disliked me, or I had a bad day, or I felt like a big zero. I knew that his songs and message would heal any damage done. I remember hearing "Woman is the Nigger of the World", and really being affected by it. I saw my own chauvinism for the first time, and I made some changes. John's music got me through some difficult times, and helped me to become the person I am today. I'm still learning new things from his music. And I have to mention that listening to Lennon-McCartney got me interested in writing my own songs. I really only have a vague memory of when I heard the news that John had been killed. I was only 5 at the time. But prior to his passing, my mother had bought the "Double Fantasy" album. I remember lstening to that album over and over again. It's my earliest musical memory in fact. I remeber the day after he was shot, my mom told me John had died. I didn't understand what that meant at the time, but I could tell by her crying that something bad had happened to the man on the record I liked to listen to. I really wish he were still here (who doesn't). I wonder what he would have to say about our current events. I often wonder what kind of music he would be producing. I will continue to listen and learn from his songs until I leave this place. If any Beatles/Lennon fans would like

Dec 8, 1999
holly richards
Ravenna, Ohio, U.S.A
When I fist got interested into the Beatles it was about 3years ago. John was my favorite beatle from the start. Icould relate to his thoughts,feelings,and personality. I think discovering the Beatles was the best thing to happen to me since I was born. They changed my life. I feel that Mark Davied Chatman does'nt deserver to live for all the pain he caused. John will live forever in our hearts and dreams. Peace forever on Earth and to all life.

Dec 8, 1999
East Meadow, NY
What can I say that hasn't been said allready by John's biggest fans....I couldn't believe it either when I heard the news that next morning I cried I had my own memorial for John in the privacy of my own home... But I can remember that day like it was yesterday. It is just one of those times that you can't forget. It was a sensless act by a sensless person. I have loved the Beatles since I was 18 years and have seen Paul several times recent in New York City 9/22/99 it was great to see him out and I screamed the whole time he was talking to all the people who were was like so great Beatlemania all over again because the last time I saw him was 1989.... I can't believe it has been this long since John is gone, I wonder how Julian feels right now. Lets all imajin how Julian must feel today and everyday withall his hurt feelings he has toward Uko.... Take care of yourselves everyone, John would want us to do that. take care and have a good life

Dec 8, 1999
Québec city
The holyday of december for me is much more the 8th that the 25th.I was 6 when John died, and i think it`s one of my oldest memories, altough i didnt know him these days , ill always remember my sister crying, not understanding why she grieved a man she didnt knew; but today i undestand so well... Farewell, John.. hope to see you someday where you are.

Dec 8, 1999
Tampa, FL USA
I was born in 1960 and was exposed to the Beatles at an early age by my older sisters. I am now proud to say my son (age 9) is also a Beatlemanaic and admirer of Mr. Lennon. This week is particularly poignant because there was a quote from him on this week's Monday Night Football game, which was won by our local team. It was a dark day 19 years ago. Who knows what influence this great man would have had? Condolences to Yoko, Julian and Sean. Rest in Peace, John. We miss your wit, wisdom, humor, talent and love for the world and life.

Dec 8, 1999
bonnie tymofievich
trail bc canada
i was sixteen years old when john died and i remember a female dj friend of mine being in tears on the air annoucing the death. Iam 35 years old now and still one of his biggest fans,AND ALWAYSWILLBE.

Dec 8, 1999
Las Vegas, NV
Vividly, I remember that Monday, December 8, 1980. I was at a pub in Westwood, CA (UCLA) watching Monday night football with my buddies when I heard the news report that Lennon had been shot. Like everyone else I was numb and cried. Later that night I played Imagine over and over. The days after I went to many vigils around Westwood and LA. To this day, I still ask why? All I can say is Here's to John...In my life I love you more.

Dec 8, 1999
Sarah Smith
South Yorkshire, England
I love you John and I hope to see you in heaven...XXX

Dec 8, 1999
To me John Lennon will always be remembered. I was not alive when he died but when I did find out I cried wondering how someone could do something like that to such a great person. I got into the Beatles when I was in 6th grade. I have loved them ever sience. Now I'm a 11th grader in high school and I still love him even more. I thank him for all of his music, poems, and thoughts that he shared with us. My walls are now covered in Beatle and John Lennon stuff. You can not see one little square on mall wall. Every year on Dec. 8th I burn candles and insence in honer of him. There will never be another John Lennon. My little motto is the Beatles Rule and John Lennon Forever!!!!!! I write his qotes and poems on everything. I have a book like Jom Morrison use to keep, a notebook were you write down poems and qotes and pictures and stuff. It is full of John Lennon stuff. To me John will never die. I hear his voice everyday and I see pictures of him every day. I just hate to know that he had to go in such a terrible way.

Dec 8, 1999
Sally Hanson
The magnitude of emotions stirred up by today cannot begin to be described with words. Every year a message is sent to me, since 1995, two years ago it was a snow day, last year it was a face in the clouds, and this year was "No need to be afraid," because it really is real love. My bandmates and I especially will always observe this day by dressing in black. Thank you, Johnnie, for all you have given me and what you will continue to give in the future. I will keep you in my heart always and always love you best, even when other trivial things may try to interfere, because, after all, I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. We all shine on, in many different ways...

Dec 8, 1999
Tim Morso
I am 14 years old so I wasnt there when John was killed, but his death still impacts my life. My parents and brother were and are big beatles fans. When i was 11, I heard more and more beatles songs. After that, I bought my first beatles album, the red album 1963-65. Over 3 years, i have accumulated every beatles album but anthology 1 and 3. I also have the Lennon/Legend album. John Lennon is and always will be my musical inspiration. The beatles wrote over 200 songs and no 2 are alike. Every song has completely different harmonies and melodies. I love the beatles, and John, and I hope to see you someday in heaven. God bless you and Rest in peace. Oh and 1 last thing, and i think i speak for everyone, what did you see in Yoko?

Dec 8, 1999
Manhattan Beach, California, but someday it'll be Manhattan NEW YORK!!!!!
I'm not the average crazed John Lennon fan who can remember exactly where I was at the time of his death. That might have to do with the fact that I wasn't born untill four years after the horrible event took place. I'm just a 15 year old girl who has had a fascination with John Lennon for quite some time. A couple years ago I had this weird dream that I was hanging out with John Lennon. I had about 5 or 6 dreams similar to that one in the next few weeks. Ever since then I've idolized him. I remember when I first heard the "Imagine" album. I was just blown away. John touched me with lines like "How Can I go foward when i don't know which way i'm facing?" or "I've had enough of watching scenes of schizophrenic-ego-centric-paranoid-premadonnas" and especially "You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and our world will be as one." Last week my dad took me to New York for the first time. We stayed in a hotel right down the street from the Dakota. Every time we walked past that big building I got chills thinking about what occured here on December 8, 1980. I walked through Strawberry Feilds and I felt as though John was right next to me. It's just so sad that someone so wonderful had to be taken away from us. Just think, if only guns didn't exsist maybe he'd still be with us, happily living with Yoko in the Dakota.

Dec 8, 1999
Garrett Gilbertson
Black River Falls, WI, USA
I wonder if the world will ever see someone as good as John Lennon again. Probably not, though, I mean, this guy was great! Greater than great, I started in on a Beatles craze when i was ten and 7 years have gone by and the Beatles are still my favorite, I hope, and very much doubt, that it will ever change. Of course John was my favorite Beatle. Witty, and just over-all terrific song writer, among other things. Rest in peace, John.and what a suitable word: peace. We still love you down here. Garrepito "the Walrus"

Dec 8, 1999
Julian Bashir
Maine, USA
The first time I was properly "introduced" to the Beatles was when my father sat me down and had me watch the Beatles Anthology (I was 13). I had known about them before, of course, but this was the first time that I heard about the origins of the "Beatles with an 'A.'" As soon as the first installment was over, I rushed into my room, pulled out the only Beatles CD that I owned (it was Past Masters I, a gift from a relative), and played it over and over until my mother banged on the wall and said it was time for bed. Since then, the Beatles have been a huge part of my life. My father died of lung cancer two years ago, not too long after the anniversary of John's death. It was all quite sudden, but I remember coming home from the hospital that night and immediately putting on my Beatles tunes (I think the first thing I played was "Helter Skelter;" it seemed like a good thing to play, since I was pretty pissed). I can also remember taking a vague comfort in the idea that wherever my dad was, he was with John (coincidentally, my dad's name was John, too). Ever since then, listening to any Beatles music, group or solo, has been a sort of tie to my father and a way to remember the relationship we had. My dad gave me John and the Beatles, and it's probably one of the best "gifts" I've ever had. I have to confess that Paul is my favorite Beatle, but John runs him a photo finish. I love Paul's work and I always will, but John also holds a special place for me. I listen to John's music whenever I'm hurt or angry, and it rarely fails to calm me down and give me a little perspective. I once had a friend (and fellow Beatles fan) tell me that she thought I had a similar personality to John's. I don't know whether that's at all true, but I'm flattered just the same. John, your music has touched millions of people, and your passing was a tremendous loss. You'd probably call this sentimental drivel, but thanks all the same, mate.

Dec 8, 1999
I wasn't even a fertilized egg cell (a zygote, for those of you over 10) when John was taken from the world...I wouldn't be one for about another year and 6 months, or so. May seem like it's beside the point, but it really isn't. So I was born 2 years, 2 months and 9 days after John passed - it still impacted me as much as anyone. I'm actually one of the lucky ones who didn't have to live through that. I'm sure, if I had been old enough to understand, that I wouldn't have had a very easy time with it. I guess what I'm trying to say here, as my strawberry scented candle burns beside me, that John's death impacted millions. A countless number of people. And his death is going to continue to impact millions as each one of those impacted continues to spread the love for him and his music around. As the webpages increase in number and the bands continue to list the Beatles as one of their greatest influences...John will be remembered. And John will be remembered forever, by people who were alive when he was (no matter how small they were) and by people who weren't. It doesn't much matter if you were or weren't. He'll live forever in memory. Not just any memory, but loving memory. My loving memory. Your loving memory. Our loving memory.

Dec 8, 1999
I remember the night of Dec.8, I was driving home from a buddies house after studying for college, and heard three different John Lennon songs it was great, not knowing what had happened. Next morning I woke up to the radio and finaly heard the bad news. I said to my mother they killed John Lennon. We had our own candlelight rememberance for him. I am a musician and am thankful to be able to relate to what a great artist, musician, visionary, clown and father he was. can't wait to meet him in heaven. "Love is the answer and you know that for sure"

Dec 8, 1999
I am only 16, so I was not around when that tragic occurence befell the world. I wish I had been so that I could have actually mourned along with fellow "LEnnon-ists". Now, people at school make fun of me...Reminds me of a Lennon song...anyhow, anyone who wants to talk about John or the BEatles can write to me and I promise to write back... Peaceout, Meggie //oo\

Dec 8, 1999
Dinah Elliott
Houston, Texas
I flew into Newark/New York two weeks ago and went straight to Strawberry Fields to see what I had waited years to see. Flowers and photos of John were placed on the 'Imagine' mosaic. I sat on a bench close by and watched the people approach, each parent would lean down and speak softly to their small children. Perhaps telling them who John was or what John meant to them. My own daughter has seen me cry when 'Imagine' comes on the radio. I explain, it's because I'm sad for John's wife and children who loved him, I'm sad for all the music he had inside him that we'll never hear, I'm sad because John's message of peace might have made a big difference in the world if he'd had more time. I wear black every day and there is a connection to my feelings of loss over the senseless killing of John Winston Lennon. I join all who loved John in mourning his loss, in imagining what could have been and in joy over what he gave us and the world in his lifetime. Peace everyone!!

Dec 8, 1999
I'm only 13 years old, but I'm a big John Lennon. I would just like to comment on the thing that that guy Tim Morsso or something said about Yoko. If you were such a big fan of John Lennon and you respect him so much, than why would you question his jugments? He love Yoko verry much and he was able to look past the looks and see her from the inside, she is a verry smart woman and verry good at art. So, "I think I speak for everyone when I ask" why would you ask such a stupid question?

Dec 8, 1999
Selby Smith
Silver City, NM USA
John Lennon has made such an impact on my life, really on every life. He began as a pop/rock n roller of the early 60's and evolved into one of the most important people in music. It is amazing, the inspiration he has given me. His songs convey many of the feelings that I have, and I can relate to what he is saying. Music truly is the language of the soul, and John Lennon knew how to go deep down into each person and move them each in a different and special way. I have grown up listening to John, and he has truly been one of the biggest parts of my life. Peace and Love!

Dec 8, 1999
Alex Manning
I am in total shock,I still cannot believe he gone. but we all need to stay positive. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, so love him don't morn his death. JOHN I love you

Dec 8, 1999
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Being born after the death of John Lennon, I often wonder what it would have been like to see him on the TV w/o it being a documentary, reading interviews from a magazine that are only days old, and seeing him in concert, or even meet him. I learned who the Beatles were about three years ago from a new girl at church, now my best friend. After hearing a little bit of their music and hearing about them, I began to like them. I remember one day at choir practice she was crying. I had asked her what was wrong... she couldn't bring herself to tell me. A another friend told me it was December 8, the day John Lennon died. I didn't understand at the time why she would cry over some guy who was in a band that broke up a long time before, but I do now. Last year, through that friend who couldn't bring herself to tell me why she was crying, I came to love the Beatles more than anything I can think of. I had never cried about John before until December 8, 1998. I have cried many, many times after that... (at one time) sometimes even crying myself every nite. It may sound crazy to some, others will understand, but John came to me in a dream telling me not to cry: he has always been here, and always will be. Maybe it was just a way of my mind telling me not to cry so much or it was really John, but John only knows. Since that time, I have cried over John only occasionly. Instead of crying, I sit back and think of all the great things he, not the Beatle, the singer, the idol, god, but the PERSON has done for us. His genius has helped to make the world a better place; we miss his new ideas and quick witticisms, along w/ his art and music. ~*~ John, I will always love you and miss, but keep my sad thoughts to a minimum. And, I know you are there smiling, laughing, and crying right along with all us... hoping for a world in peace. ~*~

Dec 8, 1999
Today is December 8,1999.18 years ago this day John Lennon was shoot and killed,it's sad that there will be no more music from him ever the only thing we have left is his memory to think how he's music as touch millions of fans around the world, history will never have another John Lennon again it's hard to replace such a great person and to get such a man who walked this earth with peace and love in his heart and mind. He was a people person, very open never let the press get him down on his music and family, I guess this person comes once in a millennium,So I say for all the the fans out there JOHN WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH!! For my self I say I love you and miss you, you'll always be in my heart your a true man and I know that you an my grandmother's our watching over everyone. I hope your truly happy where ever you are,Hope your in a place were you can have your peace. We are still thinking about you. Love to all Kari

Dec 8, 1999
I was the one to say about staying positive, I still think we all should. But I am dying inside, I just can't stop crying. Why? Why did he have to die? I need him so much. John I truly love you. You are the purest of spirits and peace will come because just look at all these messages, we are the ones to keep your dream alive. Peace and love for you forever. Yoko, Sean, Paul, Julian, and everyone else who is missing you despiritaly, I wish you peace and happiness. FOREVER JOHN, Thank you for inspiring me and everyone else

Dec 8, 1999
New Jersey
I was a freshman at Montclair State College, playing drums and lots of Beatles music in a garage band in Lodi, NJ. Even though I was a drummer, John was an idol for me, not only because of his music but also for his beliefs and what he stood for. I had bought "Double Fantasy" a few weeks before, and my bandmates and I were very excited about a rumored Lennon concert the following summer in Central Park. 19 years ago tonight, because I didn't have any early classes the next morning, I stayed up and watched Monday Night Football. My recollection was it was going to overtime, with the Dolphins and Redskins tied at 13 (I'm pretty sure I have that right) when our local anchor at the time on Channel 7 in New York broke in with the news that John had been shot. I immediately grabbed the radio and put on WNEW-FM while waiting for more word. No other stations had any more info so I turned back to the game and heard the news as so many millions did, from Howard Cosell. He closed his little announcement with the words, "Dead on arrival", and I recall running through my house yelling, "He said he's dead! He said he's dead!" I turned back to WNEW where the airstaff was trying to keep it together themselves. They then played what had been cued up on the turntables in front of them... Bruce Springsteen's "Jungleland", followed by (I think) "Starting Over". Every single time I've heard "Jungleland" in the past 19 years, even when I heard Bruce do it live in New Jersey this summer, I get choked up. My band had a gig two days later at our local high school. We turned the house lights off and played a tape of "Imagine", and followed that by opening with "Starting Over". A few days later we were standing there in Central Park, only not the way we had hoped to be. I work in Manhattan and have passed by the Dakota a hundred times. I never fail to pause for a second say a little prayer each time, a prayer that's as much for our lost innocence and what used to be as for John. Shine on.

Dec 8, 1999
He impacted my life in helping me stand up for what I believe in.

Dec 8, 1999
Andy T
Brownsville PA
I was ten when John was shot. I new we had lost something( I was a Beatles fan via my older brother) but I couldnot imagine how much we actually did lose. Like most great things, you really don't know what you have until its gone. Shine on, John.

Dec 8, 1999
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans For some reason it's hit me really hard this year. I was only 6 when he died and I was devastated. Now it seems as though no one else cares.

Dec 8, 1999
Chris Link
I was one month and one day old when John was shot but since then The Beatles have become my favorite band and inspired me to play guitar and learn paino. I just finished a charcoal drawing of him tonight and have been thinking about him. John let all of himself out into his art and it is for that that he is so loved. Rock on John!

Dec 8, 1999
I don't really have anything philosophical or intelligent to add. I just want to say that I remember John... not only today, but always. Gone, but never forgotten.

Dec 8, 1999
I can't believe it's been 19 years since John was so tragically taken away from us! I was 21 when it happened and I remember that night just like it was yesterday. My sister and I cried together and sat up all night listening to John's music trying to find some kind of comfort. It was like losing a best friend because that's what John felt like to me. His was the first music I had ever heard when I was 4 years old. I grew up with John's music. Thanks for the music, John. I love you and miss you terribly. I know you're in a much better place across the universe. Your spirit still shines on like the moon and the stars and the sun. Love Ann

Dec 8, 1999
Olavia Kite
Bogota, Colombia
John Lennon was murdered four years before I was born. But it was through my mother that I learned about him, his songs, how he strived for global peace, etc. However, I had to wait until 1994 to realize that I really loved the Beatles... when I listened to Hey Jude. I must confess that my favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney, but The Beatles can't be the same without any of them. And now that John Lennon is not amongst us, they will never be the same. I can't say John was the band's soul, for all four shared a piece of it... But what's the use of living when one's soul is missing one piece, exactly one fourth? John Lennon shall live in our memories and our hearts... forever. And so shall the other three Beatles.

Dec 8, 1999
I was not born when John died, but he will always be in my heart and mind. I will always love him and his music.

Dec 8, 1999
Beatle guy
Harleysville, Pa USA
I was coming out of a Bruce Springsteen concert. I heard on the radio. I thought shot? Well how is he doing? Many people get shot and live and fully recover. The whole thing was so brutal because he didn't recover. This was a BAD phase in my life. Many Bad things seem to be connected. This day is also my ex-wife's birthday. There is no doubt, Misery loves company. I want to say a special THANKS to everyone who participates. In our own way we are keeping John alive. keep in mind one day the mystery of death will be realized and conquered. Oh death where is thy sting? You will all have the chance to be close with John again if you want to. I have always found contentment in these words..."AT THE START OF EVERYDAY, A CHILD BEGINS TO PLAY, AND ALL WE NEED TO KNOW IS THAT THE FUTURE IS A FRIEND OF YOURS AND MINE." Oh my God it's 10:51! Damn this time. It needs to be packaged and destroyed! Love to you ALL!!

Dec 8, 1999
This time every year is always tough to bear. I was fifteen years old when I heard the annoucement by Howard Cosell that John Lennon was killed. Nineteen years later, it is hard to "imagine" a world without him. I took to John more after his death. I read everything that was written or said about him. I have all his music. I admire the strength and courage Yoko has given to all of us. John Lennon wrote once to a dear friend, "I can't remember anything without a sadness, so deep it hardly becomes known to me...". We really had a great soul, didn't we. Transcending across the ages and beyond. We all miss you dearly

Dec 8, 1999
Marc Mortek
I went to strawberry fields in NYC in 1997 on December 8th and i thought it was the greatest place in the world that day. I have loved john since i was in 8th grade. Let john live in everyones hearts forever. Now he is free as a bird and i know he is having one hell of a time. marc mortek

Dec 8, 1999
Val Nemeth
Calgary Canada
I was nearly 10 at the time and though I was more of a recent Elton John fan having heard Elton's song "Mama Can't Buy You Love" in October I had found that the Lennon shootin kind of struck close to home with me since John and my dad were both 40 at the time and Sean and my brother Paul were both 5.

Dec 8, 1999
Gary Jackson
Port Lavaca, TX
I was in College in Waco, Texas at the time. I felt so much pain and loss, that no one else could feel. It comforts me to visit this web page and share the remorse with so many others.

Dec 8, 1999
I was in grade one and I was at the breakfast table when my dad came downstairs crying. He told me John Lennon had died. I cried too because I knew even then what it meant. I was born into the music and that day I thought I would never hear it again. It was a sad day

Dec 8, 1999
Gram Cowin
Syracuse, New York
I was 23 years old and studying for final exams in my second year of law school at Syracuse University in December 1980...I was a little tired Monday night. I went to bed at10:45 p.m. my buddies were watching Monday night football, and they did not wake me up when the news came over the tv that John Lennon had been shot and killed. I woke up on Tuesday, December 9, 1980, and turned on the today show at 8:25 a.m. and caught the last part of a story about John Lennon and where he lived. During the commercials I thought it was odd that Tom Brokaw was talking about John in the past tense. At 8:30, I found out that John Lennon had been murdered in New York City the night before. I was in a state of shock. As the editors of Rolling Stone wrote in their tribute issue that hit the news stands in January 1981,something to the effect that it was so sad that our luck had gotten so bad...I felt like a member of my family had died when I heard the news. I had several of John's solo records, but after his death I spent the whole year of 1981, getting all of his music. It was such a tragic and senseless act of violence, and to have happened when he was feeling so good about himself, Yoko and Sean....Peace... war is over if we want it...when the night is dark...stand by me. John's spirit lives on right here and now!

Dec 8, 1999
Jamie Muntner
San Francisco
What a surprise and comfort to visit this site finding it alive with people sharing their memories remembering this day. I had thought this site may have been closed down due to past legal hassles. Man, 19 years have past already! I have been thinking all day about this being the anniversary of John's death and was just now trying to find exactly what I found here! Thanks to everyone who posted, it is truly heart warming to find the memories and love of John still alive.

Dec 8, 1999
Rick Baca
I can't beleive it has been 19 years.John you are still here in our hearts and soul.I was in N.Y. in October,my wife and I went to The Dakota and Strawberry Fields in Central Park.Very emotional time for me.WE LOVE YOU JOHN.

Dec 8, 1999
Jamin Dean
Tampa, Florida, USA
I become sad each time this day come around. It gets inside of my head how sorrowful I feel. I become so empty, there can be no words. But I fill myself back up with the life in his music. The life that is still making us shine on. We miss you, John.

Dec 9, 1999
Michele Cervoni-Anderson
Monroe, Connecticut, USA
I was 19 when John was murdered. I was attending a music college on Long Island and the next day the whole student body was somber and quiet. No one felt very musical. My brother, sister, and I went to the gathering at Central Park the following weekend. I'll never forget, right at the end of the moment of silence, it started to snow. What a strange and eerie experience afterwards as thousands of Beatle fans started moving towards train, bus, and subway stations -- it seemed as if everyone in New York City must have had their radios tuned to WNEW-FM as you could hear Beatle music wafting through the streets everywhere you went. We've been back to the Dakota and Strawberry Fields several times over the years on December 8. It's always emotional and I don't think that feeling will ever fade. Thanks for putting up this website.

Dec 9, 1999
today was hard for me. i was all teary and sniffly... and all my friends were all like "oh ya is it that day when whatsisface was murdered???" but he was not whatsisface he was john lennon, an extremely special person who did so much for so many people. let us hope that he will be remembered always. peace love and lennon. ~*rachel*~ if you want you can e-mail me at hey it's going to say that i wrote this on december 9th, but it's december 8th in my neck of the woods... just saying...

Dec 9, 1999
melanthe alexian
every year i sign this thing, every year i never forget what i was doing (came into the front room to watch the news and a picture of him and local channel 8's mike aherne said "there's blood all over and they're doing the best they can") every year i sign this thing and tell all the kids that everything they've ever heard about john about him being wonderful and inspiring our generation is absolutely real, i was five years old when i first heard the beatles and six when i first saw them on ed sullivan and they had wonderful harmonies that went right to your heart. i grew up with the beatles as part of my universe. john was the best and without him there wouldn't have been any rock & roll. read a book called "the rock story" by jerry hopkins, to find out what i mean. after the beatles broke up i still followed what john was doing. i was working for wqax college radio at indiana university when john died and the station could not be on that night. it was located in the union building on campus, and station personnel jenny batz and myself couldn't get anyone to give me permission to be in the building that late. so i stayed home and made tapes of the radio reports. i still have the tapes and will make copies for anyone who wants them. if you have tapes of that night, i would like to trade. i went to dunn meadow for the ten minutes' silence the following sunday. there were hundreds of people there. from '81 to '93 when qax was shut down for lack of funds and support, i did a john lennon special on dec. 8/9. in 1990, i changed the date of the special to his birthday, because yoko said "let's celebrate his life." john is a presence in my life, a reminder to love, imagine, and remember. i love yoko and julian and sean and everyone. i think they are wonderful and human and doing the best they can to create magic in this all-too-commercial world. some day i will make the pilgrimage to the dakota and play my tape. strawberry fields forever, mela alexian

Dec 9, 1999
I was only 2 when you were killed, so I don't remember that day (thankfully) or you and the Beatles at all. However, one day in 1995, I heard "Imagine" for the first time and since then, I have been a fan. My parents were not real fans of you or the Beatles, but they are now. Thanks to that one day in 1995, I am forever greatful. You will always be missed and loved by all.

Dec 9, 1999
brian friend
I am a 1st generation Beatles fan and was lucky enough to remember their US debut on the Ed Sullivan show. A pretty typical 1st gen fan's introduction to the Beatles. Nevertheless, I never cease to be amazed at the craft at genious that these 4 lads from Liverpool possesed, with which they so effortlessly displayed time after time. Their accomplishments and music are pure joy and timeless. My favorite was John, for his wittiness and song craftsmanship - although the others followed close behind for their unique gifts as well. I was coming home from a graduate class at night when I heard the awful news on the car radio. It was and is an awful blow. It was as if someone in my own family has died. If anyone has experience the death of a loved one they will know what I mean. Rock on John, wherever you are. You were and still are the best. We all still miss you!

Dec 9, 1999
Lakewood, Colorado
Awww, I'm sitting here reading all your comments and getting sniffly :) Last December my sister and I went to the Dakota, and we stood outside the archway (doorman wouldn't let us go in the driveway) silently for almost an hour, just thinking about John. As we were looking at the pavement, my sister grabbed my arm and said, "Oh my God!" and I looked up to see Yoko being driven through the arch in her blue Jaguar. We were standing there gaping at the place her husband was killed, looking rather pathetic, and she gave us a big smile and waved as she went past. It was so lovely, and caused a lot of excitement screaming for about 30 mins afterwards. I'll miss never knowing John, but hopefully I'll see him again someday. I love you :)

Dec 9, 1999
adrian juarez
el paso, tx, usa
i remember very little before i was five years old but one thing i do remember was (i was four years old in 1980) my father rushing inside the door after getting out of work and turning on the televsion. i remember a voice (now i know it was howard cossell) announcing john lennon's death. all i remember was my father hanging his head and weeping. that was one of the VERY few times i have ever seen father cry. to this day that memory brings a chill to my spine but in remembrance and sorrow, heres to the greatest musician ever to live, we love you (and sincerely miss you) john, may you rest in peace.... forever, always and tearfully, adrian juarez

Dec 9, 1999
I didn't really do anything special today, just lived my life like I normally do. I don't think John would have wanted me to stop my day and center it around him. I don't think he would really care what did. He himself said he never wanted to be a martyr. But you can't stop but think of how he changed our lives. You can't change the past, but it can have an adverse affect on your future. We musn't look back as a day of sadness or loss, but celebrate the 40 years that he gave the world. We shouldn't remind ourselves what we've lost, but remind ourselves of all we've gained through the life of one person. As long as a record is playing his music, John will be remembered. I think that anytime a kid plunks around on guitar or piano or decides to write a bunch of "gobbledygook", John Lennon's spirit will be there. Our memory of John will remain with us forever and noone can ever take that away from us.

Dec 9, 1999
I remember that day like it was yesterday,it was a bit of a shock.I wondered how,or why anyone would want to kill John Lennon of all people.He always talked of Love & made us feel as if anything were posible if you believe.His music still makes me feel that way.

Dec 9, 1999
Chong Hock Ning@Colin
Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia
I became a Beatlemanic when i was eleven. Beatles have given me a new life and saved me from boredom. Beatles have change my whole lifestyle. Beatles are my heroes. I love nothing more than the Beatles as long as i live OR SHALL I SAY FOREVER AND EVER.... Of course, i wasn't born yet when John death spreaded through the world in the 8th of December 1980. But, until today i still feel very sad that John left us so early. Anyway, i believe John is always looking over us. No matter what, John is the best forever, not for this millenium or the other millenium but forever and ever and ever and ever............................. LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!!!!!

Dec 9, 1999
ruben rolon
Mexicali B.C. Mexico
I was 10 years when Lennon died, but I'll always love his music and his words. And (of course) the beatles music is my favor kind of music. Lennon wherever you are, some day we join you. Imagine all the peaople Sharing all the world.

Dec 9, 1999
John Lennon was one of the greatest men of all time and it is so tragic that somone took his life when he made such a big impact on the world. He expressed his feelings in song and all he wanted is peace he will be rememberd in all our hearts and soul

Dec 9, 1999
Cry, Baby, Cry.....
Well, it is officially Dec. 9th. which is the day the United Kingdom received the devastating news, of John's assassination. Yesterday, was a drag, I went to work, but it was tough. I remember first getting word from my grandfather, who was watching Monday Night Football in his upstairs bedroom. I was visiting with my grandmother, when he came down the stairs and said, "John Lennon was just shot and killed." I had been so happy of late, revelling in the fact that MY favorite Beatle was recording again. Hearing the news just pierced my very existance. I recall just sitting there, shocked....what is this? I was twenty-one at the time and I thought this just can't be. Soon, it all started to sink in...I went out and got totally plastered, and played the music and cried like a baby. I have never gotten over this, never. I have been to the Dakota many times, and finally made it to Liverpool last summer, to pay my respects and get some more historical perspective. John is still loved throughout the world. His death still haunts me and probably will forever. I know many feel the same, so thanks to all the heartless bastards who are responsible for his assassination...may you all rot in hell!!!!!! I Found This Out......Rest in Peace, Johnny....just as David Bowie described you, you was, indeed, "the last, of the true originals" Peace!

Dec 9, 1999
Jonh is dead... I've got nothing to add

Dec 9, 1999
Mark Davis
Gulf Breeze, FL.
My life started when I was and 11 year old moving into a new house. My Mother was going through some old things and found a Beatles tape. Knowing that I had no music of my own then, she asked if I wanted it. It all started with "I Want to Hold Your Hand", (the only Beatle song I knew then) and the rest is history. I have bought, collected, saw and met everything Beatle I could feast on. The Beatles have definitely changed me and made me who I am today. For 12 years now I have found happiness everywhere I go. Thank you John for making this all possible!! I love you forever!!! See you in Heaven!!!!

Dec 9, 1999
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Sometimes it's so hard to "imagine". Thanks for making it easier.

Dec 9, 1999
Donna Lumsden
St Andrews, Scotland
19 years ago one of the greatest, most influential and outspoken icons of our time was cruelly taken from us. Reading your remembrances it is heartening to see that even after all this time his voice cannot be silenced, even through death. I was not fortunate enough to experience his influence first hand (I was only 4 when John died)but thanks to the many wonderful musicians who perform his music live with a sincerity and respect that is astounding I believe one of the most important parts of John Lennons life carries on. Having paid my respect to John at Strawberry Fields, Liverpool, may I now pay my respects to all his fans who keep him alive in my heart and carry his message of love and peace to new generations.

Dec 9, 1999
colin chantler
england, europe
John Lennon is good. Very good. I've got the box set "John Lennon Anthology". It's a lovely tribute to the man. "Power To he People, Right On."

Dec 9, 1999
my parents were in their, I didnęt exist yet! but I only have to say.... I LOVE YOU JOHN LENNON!!!! thanx for your wonderful existence, you make happier mine!! you know I love you since I heard you, from México, to all over the world, my love canęt compares with anyone! YOU are simply the best. Peace wherever you are, WE ALL SHINE ALL!!

Dec 9, 1999
I wasnęt alive when John was shot. I was born two days later. My mum was in hospital having me at the time and she didnęt find out until a week later (my dad didnęt tell her, probably he didnęt really know what kind of desaster this actually was!)..she was really devastated. In a way, Ięm happy i wasnęt around then I just wouldnęt have known how to handle it. I still donęt know how to do it these days. December 8th is always hard to get through for me and i wish i could just wake up and say, gosh, what a nightmare this was! it is one indeed. it has made me cry thousands of times and i donęt think it will ever get better. i mean, thereęs no one who will ever fill the gap that John has left. he really made this world a better place. I feel though that heęs been with me in spirit all my life and i love him so much, heęs my guiding light. i donęt know how my life would be without the Beatles, ięd rather not imagine that! Ięm grateful, John has found his way into my life because heęs the one i totally look up to and adore. It sent shivers down my spine when i read all the things written on this page ...all the love thatęs there for him...John, I wish you were here today..and to go on quoting Paul "Ięm holding back the tears no more..I love you."

Dec 9, 1999
California, USA
I was not born yet at the time that John was shot. It wasn't until 5 years later that I came along and became a Beatles fan. But December 8th was, and still is, my grandmother's birthday. My mom, uncle, and aunt were all on the road driving when they heard the news on the radio. My uncle, who isn't even a Beatles fan and was driving the car, screeched to a halt and the car swerved off the road, he was so in shock. Well here I am, 15 years old almost, and I have known the terrible truth of John's death for the past 8 years now. How could anybody do such a thing?!?!?!?!? John has always had a very hard life; his dad abandoned him, his mother left him to his aunt, when they finally got close to each other again she was killed, when he was in the Beatles he got mobbed by fans on a daily basis, in '66 there was the whole "the beatles are bigger than Christ" thing, he never had ANY privacy, and all of that other nasty stuff. Well, finally his life started looking up on him; he got re-married, he had a son, and he was finally totally happy with his life. And that bastard (whose name I will nopt mention) had to take it all away from him!! HOW COULD ANYBODY DO THAT?!? Not only did he take John and his music that filled our lives away fromus, he stole John's chance to watch Sean grow up. Paul and Yoko have one simple request upon which we all should honor, for John: "Don't ever mention the name of John's killer". So I dressed all in black yesterday, listened to John music all day, and cried many times for John, long and hard. Thank you John, for all your wonderful music and everything that you've done for us all........I miss you terribly, as we all do. Thank you John, and I love you.

Dec 9, 1999
Rick Hayes
The night John Lennon was killed I was at home in my little living room studio with a 4 track tape recorder trying to record a song I had written about John and his son Julian. The song was basically about all the fame, wealth and adulation that John had gained, and how it paled balanced with the fact that John had little to do with the upbringing of his first son. I had written the song weeks before and had not been able to get the right feel for how it should be done. That night around 11:30pm I packed it in and went to bed totally oblivious to the facts that I would not learn until the next morning. I thought it was a very strange co-incidence. I never have recorded the song and probably never will. I guess it's just one of those things that I will keep to myself forever.

Dec 9, 1999
Hi....I really meant to leave a message here yesterday,but I had to work all day and so there wasn't adequate time. So...I'm leaving one now. Better late than never,right? I was only two when John Lennon was killed,but still my feelings of sadness on ths somber anniversary are still just as authentic and sincere. I don't know really what to do...My best friend and I usually commerate December 8 by sitting together quietly,playing Johns music(both as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist)and reflecting on some of the lessons that can still be learned by the life((and untimely death)) of this brilliant,talented man. Rest in PEACE,John,wherever you may be,man.... we all love you

Dec 9, 1999
I have "always" know there was a man named John Lennon, who was dead. I'm not too sure when I first heard it, but i wasn't alive when he was shot. It never ment anything to mean, John Lennon being dead, till that fateful day when I first heard A Hard Day's Night. That day I cried to think he was dead. We will always remember you Johnny. (Damn you man, whatd'ya do it for?)

Dec 9, 1999
Oh yes, I remember very well where I was and what I was doing when I heard the new. It was 8:OO in the morning and I was in my kitchen preparing the breakfast for myself and I was listening to the news on radio, and they said it. I started screaming like a fool, my parents got a fright and I had to explain what happened. I ran into my room, I put the Double Fantasy record on the turntable and played it at the maximum volume, I just was so stunned, I thought that the hearing of his music should have canceled what I heard, but of course... I was 18, then. Now I'm an adult woman but, good for me, I still feel all the emotions I was feelin' since that day, Dec. 8th ,1980. Thank you so much for having created these pages.

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